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                         DateLine:  April 16, 1993
           This 5-MINUTE Newscast presents the following stories:
  1.  Entire Toaster Studio Can Be Controlled by New ASDG Product
  2.  CSA's 50 MHz Accelerator Solution to a Scuzzy (SCSI) Problem
  3.  Retina: The Amiga High Resolution Display Card from MacroSystemUS
  5.  VLab Real-Time Video Digitizer Card
  6.  Quarterback Tools Deluxe from Central Coast Software
  7.  Clueless?  Check Out Two New Books from ORIGIN
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             1st of 8 Stories
        Entire Toaster Studio Can Be Controlled by New ASDG Product
    ASDG announces the availability of T-Rexx Professional, Version 2.0.
    This user-expandable product comes ready to control nearly every
    facet of the NewTek Video Toaster plus 12 other hardware and software
    products. An entire studio can be integrated by T-Rexx Professional.
   / \                Madison, WI -- March 22, 1993
  / - \
 / ___ \
(_/   \_)SDG Incorporated, the leading innovator in color imaging technology
for the Commodore Amiga, announce the availability of T-Rexx Professional
Version 2.0. T-Rexx is a system integration tool with special emphasis on the
NewTek Video Toaster.
Large collections of Toaster Framestore images can be previewed, managed,
browsed, and converted to IFF/RGB. All framestore operations, including the
conversion to and from IFF/RGB, are performed in full broadcast color without
requiring the Video Toaster hardware.
T-Rexx enables you to read and write custom Toaster effects (both ActionFX and
OrganicFX). You can turn an ANIM file into a Toaster effect, or take an
existing Toaster effect and turn it back into an ANIM file. T-Rexx even
includes high speed special effects processing which allows a single ANIM file
to create dozens of different Toaster effects.
And, of course, you can create and edit Toaster projects to build the Toaster
configuration which best meets your needs.
T-Rexx's scripting capabilities are unparalleled. ARexx scripts are displayed
in plain English and can be created and edited using a simple point-and-click
interface which requires no programming knowledge. You can create scripts for
any product which is ARexx, serial port, or parallel port controllable.
ARexx commands for different products can be freely combined giving users the
ability to merge the capabilities of multiple tools into a single application.
There's even a unique real-time mode which speeds script development by
allowing you to test the script (with instant feedback) as it is being written.
Using T-Rexx, you can create interactive or automated multimedia presentations
by linking the Video Toaster to other hardware and software products. T-Rexx
comes with ready-made command sets for: AmiLink, Art Department Professional,
BCD-2000A, DQ-Taco, MediaPhile, MorphPlus, PC-VCR, Personal SFC II, Personal
TBC III, Pixel 3D, SunRize Studio 16, and VISCA.
T-Rexx Professional carries a suggested retail price of $249 and requires
Kickstart 2.0 and a minimum of 2 megabytes of system memory.
For more information about ASDG's color imaging solutions contact Gina
Cerniglia at ASDG Incorporated, 925 Stewart Street, Madison, WI 53713 or call
(608) 273-6585, or leave a message on the *StarShip* Bulletin Board in the ASDG
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             2nd of 8 Stories
        CSA's 50 MHz Accelerator Solution to a Scuzzy (SCSI) Problem
    _   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / \                 San Diego, CA -- April 1993
  / - \
 / ___ \
(_/   \_)miga 1200 owners are trapped and running out of time. Large image
files and long animations are filling up their hard drives. And there's no room
to grow.
Why? Because the A1200 doesn't work with currently available mass-storage
peripherals -- like floptical drives, removable media and multi-Gigabyte
replacement hard drives. All of these devices (along with CD-ROM drives, tape
backups and other high-tech add-ons) use a standard SCSI interface. The A1200
only provides an IDE interface for a single hard drive.
To solve this problem, CSA has developed the TwelveGuage, a 50 MHz accelerator
card for the A1200 that features -- you guessed it -- a SCSI interface. Now you
can use your A1200 with such devices as CD-ROM drives, Syquest removable media
drives, a wide choice of standard SCSI hard drives, floptical optical drive
systems and tape back-up systems, and hundreds of other SCSI compatible
Raw speed is another requirement for processor-intensive activities like
rendering, animation and desktop publishing. Built around a 50 MHz Motorola
68030 central processor, CSA's TwelveGuage runs 7 to 10 times faster than a
stock A1200 with its earlier-generation 14 MHz 68EC020.
In addition to its faster clock speed, the TwelveGuage also utilizes Burst Mode
for processing, a faster, more efficient way to manage the flow of data from
32-bit memory.
The result: more completed projects, sooner than otherwise possible. For even
faster processing, the TwelveGuage also supports the addition of a 50 MHz 68882
math coprocessor.
In addition to its speed, CSA's TwelveGuage also goes a long way to ease the
necessary expense of adding memory. Instead of requiring expensive, proprietary
RAM chips, the TwelveGuage uses industry-standard A4000-type 32-bit SIMMS,
which are less expensive. What's more, RAM upgrades can be made in affordable
stages (to 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 Megabytes).
CSA's TwelveGuage installs easily into the A1200 trap door slot and can be
ordered in several alternate configurations, depending on how much RAM you
need, and whether you need a math coprocessor. You could even order one without
the SCSI interface (if desired). A less expensive 40 MHz 68EC030-based version
can also be ordered.
Available in April 1993, CSA's TwelveGuage carries a retail price of $699 (with
50 MHz 68030, SCSI interface, 68882 socket and without RAM). Learn more by
contacting Computer System Associates, 7564 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121,
telephone 619/566-3911, fax 619/566-0581.
CSA products are distributed internationally by: Ami-Tech (Australia), Eureka
(Netherlands), Omega House (Cheshire, England), Memory World (Bonsalom,
Pennsylvania), Memphis Computer Products (Rodheim, Germany) and Tricom
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                             3rd of 8 Stories
               Retina: The Amiga High Resolution Display Card
    _  _       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / \/ \              Mt. Clemens, MI -- April 1993
  /      \
 / /\  /\ \
(_/  \/  \_)acroSystemUS announces the release of the Retina(TM)
High-Resolution Display card for the Amiga. The Retina provides a way for Amiga
A2000, A3000 and A4000 owners to upgrade to true High-Resolution display
capability at an affordable price. It is a 24-bit frame buffer with 16-bit
display modes and 8-Bit Workbench display modes, with a full one year warranty.
The Retina has the ability to display Workbench and any AmigaDOS compliant
program in resolutions up to 1280x1024 non-interlaced with up to 256 colors on
screen. The Retina can also display higher resolutions in interlaced format.
The Retina supports monitor frequencies from 15 KHz to 75 KHz. The Workbench
Emulation on the Retina will run 1280x1024 in 16 colors as fast or faster than
the standard Amiga output at 724x482 in 16 colors!
The Retina is also a true 24-bit display card! It can display 24-bit
resolutions up to 800x600 non-interlaced and greater than 1024x768 interlaced.
The Retina can run Workbench in high-resolution and have other programs running
on their own custom screen on the Retina AND still be used to display 24-bit
graphics simultaneously. The Retina allows you to simply hotkey between any
screen currently running on the display! It gets even better, too. The Retina
installs into the standard zorro slot and does NOT use the video slot. You can
have up to FOUR Retinas installed in one computer.
The Retina is compatible with versions 2.0 and 3.0 of the Amiga operating
The Retina is compatible with the Video Toaster for True 24-bit display.
The Retina has a suggested retail price of $599.95 with 2MB and $699.95 with
4MB. The Retina with 4MB is also available with TVPaint Professional.
Features include:
 o Standard BD-15 VGA Connector - Analog RGB output.
 o Supports 15 - 75 KHz Horizonal Freq. and 50 - 100 Hz. Vertical Freq.
 o Compatible with Amiga 1950, 1960 and any multisync monitor.
 o 800x600 full 24-bit 16.7 million color display non-interlaced or
 o Allows multiple 24-bit resolutions. The following is NOT a complete list
   of modes:
     Non-Interlaced: 800x600, 768x 482, 724x482, 640x480, plus many more
     Interlaced: 1152x862, 1032x774, 1100x566, 1024x768, 800x600, 768x482,
 o RAM configurations 2 megabytes or 4 megabytes. User upgradable to 4MB
 o 4MB allows double buffering for animations and screens larger than
   800x600 in 24-bit.
 o The Retina can have more than one 24-bit image in memory at the same time
   and you can toggle between screens. You can actually toggle between
   24-bit screens and 8-bit screens.
 o The Retina can be used to display 24-bit graphics while emulating
 o XIPaint is a realtime 24-bit paint program that comes with the Retina to
   get you going in 24-bit quickly.
 o Installs into any 100 pin Amiga slot; does not use the video slot.
 o Compatible with the Video Toaster, OpalVision and the VLab(TM) Real-Time
   Video Digitizer.
 o Compatible with programs such as AdPro, Morph Plus, MultiFrame-AdPro,
   TVPaint 2.0, ProPage, ProWrite, PageStream, DynaCADD, Imagine 2.0,
   VLab, to name a few.
 o TVPaint 2.0 is a professional 32-bit painting program that runs directly
   on the Retina. Perfect for use as a Real-Time 24-bit paint box for the
   Video Toaster.
 o Compatible with the A2000, A3000, and A4000 series Amigas. Required the
   2.0 or greater operating system.
Workbench Emulation
 o Display Workbench and your programs in real usable high-resolution on
   14" through 21" monitors.
 o Replace your Flicker Fixer with a True High-Resolution Flicker Free
   Display Card.
 o Full Workbench Emulation with resolution such as 1024x768 or 1280x1024
   in 16 colors or even more! Up to 2400x1200! A few samples: 2400x1200,
   1900x1426, 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600.
 o The Workbench display on the Retina at 1280x1024 in 16 colors can operate
   as fast or faster than the standard Amiga output of 724x482 in 16 colors!
   Display modes in both interlaced and non-interlaced.
 o The Retina allows you to specify the size that you want to use for
   Workbench and then you can use a different size for other programs that
   display on their own custom screens.
 o The Workbench can be set to a resolution of 1280x1024 non-interlaced and
   you could have AdPro running on its own screen at 320x200.
 o The Retina software has screen modes which are called groups. A group
   screenmode is used for programs that ask for a specific screen resolution
   when they start. If the group is selected then the Retina will open the
   program on its own screen at the resolution that it wants.
 o Any program can be selected in software to be displayed on the Retina
   output or the Amiga output.
 o You can change the output resolution for any program simply by choosing
   the program name and then selecting a different screen resolution for
   that program.
For more information contact your authorized Amiga dealer or MacroSystemUS,
17019 Smugglers Cove, Mt. Clemens, MI 48038, telephone 313/263-0095, fax
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                             5th of 8 Stories
                   VLab Real-Time Video Digitizer Card
    _  _           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / \/ \              Mt. Clemens, MI -- April 1993
  /      \
 / /\  /\ \
(_/  \/  \_)acroSystemUS announces the release of VLab(TM) -- RealTime Video
Digitizer for the Amiga computer. VLab digitizes a full frame in 1/30th of a
second or 1 field in 1/60th of a second. It digitizes in full color, NTSC or
PAL. It will save images as 24-bit, YUV, or any Amiga format including AA modes
like HAM8. (Saving the image in YUV retains all digitized information in about
half the space of 24-bit IFF files.)
  2 Composite NTSC or PAL connectors
  Software selectable for either input
Allows you to grab sequences
  You can select the number of frames that you want to grab in series and
    the VLab will Framegrab them at up to six frames per second.
  The speed at which the VLab can grab frames in sequence is governed by
    many things of which some are the screen size that you select, the
    resolution that you select, as well as the speed of the computer that
    you are using.
The VLab will work in either the A2000, A3000 or A4000 series Amiga computers
  The VLab installs into any standard Amiga 100 pin slot and does not use
    the video slot
  There is also a VLab1200 that allows owners of the A500, A600 and the A1200
    to also use the VLab.
The VLab does not require a frame accurate video player to hold the image
    still to digitize. The VLab will in real-time digitize any frame from the
    video source that you have connected.
  You can digitize images from cable TV, Broadcast TV, VCR, Video Disk
    Players, and Video Cameras.
Software Support
  The VLab is supported by popular graphics software such as ASDG's Art
    Department Professional, Image Master by Black Belt, TVPaint by TechSoft.
  The VLab software allows you to do frame grabbing, sequencing and a
    certain amount of image manipulation. The software can switch between
    one of the two inputs. You can select the size of the grab that you want
    to perform. The software has built-in color, contrast, gamma, luminance
    and chrominance correction. The software also has luminance and
    chrominance filters.
There is a special monitor window that allows you to see the video signal that
you have attached to the VLab in a window on the VLab screen in up to 16 gray
scales at up to 15 frames per second. With the Retina display card you can have
the monitor in full screen in either grey scale or color.
The VLab software requires the 2.0 operating system or higher and is fully
ARexx compatible.
VLab is compatible with the Video Toaster, OpalVision, Retina, Harlequin. It is
also supported by the Nucleas Personal SFC.
Suggested retail price for the VLab is $499.95.
For more information contact your authorized Amiga dealer or MacroSystemUS,
17019 Smugglers Cove, Mt. Clemens, MI 48038, telephone 313/263-0095, fax
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             6th of 8 Stories
                         Quarterback Tools Deluxe
    ____                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / ___)               Austin, TX - April 8, 1993
  / /
 / (__
(_____)entral Coast Software is pleased to announce our new Quarterback Tools
Deluxe package, and would like to extend an upgrade offer to all registered
Quarterback Tools users.
The all new Quarterback Tools Deluxe package includes Quarterback Tools version
2.0. This is not just a cosmetic upgrade to Quarterback Tools, but a totally
revised and and rewritten program. We've completely rewritten Quarterback Tools
from the ground up, and added many new features:
File system.
Optimizing disks.
But there's more! In addition to the Quarterback Tools 2.0 program, Quarterback
Tools Deluxe includes several new programs -- programs that make managing files
and disks easier than ever before:
  Copies of a source disk, using up to four floppy drives simultaneously.
  You can even save an entire disk image as a file, and load it for later
  Individual drawers or entire disks for files that match a name or pattern
  you specify. For each file found, you can see the file's location,
  creation date, size, comments, and contents, so you can quickly determine
  if it is the file you are looking for.
  Encryptor, you can encrypt and decrypt your files using a password that
  only you know. People who don't have a file's password will not be able
  to read the file's contents.
  Portion of your disks, or the entire disk's contents. When a disk is
  erased with Disk Eraser, not even Quarterback Tools can recover the
  contents of the disk. There is no better way to make sure no one will be
  able to access your deleted files. There is even an option for using
  Department of Defense specifications when erasing!
When you erase a file with File Eraser, not even a program like Quarterback
Tools can recover the file's contents. And like Disk Eraser, File Eraser
includes an option for using Department of Defense specifications when erasing.
  Need to press to type any character. An indispensable tool if you ever
  use special characters such as copyright symbols or accented characters.
  System files -- such as fonts, printer drivers, system libraries, and CLI
  commands -- from one disk to another. System Mover shows you version
  information of the files you are moving, so you can make sure you are
  using the latest versions of your system software.
  Renders a floppy disk inaccessible from AmigaDOS--without affecting the
  contents of the disk! When a disk has a "Brain Cloud", not even the
  Amiga's "Format" command can affect the disk! Perfect for protecting your
  disks from inadvertent use by others.
With all these new features, Quarterback Tools Deluxe has a new suggested
retail price of $125.00. However, as a registered Quarterback Tools owner, you
can get the complete Quarterback Tools Deluxe package for only $40 plus
shipping -- a savings of $85 over the retail price.
Registered owners of Quarterback Tools will shortly be receiving an upgrade
notice in the mail. However, if you prefer, you can order your upgrade now for
faster response. Call us for details or to place an order (if you order the
upgrade over the phone using your VISA or MasterCard, you will need to have
your current Quarterback Tools disk handy, since we will need the registration
number from the back of the disk).
Quarterback Tools Deluxe will be shipping in late April/early May, and as
always upgrades are processed in the order they are received. We are sure you
will be as excited about this new package as we are!
                                  James Bayless, President
                                  Central Coast Software
                                  A division of New Horizons Software, Inc.
                                  Telephone: (512) 328-6650
P.S. If you are a registered owner of Quarterback, our best-selling backup
program for the Amiga, you can purchase a copy of Quarterback Tools Deluxe
direct from Central Coast Software for $75.00. Call us for more details.
                          *StarShip* Amiga *Flash*
                              7th of 8 Stories
  ____          Clueless?  Check Out Two New Books from ORIGIN
 / ___)         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
( (__                   Austin, TX -- March 26, 1993
 \__ \
 ___) )
(____/tymied gamers now have two new resources available from ORIGIN Systems --
Ultima Underworld II Clue Book: Gems of Enlightenment, and Quest for Clues: The
Manual of Swords.
Gems of Enlightenment is the cluebook for ULTIMA Underworld II: Labyrinth of
Worlds. Like the game itself, much of the book takes place from a first-person
perspective. Inhabitants of each of the eight realms act as tour guides through
their worlds, offering hints and history. Gems of Enlightenment also includes a
description of the game's mechanics as well as a complete walkthrough and
player's checklist.
The Manual of Swords is the sixth installment of the Quest for Clues series.
The books are now bi-yearly publications released in the Spring and Fall to
cover the latest in entertainment software. Shay Addams and his formidable
QuestBusters Guild have once again uncovered tips and solutions for 20 of the
most popular adventure/action and roleplaying games, including ORIGIN'S ULTIMA
VII: The Black Gate and Forge of Virtue. The Manual of Swords contains
everything from system requirements to maps, walkthroughs, introductions and
reviews for each game. The unique QuestBuster code allows players to decipher
crucial words in the solution without revealing other key elements of the game.
Other titles include:
  The Dagger of Amon Ra
  The Dark Half
  Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
  Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2; Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating
    Inconvenience from Planet X
  The Legend of kyrandia: Book One
  Lord of the Rings, Vol. II: The Two Towers
  The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel
  Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen
  Plan 9 from Outer Space
  Planet's Edge: The Point of No Return
  Prophecy of the Shadow
  Quest for Glory III: Wages of War
  Spellcasting 301: Spring Break
  The Summoning
  Treasures of the Savage Frontier
The suggested retail price of Gems of Enlightement is $14.95. The suggested
retail price for The Manual of Swords is $16.95. Both books are available
through software distributors and major retail chains.
ORIGIN Systems, Inc. is a developer and publisher of state-of-the-art
entertainment software. To date, the company has released more than 30 quality
game titles and employs more than 200 programmers, artists, writers, and
musicians as well as professionals in its administration, sales, marketing and
operating departments. ORIGIN is based in Austin, Texas, and is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS).
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