DOS 2.0 Utilities Disk 1 (Sep 1991) : KickReboot /


Name Size Date Type
KickBoot.a 575 1990-07-17 Text [Original]
KickMenu 2796 1990-07-17
KickReboot.c 2318 1990-07-16 Text [Original] 512 1991-09-07 Text [Original]
ReadMe 1194 1991-09-08 Text [Original]
reboot 140 1990-07-17


This program adds the Item "KickReboot" to the Tools menu of the Workbench
2.0. It let´s you reboot the A3000 into a new KickStart without powering
down the system. It works on all A3000 who loads the KickStart image from
harddisk (I think all currently shipped machines). For rebooting from CLI
simply use the command ´reboot´.
The command may be modified and recompiled without having the new includes,
cause I added pragma statements for the required new functions.

This program must be run AFTER loading Workbench. i.e. enter the following
lines after loadwb in the Startup-Sequence:
wait 3

MAG Note: Put reboot in your c: dir and put KickMenu in WBStartup.
          It will run automatically.

Compile information for Kickmenu:
 lc -v -O KickReboot
 asm -iinclude: KickBoot.a
 blink lib:cback.o+KickReboot.o+KickBoot.o to KickMenu lib lib:lc.lib+

Linkage information for reboot:
 blink KickBoot.o to reboot

This code is Public Domain. Do withit what YOU want.

I can be reached under the following address:

   Joachim Bremer
   Dringsheide 33
   2000 Hamburg 74
   West Germany

   BIX:      bremer
   MacNet:   prismaqt  attn: Joachim Bremer