diskMAGazine (Apr 1991) : TIV /


Name Size Date Type
Bugs.doc 476 1991-03-31 Text [Original]
New.doc 11558 1991-03-31 Text [Original]
README 990 1991-03-31 Text [Original]
Register.doc 1423 1991-03-31 Text [Original]
TIV 53948 1991-03-31
TIV.Crunched 28140 1991-03-31
TIV.Defaults 203 1991-03-31 Text [Original]
TIV.doc 57334 1991-03-31 Text [Original]


The files contained within this archive should be as follows:

    TIV                         Large version of TIV.
    TIV.Crunched                Smaller version of TIV.
    TIV.info                    Icon for TIV.
    TIV.doc                     Documentation for TIV.
    TIV.defaults                Sample options defaults file.
    New.doc                     New features/bug fixes since last release.
    Bugs.doc                    List of all known bugs.
    Register.doc                How and why to register TIV.
    8SVX.info                   Sample sound project icon.
    ANIM.info                   Sample animation project icon.
    ILBM.info                   Sample picture project icon.
    README                      This file.
Please remember that this is a Shareware product.  It is NOT Public
Domain nor is it ever likely to become such.  See the distribution
information in `TIV.doc' and `Register.doc' for details.

Thanks for trying TIV and enjoy!