diskMAGazine (Sep 1991) : Palette.README

To all who have downloaded this palette:

My name is Bruce W. Robison.  I've owned an AMIGA since 1986.
Art and graphics were the major factors drawing me to
the superior design of this machine.

I use the AMIGA to prototype for silk screen prints produced 
by myself, and lithographic prints produced by Master Printers
of Springfield, Missouri.

Along the way I have completed several AMIGA "paintings" for myself
and friends.  This is NOT one of those pictures, but it is an example of
how one can use the 16 colors of high resolution (640x400) to produce an
apparent palette of many more colors; a technique I frequently employ.
I have created many images on the Amiga for children, but due to copy-
rights associated with the characters involved, I have been rightfully
prevented from uploading them.  Some of The remaining paintings are much
more adult in nature.  However, if you are not afraid of adult images,
you may download "Perfect.Model.lzh" from the Playbytes (tm) library
(assuming it has been accepted).

The technique employed in the creation of "Perfect.Model.lzh" is descibed
by an article in AV VIDEO magazine (Jan. 1991).  
I was disappointed in the examples provided in the article. 
Hopefully "Perfect.Model.lzh" goes further to demonstrate the capability.  
. . . of course, it may not--- however one point must be clear; the image
was created strictly by eye and hand/mouse.  No artificial means was used,
i.e., frame grabbers, digitizers, cameras, scanners, etc.

I've not owned a modem until now.  Some of my images have been distributed
in user groups, and may have been uploaded in the past.  I have no way
of knowing if this palette is a duplication, and I apologize in advance.

Either way I hope you enjoy this image.

(I appreciate any feedback, positive or negative.)

Thanks much!  ---  BWR                         02-22-91