MAG Disk (Jan 1991) : Image-Ed /


Name Size Date Type
Image-Ed 86536 1989-12-30
Image-Ed.intro 3636 1989-12-30 Text [Original]
note 110 1989-12-30 Text [Original]





    Image-Ed - the least expensive, most powerful image editor available.
    Allows you to draw and edit images up to 150 by 90, in up to 16 colours,
with the following drawing tools available :

    o Continuous and broken freehand drawing
    o Empty or filled Rectangle, Ellipse and Triangle
    o Line, Curve and Polygon
    o Copy, Flip X and Flip Y
    o Stretching and Condensing
    o Flood fill and Complement
    o Text, including font loading and selection of font style
    o Undo
    o Two active drawing screens at once

Other features include :

    o Simple on-screen selection of colours
    o Supports left and mouse button (foreground and background)
      colour drawing.
    o Magnified image for easier editing and normal size image displayed
      at once.
    o Easy setting of colour palettes
    o Selection of the image depth (number of colours) from within Image-Ed
    o Open a CLI window from within Image-Ed
    o Different sized brushes for drawing
    o Background colour selectable as transparent or opaque
    o Saving of current image as a binary file
    o Loading of previously saved images, IFF brushes (and their palettes)
      AND icons (if icon is dual render, selection of which render to load)
    o Writing image in many different data forms, including

                  AmigaBasiC sprites and BOBs
                  C images, sprites and BOBs
                  Assembly language images, sprites and BOBs
                  Modula 2 images, sprites and BOBs
                  Fully workbench compatible ICONS (icon type selectable
                    from within Image-Ed)

    o User friendly Intuition interface - may be totally mouse driven
    o VERY powerful file requester and palette requesters

    All tools can be used from the keyboard, using logical keys, or from easy
to access pulldown menus, and for selected tools, on-screen gadgets.
    Image-Ed has features that many expensive commercial programs lack, but
is available as Shareware for a donation of $20. It may be freely
redistributed, but if you use it, you are morally obliged to donate to the
author. Users who register with a donation of $20 or more will receive a 3.5"
disk containing the latest version of Image-Ed, complete documentation, full
C source code, and other public domain programs. Updates may be obtained by
registered users by sending a disk and return postage, or $5 to the author.
    Any registered users who report a truely existing, and previously unknown
bug will receive the next update complimentary.
    To register as a user, and receive the above, send a cheque for $20 to

                         Jonathan Potter
                         P.O. Box 289
                         Goodwood, 5034
                         South Australia

                 phone : (08) 2932788    7.30pm -> 10.30pm CST weeknights
                                           10am -> 10.30pm CST weekends

or to peruse Image-Ed without registering (no options are disabled; this is
the full version, but there is no documentation or source code) send a disk
and return postage, or $5 to the address above.
    If you program in C, Assembler or Modula 2 and are sick of designing
images, sprites and BOBs on graph paper, or if you program in AmigaBasiC and
are sick of ObjEdit, or even if you want an icon editor that is light years
ahead of IconEd, Image-Ed is for you!