Utilities 3 (Disk 38) (Mar 1987) : c /


Name Size Date Type
AlternateCLICommands/ 1987-01-02
CONman/ 1987-01-02
pipedevice/ 1987-01-02
Shells/ 1987-01-02
ChangeTaskPri 892 1987-01-03
changezz 12904 1987-02-17
changezz.readme 772 1987-02-17 Text [Original]
defdisk 6288 1987-04-08
defdisk.c 8046 1987-04-08 Text [Original]
DevAvail 14368 1987-05-25
DevAvail.c 2030 1987-05-25 Text [Original]
DevAvail.readme 330 1987-05-25 Text [Original]
FullWindow 1896 1987-04-04
FullWindow.doc 2358 1987-04-04 Text [Original]
Hard.DEVICE 3212 1987-03-26
Icontype 5688 1987-01-03
more 4032 1987-01-02
MouseOff 9240 1987-04-05
MouseOff.c 2246 1987-04-05 Text [Original]
MouseOff.readme 501 1987-04-05 Text [Original]
newsysdisk 16256 1987-01-03
Purty 6984 1987-01-03
QMouse 104 1987-05-24
QMouse.readme 1858 1987-05-24 Text [Original]
QMouse.startup 214 1987-05-24 Text [Original]
runner 5032 1987-01-03
runner.c 1317 1987-01-03 Text [Original]
runner.doc 3929 1987-01-03 Text [Original]
ScnSizer 5804 1987-03-17
ScnSizer.c 3396 1987-03-17 Text [Original]
ShortCut 15020 1987-04-06
ShortCut.doc 3409 1987-04-06 Text [Original]
touch 4772 1987-04-27
touch.c 2984 1987-04-26 Text [Original]
touch.poster 751 1987-04-26 Text [Original]
touch.readme 445 1987-04-27 Text [Original]
TURBOcopy 16008 1987-01-03
TURBOcopy.readme 245 1987-01-03 Text [Original]
UNIT 23902 1987-01-03 Image [Original]
WBRun 3708 1986-11-16
WBRun.c 7528 1986-11-16 Text [Original]
WBRun.doc 4075 1986-11-16 Text [Original]
WBRun.makefile 161 1986-11-16 Text [Original]
WindowSize 5048 1987-04-21
WindowSize.doc 1182 1987-04-21 Text [Original]


changezz will change the default zz balloon on workbench to the word BUSY.
I've tested it fairly extensively (that means it was set up for a few days
while I did other work), and I can't think of any reasons why there should
be any problems with it, but I make no warranties regarding it's fitness for
any purpose whatsoever.

It will run on versions 1.1 and 1.2 of KickBench, although I'd bet big money
it won't run on 1.3.

It must be run after WorkBench is loaded, and will take effect the next time
the WorkBench becomes busy.

I'm not proud of the sprite I've substituted, and if anyone cares to suggest
a better image, I'd consider changing it, or maybe even read the sprite from
a file in the next(?) version.

Steve Crabtree                   Feb. 17th. 1987.


This is a simple yet hopefully usefull program I generated in response to a
need to check for the availability of a system device in my startup-sequence.
I compiled it with Lattice 3.03 so it is HUGE!  If someone feels this program
deserves a smaller size then give it one, PLEASE!

  John V Pope

 CIS 71566,537


   'MouseOff' will cause the mouse pointer to disappear and reappear if
   movement is detected.  It will disappear again after 10 seconds of

   Usage:      Run MouseOff

   'MouseOFF' is public domain.  Please feel free to pass it anywhere
   you want.

   Comments should be sent to:      Denny Jenkins
                                    5226 Greensedge Way
                                    Columbus, Ohio  43220

                                    CompuServe ID:  70003,2374


                              QMouse Instructions

	I got this program off plink and I hope these instructions help
you more than theirs helped me.  For this to work QMOUSE must be in
your C: directory.

	Qmouse checks to see if the left mouse button is down and returns an
error code of 8 if it is and 0 if it is not.  As you know, there are three 
catagories of error codes as follows:

		a)  4 or less    is not an error

		b)  5 to 9       is a WARNing

		c)  10 to 19     is an ERROR

		d)  20 or more   is a FAIL (variable with FAILAT command)

	Anyway, if you check the sample startup-sequence (called STARTUP)
you will see how it works.  First we print the desired message 'Hold down
left mouse button if you want (or don't want)' some action.  The next line
is a WAIT command (to give you time to press the button).  Then the magic
QMOUSE which checks the status of the left button.  And last, the
conditional execution statement(s).

Notice the statement  IF WARN or IF NOT WARN.  You can think of these as
IF BUTTON DOWN or IF BUTTON NOT DOWN to make it easier to follow.  The 
statement IF WARN is used if you want the action performed ONLY IF the
left mouse button is being held.  The statement IF NOT WARN is used if 
you want the action UNLESS the left mouse button is down.

Then what action you would like done if the button is down or not down


what you would like done on the other hand.

ENDIF  (you need one of these for each IF statement)

	This works great for me and I hope you like it too.  It is more
flexible than the INQUIRE or RETURN commands because it will continue to
execute whether you hold the button or not whereas the others will STOP 
until you hit return or respond to the (Y/N) prompt.


                      R. D. <Tom> Thomas
                     MI AMIGA ES MI AMIGO


File: 3585.comp-sys-amuga
Path: ...!sri-unix!rutgers!cbmvax!phillip
From: phillip@cbmvax.cbm.UUCP (Phillip Lindsay CATS)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga
Subject: Re: Setting File Dates
Message-ID: <1664@cbmvax.cbmvax.cbm.UUCP>
Date: 13 Apr 87 14:14:43 GMT
Date-Received: 13 Apr 87 16:31:19 GMT
References: <6597@allegra.UUCP>
Organization: Commodore Technology, West Chester, PA
Lines: 138

in article <6597@allegra.UUCP>, dsf@allegra.UUCP (David Fox) says:
> I am sure I saw something about this somewhere, but I can't find it
> now.  The question is, how can I set the modification date on a file?
> David Fox
> allegra!dsf
This was posted on BIX a while back...I don't know if it made it here...anyway
here it is...
-phil (Phillip Lindsay)


I retrieved the `touch' code from USENET as posted by Phil Lindsay of CBM
Amiga Developer Support, and compiled it using Manx 3.4a(Patch V1.3) 32-bits.

Touch usage:

	CLI> TOUCH  filename

which uses the AmigaDOS packets to change the creation date of `filename'
to the present date and time.  The example code in `touch.c' could be used
as the basis for a new filecopy routine that preserves the original file's
creation date and time.



     Turbo Copy v1.0 needs garnet.font and opal.font in the fonts directory.
in the fonts/opal directory place 9 , in the fonts/garnet directory place
16. other than that the rest is on your workbench disk!
     Press "ESC" to exit "TurboCopy".