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|                       RINGS OF ZON - Volume I                      |
|                                                                    |
|               Copyright (C) 1990 By George Broussard               |
|                                                                    |


I encourage anyone to distribute this game anywhere. Simple enough.

Quick notes:

Two important things need to be done for the game to run properly.

   1. You must copy the file "streplay.library" to your LIBS:
      directory.  The game will not run if this file is missing.

   2. You need about 430K of CHIP ram or the game can't run.  Sorry
      about this, but this game uses an incredible amount of memory
      for graphics and music.  Close windows and tasks in order to 
      get enough memory.  You should have enough if you boot your 
      Amiga and run the game from the CLI.

Running the game:

Type "zon-v1" at the CLI.  The game should load.  It will notify you
if more memory is needed or if any errors occur.


Thanks to Terry Nagy and Scott Miller for testing this game and for 
additional level design.

Miscellaneous things:

- Full instructions are in the game.

- This game is shareware.  Two more volumes of this game are available,
  which wrap up the story and your quest.  All ordering information is
  in the game.  There are many incentives for ordering.

- I have several shareware games available for the IBM also.  I also
  have some new IBM EGA/VGA games coming out that have smooth scrolling
  screens and lots of animation.  These games will shock most IBM
  people who are not used to this type of game.  Write to me for a catalog
  of IBM or Amiga games.  The address can be found in the game.

- Enough of this, go enjoy the game!

  p.s.  Look for more great Amiga games in the future!  I'm working on
  some truly commercial quality games that I am going to release as
  shareware.  Stay tuned for details...

George Broussard - Author.