Lords Of The Rising Sun Demo (Disk 112) (Apr 1989) :

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Name Size Date Type
c/ 1986-11-06
Trashcan/ 1986-11-06
KING 67284 1986-11-06
KING.DOC 5056 1986-11-06 Text [Original]
Lords 40392 1986-11-06
readme 354 1986-11-06 Text [Original]
ReadMe_Lords 902 1986-11-06 Text [Original]
RisingSun.MOLT 234041 1986-11-06
STARTREK_Trivia 52572 1986-11-06
trekscore.v1 7 2001-12-31 Text [Original]


To run the Demo simply type the number.
If you have more than 512k you may have
to run a noexpanmem program first!

Be watching for more Fantastic demos from:

        Com-Tech International
           10pm to 6am EST
           1200--2400  BPS

The Janitor--Mr.Goodprobe--Game Master



Here's a freely distributable DEMO of the new Cinemaware game:

This demo gives some of the opening scenes and music as an intro to
a fighting scene where you control, with your mouse, a sword to 
deflect the oncoming throwing stars from a Ninja fighter in a hallway.
Your sword moves left-to-right and slightly up-and-down. If you get
real good, you are supposed to be able to deflect the stars back at
the Ninja. If you are not too good, you will get hit 4 or 5 times
with minor wounds and eventually die. A well placed star in the face
will kill you with one shot. When you get killed, and you will, the
screen will go black and re-load the fighting scene. Unfortunately,
the only way out of this demo is to reboot. I hope you enjoy this
demo and thanks to AmigoTimes for their V1.4 disk where I lifted
this demo.

Bill Bowers
Memphis Amiga Group