With our guest Active Circuits Inc.
1985 Highway 34
Ste A-4
Wall, NJ,07719
Telephone: 908-974-1616
Fax Number: 908-974-1672
Conference Leader: Yury German (Y.German3)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Welcome to the Multimedia and Amiga Video Night.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> With our guest Active Circuits!
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Hello my name is Nick Kuntz and I am the President of Active Circuits, Inc.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Since We have several developments in the works. There is a new version of RasterLink (formerly ImageLink) that will be released soon
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> RasterLink has been doing very well of late and we are looking to add support for all of the new frame buffers that are coming to market soon
<<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> OK, well, other than the products that we support for the general Amiga community we are releasing a complete Amiga based turnkey system for the cable advertising market called AdVision
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Our first two installations are in New Jersey and those will be followed by one for the City of Philadelphia
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> HMMM!! Is New York City on the list somewhere?
<[TED] T.DAVIS4> Wow, Cable on the Amiga!
<[TED] T.DAVIS4> 12 pictures on screen at once!
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> ACI: I do part time consulting for my local CABLE TV company (Columbia Intnl) would love to get them to see this..
<DEB> Oooh!  can I ask what it will do?  :)
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> No, the "show" i a pretty standard Amiga presentation with text, graphics, animation, etc. we have added a very sophisticated interface and easy to use approach
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> The system consists of a Production Station and a remote Player Station which are connected via 9600 baud modems. From there any number of remote systems may be added to create a network of systems controlled from one central location
<[TED] T.DAVIS4> Tell me could A frame grabber be set up in such away as to control a complex VCR to automatically grab a frame and advance to the next frame on a vcr and so on! til say a movie is captured and stored on a hard drive!
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> alright, AdVision is designed primarily for the cable advertising market and is Amiga based. It compares very favorably with other systems that are currently being marketed that are primarily Targa based, however, instead of having to charge a customer $35,000.00 to $80,000.00 for a system, AdVision lists for only $20,000.00 and additional remote Player stations are only $7,500.00 list price
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> When will the Amiga have _standard_ 24-bit devices?I mean a single standard...
[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Aleax we already have them!!! sort off!
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> Yeah but nothing as defined as say (ugh) VGA...
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Before the Amiga can have a standard 24-bit color device, one must be developed and distributed that has all of the important features required to do that type of work professionally
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> How has response been to AdVision.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Response to AdVision has been extremely positive
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> I'm still a little unclear on what AdVision. Are you using the NEC PC-VCR as part of it?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> We are currently working on the interface for the NEC PC-VCR to be used within AdVision. It will be incorporated as an enhancement module to be used as a "Barker Channel" which is what the industry refers to as the Pay-Per-View channel
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> That combo would certainly be cheaper...
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> without a doubt
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> but probably further away from broadcast quality.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Well, in dealing with the cable industry the `broadcast quality' requirement is not discarded, however, most Pay-Per-View channels are currently produced on video tape and the quality being shown is typically 3rd or 4th generation which leaves something to be desired
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> Nick, if I might...why the name change from ImageLink to RasterLink?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> The name change from ImageLink to RasterLink came about when several other products on other platforms were also being released and under the name ImageLink. Well one day we all got a letter from the legal dept. of Kodak saying that they had the trademark on the name ImageLink and `asked' everyone to find another name for their products
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> What does Active have for the rest of us?
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> If you have seen request, you know that even standard AMIGA GRAPHICS are better than the view of graphics that PPV is giving...
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yes... by a big margin DON!
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> RequestTV (PPV) headlines look like they are generated on a 1970s era apple II
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> I bet I don't miss that by much..
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> I heard Eric L. is no longer with Active, True?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> That is correct. Eric has gone on to `greener chips'
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> What had Eric's role been?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Eric was our VP of R&D
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> I think he's giving one of the 'special' seminars at DevCon.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Nick... I know you carry other products can you tell us a little more about RasterLink! And other products that are more accesseble to the general market!
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> I have a question for everyone. Is there any anticipation regarding the upcoming GVP 24-bit board?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> <--- alot here... Postponing buying of one and just using DCTV for now!
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> In a word NOT ME!!
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> I'm curious, Don, why not?
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> I am interested in the A2410 (*whenever it shows up*) in quantity..
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> I saw GVP's board yesterday. A beta version.
<[Todd] T.ORTH> It was at AmiExpo.  nice , but spendy.
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> Heard GVP is also coming out with a 1.76/1.44/880/720 (well the IBM capacities with CrossDOS) drive. Anyone know more?
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> personally more interested in Imagine/firecracker24 for my needs
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> I wish there was a standard way of driving all of the outboard display enhancement devices personally...
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> There is with RasterLink
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Tell us more!
<[Jim] J.TRAVIS> Badges...we don't need no steenken' badges..
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> DonB, what's this about retargetable graphics?
<[Todd] T.ORTH> The 2410 only works with Amix software at this time.
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> That would give other 3rd parties easier access to things.. Perry however doesn't have to worry about this...
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> What about the DMI Resolver board? Will that give ya an 8-bit Workbench (hoping...)
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> That's true but I do stick by things that C= directly produces because it has a better chance of getting industry-wide support..
<B.J.> Device Independent Graphics is on the burner.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Well, RL is a product that supports devices. For example we support the Amiga Center Scotland Harlequin-32 Framebuffer, version 3.0 will also support the Firecracker as well as the new GVP board
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that Commodore is interested in supporting 24-bit color with a board
<B.J.> I dunno. I believe there are DIG talks scheduled.
<B.J.> The 2410 is "our" board.
<DEB> There was a message or two about DIG just this week.  [I remember reading it.]
<[Jim] J.TRAVIS> [ACI] DEBS-GUEST: what alternative IS there? Output-only DCTV?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> That's the U of Lowell board and only supports 256 colors
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> How far can you take the Amiga chipset.. That's the question.. and does everyone need it that far..
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> Digital Micronics is saying that ASDG will support their 8bit Resolver.
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> Yes, that is true.
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> Heard a 24 bit Resolver was also in the works.
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> Yea, they may have something to show at DevCon.
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Perry what do you think on this subject, hypothetically what needs to happen, I think you must know quite a bit by this time, supporting so many other
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> I don't think that's the question. It can support 24-bit color which is the professional standard. If we can compete in that market - just on price alone - the Amiga should take a substantial market share and be very competitive
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Yes, but don't we need some more standardization here???
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> It all boils down to applications. If you need 24-bit color it would be nice to have a standard on your platform of choice, wouldn't it?
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Well, ACI what needs to happen???
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> If we don't get SOME kinda standard, they'll have to include an extra disk just for all the video drivers with all the software...
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Question, why even bother re-inventing the wheel when there are so many other good display chips out there, with good if not better capabilities??
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Why not choose a standard and let others abide by it...
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Or at least standardize in system software a way to drive these different devices, so we don't end up with X program and Y board... I am sure going to the
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Personally, I think that as far as 24-bit boards are concerned, the GVP board seems to have a lot going for it. That opinion is sight unseen as yet, however, I think that they have most of the features that count. The real test will be what type of software is going to support it and the quality of it.
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> It's interesting that the GVP board sounds a lot like something Commodore was calling the PVA (Pro Video Adapter) a few years ago..
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Price is always important but what Amigans sometimes forget is that we already have the least expensive platform. These things are much more expensive on the other platforms. You have to expect to pay some type of premium for those that are sticking their necks out by developing new stuff
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> It's interesting that so far the Video Toaster has not been mentioned
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> I didn't buy my AMiga for the Toaster.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well we are talking about 24 bit boards... in my perspective toaster is not a 24 bit board!
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> why do you say that
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> No, it is...
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> It only displays in NTSC... it does not render them in full 24 bits!
<[Ian!] L.ABRAMS2> Has anyone seen 'Video Toaster' or 'Commodore Dynamic Total Vision' in THE SAME paragraph as 'AMIGA' ???? ;)
<[Todd] T.ORTH> The toaster is a board with 2 24-bit frame buffers.
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> The composite output is excellent on the Toaster.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Good point. I think that the other problem with NT is that they still haven't given developers access to the VT.
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> DCTV is NTSC only... HAM-E is 24-bit palette in REG mode I think but like 18-bit normally, and it is RGB.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well aleax... if I am correct, Ham-E is more VGA than 18 bit.. it displays only 256 colors or 256,000 colors with dithering!
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> 256000 with dithering? Not from what I've heard.
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> 8bit graphics would make most applications very happy
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Doesn't it make since that if we do get/have an 8 bit standard it should be
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> easy to migrate to 24bit with not a lot of hassle if done right??
<[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> Yes that makes since.
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> I can say that currently we are awash with display boards. Around a dozen, some you haven't heard of yet.
<[Steve] S.NIERS> any Amiga program using JPEG yet?
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> Yes, my BIG wish is to see JPEG on the Amiga
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> The next release of ADPro (a major revision) has complete JPEG support.
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> I actually looked into JPEG hardware and what C-CUBED is doing and I personally think MPEG standards will make a greater impact.. and we need a lossless compression standard for everything.. if the hardware shows up..
[Pete] P.PLEVRITIS> Digital Miconics says that JPEG will be an option on their 24bit card.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Good for you, Perry! (and I mean that.)
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Great news Perry, will you let us know if that's just software support?? :-)
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> JPEG is supported in software. And is compliant with the JFIF standard so that our JPEG files can be used on other computers. But I am talking too much.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> All I know is ever since I hit my first F10 key and saw a 24bit pic come to life on from my Ami other paint programs got pushed back or deleted from my hard drive :)
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> hahahah, gg! I know the feeling. :)
<[-=<Aleax>=-] J.HARRISON18> I saw Windows on a 386, and I must say it looked nice at 1024x768x256 with a GIF converted to BMP tiled as a background... why can't OUR systems do that yet?
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> I don't care for ToasterPaint at all but the pics are great
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Personally I like the DCTV paint program, has almost everything you want!
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Wish I could trade ToasterPaint for DCTVpaint BNite... :)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3>  Well just get the DCTV ! :-)
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> haha  thought you were gonna say  send me your toaster and I'll send you my DCTV
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> No actually I would not trade the Toaster for DCTV I would not know how to live without it in my business. I hate paying out cash for another VTR, YET!
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Actually the most important piece of software in my library has become PIXEL 3D.  LightWave has no way of converting IFF pics to LightWave objects.  PIXEL 3D saves the day.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> I hear that the next version of Pixel 3D is going to be outrageous
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well I have Imagine, and that provides for all my needs GG!
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> BTW anyone want to bye Pixel 3D ::: BIG SMILE ::::
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Well PIXEL3D has saved my akole more than once when a need arose to convert a logo from stationary to TV
<[Steve] S.NIERS> It's hard to imagine but just a few years ago we thought Digiview was great.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> I have Imagine too...  but have had no time to get into... it also converts IFF files???
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yep does a pretty good job with it too!
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Good - thanks for the info BNite.  I usually use PIXEL3D in VIdeoscape mode.  Have had problems with Sculpt objects working right in Lightwave
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> has anyone been producing animation with any of these products in 24-bit?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Nick, I have made a few short animations with Imagine, DCTV, and other software!
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Just beginning ACI.  Currently doing a 160meg CHANNEL thingy for the local TV people.  Will use LightWave a Nuculus (SP) single frame controller and a BETACAMsp for the VTR
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> That's great. ACI produces several Amiga packages - RasterLink (formerly ImageLink), TGALink (a Truevision `direct thru the bridgeboard' module), CineLink (a driver module for digital film recorders, the Magnum/650 a driver for the Sony Optical 650MB removable read/write system, a complete teleprompter hardware/software package (under Video Arts' name) and AdVision a turnkey cable advertising system
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Tell us more about CINELink...
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Speaking of Animation, wouldn't it be great if there were some type of competition of 24-bit animations that were done on the Amiga?
[gg] G.GILBERTSON> sounds like fun to me ACI  :)
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> the only question would be, do you think that there would be enough entries?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Sounds great... I am sure there would be alot of entries... if we could just find a prize I am sure alot would compete!...I guess its up to the magazines...
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> Nick, earlier you said RasterLink 3.0 *will* support...what is the currently shipping version?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> version 2.37
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> In fact what does Raster Link support now!
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> RasterLink supports all major Amiga formats - ie. IFF (24-bit), Digiview, including all of the major 3D programs, TGA (Targa/Vista), PCX, PICT, GIF, TIFF, & Sun
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Hmmm.. Sun as in the sun station?
<[Steve] S.NIERS> Compare raster-link to Adpro
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> RasterLink is a utility that is intended to support devices such as the Truevision Targa and Vista boards, which is where the product started. It's intent was to bring 24-bit color to the AmiTarga and we were the first to mount a Targa board on the bridgeboard side of the system. That brought out our first two products IL (now RL) and TGALink.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> RasterLink does image conversion between multiple image formats for the purpose of outputting the images to video for 24-bit animation
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> RasterLink supports ARexx and has direct support for the MicroIllusion's Transport Controller.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> AdPro, in my opinion, relates more to an application - ie. mage processing and the many uses that it offers are important to imaging on the Amiga. In some ways, and this has been quoted to me many times, the two products are very complimentary.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> RasterLink also operates on only 1MB of RAM - a very important feature - and load or converts an image in chunks thereby requiring less RAM
<[Zamfir] T.ORTH> But is it chip Ram
<[Zamfir] T.ORTH> Good!
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> Nick, isn't it true that not *all* features in RasterLink can operate from disk, and that some feature are, in fact, memory limited?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Please explain.
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> My understanding is that color conversions actually need image data loaded into ram for the operation to be performed.
<P.KIVOLOWITZ> This understanding may be wrong or outdated.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> RL converts chunks of the image at a time and updates either the file or the image displayed as it converts
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> that's why we can handle large images
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> NICK --- BTW does raster link work with the Targa +?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> the current version does work with the Targa+, however, not in the PLUS mode. 3.0, however, will support the Targa+ mode fully
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> I should clarify that further
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> You can have a Targa+ mounted, however, it must be configured as a Targa 32 or 24
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Any preview on when 3.0 is coming up?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> I would like to say in the proverbial "2 weeks," however, we are still working on the Targa+ support
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> You said that in 3.0 you can use it as a plus... correct?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Yes, 3.0 will fully support the Targa+ mode
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Talked with VistaPro people today.  Seems they're coming out with another mod to VistaPro which will allow you to have complete control over designing or copying existing terrain and all in 24bit.  Like your hometown in 24bit anim provided you have coords.
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> When DKB renders to INTERMEDIATE or TARGA files is the results good or useable??
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Have you used the PD DKBTRACE (which renders to targa format) with image link and does it produce acceptable images and quality...
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> I am not personally familiar with DKB
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> ACI you should look into it, I have seen 24bit output and HAM-E renderings done with it and it puts Lightwave to some shame with texturing features.. it's PD and it does render to TARGA, IFF
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> I'd like to check it out
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> IFF from an INTERMEDIATE file, and to HAM-E directly...
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> DKB has a pc version too...
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> In fact one of the HAM-E ads, with a ROW of columns on it is a DKBTrace ad..
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Don... DKB has a very hard scripting language if I am correct!
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> If I knew the targa rendering was decent I would seriously look at it..
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> SCRIPTING LANGUAGES aren't hard for me :-)
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> I prefer performance to ease of use..
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> So do i don... That's why Imagine :-)
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Many of our users have been telling me that they are getting very good results using Imagine
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Trust me BLUE.. this is much better.. I have it (since it's PD) rendering to a 1Kx1K Sun Workstation (by 8 bits)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> ACI -- IN terms of Targa... if you want to render a file how would that be displayed by the Targa... In other words can you
render from lets say imagine... and get it displayed or how would you do it?
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> to render directly to Targa to be displayed on a board mounted on the Amiga's BB you must use our module TGALink
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yes I understand but does TGA do it in real time or do you have to load the image into it to display and so on.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> The image is directly displayed using TGALink which is operated on the Amiga side of the system. All that is done on the PC side is you turn it on.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> OK... I guess... the question is does it do it as a background task or do you have to load a picture into it... like if I tell imagine to show a picture does it do it automatically on a targa or is there a hotbutton or something.
<J.MEYER22> is here.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> it does it in the sense of a conversion - in other words as if you were converting to a file
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Got..it.  Now I understand.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> What do you have planned for the future?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Or would you like to save that for a return trip on here? ;-)
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> A return trip would be a very worthwhile prospect. We do have several things `in the fire' most of which will be very dramatic announcements when the time is right to do so.
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> The best way to find out what we are up to is to get on our mailing list
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Question... has anyone seen or worked with SHOWMAKER yet?
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> <--- have it but alas problems with LightWave and Animator JOurneyman have kept me from opening package
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Speaking of Journeyman how is that program doing from the 24-bit point of view?
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> the output looks great... of course the strong point is that it will be great for objects that must have that LIFELIKE look.  It is all but a BETA version.  Lotsa problems with docs and program but my first anims are working a weekly calls to Hash help  :)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> How is it in terms of modeling?
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Doing a Dolphin right now that I think will look real when polished
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Hmmm, his ideas are very interesting. I like the way the program "feels" it just needs more work though.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> It is difficult.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> The Spline thing requires thinking different than Polygon based programs
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> yes, however, I think that is really a better way of doing things
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> no question ACI... If I could import with the ease of Lightwave I would be diving head first into Journeyman.  In the long run it will be the program of choice
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Journeyman is really a neat concept though.  Was a shame to compare it with Imagine and the others in the recent AW article.  Journeyman did poorly in the comparison cause the control thingy was not its cup of tea
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well I do not look at products by the reviews until they are out... and if I am correct Journeyman is still being beta testd!
<DEB> Hey, the only review that really counts is your OWN review.  Whatever the application, everyone's needs, and preferences differ radically!
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Well my copy was sent after talking to Martin.  And it did take awhile for him to send.  He's working on a MAC version btw
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> That's true, however, you have to also consider the other expenses that go into this type of application - ie. boards, single frame recorders, etc.
<<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Nuculus (sp) recommend by NewTek for the BVW75
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Oh come on Bill you do not have to tease him! Reply
<[Bill] W.LEE18> :)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> GG I though it was also good with AG7550
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> That's one I'm not familiar with
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Well spose to do the job and at under $450. I'm willing to experiment :)
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> What? are you saying, gg, that this Nucleus is under $450.00!!!???
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> When I get the 7550 I will probably experiment with it as well!
<[Bill] W.LEE18> GG,I don't recommend using over BCT20 tapes for single frame. the longer stuff is thinner stock.Also oxide tape may work better for your use.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> call Nuculus (416)859-5218
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> OK, now I'm curious. Where can I get in touch with this company and I'd be very interested to know what you think of it after you get it running.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> ACI:  New Tek said seeing that I was using the BVW75  the Nuc would be more than capable... we will see and I will report
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> If it works, they're going to get some serious business
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> I guess one time for now is good enough!
<[Bill] W.LEE18> GG,now all you need is YIQ I/O on the Toaster. :)
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Well  if it doesn't... I'll be lookin fer something that does  :)
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Well, let me know since we've had some experience with just about everything that's out there right now.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Hay... I'm happy with the 24bit NTSC frames from lightwave.. excited to see the final product
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Well NewTek  tech seemed to think it was a good product
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Well, I guess it is time to say `Asta la vista, baby' if anyone wants to talk further, please don't hesitate to call anytime during the day.
<DEB> Hope to see you with your own name soon, Nick!  Thank you so much for coming tonight!
<DEB> ::standing ovation::
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> really...  was an interesting nite
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well we here at Genie are happy to see Active Circuits here as a guest. Nick thanks for showing up.
<[=DonB=] D.BURNETT> Thanks for coming this has been great..
<[ACI] DEBS-GUEST> Thank, people... I'll look forward to talking again some time and please look out for our new announcements