Amiga Survival Kit (Disk 80) (Feb 1988) : CLI Information / Ed Commands

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This listing of Ed commands comes from a pre-published release of
Bantam Books' "AmigaDOS User's Manual".  I don't know when the official
publication is but it's in a series of three VERY worthwhile books.

"AmigaDOS User's Manual" - Covers All DOS commands, along with ED and EDIT

"AmigaDOS Technical Reference Manual" - Everything you ever wanted to 
                                        know about the Filing System,
                                        Binary File Structure, AmigaDOS
                                        Data structure, and DISKED.

"AmigaDOS Developer's Manual" - How to call DOS commands from "c",
                                The macro assembler, and ALINK
                                The linker.

CTRL-A          Insert line
CTRL-B          Delete line
CTRL-D          Scroll text down
CTRL-E          Move to top or bottom of screen
CTRL-F          Flip case
CTRL-G          Repeat last "extended command" line
CTRL-H          Delete character left of cursor (BACKSPACE)
CTRL-I          Move cursor to next tab position
CTRL-M          Return
CTRL-O          Delete word or spaces
CTRL-R          Cursor to end of previous word
CTRL-T          Cursor to start of next word
CTRL-U          Scroll text up
CTRL-V          Verify Screen
CTRL-Y          Delete to end of line
CTRL-[          Escape (enter extended mode)
CTRL-]          Cursor to end or start of line

Precede all commands with the <ESC> key.

In the list, /s/ indicates a string, /s/t/ indicates two exchange strings,
and n indicates a number.

A /s/           Insert line after current.
B               Move to bottom of file.
BE              Block end at cursor
BF /s/          Backwards find
BS              Block start at cursor
CE              Move cursor to end of line
CL              Move cursor one position left
CR              Move cursor one position right
CS              Move cursor to start of line
D               Delete current line
DB              Delete block
DC              Delete character at cursor
E /s/t/         Exchange s into t
EQ /s/t         Exchange but query first
EX              Extended right margin
F /s/           Find string /s/
I /s/           Insert line before current
IB              Insert copy of block
IF /s/          Insert file s
J               Join current line with next
LC              Distinguish between UPPER/lower in searches
M n             Move to line number n
N               Move to start of next line
P               Move to start of previous line
Q               Quit without saving text
RP              Repeat until error
S               Split line at cursor
SA              Save text to file
SB              Show block on screen
SH              Show information
SL n            Set left margin
SR n            Set right margin
ST n            Set tab distance
T               Move to top of file
U               Undo changes on current line
UC              Equate UPPERCASE and lowercase in searches
WB /s/          Write block to file s
X               Exit and save text

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