MAG Disk (Jan 1990) : SID /


Name Size Date Type
CONTENTS 879 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
ReadMe.NewUsers 1082 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
ReadMe.RegUsers 1258 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
SID 61264 1989-12-29
SID.config 1443 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
SID.ConfigDocs 26582 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
SID.Docs 69116 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
SID.IFF 30130 1989-12-29 Image [Original]
SID.Keys 2401 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
SID.MiniDocs 1319 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
SID.Subscription 1284 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
SID.UpdateDocs 40851 1989-12-29 Text [Original]
SID.Updates106 13121 1989-12-29 Text [Original]


Here's a list of files provided with SID v1.06:

CONTENTS ........... what you are reading now
README.NewUsers .... read this if you have never used SID before
README.RegUsers .... please read this if you are a registered user
SID ................ SID v1.06
SID.config ......... generic SID.config file
SID.ConfigDocs ..... documentation for the SID.config file
SID.Docs ........... documentation for SID
SID.IFF ............ shows the SID window and hidden gadgets ........... icon for running SID from the Workbench
SID.Keys ........... lists command-key shortcuts available in SID
SID.MiniDocs ....... read this if you have never used SID before
SID.Subscription ... information on how to have SID delivered to your door!
SID.UpdateDocs ..... lists changes made in previous SID updates (v1.01-v1.05)
SID.Updates106 ..... lists changes made in this SID update (v1.06)


                            ReadMe - New Users

Thank you for taking the time to look at SID, a directory utility for
the Commodore Amiga.  If you are like me, then you are ready to plunge
immediately into the program.  Because of this, I have prepared three
separate documents:

        Quickly describes the hidden buttons and features that are
        ESSENTIAL to the operation of SID.  PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE
        USING SID!  It should take you less than a minute.

        Describes in rapid-fire fashion the many features found in
        SID.  Read this to discover more about SID after you've had
        a chance to play with it.

        Describes in detail the setup, operation, and maintenance of
        the SID configuration file.  You can completely customize SID
        to your needs and environment with the configuration file.
        Because the configuration changes as SID changes (which is
        quite often), this is a separate document.

/*-- END --*/


--December 2, 1989--

Welcome to SID v1.06.  There's not alot of new features this time around, but
all known bugs have been squashed, and this version should be pretty stable.

If you don't already know, the number for the SID BBS is changing.  Details
will be mailed to all registered users in the middle of December.

What's coming up?  Currently in the works are:  an interactive configuration
editor, a complete second set of user-defined buttons, a directory queue that
allows you to store directories for quick retrieval, a completely revamped
text reader, a print queue (similar to WordPerfect--only better), and a disk
copy and format program.

Because I'm in the process of moving, I'll have little chance to work on SID
in the next few weeks.  Hopefully I'll have some time over the holidays.

Be sure to check out the SID.Subscription file for information on how you can
have each new version of SID delivered to your door.

If you have any friends or colleagues who are SID users, please encourage
them to send in their shareware fees.  Even though I will continue to support
SID and crank out updates, I tend to work much faster when the shareware fees
roll in at a regular rate.  ;)

And to all of you who have supported SID...thanks!