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                                              Thanks to Denny Atkin, Editor,
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                         DateLine:  April 9, 1993
           This 5-MINUTE Newscast presents the following stories:
 1.  Migraph ColorBurst Color Hand Scanner
 2.  ToasterFX Framestore Operators for GVP's ImageFX Software
 3.  Soft-Logik's PageStream V3.0 Features
 5.  RSCARDS Club Spring/Summer Sale
 6.  Children's Television Workshop Inks Deal with Electronic Arts
 7.  R.A.W. Entertainment Goes Direct!
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             1st of 8 Stories
                   Migraph ColorBurst Color Hand Scanner
             Worth its weight in gold and 262,143 other colors!
   / \                 Federal Way, WA -- March 1993
  / - \
 / ___ \
(_/   \_)t last, a color hand scanner for Amiga Systems that's fast and
accurate and affordable. With the Migraph ColorBurst(tm) you can now produce
crisp, clear, vivid color images for all your video and multimedia projects,
on-screen presentations, and desktop publications. And have a lot of fun doing
Speedy scanning. Great detail.
The ColorBurst's large scanning window -- more than fourinches wide -- provides
fast, single-pass scanning. Six scannng resolutions from 50 to 400 dots per
inch (dpi) let you scan images at the resolution best suited to your chosen
output device.
And five scanning modes give you the flexibility to work with color, grayscale
and black-&-white images, all with one scanner.
So you can produce exactly the image you need for the output option of your
choice: on-screen display, laser and Linotronic printouts, or slides.
Non-nonsense software.
The Migraph ColorBurst comes with easy-to-use imaging software for accurate,
efficient scanning. It picks up 262,144 brilliant colors in a single pass (or
4,096 colors if you're working on a lower-memory system).
The same software lets you quickly and easily save your image in a variety of
standard file formats, ready for direct export to video, graphics, and desktop
publishing applications.
So you can export images for use with the Toaster, for enhancement in a program
like Deluxe Paint, or for printing in publishing programs like PageStream and
Professional Page.
  /                                                                      \
 |         Migraph ColorBurst:  A Scanning Mode for Every Need            |
 |                         Super Color   Color   Gray-scale   Monochrome  |
 |                                                                        |
 | Output options            262,144     4,096    64 levels   Black and   |
 |                            colors     colors    of grey     White      |
 |                                                                        |
 | Bits per pixel             18-bit     12-bit    6-bit       1-bit      |
 |                                                                        |
 | Resolution settings       50, 100,   50, 100,  100, 200    100, 200,   |
 |  (dpi)                   150, 200   150, 200   300, 400    300, 400    |
A Three-in-One Scanning Solution
Versatility is the ColorBurst's specialty. If the image you're after is smaller
than a full page -- whether it's a photo, ilustration, drawing, or cartoon (or
business card, postcard, Christmas card, or photo identity card) -- you can
scan it with the Migraph ColorBurst.
It's a color scanner when you need eye-catching color graphics. A grayscale
scanner when you need full-size, true-64-level grayscale images for
hassle-free, high-resolution printouts. And it's a monochrome scanner when you
need crisp, clear scans of line art or text for OCR processing.
With the Migraph ColorBurst, capturing high-resolution color (and grayscale and
monochrome) images has never been easier. Or more fun.
Speed:  Fast, single-pass scanning
Size:  Half-page scanning window - 4.13 inches wide
Adjustable Resolution:  Six settings from 50 to 400 dpi
Five Scanning Modes: Super color, color, grayscale, dithered halftone
  (color), and line art (monochrome)
Sensitive Color Scanning:  Scan and save 262,144 vibrant colors (or 4,096
  colors on low-memory systems)
Grayscale Scanning:  True 64-level grayscale scans at 40 dpi
Monochrome Scanning:  Scan line art for graphics projects or text for OCR
Scan-and-Save Utility:  Quick, accurate scanning and easy saving for direct
Versatile File Formats:  Save scans in a variety of standard file formats
Compact Design:  Comes comlete with parallel interface and cable for easy
System Requirements:  For Amiga systems (except the 1000 model) with 2MB of
memory. Note that 4MB of memory and a hard disk are recommended.
For more information about the Migraph ColorBurst scanner, contact Migraph,
Inc., 32700 Pacific Highway South, #14, Federal Way, WA 98003, telephone
206/838-4677 or toll free 800/223-3729 (10 to 4 Pacific time).
[*StarShip* News Note:  Migraph has released an upgrade to their Scanner
Touch-Up Software (V3.1).  Registered owners should contact the company.]
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             2nd of 8 Stories
           ToasterFX Framestore Operators for GVP's ImageFX Software
                    ToasterFX for your Video Toaster
(__  __)               Austin, TX -- March, 1993
  / /
 / /
(_/ he ToasterFX framestore load, saver and render modules, and GVP's ImageFX
software are a complete paint and image processing package for NewTek's Video
Replacing ToasterPaint, GVP's ImageFX offers complete 24 bit painting tools
with an 8 bit alpha channel, airbrush tools, color balancing, composition
controls, special effects filters (oil paint, ripple, disperse, distort...),
morphing and more.
The ToasterFX LOAD module allows DIRECT loading of framestore files into
ImageFX as 24 bit images. View the ENTIRE image on screen while painting, or
choose any zoom level for detail work.
The ToasterFX SAVE module saves any image loader or created in ImageFX directly
to NewTek's framestore format.
Convert Video Toaster framestores DIRECTLY to and from Amiga IFF24, JPEG,
Targa, TIFF, GIF, Alias formats and more.
The RENDER module can directly display to the Video Toaster's framebuffers
without leaving the ImageFX interface. (choose between DV1 or DV2).
ToasterFX competely integrates the operation of ImageFX with the Video Toaster,
allowing direct access from the Toaster's switcher screen.
ToasterFX also includes stand-alone utilities for:
 o  Converting Framestores to IFF24 images 
 o  Converting IFF24 images to Framestores 
 o  Displaying any Amiga screen directly to a Toaster framebuffer
ToasterFX requires GVP's ImageFX for painting and image processing functions.
Painting and image processing can be acomplished on any Amiga computer.
NewTek's Video Toaster is required only for direct displaying of framestores to
the Toaster's framebuffers.
ToasterFX is available at your Video Toaster and Amiga Dealer, or directly
from: Byrd's Eye Software, 9001 Northgate Blvd, #135, Austin, TX 78758 (512)
Video Toaster and ToasterPaint are registered trademarks of NewTek, Inc.,
ImageFX is a trademark of Great Valley Products, Inc.
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             3rd of 8 Stories
                   Soft-Logik's PageStream V3.0 Features
    _              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / )           World of Commodore Show -- April 2, 1993
  / /
 / (_
(____)ast week, the *StarShip* 5-MINUTE News ran Soft-Logik's announcement
about PageStream V3.0 which was released at the World of Commodore Show in New
York City. Due to space considerations, we saved this impressive Features List
for this week. According to several journalists who attended the show and saw a
functional demonstration, this upcoming version of PageStream V3.0 promises to
be the most powerful and full-featured, easiest to use desktop pulbishing
software ever developed.
Maximum number of open documents         unlimited
Max number of document views             unlimited
Reveal/Hide document views                  Yes
Moveable document view windows              Yes
Save program defaults                       Yes
Load program defaults                       Yes
Pasteboard/bleed area                       Yes
   User-specified pasteboard dimensions     Yes
Toolbox (move and change orientation)       Yes
Edit Toolbox                                Yes
Number of operation/selection panels          6
Measurement system options                   11
Set ruler zero point and offset             Yes
User-specified view magnification           Yes
Number of view magnifications                13
View magnification zoom                     Yes
Show/Hide invisible characters              Yes
Undo levels                              unlimited
Online context sensitive help                Yes
Document Construction
Number of pre-defined page sizes              9
Maximum page size (in inches)            2330"x2330"
Different page sizes in a document          Yes
Change page size at any time                Yes
Maximum document size (in pages)         unlimited
Single and double sided documents           Yes
Page spreads                                Yes
Maximum number of master pages           unlimited
Hide master page objects                    Yes
Visual page arrangement                     Yes
Divide documents into sections              Yes
Divide sections into chapters               Yes
Automatic page numbering                    Yes
Link and unlink columns                     Yes
Word Processing
Cut, copy and paste text                    Yes
   standard keyboard shortcuts              Yes
Multiple Style sheets for text formatting   Yes
Load and save style sheets                  Yes
Find and replace text and text attributes   Yes
Find and replace style sheets               Yes
Spelling checker                            Yes
Import/Export formats                       7/7
   auto conversion of quotes,
   commas and dashes                        Yes
Maximum number of tabs                   unlimited
   number of alignment options                4
   place numerically or manually            Yes
   right indent tab                         Yes
   User-definable tab leaders               Yes
List all articles used in a document        Yes
Number of outline font systems               3
Font sizes                               1 to 50,000
   increments                            0.01 points
   horizontally scale text                  Yes
Align text vertically                       Yes
Indents and outdents                        Yes
Auto/Manual hyphenation                     Yes
   hyphenation controls                     Yes
Auto/Manual kerning                         Yes
   edit kerning pairs                       Yes
Auto/Manual tracking                        Yes
Absolute and relative leading
   (line spacing)                           Yes
   increments                            0.01 points
Frameless text                              Yes
Convert shapes to text columns              Yes
Apply color and fill styles to text         Yes
Automatic drop caps                         Yes
Automatic bulleted paragraphs               Yes
Import Bitmapped Pictures                   Yes
   number of formats                          6
   set line frequency, angle and pattern    Yes
   contrast and posting control             Yes
   bitmap fencing for text runaround        Yes
   display bitmaps in color                 Yes
   externally linked bitmaps                Yes
Import Structured Drawings                  Yes
   number of formats                          5
   dissolve drawings into paths and shapes  Yes
Import Encapsulated PostScript
   Illustrations                            Yes
   number of formats which can be
   interpreted                                2
   show bitmapped headers (TIFF and PICT)   Yes
Save/Export/Print pages as EPS files        Yes
List all imported graphics in a document    Yes
Number of color modes                         5
24 bit color support                        Yes
Create process and spot colors              Yes
Shade increments                           0.01%
Automatic and user-definable trapping       Yes
   specifications (choke, spread,
   knockout, overprint)                     Yes
   specify trapping values for each
   process plate                            Yes
Specify angles, frequencies for
   individual spot colors                   Yes
Drawing and Object Editing Features
Drawing tools (shape and path)              Yes
Select multiple objects                     Yes
   add/remove from selection                Yes
   select behind                            Yes
Bring/Send to Front, Back, Forward,
   Backward                                 Yes
Cut, copy and paste objects between
   documents                                Yes
Move and nudge objects                      Yes
Step and repeat duplication                 Yes
Rotate and skew objects                     Yes
   rotation increments                    0.001 deg
Group/Ungroup objects                       Yes
Lock/Unlock objects                         Yes
Distribute objects                          Yes
Apply color and line/fill styles to
   objects                                  Yes
   Bitmap fills                             Yes
   Gradient fills                           Yes
   Object fills                             Yes
Text runaround objects                      Yes
Extend objects across page spreads          Yes
Page Layout
Margin and column guides                    Yes
Object guides                               Yes
   snap-to-guides, snap-to distance         Yes
Grid                                        Yes
   snap-to-grid                             Yes
Current page, page range,
  even/odd, printer spreads                 Yes
Print CMYK and mechanical separations       Yes
Plate control                               Yes
Tiling, thumbnails, crop and registration   Yes
Print to disk, to IFF ILBM picture          Yes
Custom PostScript, HP and Epson drivers     Yes
Open program architecture
   (for adding extensions)                  Yes
Text (article) editor                       Yes
Picture (bitmap) editor                     Yes
HotLinks compatible                         Yes
ARexx compatible                            Yes
ARexx record                                Yes
AGA compatible                              Yes
Workbench 2.x/3.0 compliant                 Yes
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             5th of 8 Stories
   ______            RSCARDS Club Spring/Summer Sale
  (__  __)           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / /
   / /
  (_/hat's right, SALE! For the next five months (April through August),
   membership fees for the RSCARDS Club will be SLASHED an amazing 60%!
   As before, membership in the RSCARDS Club entitles you to play all
   six RSCARDS Multiplayer Games (Blackjack, Backgammon, Checkers,
   Poker, Reversi, and Chess) at HALF of the normal connect rates.
   But, for the next FIVE months, we're hacking that monthly membership
   fee for the Club down to only $12! ($16/month in Canada). That means
   that a player who plays as little as FOUR HOURS A MONTH in RSCARDS
   can now save money every single month, simply by joining the Club!
   For complete rates, rules & info, type "M875;5" from any menu prompt
   To join the RSCARDS Club and start your savings today, type "M875;6"
   (Note to existing Club members: your current Club membership will be
   billed at the Sale price for the duration of the sale - you do not
   need to quit & rejoin, or take any other action to get the savings.)
RSCARDS is a point and click interface to some of the most classic and fun
games of all time.  Use the Amiga interface in File #18115 in the *StarShip*
Library to face down other opponents from all over the country in this GEnie
multiplayer game.  The first Monday of each month is our special *StarShip*
Poker night.
And now do it for lots less than you could before!
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             6th of 8 Stories
       Children's Television Workshop Inks Deal with Electronic Arts
                   Electronic Arts to publish multi-platform
     ____    interactive media featuring Sesame Street characters
    / ___)
   / (_               San Mateo, CA -- April 1, 1993
  / ___)
 / (_
(____)lectronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) and Children's Television Workshop, renowned
leaders in their respective industries, today announced a long-term exclusive
agreement to produce interactive media on a number of platforms including
computers, video game machines, CD-ROM and the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer(tm).
Under the agreement with CTW, Electronic Arts' new EA*KIDS(tm) division will
publish interactive media products for children featuring the Sesame Street(R)
"This is a powerful partnership," said Stewart Bonn, senior vice president of
the CD Group at Electronic Arts. "CTW practically invented the idea of
educating children through entertainment -- Sesame Street is the classic
example everyone would like to emulate," Bonn added.
"Electronic Arts has a successful track record in taking the 'high road' in
technology and is clearly a market leader for innovative media," said Rob
Madell, vice president for Interactive Technologies at CTW. "EA*KIDS shares
CTW's vision of creating interactive learning experiences for children all over
the world," added Madell.
"Electronic Arts and CTW have 35 years combined experience in producing media
and understanding kids," said Madell.
"CTW and Electronic Arts share a similar philosophy -- kids learn when they're
engaged, and engagement stems from open-ended discovery and creative
explorations. All of the products in this new Seasame Street line will reflect
this philosophy," added Bonn.
EA*KIDS is a division of Electronic Arts charged with creating enriching
software for kids ages 3 to 14 that captures the magic of childhood. Electronic
Arts has been a worldwide leader in developing and distributing entertainment
software for video game systems and computers for the past 10 years.
Children's Television Workshop was founded in 1968 to explore the use of
television to educate children. CTW has been producing entertaining,
educational software for the past 10 years. Today, CTW's mission extends over
television, print, outreach and software, and reaches children in over 80
countries. CTW is a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)3 tax exempt status.
                          *StarShip* Amiga *Flash*
                              7th of 8 Stories
    ___  ___         R.A.W. Entertainment Goes Direct!
   (_  )(  _)        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / /_/ /            Houston, TX -- March 26, 1993
   / __  /
 _/ / / /
(___)(__)aving spent two years listening to thousands of customers asking, "Why
can't I find RAW titles?" RAW Entertainment are going direct. They are lowering
their current $59.95 title SPOILS OF WAR to $34.95. All current $49.95 titles
will be lowered to $29.95. The ACTION STATIONS! SCENARIO/ UTILITY DISK will be
lowered from $21.95 to $14.95. Both SPOILS OF WAR (PC and Amiga) and FIRETEAM
2200 (PC only) will continue to be shipped with free add-on disks.
RAW Entertainment, Inc., are in negotiation with other publishers, worldwide,
who may also join in on this new concept.
Products will only be available directly from RAW, credit card orders will be
accepted for the first time on their new 800 order-line: 1-800-323-7878.
RAW Entertainment will be the only publisher to stand by their titles by
offering a 30 day refund policy, which will include refunding their shipping &
handling charges! Given the quality of their current product range, they do not
worry greatly about massive returns!
RAW Entertainment believes their titles were good value for money before these
price reductions, but have lowered their prices in order to pass on their cost
savings to the customer, given these recessionary times (plus energy taxes, sin
taxes, increased corporation and income taxes!).
RAW Entertainment will now stand or fall on the quality of their products and
their customer service, both before and after the sale, rather than continuing
to wait for the retail/mail order sectors to provide the level of service RAW
Entertainment would like to.
It is believed that RAW Entertainment, Inc., are the only software house to
have STARTED by looking for retail distribution and ENDED UP going direct. Most
publishers seem to have operated the other way around. No one can say RAW
Entertainment are conventional! WATCH THIS SPACE..!
RAW "DIRECT" will go "LIVE" on May 1st 1993 with advertising commencing in
May/June.  For more information contact R.A.W. Entertainmnet, Inc., 957 NASA
Road One, Suite 146, Houston, TX 77058-3098, telephone 713/386-2386.

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