diskMAGazine (Apr 1991) : Magdata

UseNetQuestions      TEXT  Answers to many often asked AMIGA questions.
CommodoreNews        TEXT  Lower prices and better service from CBM.
FrameGrabber         TEXT  What our new FrameGrabber can do.
ScreenPhotos         TEXT  How To take slides of your Amiga monitor screen.
ADproUpgrades        TEXT  New abilities added to Art Department Pro.
AmiShowNews          TEXT  News about the Amiga World Expo in New York.
NewFISH              TEXT  Contents of FISH disks 461-470.
SPOT                 TEXT  Midnight Reviewer on the 7-UP Spot game.
A4000                TEXT  Introduction of the Amiga 4000 ;-)
InApril              TEXT  What's going on at the April General Meeting.
MAGofficers          TEXT  Who's who and their phone numbers too.
PrezCLI              TEXT  From the President's CLI for April.
WhatIsTIV?           TEXT  New Display Utility in drawer on this disk.

TheRaven             SOUND Wait 'till you hear this Poe prose.

AlphaBall            PIC   Great modeling and transparency picture.
NightShift           PIC   Down town in the moonlight.
MickeyGlass          PIC   You won't believe it's drawn by hand.