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Subject: v90i297: KeyMapEd 1.1i - keymap file editor, Part01/02
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KeyMapEd	Allows you to change the KeyMaps used with SetMap.  This is
		a full featured editor providing support for normal, string
		and dead keys.  The keyboard represented is from an A3000/
		A2000/A500 but it is fully compatible with A1000 keyboards.
		version: 1.1i
		author: Tim Friest
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Key Map Editor by Tim Friest

This disk contains the source and executable to the KeyMapEd program.

KeyMapEd is copyright © 1989,1990 by Tim Friest
The program is FreeWare, and may be copied or distributed in any manner as
long as there is no charge for the program (nominal charges for media,
handling or BBS fees are allowed).

Please send all comments/suggestions/bug reports to

	3861 Steller Dr.
	Anchorage, AK 99504		BIX: TFriest

Voice:	(907) 333-8199