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psx11.lzh       11264  Approx time: 0:01 at 2400 baud, 0:03 at 1200 baud
Contributed by: s.tibbett  Date: Sun May  5 03:09:43 1991
Public Screen Manager for 2.0, V1.1 - PSX lets you open, and close
public screens, change the default one, and change the global public
screen modes (Shanghai, and PopPubScreen).  PSX lets you do all this
from either a "friendly" Intuition gadtools interface, or from the
CLI command line.  

V1.1 fixes some bugs in V1.0 and adds a DISPLAYID keyword for
folks who have graphics/displayinfo.h.  Also changes the
MAKEDEFAULT keyword so you can make existing screens the default
ones without resorting to using the GUI.

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