Utilities 3 (Disk 38) (Mar 1987) :

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Name Size Date Type
c/ 1978-08-09
MemoryUtilities/ 1978-08-09
du3plus 29280 1987-05-22
du3plus.doc 17115 1987-05-22 Text [Original]
DU-V.3 32868 1987-01-03
JoBS 45348 1987-03-13
JoBS.def 219 1987-03-13 Text [Original]
JoBS.doc 4745 1987-03-18 Text [Original]
JoBS.Iff 12410 1987-03-12 Image [Original]
readme 1665 1987-01-02 Text [Original]
SetFont2 6664 1987-01-02
SetFont2.use 5115 1987-01-02 Text [Original]


MAG-38 is a data disk containing several utility programs.
In the root directory and available from Workbench are three
directory utility programs: DU-V.3, DU3plus, and JoBS.
In the "c" directory available from CLI are ChangeZZ (lets
you change the ZZZ busy balloon to whatever you wish),
DefDisk (lets you redefine your SYS: disk), DevAvail
(shows devices available), FullWindow (expand your windows
to maximum), MouseOff (keeps mouse pointer invisible till
you wiggle it), Purty (a mini Preferences program to
control your printer output), Qmouse (lets you use your
mouse to select CLI actions), ShortCut (adds macros to
your keyboard), Touch (redates your files), TurboCopy
(copies disks), WBRun (lets you run Workbench oriented
programs from CLI more easily).  In a subdirectory of "c"
you'll find CONman.  This is an excellent rewrite of the
Amiga's console driver which adds command history (you
can recall previously typed instructions using the cursor
keys) and window sizing macros.  Installation instructions
are contained in the CONman.doc file.  Another subdirectory
contains new versions of CLI commands such as DC which
adds several options to the standard Amiga DiskCopy
command.  The shell programs: AmixShell, CLE, CPP, and
Shell205 have been collected into another "c"
subdirectory; since they require special installation
and to save space they have not been unarced.
The directory "MemoryUtilities" contains a collection
of programs useful to those with extra ram.  These
programs include: AddMem, Avail, FixHunk (fixes programs
that won't work properly with extra ram), GFXMem,
LoadAcv, MakeAcv, MEd (a ram editor), MemGrab, Mtest,
and SeeMem.