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AvailMem 3428 1991-08-17
Availmem.c 4399 1991-08-17 Text [Original]
AvailMem.h 1205 1991-08-17 Text [Original]
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README.fnf 149 1991-08-17 Text [Original]


				 Version 1.12

AvailMem is ©1988-1991 by Dave Schreiber.  All rights reserved.

     AvailMem is a free memory counter that displays the amount of free
memory, and the largest free memory block, in bytes (as opposed to
kilobytes, which is usual for freely-distributable memory counters).  To
run, either double-click on it's icon (from Workbench) or type 'run
AvailMem' from the CLI.

To get in touch with the author, write:
 Dave Schreiber
 1234 Collins Lane
 San Jose, CA	95129-4208 (Internet e-mail)

Revision history:
 Version 1.12 - Corrects some bugs that occur under AmigaOS 2.0 when the
		default font and title bar font aren't 8 pixels by 8
 Version 1.10 - Adds counters for the largest block of free fast, chip,
		and total memory.
 Version 1.03 - First release to public.  Appears on Fish disk #285


This material was submitted to me on disk directly by the author, Dave
Schreiber, for inclusion in the library.  Thanks Dave!

-Fred  ><>