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LLAMA 250552 1991-10-12
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llamatron.lzh  230528  Approx time: 0:30 at 2400 baud, 0:59 at 1200 baud
Contributed by: amolina  Date: Sat Aug 24 15:31:53 1991
Arcade Game Llamatron where Llamas are crossed with coin-op ROBOTRON.

This is loosely based on the old (Atari? Williams?) Robotron arcade
coin-op console game, except with super llamas?!?.
It has some very interesting sounds.

NOTE: screen is designed for PAL, but is playable in NTSC.  In fact,
      I found it easier to control the bob/sprite without using
      something like patchNTSC (convert PAL to hires)--image area
      and hit area coincided better.
Keywords: $binary arcade game llamatron robotron
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