diskMAGazine (Aug 1991) : CANDO_CONFERENCE.TXT

                 Minutes of the *StarShip* CanDo Conference
                    with Eddie Churchill of INOVAtronics.

Date: 07/11/91

<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Do it...Do it.
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Can Do it
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Oh yes do it :-)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Has everyone here got 1.5 yet?
<DEB> I find the CanDo upgrade wonderful - and have not had any strange crashes 
when modifying old decks.  This ALONE was worth the upgrade.  <Grin>
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes but more is comming :-)
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> I haven't gotten 1.5 yet...there's a lot of things for me to 
look for.
<DEB> BUT!!!  Why can't I control the text display within a file better?  
Having to manually calculate the pagination is the pits.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes 1.5 is a big upgrade (it sould have been called
 2.0) :-)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes the Paging in a document is rather crude, maybe 
something can be done...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> but that is not were the work is being done at the 
moment.  I will bring...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> it up again.
<DEB> Eddie, I'm trying to put together an offline mouse driven help 
presentation for GEnie...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Well I would be happy to help you with that, I looked 
at the calendars and
<DEB> this kind of information presentation doesn't seem like a very unique 
hypertext type of thing for CanDo to be doing.  :(
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> they look really good.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Did not quite understand that last statement DEB.
<DEB> heh, yeah, the calendar was great, we gotta get them going again.  Again, 
text had to be saved out one screen at a time to make it work.  :(
real awkward.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> strange... was putting JRCOMM on my new 3000... at that 
moment my old ami crashed...  spooky
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> gg...amigas know when they are being replaced.hehe
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Well If you want I can try to take a look at them and 
try to get you some...
<DEB> Oh, my last statement was just expressing disappointment, thats all.  
<Smile>  Ya can make CanDo dance, but ya can't make it flip thru a file.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> suggestions on how to make it work better.
<[Multitaskin'] CHRIS.P> How do you like it, gg?
<DEB> And truly, thats my only problem with CanDo.  :)    Who else has some 
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Are you wanting to page thru a disk file (OpenFile..
Close type) or a document?
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Eddie: Can 1.5 handle multiple windows? What about more 
support for 2.0-type things (ie: font usage, etc) ?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Ah yes, Intuition 2.xx (or what ever revision it is 
on) We are planning something..
<DEB> Eddie:  It is a text file on disk, doesn't need to be opened and closed, 
just have the text presented on the screen by page.  I'll flip ya a deck
and support files in mail, OK?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> for it but that will have to wait for it to calm down 
and quit changing.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> DEB, I would be happy to look at it.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> It would be neat to have a CanDo specificly designed 
for 2.0, it has rather neat features.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> I see...Does CanDo still bind *huge* stand alone programs? 
If so, is INOVATronics planning on remidying that?
<[Multitaskin'] CHRIS.P> Have fun with whatever you (Can)Do. :)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes we are planning to provide ways to trim down the 
runtime system, but it is still...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> smaller that say HyperCard (750k) or ToolBook (600k).
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> that should have been "Its still smaller than say..."
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> I just got CanDo 1.5 2 wno
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Does CanDo write disk files given certain data (such as 
ASCII text)?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes CanDo can write and read from ASCII files from 
the disk.
<DEB> And yes, the question was...
<DEB> Oh, and in a related question, is there a freely distributable 
deckbrowser that people can use who do NOT have CanDo?  [I'm thinking of the 
people who want to download and upload things]
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes on the disks we are sending you is a DeckBrowser 
that you can upload to genie.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Oh good...what about writing/reading binaries?
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> I just got AMI-VISION w/my new 3000... Don't plan on 
opening - what a testimonial for CanDo  :)
<DEB> Cool!!
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Ah, currently binaries cause problems, maybe in the 
near-distant future :-)
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> :)
<DEB> Gary:  you are using CanDo?  for what?
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> back...gonna yank out that other line someday
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> not much... but find it more to my liking
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> if i needed would go to it rather than ami-vision
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Have any of you (genieites) had any problems (bugs or 
unknown features) with...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> CanDo 1.5.  We are almost finished with the bug fix 
release (1.51, freebe upgrade)...
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> I just got CanDo1.5 2 weeks ago.  I was wondering what 
libraries here contain some example Decks?
<DEB> Dan:  you just got your CanDo upgrade, too?  how do you like it and what 
are you doing with CanDo ?
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Eddie: Does 1.5 handle muiltiple windows?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> and want to make sure we got everything.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Well the CanDO library uphere contains a good many 
big examples, we are about to...
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> I never had CanDo before.  Im starting simple, just doing a 
recipe program for my wife.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> upload a bunch of smaller examples.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes CanDo 1.5 handles multiple windows.
<DEB> Dan:  There is a CanDo library, we try to keep DECKS in there, and stand 
alone CanDo MADE things in other places.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Each window is a separate card?
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Howdy Jim
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Hiya Jim!
<[Jim M] DEBS-GUEST> Hiya, folks and folksoids!
<DEB> Hidy Jim!
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes each card has only one window but you can have 
more that one card open at a time.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Hello Jim
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> whew Fresno convention  :)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> back in a sec...
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Will each window accept input whilst others are open?
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> :'> actually we're a little further north
<[Jim M] DEBS-GUEST> Sac Vally convention, eh?
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> that's more appropriate
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Somewhere in Ca. no doubt
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> GG: See the eclipse? Naa...too busy with your new 'puter? :)
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Id rather be somewhere in HI
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> The windows can work that way or in a requester 
(blocking) fashion.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> I see.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON>  Eclipse was (for the locals who hung out at home AWESOME!) 
(for the tourists who flooded the area considered best for viewing
LOUSY with CLOUDS!  hehe)
<DEB> The two windows can be used like dual playfield then?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> You can do it everyway with CanDo :-)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> No we don't do DualPlayfield.  Sorry we had to draw 
the line somewhere.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> What about setting the mouse pointer...youdo that with 
brushes, yes?
<DEB> :gasp: Programmers drawing lines to features!  This is a new concept.  
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Strange, but under 2.0 CBM has suggested (strongly) 
to forget about DualPlayfield.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Deadlines, Deb. :)
<[Jim M] DEBS-GUEST> No feaping creaturism?  Yikes!
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes pointers are just brushes (left most 16 pixels 
and upto 128 pixels high)
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> No dualplayfield..how odd
<DEB> *I* lost my index to the main manual!!!   [started to look up the pointer 
thingie for BobK]  :(
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Well...sorry. :)
<DEB> Hiya Tommy.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Eddie: Now if I wanted to bind this program into a stand 
alone...will the person I give it to still need the brush file?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Hello Tom.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> howsit TF
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> You just do a SetPointer {brushbuffer}[,{xoffset},
{yoffset}]  and you have a new pointer.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Howdy Tom
<T.FINCHER> What's up tonite ya'll
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> You can bind you application with the multibinder and 
have the resources bound as well...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> you final application will be bigger thou.
<[Dan] D.BARBER7>
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Ok...with menus on programs that use the WBench screen, what 
font will be used?
<DEB> Any bigger than the total of the bound deck plus the files ??
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> The menubar will be in the system font but the 
menuitems themself can be in any old font...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> even mix them, say add brushes up there as well.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> No the final application should be the sum of its 
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> How can I specify what the item font is? In 2.0 prefs?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> you specify the font when you are designing the 
menuitem itself.  We don't
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> currently have access to the new 2.0 stuff in regards 
to fonts.  That will
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> have to wait for a 2.0 specific version of CanDo.  
Too many changes.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> I see.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> 2.0 is neat but it is a whole nuther ball of wax when 
it comes to support...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> lots of changes but all are neat and we want to 
support them all.
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> How long after 2.0 official relase will it be till we see 2.
0 CanDo?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> When is the 2.0 official release date? :-) :-)
<DEB> "When it is ready."  :)
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> I asked you first :'>
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> soon as the toast pops up :)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> I don't know and I can't say, sorry.  But I can 
assure you it won't as...
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> Ive heard Augustfrom a local dealer
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> fast at the users want. :-)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> August for Intuition 2.0?
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> It never is
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> Commodore could probably make a little more money from the 
Power upgrade program
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Eddie: I was informed that one can integrate C code into 
CanDo...can tou elborate on the procedure for doing that?
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> if they wait a little longer
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Hello M.Dodge. Grab a Name . Example (/Blue-Knight)
<M.DODGE1> nam/mary
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> We suggest currently that you access any speciality 
stuff (not built into...
<DEB> Slash first, Mary:   /nam Mary
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> I have a question about Object ay
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> attributes.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> CanDo) thru the ARexx system that is built into CanDo 
(but you don't need...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> ARExx for that to happen).  And that is how we 
suggest to get 'C' stuff for now.
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> I Can you read the location of an Object (say an Image button)
 from a CanDo script?
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> I see.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> You are wanting to query the object's location?
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> yes
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> If memory serves me correct you can't right now (or 
atleast we don't tell you how...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> yet)  maybe sometime in the near-distant future we 
will allow that ability...
<DEB> Eddie:  the index in the manual addendum in the upgrade package - is it 
complete for BOTH manuals?  [Like for silly me who lost the original index.]
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Just curious what are you needed it for?
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> Im creating a image button with text that toggles.  I
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes the suppliment manual contains a complete index.
<[mary] M.DODGE1> Let me say, I do appreciate that index!
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes I can see why you need it then, I will bring it 
up with the programmers...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> and see if there is anything that can be done, quicky 
and easily.
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> have been changing the position of my button continuously.  I 
would like to store the position in an array so that when I print my t
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> Ok, thanks
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Are you changing the position manually (with 
MoveObject)?  If so can you...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> track it you self (for now that is).
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> yes, thats what Im doing
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Well either way I will pass on the request.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Have any of you (genieites) had any problems (bugs or 
unknown features) with...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> CanDo 1.5.  We are almost finished with the bug fix 
release (1.51, freebe upgrade)...
<[mary] M.DODGE1> I have problems using more than 4 colors when I program. I 
have a 500 with 1 meg. Is that usual?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> and want to make sure we got everything.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> I don't have the latest CanDo, so I can't comment.
<[mary] M.DODGE1> The main bug I found was the routine button alongside the 
script field. It crashes the program.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> What resolution (Hi or Lo) are you working in mary.  
(also are you in interlace?)
<[mary] M.DODGE1> Usually 640x200 (med)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes we should have deleted the old routine editor 
tool, it just crashes thing...
<[mary] M.DODGE1> no interlace
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Can't get it all, you can delete that drawer in the 
editor tools drawer if you want.
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Eddie: If I make a deck a screen, is there an option to make 
it the size of the WBench screen?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> We are still working towards the perfect installer 
(too many things to do) sigh.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> could you repeat your self r.koon your message got 
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Eddie: If I make a card a screen, is there an option to make 
it the size of the WBench screen?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> 1meg is a rather tight environment for an authoring 
system.  You might look into..
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> getting a little more ram (but then again you already 
thought of that I bet :-) )
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Finally. :)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> There is no way (I don't think, but I could be wrong) 
to nab the workbench...
<[mary] M.DODGE1> Will more RAM do it or do I have to get more graphics memory. 
I have the 1.3 chip
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> he does know how to make a B
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> size for the window/screen size.  I would have to 
<[Bob] R.KOON3> If not, will that be implemented?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> A little more ram will help weither it is Graphic 
(chip) or regular (fast).
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> I could pass on the suggestion to the programmers if 
that is not the case.
<[Dan] D.BARBER7> Got to go, thanks for the info.  By the way, as a new CanDo 
owner, I really love the product!
<[mary] M.DODGE1> I really appreciate the possibility of arrays. I haven't had 
enuf time to experiment yet. Can you do multi-dimensional arrays? ie. A (3,4)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> If you have any suggestions for improvments just send 
them my way.  And see ya later Dan.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes you can do arrays like Foo[4,5,3] and a lot more.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> The variable system is if anything flexible.
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Eddie: With the CanDo filerequester...does that always open up 
on the WBench screen, or my screen?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> If it can it will open on your screen but It might 
have to open on workbench...
<DEB> improvement #1:  text handling!!  Gosh darn, my text editor lets me 
specify where I want the results of search and goto operations to appear on
the screen display!  :(
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> but for the most part it opens on the screen the 
caused it to open, and that...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> might be workbench.
<DEB> [I must be spoiled]
<[mary] M.DODGE1> There are so many possibilities. Just wish I had more memory. 
It's awfully hard to get Amiga service here.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> try mail order mary... my dealer is 200 miles over water 
from me
<DEB> Mary:  how much mem do you have?  [I installed my own memory board...]
  ;-)  But shhhhh!  don't tell anyone!
<DEB> It will spoil my reputation!  :grin:
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> I agree that the document/text handling could be 
improved,  but nothing is so good...
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Mail order is how I do most things too, Mary and I live in a 
city with 3 Amiga dealers
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> hehe me too... I installed 8 megs last nite... read the 
manual and removed and replaced in the proper banks  haha
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> that it could not be improved :-)
<[mary] M.DODGE1> 1 meg (I have an A590 hard drive, which will take memory 
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Any PC dealer can pop chips in that for you, Mary
<[mary] M.DODGE1> I suppose I could figure out how to add them. :)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> mary, I get to one of those upgrades here tommorow 
for one of the machines here.
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Its real simple
<DEB> Ooooh.  CanDo became a DIFFERENT animal when I put in my 030 card and the 
extra memory.  Holy cow.!
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> An 030 card turns your Amiga vw into a screamin Porsche
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes CanDo really is nice on accellerated machines but 
then again when was the...
<[Jim M] DEBS-GUEST> <-- holding out for a '040 card..
<[Bill] W.LEE18> is CanDo very "chip"(ram)intensive?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> last time you saw HyperCard running on a 68000 based 
mac.  :-)
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Eddie...uh, January..thats when I sold my Classic
<DEB> Bill:  if you use gfx which require lots of bitplanes, it will be.  <Grin>
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> We have the 040 chips, we are just waiting for fixed 
accelerator cards.
<[mary] M.DODGE1> Ok, so I get more memory and I design these fanatstic 16 (32) 
color programs. I compile them as stand alone. Can the 500 run them?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes for the most part your problems are due to the 
fact that CanDo is running...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> and taking up a bit of memory.  Your final 
application will run in whatever..
<[mary] M.DODGE1> that's what I thought
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> it is designed for.  So if you keep that in mind then 
all should be well.
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Eddie: Can CanDo handle mutually exclusive gadgets?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> No but 1.5 does have the buttontoggle built in.  We 
were waiting for Intuition...
<[Bob] R.KOON3> What about gadget selection masking?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> 2.0 for MUX gadgets (it has some much needed support 
for those beastes).
<[mary] M.DODGE1> I thot Intuition was built into the Amiga (but I don't really 
know what I'm talking about.) Nite, bill
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes CanDo uses the transparent mask (from the grabbed 
brush in DPaint) for the...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> select mask of image gadgets or you can specify to 
just use the mask without the...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> imagary.  But due to Intuition problems (1.3 and 
before) the show of the image...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> associated with the image gadget does not show thru 
the mask therefor you don't...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> get the transparently you might want.  There is some 
new support in 2.0 but CBM...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> has not quite got that working yet (well it sorta 
works).  That clear that up?
<[Bob] R.KOON3> So if I want a couple of radio buttons, CanDo will take the 
outline of the brush for the edge of the mask?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes you can do that but I find for the most part with 
radio buttons that the built...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> in CanDO 1.5 radio button border/image style works 
just fine.
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Ah..ok.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> We also have check boxes.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> And they both look 2.0 like.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> There are 12 different border/image styles built in.
<M.POUSSEUR> Do you have any specials for users groups?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> I can only stay for a little longer (like 10 to 15 
<[mary] M.DODGE1> Will you be back soon, Mr. CanDo
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> I don't know but you can call the sales/marketing 
number and ask them...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> their number is...
<DEB> How about A CanDo Trick A Week lessons on the messages?!
<DEB> Lord knows *I* could use some new tricks.
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> I could use 1.5...Im gonna have to call tomorrow
<[mary] M.DODGE1> Watch it, Deb. That's how rumors get started. :)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Sales number is -> 1-800-875-8499
<DEB> hahah!
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> <--is glad Mary said that =>
<M.POUSSEUR> OK thanks
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Well Here is something that constantly bugs me with 
user decks... and how to solve it...
<DEB> Are those disks in the mail to me you wanted me to upload?
<[mary] M.DODGE1> Oh, goody. CanDo disks coming!
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Have you ever noticed how on some decks that have 
list objects (a list style...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> memo object) that there is always a blank line at the 
bottom?  Well to get rid of...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> the blank line just do the following...
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> MoveCursorTo EndOf Document
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Delete Character,-1
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> MoveCursorTo StartOf Document
<DEB> Oh, its that last LF in the file?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> And that will get rid of the blank line.  There is 
your trick of the week :-)
<[Dave] D.KRISTIANSE> hello all!
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes the disks are in the mail.
<[Mark] M.POUSSEUR> Hi Dave
<DEB> Nice trick!!
<[mary] M.DODGE1> I'm not sure what lists you're talking about.
<DEB> What are some of YOUR favorite things you've seen done with CanDo, Eddie?
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> The blank line is the blank line at the end of the 
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Eddie: (Not a CanDo question)  Is PowerWindows 3.0 in the works?
<[Mark] M.POUSSEUR> Is there a runtime package for Can Do for stand alone 
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> PowerWindows 3.0 is under construction.
<[Bob] R.KOON3> I see.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Yes there is a runtime and it is included (it is 
called DeckBrowser on 3rd disk)
<DEB> Mark:  remember a couple months ago when we were doing the *StarShip* 
calendars?  One was stand alone, one for Amiga Vision?  The stand alone
was done in CanDo.  :)
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> No date for powerwindows 3.0 thou.
<[Mark] M.POUSSEUR> Deb... Yea I seem to remember seeing those files!
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Most everything we found up here on GENIE was not 
only new to us but impressive...
<DEB> [I'm getting hate mail about people missing them now...looks like I gotta 
bring them back!]
<[Bob] R.KOON3> I asked InovaT a long time ago about doing the 3.0 PW, but 
never heard anything about it. :(
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> The ability to do stand alone makes CanDo MUCH more useful 
to most folks that AVision
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> we really liked the Lord SUTCH stuff.
<[Mark] M.POUSSEUR> I gues I never realized that. I always thought they all 
reguired Can Do to run !
<[mary] M.DODGE1> Sure hope you get back here at least once a month. As I 
explore, I know I'll have many more questions.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Who did you talk to here?  (It is sorta my job now to 
deal developers)
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Martin.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Well call again and ask for me (Eddie Churchill) and 
lets talk.
<[Bob] R.KOON3> OK...I'll do that.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Well its that time again,  I need to leave.  Any last 
minute questions?
<[mary] M.DODGE1> Just a comment that I really enjoy CanDo.
<DEB> Not now, Eddie, but we can catch you on the bulletin board anyways.  :)
<[mary] M.DODGE1> bye
<DEB> Thank you so much!  Were we very hard on you?  <Grin>
<[Dave] D.KRISTIANSE> {Mr.CanDo} I have CanDo version 1.02, but I have heard 
that there is a newer version. I have not received and information about
an upgrade.. What is the Latest version and what does it cost? (to upgrade!)
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Nite, Eddie. Thanx for answering my many questions, and thanx 
for taking the time to talk with us here.
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Good to see you again Eddie!
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> Just call 1-800-875-8499 and they can upgrade you.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> during normal business hours.
<[Mr.CanDo] I.INOVATRONI> see ya later and have fun everyone...
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Eddie: BTW...do you have a number where I can reach you?
<DEB> I sent my upgrade $$$ in so long ago, I forgot how much it cost!  But, 
yes, there is a charge for the upgrade.
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Rats.
<DEB> But the upgrade is worth it!!!
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Bob...call the 800 you should be able to reach him
<[Dave] D.KRISTIANSE> what is the latest version?
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> 1.5
<DEB> 1.5
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Thanx.
<DEB> What are you working on in CanDo, Dave?
<[Dave] D.KRISTIANSE> what has been improved with the new version?
<[Bob] R.KOON3> Welp, I have to go...Nite all!
<DEB> A:  NO MORE CRASHES when you begin editing a deck again.  ;-)
<DEB> B: Array handling
<DEB> C: buncha other stuff.
<DEB> ;-)
<[Jim M] DEBS-GUEST> So you gotta go through A: to get to B:, huh?
<DEB> A: was a large hindrance to me upon many occaisions.  <Grin>
<[Dave] D.KRISTIANSE> sounds, great.. I have just dabbled a little with some 
homebrewed ideas, but never really got too far...
<DEB> Should have seen us trying to get that last Calendar out!
<[BobE] DEEPMODEM> Yikes...I havent upgraded since I bought it in Feb. 90..I 
must have 1.1
<[Dave] D.KRISTIANSE> Some things I wish were incorporated into cando : 
Multiple window support
<DEB> Oh, thats in 1.5  :)
=== End of Steno notes. ===