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Well, another week  is over  and August  is upon us.  AmiExpo Orlando
was nice, and there were some REAL nice gizmos on display.  Alas, the
much anticipated 2.04 ROMs were NOT there.  DPaint IV (Beta), the GVP
PVA 3000, Colorburst,  Pagestream 2.2,  ChromaKey and many others did
make an appearance, and you can read all about it in the special Expo
issue of AM-Report that was sent  out this past Monday (day after the

AM-Report distribution is growing.  A network  called Compulink Info-
rmation Exchange  (CIX)  in the  U.K. will now have direct  access to
AM-Report issues through  a member by  the name  of Mike  Todd.  Mike
will be reuploading AM-Report  to CIX  through his  account (the U.K.
is a pretty long call for me).

Jim Shaffer, Jr. will  be posting  AM-Report  issues (modified  to be
pure ASCII) to UseNet's comp.sys.amiga.misc.

To answer some questions I have gotten:  yes, you  may upload  copies
of AM-Report to non-pay  BBSes  and private  systems.  I'd  prefer it
if copies were not sent to other pay systems without consulting  both
me and a SysOp of the Amiga area of any pay system as the advertising
might be prohibited.  Copies may also be  distributed to  user groups
and individuals as long as the charges incurred do not exceed  $2 per
copy for printed (paper) copies  or for  disk copies  where  the user
provides the disk, and $5 per copy where the user group  provides the
disk.  Copies  may be  included in  disk collections  (ala Fred Fish,
AMICUS, etc.) as long as I am given credit somewhere  (a free copy of
the  disk  containing  the  AM-Report issue  would be  nice, too! ;-)

The advertising for the online service accounts (CIS, GEnie & Delhpi)
and the one  for ABCO _may be stripped  ONLY if  the  network  policy
prohibits commercial advertising_.  Otherwise, please do not edit the
contents of the file.

This week we  have more  news from  the computing  world in  general, 
including a Mac emulator board for the PC; Russian Macs (now  the Mac
can be called a "Commie" too!); more lawsuit news; costly McGraphics;
and of course, a slew of Amiga news.

The promised article on DIG has been  put on hold indefinately  as we
have had some unavoidable  difficulties in getting  everything all in
one place.

Reviews are in season and  this  issue has  a short  review  on using
the HP Desk Jet 500 with the Amiga. The review on the AmigaDOS manual
from Commodore and Bantam has been  pushed back to next week.  Yes, I
have read the book and actually written  the review,  it is just that
this issue is already 50,000 bytes uncompressed and that is my limit.
Next week one  with using the Northgate  OmniKey Ultra with the Amiga
2000 will also appear.  (Yes, I got some new toys. <grin>)

The corporate information on  Commodore Germany &  Commodore U.K.  is 
the sort of thing I do for a living.  I was testing out services that
give international business information and used Commodore  as a test
subject.  I thought that everyone might be interested in some info on
CBM, so I included some of the  information I retrieved.  Commodore's
fiscal year ended on June 30th, and  I am waiting  for their year-end
financial report.   Soon as  I get  it,  I'll post  some of the  more
interesting information.  (P.S. - This sort of information would have
run you between $250 and $500 depending on how extensive a report you

\XX/ AM-Report International


                             News From All Over

A company called Hydra Systems, Inc. has  announced the delivery of a
product called ANDOR ONE, a PC add-in board with software that allows
IBM   PCs   and   compatibles   to   run  Apple  Macintosh  software.

ANDOR ONE works with any PC ranging from a  lowly XT to an i486.  The
board  requires  that  Mac Plus  ROMs, the  Mac  System and Finder be
installed.  The board runs at approximately twice the  speed of a Mac
Classic and uses the PC's mouse,  monitor, keyboard,  hard and floppy
drives.  ANDOR  ONE  has  an  external  RS-422  AppleTalk  connector.

ANDOR ONE has a suggested  retail price of $995  without ROMs or  Mac
System/Finder.  The AP article  states that ROMs and the Mac software
are readily available.


Delphi Information Systems, Inc. has reported a first quarter loss of
$660,000 compared with a net profit  of $1.131  million in  the  same 
period a year ago.

Delphi revenues were up 25 percent to $8.4 million compared with $6.7
million in the first quarter of 1990.  Delphi's acquisition of former
competitor McCracken  Computer,  Inc.  accounted  for  the  increased 

Delphi has announced that significant  cost  saving steps  have  been
implemented to  improve  sales  and  profits  for  the  fiscal  year.


In a pre-trial ruling in San  Francisco a federa l judge has forbidden
Microsoft  and  Hewlett-Packard  from   arguing  that  the   Macintosh
pictorial displays lack the originality necessary for protection under 
U.S. copyright laws.

The suit filed by Apple in 1988 accused Microsoft and H-P of violating
copyrights owned by  Apple in their  Windows 2 and New  Wave products.
Apple had licensed certain items to Microsoft for  use in it's Windows
program but Apple contends that MS went  beyond the agreement and used
way too much.   Microsoft had in  turn licensed the  information to HP
for their New Wave interface.

Apple's suit  has extended  to cover  Windows 3.0  as  well  as  newer
versions of New Wave. Microsoft contends that everything they used was 
in the licensing  agreement and  what was not is  uncopyrightable.  HP 
contends that Apple's suit  is to prevent  third-party  development of 
New Wave compatible applications.


Microsoft Corp. is planning on releasing a new version of it's popular
GUI interface, Windows, especially designed for workstations and high-
end personal computers.

Software development kits for  "Windows NT" (New Technology) are to be
shipped later this year.  The actual product  is scheduled for release
later next year.

Microsoft plans to introduce  Windows 3.1 for  desktop and  laptop PCs
before the end of 1991.


The following message was posted in CompuServe's CBMSERV forum by Dave
Minnich, formerly an official Commodore representative.

Fm: Dave Minnich 76702,1056
To: All


As of 3:15, July 9th, I am no longer connected with Commodore.

I do not know if they plan to  continue monitoring this  forum or, if
they do who will be doing it.

I must say that, the 20 months that I handled this area were, for the 
most part, very enjoyable. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment 
to be able to help so many people so easily.

I am very sorry to be so uninformative as to the future, but I really 
don't know what CBM will be doing concerning this area.

For myself, I will take the next few weeks to await the arrival of my 
daughter (due August 20th),  get a few things done  around the house, 
then look for another job.

Until  CBM  decides  what they are  going to do  with CBMSER, I would 
suggest calling  CommodoreExpress  at 1-800-448-9987  or calling  CBM 
direct at 215-431-9100 and ask for Customer Relations.  If neither of 
these numbers are helpful to you, as far as I know, all dealers still 
have access to technical support.  They should be able to call in and 
get a solution to any problems you might have.

Farewell, All!

Dave Minnich
formerly Commodore Online Relations

On a similar note, rumor has it that CBM has laid off engineering and
R&D people as well.  Other rumors state that Amiga Unix  division was
closed down as of 7/31/91.  These rumors have  yet to be confirmed by
a definite source.


JWP, Inc. has sweetened the  offer to Businessland in  its attempt to
gain control of  the troubled retailer.  Businessland executives  had
refused a previous offer last week.

The  prior  offer was  for up to  17 million  shares  of Businessland
common  stock  at  $1  per  share and  for all of  Businessland's 5.5
percent convertible subordinated debenture  bonds at $350  per $1,000
principal amount.

JWP has  waived its  requirement for a  minimum of 75  percent of the
debenture-type  bonds and has  extended the  offer from the  original
deadline of July 26th to August 2nd.


Rumors on the networks are saying that Cinemaware has been bought out
by an unnamed company,  though the  buyer  plans  to  retain  the  CW 
developers.  TV Sports Baseball is still  planned for  the Amiga  and
should be finished soon.


Apple Computer has starting  selling Macintosh  systems in the Soviet
Union.   The  Soviet  Macs  use a  Russian-language  based  operating

Apple has signed a one-year  contract with  Moscow-based firm  Inter-
micro to set up dealerships.

Apple says the first Mac using Apple's  own OS in Russian  will be on
sale in October.

Intermicro (a Sovie-Austrian venture) has offices in Moscow, Kiev and
other Soviet cities and is one of the nations largest  seller of PCs.

The Russian  Mac  Classic  will  be $951  with a  $92 price tag for a 
Russian-language keyboard.  The  Mac SE  will  retail  around $3,700.


SuperMac Technology  has  introduced  the  Thunder/8  and  Thunder/24
workstation-class graphics cards.  The two cards are designed for the
high-end  Mac  IIci and  Mac IIfx systems  with 19" or 21"  monitors.

The boards support upto 8 MB of onboard  RAM for image  manipulation.

The Thunder/8 will retail for $1,899 and  the Thunder/24  for $4,999.
Both are scheduled to be  available in September and  support Apple's 
new System 7.0.


Sony Corporation of America has purchased a  38-acre site in San Jose
that had belonged to Ford Motor Company.  Sony has announced plans to
turn the  site  into  an office  and operations center with a maximum
capacity of 1  million square  feet.  The  facility is  scheduled for
completion in mid-1993 and will  contain a 500  thousand square  foot
facility (to be later expanded) which will house sales and  marketing
activities for Sony's Business & Professional  Group and  Component &
Computer Products Group.  The facility  will also house  engineering,
training and customer  services  functions for those  two operations.



Contact: Steve Gillmor, Impulse, Inc.   
For Immediate Release (803) 556-3459
                      (803) 769-0322 FAX

Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 1st -- Impulse, Inc., maker of Imagine
3D animation software  and the FireCracker  24-bit Real-Time Graphics
Display Card for the powerful  Amiga computer,  announces Foundation,
the Personal Software Authoring System.

Foundation  is  the  ultimate  expert  system for  end-users to  gain
complete control  over their  Amiga computer system, enabling them to
create  applications  and  interactive  presentations  without  prior
programming knowledge. Foundation comes packed with advanced features
to automate every computing task:

        *  Records any action with the Macro Recorder.
        *  Plays back tutorial programs that teach how to use the
        *  Gives on-line Help with built-in HyperView stack system.

Business professionals can use stacks that come with Foundation, like
the  FoundDex   phone/address  stack,  the  Calendar,  the  MediaBase
animation, sound, and picture database, and more. It's easy to modify
these stacks,  adding buttons  that print  reports,  log on  to tele-
services,  and  simultaneously  launch  and  communicate  with  other 
programs.  Not  only   can  the  entire  desktop  be  automated  with
Foundation, but the  program itself can be completely controlled, and
directed to simplify daily tasks, freeing the multi-tasking Amiga for
other uses.

Create  automated  business  presentations,   stand-alone  marketable
stackware, personalized home/office organizers, and front-end screens
to  control  laser  disks,  video   recorders,  and  CD-ROM  devices. 
Foundation is THE authoring system for prototyping  and creating CDTV
applications.  Foundation goes a step  beyond HyperCard and  ToolBook
with True HyperText, where any word or phrase clicked on can navigate
to text, pictures, video and external programs.

Easy-to-use programs can be created by simply adapting example stacks
and objects that come with  Foundation, or by  using the English-like
FAST-Talk  scripting  language.  There's   a  built-in  debugger  and
compiler, so that favorite routines can be fine-tuned  and stored  in
libraries  and  tools accessible  by any  stack in  memory.  Advanced
features include:

        *  Multiple stacks in all Amiga resolutions.
        *  Full and partial-screen visual effects.
        *  Complete modification of any object, property, or script 
           under  automatic  control  from  inside  or  outside the 

Foundation  come  with  two  freely-distributable  Browsers, so  that
anyone  with an  Amiga can  share and  examine stacks,  even  without 
owning the program.

Foundation is the perfect tool to manage the Desktop Video revolution
that the Amiga is leading.  Use Foundation  to train anybody to run a
video studio, from storyboarding to  scheduling, to  keeping track of
clients, suppliers, and new technologies. Foundation is the glue that
will hold a home office together, and make  small business profitable
and competitive in today's fast-moving world.

Foundation is available now at a suggested retail price of S250.

Call Impulse at 1-800-328-0184.


Annoucing Supra's Series III Software for its HardDrive Systems.

As of August 1st(I know I'm late) Supra  has offical  released Series
III.  The Series III upgrade  kit will include  a new autoboot rom, a 
new set of Supra Boot/Tools disks, and a interim manual.

This upgrade includes  our brand  new device driver,  which  has been
rewrote from the ground up.  The  new autoboot rom  improves our boot 
time considerly.   Also in some cases, depending on the type of drive 
you  have,  you  will  see  a  10-15%  increase  in  transfer  speed.

The version of SupraFormat and  SupraEdit have been  modified to work 
with our  new driver.  Supra has not been able to finish the complete 
rewrite of these like we wanted, so everybody who purchases a upgrade 
from us will receive a free upgrade when they become available, along 
with a new manual.

The new driver also  gives us 100%  compatiblity with Commodore's RDB 
and SCSI direct, the old  driver was about  90% compatible.  The  new 
driver also  supports 4  Supra controllers  on machine,  the  old one 
would  only  support  one.   SupraDiskChange  now  supports  multiple 
removeable HDs, the old one would only  support one.  SupraDiskChange 
is the program that allows you to use multiple Syquest cartidges with 
out  rebooting  your  system  when  you  need  to  change  cartidges.

If you were using Supra's HD in  the past you  know all about  Supra-
Mount, well that  is no  longer needed.   The new AutoBoot  rom  will
automatically mount  all partitions  that have  either boot  or mount 
flags set.  We have also include some new HD  tools for the  advanced 
programmers out there.

Finally we are completely WB2.0 compatible. The prices on the upgrade 
is $44.95, and if  you have a  non-autobooting  interface then  it is 
$34.95.(You don't need the autoboot rom)  You can order the kits from 
either Technical Support or Sales.  The Sales number is 800-727-8772.

Kenny - Supra Tech Support


                                 STOCK WATCH

Stock Watch is a weekly feature of AM-Report that lists the previous
weeks securities activities for  the four "name" computer companies:
Apple, Atari, Commodore & IBM.  The two numbers listed are the CLOSE
and CHANGE values for the stock.   Commodore & IBM are traded on the
NYSE; Apple on the NASDAQ and Atari on the AMEX.

            MON            TUE               WED            THUR 
Apple     45 1/2 +5/8   46 1/2 +1        46 1/4 -1/4     49 1/8 +2 7/8

Atari      2 1/8 Unch    2 1/8 Unch       2     -1/8      2 1/8 +1/8
CBM       13 1/8 +1/4   13 7/8 +3/4      14 3/8 +1/2     14 3/4 +3/8

IBM      101 3/8 +7/8  101 5/8 +1/4     101 1/4 -3/8    101 1/4 Unch

            FRI         SYMBOL      START       FINISH      CHANGE
Apple     50     +7/8   (AAPL)      44 7/8      50          +5 1/8

Atari      2 1/4 +1/8   (ATC)        2 1/8       2 1/4      +  1/8

CBM       14 1/2 -1/4   (CBU)       12 7/8      14 1/2      +1 5/8

IBM      100 1/4 -1     (IBM)      100 1/2     100 1/4      -  1/4


                            CORPORATE INFORMATION

Commodore Bueromaschinen GmbH               TELEPHONE: (069) 66 38 0
Lyoner Str 38                                   TELEX: 4185663 
Frankfurt Germany 6000                        TELETEX: 69 97 18 11
                                            FACSIMILE: (069) 66 38 159
                                               BTELEX: *2 0095#

  PRIMARY SIC: 5044  Office Equipment
SECONDARY SIC: 3579  Office Machines, NEC
  DUNS NUMBER: 31-581-7346
HOPPENSTEDT #: 31-584-3185


   PRIMARY: 4140a - Electrical appliances, radio and television sets,
                    gramophones and records (Domestic wholesaling)

 SECONDARY: 2507e - Automatic data processing equipment and installations

OPERATIONS: Production and sales of micro computers (home computers,
            personal computers, small business systems)

SALES (LOCAL CURRENCY):       918,000,000 DM
 SALES (U.S. CURRENCY):       519,000,000 US$

CHIEF EXECUTIVE: Walter Bartholomae, Geschaftsfuhrer

CBG is an exporter into the European Economic Community (EEC).

FOREIGN TRADE:  Import & Export
 LEGAL STATUS:  Incorporated
  FISCAL YEAR:  1Jul-30Jun
    EMPLOYEES:  391 (1989/90); 388 (1988/89)
        SALES:  Deutsche Mark 923.1 Million (1989/90); Deutsche Mark
                918.1 Million (1988/89)

AUTH. CAPITAL:  Deutsche Mark 30 Million
  REAL ESTATE:  17,000 Sq Meters; 6,800 Sq Meters of buildings
     BRANCHES:  Werk Braunschweig, Ernst-Amme-Str 24-25, 3300 Braunschweig
        BANKS:  Bethmann Bk, Deutsche Bk, Dresdner Bk, BHF-Bk,
                alle Frankfurt


   GENERAL MANAGER:  Jost, Helmut
           MANAGER:  Elsner, Guenther /Personnel
           MANAGER:  Bossert, Rainald /Marketing, Advertising

         OWNERSHIP:  Commodore Electronic Ltd, Nassau  (Bahamas) (100 %)


                            CORPORATE INFORMATION

Commodore Business Machines (UK), Ltd.
Commodore House
The Switchback
Gardner Road Maidenhead
Berks.  SL6 7XA

             TRADING AREA: Home counties and outer London
                  COUNTRY: England & Wales

                               FINANCIAL DATA

Date of Accounts            30Jun89      30Jun88      30Jun87      30Jun86
Consolidated                      N            N            N            N
Subsidiary                        Y            Y            Y            Y
Number of Weeks                  52           52           52           52
Currency                  GBP(000s)    GBP(000s)    GBP(000s)    GBP(000s)

                           PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT

Total Sales                  45,748       21,401       16,566       87,257
Exports                          NA           NA           NA           NA
Pre-tax Profits                 252       -3,426       -6,589      -11,326
Interest Payable                 49          318        1,494        2,323
Non-Trading Income               69           32          108          100
Operating Profit                232       -3,140       -5,203       -9,103
Depreciation                     74           68          243          712
Trading Profit                  306       -3,072       -4,960       -8,391
Taxation                         NA           NA           NA           NA
Auditors Fees                    32           31           33           38
Directors Remun                 127           93           86           63
Highest Paid Dir Remun           NA           NA           NA           NA
Number of Directors               3           NA           NA           NA
Employees Remun.              1,207          940        1,336        2,908
Number of Employees              52           40           59          316
Value Added                   1,645       -2,028       -3,477       -5,163

                                BALANCE SHEET

Fixed Assets                    167          178          198        3,784
Intangible Assets                 0            0            0            0
Intermediate Assets               0            0            0            0
Stocks                        6,779        4,187        2,796        5,541
Debtors                      15,358        5,528        4,992        7,259
Other Curr Assets             4,884        1,797        2,966       13,252
Total Curr Assets            27,021       11,512       10,754       26,052

Total Assets                 27,188       11,690       10,952       29,836

Creditors                     1,302        1,153          581        1,054
Short Term Loans             20,753        8,168        7,702       18,666
Other Curr Liab.              1,270          734        2,866        3,724
Total Curr Liab.             23,325       10,055       11,149       23,444

Net Assets                    3,863        1,635         -197        6,392

Shareholder Funds             3,863        1,635         -197        6,122
Long Term Loans                   0            0            0            0
Other LT Liab                     0            0            0          270

Capital Employed              3,863        1,635         -197        6,392


                            MINOR COMMODORE NOTES
Commodore Sweden has 23 employees and is listed as a wholesaler of textile
goods and apparel (them A1000 cufflinks, dontchaknow!) :-)

1989 year end sales figures for Sweden were $24.5 million with a profit
of $129,000.

1988 year end sales figures for Germany were $509.5 million with a profit
of $11 million.  1988 employee numbers were down about 100 from 1987.

British statistics are given in Pounds Sterling.  Convert to dollars by
dividing by about 1.75.  This gives a very rough estimate, as I don't know
what the exchange rates were on June 30 of each year.  Note that in 1986,
1987 and 1988 Commodore U.K. was losing a fortune!  It wasn't until 1989
that they showed a profit.

In the U.S., stockbrokers have cute nickname for companies.  For instance,
Philadelphia Screw and Bolt is known as "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" <GRIN>!
Guess what Commodore is know as....CHICKEN LIPS!  Yes, you read that
right.  The Commodore logo (C=) looks like a chicken with lips, so that is
what they are occasionally known as.


                                 MEDIA WATCH

The July 29th issue of Computerworld  (Doug Barney's out haunt) had a
nice mention of the Amiga  in their "Advanced Technology"  section on
page 17.  A sidebar entitled "Viewing earthquakes on 3-D video" tells
about how two  seismologists  working for the U.S.  Geological Survey
(USGS) office in Menlo Park, CA use their  Amiga to view earthquakes.

Apparently  Fred Klein  and Steve  Walter have  written a program  in
Fortran that reformats  the seismic sensor  data stored on a  DEC VAX
into an ASCII file.  That  file is  transferred to  an Amiga 2000 and
run through Oxxi's  Videoscape  3D to generate a  3D animation of the
earthquake in question.

They have converted USGS data into  Videoscape format as  far back as
1969  (Northern  California  only) and  can  watch seismic  shifts in
"fast forward"  by  doing a  time-lapse  animation.  How  good is it?
The USGS has produced a video of an animation of the 1989 Loma Prieta
earthquake aftershocks and its work  has been  featured on  Nova, the
popular PBS program. 

Next is an interactive touch-screen kiosk in the USGS lobby.


CNN's Headline News was showing spots on  the Video Toaster, Thursday
and Friday.  The spots,  one about 45  seconds and the other  about 3
minutes, showed the  Toaster logo;  mentioned that the Toaster was an
Amiga peripheral; had a short interview with  a salesman  from  Video
Gear (a shot showed the Amiga  w/the Toaster screens)  who  explained
briefly the benefits of a  Toaster; and  comment to the  effect  that
while the Toaster needed about $6,000 to  $10,000 of extra  equipment
to work properly, it blew the  competition  away  and did the  job of
$100,000 character generators and editing machines.


                               HP DESKJET 500

The HP DeskJet 500 is a wonderful printer.  Being and ink jet printer,
it is very quiet and  pretty  quick (120 cps  NLQ; 240 cps draft).  It
comes with three fonts built in -- two monospace and one proportional.
It can  vary  the  number  of lines per  inch printed; bold  or normal
weighting;  portrait or  landscape  orientation and  handles envelopes
pretty well.

The manuals  are  great, though  they deal  exclusively with  PCs  and
compatibles.   The warranty  (3 years) is excellent.  Loading paper is
simple, though there is no  room for  a separate  sheet feeder (one is
built in).  Changing the ink  is simple, but  the cartridges  are  not
what I call inexpensive (about $18 each)  and run out about  every 200
pages.  Setup is painfully  easy (switch 1 dip-switch for use with the

Graphics print at 75, 100, 150 or 300 dpi resolution.  Both Centronics
and serial interfaces are provided.

The DJ 500 seems to work well with my A2000,  though there  are not an
overabundance of printer drivers.  The only one I found  seems to work
fine, so I am  not complaining.   (See The Non-Comm Club for details.)
The print quality is good and  pretty quick.  Since  it is an ink jet, 
don't grab the paper as soon as it pops out or it will smear.  Waiting
about 5 seconds will give it time to dry (HP uses a quick-drying ink).
Actually, 5 seconds isn't that long.  If  you stop to think about  not
grabbing the paper then grab it, you've  probably given it enough time
to dry. The only time I have smeared ink is when I have my hand at the
bin, waiting to grab the sheet ASAP.

Print quality is excellent, and it blow away dot-matrix printers, even
the 24-pin ones with 360 dpi. Dot matrix leaves impact pin marks which
can cause a smeared look.  The DJ 500 leaves no such marks so the text
looks cleaner.

The DJ 500 has two slots for either font  cartridges or RAM expansion.
It has a 16K  buffer  built in,  which is  large enough for most uses, 
though a print spooler might also come in handy for large jobs.  There
is even a color kit (about $35) that  give you red, green and blue ink
packs.  To print color  (300 dpi) you color  separate your  image into
RGB components and  print the  image three times,  physically changing
the ink pack each time.  Yes, it is time consuming  and I have  yet to
actually try it,  but it  looks like  a neat  way to get  cheap color.

I have no complaints (other than the one biggie noted below) and would
suggest the HP Desk Jet 500 to anyone who wants good quality but can't 
afford a laser printer.  I have successfully used a DJ 500 on  clones,
Macs and Amigas  so there is no  compatibility problems.   One of  the
manuals is  dedicated  to getting  the most  out of  your DJ  500 with 
certain big-name programs (for the PC, though).  There is  even a disk
full of Windows drivers (fat lot of good it did me!)

The only problem I had is printing graphics.  That is a  sure-fire way
to get a Guru.  However, the  author of the  printer  driver  makes it
quite clear that he wrote it for a 68030 based v2.03 system (an A3000)
and he never tested it with  anything less.  It works great  using all
the text modes, with any option (portrait,  landscape, variable  cpi &
lpi, etc.)  I guess I'll have to try and do one myself (ha!).  All-in-
all, the HP Desk Jet 500 is a  wonderful little printer,  and with the
price as low as $470 mail-order  [WITH the HP 3 year warranty] it is a
heck of a good bye.


                                Non-Comm Club

Last week I reviewed a  "hack" called  Wanda, which  put fish on your
screen.  This week I was informed of a couple of bugs  in Wanda.  The
first applies to both v1.3 and v2.03 of WorkBench, the second happens
only on v2.03 (so it was reported).

1) When  used  with  an  overscan  screen,  Wanda messes up on of the 
bubbles a fish blows.  Since the graphics are sprites, overscan kills
the last sprite and it ends up as a vertical bar instead of a bubble.

2) Wanda  crashes  when  closed  if  run  from  WB  and  not the CLI.

These bugs were reported by Jim Shaffer, Jr.  of Montgomery, PA to me
through UseNet (though CompuServe sends mail to UseNet via Internet).

(If you ever want to see something wierd, have someone on UseNet send
you mail at a CIS address  -- the "TO:  and FROM:"  was a page long!)


The software review  for  this week  is  a  Freeware  program  called
DJ_Print (v1.1) by Steve Anderson of Manhattan Beach, CA.

DJ_Print is a utility that lets you take  control of your HP Desk Jet
500 printer,  allowing you  to select the  fonts you  want  (from the
internal 3); pick portrait  or landscape mode; select point size, lpi
and pitch;  draft or NLQ print; normal or bold type; all four margins
and select the file to print.

DJ_Print opens its own window  on the Workbench  screen and  seems to 
use about 2K of chip RAM and 76K of fast RAM.

This program basically does what it says and does it well.  It allows
you to use your Desk Jet 500 printer as it  is supposed to  be  used.
DJ_Print sends all information  to the  PAR: device and  not the PRT:
device, thereby bypassing  and  printer  driver  you  have  selected.

DJ_Print is neat, clean and well  designed.  I don't know  whether or
not it runs under  v2.x but it  works on v1.3.3.  The  author  claims 
not to want any cash, but you can  send him Desk Jet  ink refills  if
you like (considering they  are between $17  and $19 I can  see why!)
The program is freely redistributable.

The only  suggestions I  have  are for an  ARexx port (so I can print
directly from CED Pro!)  and  be  able  to  access  font  cartridges.
If you own a Desk Jet 500, I suggest that  you take the  time  to d/l
this little program, it is well worth  the effort.   (Oh, I'd like to
see it self-detaching, also.)

The author can be reached on CIS as 74375,1514 or by U.S. Mail at his
home address:  Steve Anderson
               1136 11th Street
               Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Second on the PD review table is an HP_DeakJet 500  printer driver by
Lance Kibblewhite of Herndon, VA.

This driver is for the HP_DeskJet 500 and does not work  with the DJ+
or original Desk Jet.  The driver is small (about 4K) and was written
in assembly under v2.03 of the  operating system.  The  author tested 
it on an A3000 w/2.03  and it  runs fine  on my A2000 w/v1.3.3  so it
should have no problem on anything v1.3 or above.

The driver is version 2 and has a "shifted origin" mode  for use with
Professional Page.  It will not allow you to mix text and graphics on
the same page (in "shifted origin" mode).

Heck, it's a PRINTER DRIVER! What more can I say? The author included
some notes on using Excellence!  and PPage but  other than that,  you
just install it in your Devs:Printers  directory, set the Preferences
and forget about it.

The Preferences print density  controls graphics dpi and  the shifted
origin mode (75, 100, 150 or  300 dpi  in or  out of  shifted  origin
origin mode).

It works.  At least, so far.  I have not yet  gotten anything (DPaint
or a few different screen dumpers) to print a graphics  screen, but I
cannot yet find the cause.  It works great with text.

The author can be contacted  on BIX as  lkibblewhite and  through the
U.S. mails at:  Lance Kibblewhite
                1413 Bluemont Court
                Herndon, VA 22070-3524


                       WHATS NEW IN THE AMIGA FORUMS?

CIS/Amiga User
CDSTOR.LZH/B  128K 01-Aug-91 Compact Disk Database/Record tracker
VIDSTO.LZH/B  127K 01-Aug-91 VideoStore 1.2 - a Video/Movie Database-Tracker
SUPRA.LZH/B     3K 01-Aug-91 Supra Drivers for A-MaxII
ALOG.LZH/B     27K 30-Jul-91 Amiga Logic - a quarterly Amiga newsletter
BEDIT.ZOO/B    33K 30-Jul-91 bEdit - a binary file editor
CLIP4A.LZH/B  164K 30-Jul-91 IFF clipart of people
CLIP5A.LZH/B  133K 30-Jul-91 Signs and sports for your IFF clipart collection
CDTVTI.LZH/B    1K 28-Jul-91 Xetec CDTV Compatibility list
AMREXP.LZH/B   14K 28-Jul-91 AM-Report Special Issue - Orlando AmiExpo

CIS/Amiga Tech
BHELP.LZH/B    35K 01-Aug-91 AmigaBasic online help when using DME
PTRSRV.LZH/B    8K 01-Aug-91 Move mouse pointer via ARexx commands
POWERM.LZH/B    6K 01-Aug-91 Program to create menus
BCACHE.LZH/B    6K 30-Jul-91 BootCache - disable processor caches on reboot
BMAKE.LZH/B   134K 30-Jul-91 BMake 1.4 - the GNU Make utility
SCROLL.LZH/B  110K 30-Jul-91 ASM source and executables for 10 Euro demos
SNDPRF.LZH/B   10K 30-Jul-91 DisplayBeep Daemon and Prefs Editor for 2.0
ONEKEY.LZH/B   10K 30-Jul-91 Collects and combines qualifier keys
COOKIE.LZH/B   21K 29-Jul-91 BackTalk/ARexx "cookie" script
SIT.LZH/B       6K 28-Jul-91 SET ICON TYPE 
MNXDEM.LZH/B  213K 27-Jul-91 MINIX (unix clone) demo, unlzh to disk BOOT

CIS/Amiga Arts
SCIFI.LZH/B   538K 01-Aug-91 Various SciFi related sound samples
COPYCO.LZH/B   21K 01-Aug-91 Announce of a DMCS to Dr T's The Copyist prog.
BMWSTH.LZH/B   19K 01-Aug-91 IFF picture of three automobiles
CAULKI.LZH/B  102K 01-Aug-91 IFF picture of young boy, Culkin
COMICC.LZH/B  218K 01-Aug-91 Two digitized images of comic book characters
FOWLER.LZH/B   38K 01-Aug-91 Shamview picture of the moon's surface
HITOY.LZH/B    69K 01-Aug-91 Picture of car on enormous wheels
PROJ09.LZH/B   33K 01-Aug-91 Project 0.9, a 'Tracker MOD format music score
SPHERE.LZH/B  117K 31-Jul-91 HAM-E mode image of a hand holding a sphere
ATF.LZH/B     295K 30-Jul-91 ATF-Agility, an Eric Schwartz Aerotoon
CLOUD.LZH/B    22K 30-Jul-91 Cloud - a progthat generates fractal surfaces
SHCOCK.LZH/B   91K 30-Jul-91 Shuttlecock - a humorours Aerotoon animation
CONNEX.LZH/B   27K 30-Jul-91 New form of the Connect-4 game
SOLIT.LZH/B    92K 30-Jul-91 Greatly improved version of solitaire Klondike
HGLHAM.LZH/B   81K 29-Jul-91 Hi-Res HAM Rendering of HourGlass Scene
CFLAGE.LZH/B  225K 29-Jul-91 Camouflage, a new Schwartz Aerotoon
MED310.LZH/B  359K 28-Jul-91 MED 3.10 - A tracker style music editor/player
SNDTOY.LZH/B   52K 27-Jul-91 Spectrogram V6 & Audioscope - Audio analysis tools
COMB16.LZH/B  647K 27-Jul-91 16 24bit rendered images composited on one image
BUBBLE.LZH/B   30K 27-Jul-91 Underwater "bubbles" in 16 colors

CIS/Amiga Vendor
(Black Belt Systems)
PF.LZH/B        1K 28-Jul-91 ARexx macro for ClickFAX: Print+Del all in dir.
CVT.LZH/B      56K 27-Jul-91 Convert v2.7: Alien image types to 24 bit IFF
HD.LZH/B       10K 27-Jul-91 lharc'd text file comparing HAME & DCTV units
HLIB.LZH/B    138K 27-Jul-91 HAM-E Support libs - render and low-level.
IPA.LZH/B     459K 27-Jul-91 Image Prol 5.0 - lharc includes IP & Docs
JB.ZOO/B       34K 30-Jul-89 
PAINTU.LZH/B  241K 27-Jul-91 REG Paint v2.25 - Docs, ARexx, Executable
SCD.LZH/B     213K 27-Jul-91 DEMO of SpectraColor for HAM-E, by Oxxi Inc.


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