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  1. More Layoffs at Commodore U.S.
  2. Commodore Introduces Two New Peripheral Products
  3. Special A4000/040 & A1200 Offer from ComputAbility
  4. Next Week's *StarShip* Amiga Conferences
  5. Electronic Arts Announces Deluxe Music II
  6. ASDG Upgrades Award Winning CygnusEd Professional
  7. HP ScanJet IIc Latest Color Scanner to Gain Direct ADPro Support
  8. PEGGER, Automated JPEG Image Compression Software
  9. Chips Offer Smallest PCMCIA Form Factor, Phone Emulation
 10. Atari Corp. Announces the Atari Jaguar

                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             1st of 10 Stories

                       More Layoffs at Commodore U.S.
 ______           *StarShip* News Newtork -- June 11, 1993
(__  __)           Copyright 1993 The *StarShip* on GEnie
  / /
 / /
(_/he *StarShip* News Network today received uncomfirmed news of massive
lay-offs at the Commodore U.S. plant in West Chester, PA. This reduction of
personnel is in addition to the dozen or so lay-offs we reported in late
April prior to Commodore's announcement at the end of May that the company
suffered losses of $177.6 Million in the quarter ended March 31, 1993.

Lay-offs were supposedly made in nearly all divisions including engineering,
manufacturing, tech support and marketing. Commodore Amiga Technical Support
(CATS) reportedly dropped from 17 to 7 employees; among those receiving pink
slips included John Wiederhirn and Amiga Evangelist Lauren Brown.

Commodore Software Engineering terminations included department head Ned
McCook along with Greg Miller, Dave Brumbaugh, Wei-Po Chessen, Palmyra
Pawlik, Michael Sinz and Brian Jackson, sysop of the Pro/Am RoundTable.

Engineering Services was reportedly reduced from 18 to 5 people with Product
Assurance, Hardware and other groups suffering similiar cuts.

U.S. Commodore President James Dionne, among others, was not available for

Requesting anonymity, sources said all laid-off personnel were notified of
cuts earlier in the week and were told they would receive vacation and
severance pay where appropriate. Appearances to the contrary, those same
sources stressed that key personnel are still on the job.


                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             2nd of 10 Stories

             Commodore Introduces Two New Peripheral Products
                     to Complement Amiga Product Line
    ____             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / ___)           West Chester, PA -- June 10, 1993
  / /
 / (__
(_____)ommodore Business Machines, Inc., today announced the introduction of
two new peripheral products to complement its Amiga family of computers. The
A4091 is a fast SCSI-2 controller card for the Amiga 3000 and 4000 series of
computers with a Manfacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $379.00. The
1942 is a color multiscan monitor for the entire family of Amiga computers
and has an MSRP of $479.00. Both products are expected to be available
through authorized Commodore resellers in the next two weeks.

"Since the introduction of the Amiga 4000 computer in September 1992, users
have expressed a need for SCSI capability in the system, enabling the
connection of devices such as tape back-up drives, large capacity hard drives
and CD-ROM drives," commented James Dionne, Commodore President and General
Manager. "The marketplace also desired an inexpensive color multiscan monitor
with stereo sound capabilities, which we are now delivering with the
announcement of the 1942 monitor. The addition of the A4091 and 1942 to our
product line enhances our already impressive array of Amiga-based multimedia
computing tools."

The A4091 is a full-size autobooting controller card with an integrated 3.5
inch drive mount. The card fits into the Amiga's Zorro III slot. Compatible
with SCSI-1 devices, the card also includes internal and external SCSI-2
connectors supporting up to seven devices. The fast SCSI-2 controller
provides transfer rates of up to 10MB per second. Use of the A4091 in an
Amiga 3000 or 4000 system requires a Buster chip Revision K, AmigaDOS 2.04 or
higher and supported processor cards. Amiga owners interested in using the
A4091 should contact an authorized Commodore reseller or service center for
further details on compatibility requirements.

The 1942 color multiscan monitor provides analog RGB (15.75KHz) and VGA
(31.5KHz) scan modes with support for the Amiga computer's Advanced Graphics
Architecture(tm) custom ship set resolutions. A built-in amplifier and left
and right speakers enable the 1942 to provide quality stereo sound. The
fourteen inch monitor screen has a .28mm dot pitch and is equipped with a
tilt and swivel base.

Commodore Business Machines, Inc., based in West Chester, PA, is the U.S.
subsidiary of Commodore International Limited. The company manufacturers and
markets a complete line of Amiga computers and peripherals for the business,
consumer, education and government markets. The company's worldwide installed
user base of Amiga computers is presently almost four million.

Amiga(R), AmigaDOS and Advanced Graphics Architecture are trademarks of
Commodore-Amiga, Inc.


                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             3rd of 10 Stories

              Special A4000/040 & A1200 Offer from ComputAbility
    ______    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / __   )            Milwaukee, WI -- June 10, 1993
  / /  ) /
 / /__/ /
(______/ue to the overwhelming response to the Toaster 4000's demo at last
week's Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, ComputAbility sees the need to
help potential videographers and Amiga owners wanting to upgrade.

For a limited time, ComputAbility is offering the Amiga 4000/040 at $1999
delivered, and the Amiga 1200 at $399 plus shipping. These prices are our
gift to the Amiga community.

You may ask, "What's the catch? Is ComputAbility bailing out of the Amiga
market?" NEVER!! In fact, our August AmigaWorld ad features expanded software
and hardware coverage, many items not mentioned in our previous ads.

These computers are brand new, factory sealed, first quality units with full
Commodore warranty. Because of the low prices, all requests for service must
be handled by Commodore Express or your local Commodore Authorized service
center. All sales are final. No dealer or quantity sales.

Here at ComputAbility, we believe the Amiga could use a heavy dose of
publicity. Here's your chance. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND USER GROUPS! We hope
these prices demonstrate our continuing commitment and challenge all Amiga
users and vendors to action.

For more information contact Frank Tereschak, Sales, ComputAbility Consumer
Electronics, The Multimedia Specialists by calling 1-800-558-0003.


                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             4th of 10 Stories

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                            *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                               5th of 10 Stories

     ____        Electronic Arts Announces Deluxe Music II
    / ___)       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / (_                San Mateo, CA -- June, 1993
  / ___)
 / (_
(____)lectronic Arts today announced the upcoming release of Deluxe Music,
the much anticipated update to the best seller Deluxe Music Construction Set.
With Deluxe Music, professional and novice musicians can create, publish and
perform great music without a concerted effort.

Deluxe Music now offers many new dictation features including multiple
document support, hide and reveal project options for the easy management of
open projects, macro support to automate repetitive tasks, and full ARexx

Deluxe Music also provides new playback options such as a stand-alone Player
module and the ability to attach any instrument sample or MIDI Channel to an
instrument name. With over 20 instruments included with multiple play styles
(like staccato or legato) for each instrument, dynamic range from ppp to fff,
play back speed from 10 to 300 beats per minute and full four-voice sound,
the Deluxe Music composer has a wide range of options to choose from. Deluxe
Music also has full publishing capabilities and now supports 48 staves.

Deluxe Music's full range of easy-to-use dictation, ovation and pagination
features make it accessible to novice musicians and yet powerful enough for
the most experienced musician.

Electronic Arts is offering a $50 (including shipping and handling) upgrade
to DeluxeMusic Construction Set owners. Details for ordering the Deluxe Music
upgrade can be obtained by calling Electronic Arts at 800-245-4525 Monday
through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

 *StarShip* News Note:

Deluxe Music II comes with the freely-distributable DMPlayer program which
will be available in the *StarShip* Library as soon as Deluxe Music II begins
shipping. DMPlayer is ARexx controllable for multimedia presentations, and
plays music/instruments files created by the main program. This means that
all Amiga owners will now be able to hear music composed with Deluxe Music
II, whether or not you own the program! The DMPlayer program does not perform
MIDI files, although Deluxe Music itself loads and saves standard MIDI files.
It also directly accesses Blue Ribbon's One-Stop Music Shop card directly
without involving the Amiga serial port.

Deluxe Music II has a completely new graphical user interface and is
compatible with Workbench 1.3, 2.0 and 3.0. It loads and plays files created
with Deluxe Music Construction Set.

Electronic Arts is NOT yet shipping Deluxe Music II. We understand it will be
available later this summer, probably in early August. The *StarShip*
5-MINUTE News will announce its availability and ViewPort, the *StarShip*'s
Monthly Online Magazine, will publish a complete review. For more information
call EA's toll-free customer support line at the number shown above.


                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             6th of 10 Stories

              ASDG Upgrades Award Winning CygnusEd Professional
         CygnusEd Professional, the award winning text editor for Amiga
         programmers and writers, has been upgraded to release 3.0. The
         new release, several years in the making, offers complete
         Workbench 2.0 and 3.0 compatibility, support for multiple
     _   languages, and many new features and improvements.
    / )
   / /                   Madison, WI -- May 19, 1993
  / /
 / (_
(____)ong before ASDG Incorporated became a leading supplier of innovative
color imaging solutions for the Commodore Amiga, its main software product
was CygnusEd Professional (CED), the high performance text editor for Amiga
programmers and writers.

CED's power, speed, and flexibility earned it the 1992 Amazing Computing
Reader's Choice Award for Best Text Editor even though, at that time, CED had
not been upgraded in over two years. Well, the wait for a new CygnusEd is
finally over.

ASDG is pleased to announce that the original author of CygnusEd
Professional, Mr. Bruce Dawson, has joined the full-time staff of ASDG and
has produced Release 3.0 of one of the most popular text editors ever
released for the Amiga personal computer.

Release 3.0 offers many new features and improvements. These include: full
compatibility with Workbench 2.0 and 3.0 with CED's now-famous lightning fast
scrolling and text rendering on any AGA screen; multiple concurrent CEDs can
be launched in separate windows or screens; a full featured macro editor is
supplied; the system clipboard is used for block operations allowing blocks
to be shared with other programs; and search and replace strings offer
"history" so that they can remember previous values.

And, owing to CED's incredible following overseas, Release 3.0 is
locale.library compatible, which means it can present its user interface in
multiple languages. In addition to English, a localized text set for Germany
will be provided initially.

Also of note is Release 3.0's upgraded manual which has been substantially
enhanced and re-typset for increased quality.

CED Release 3.0 carries a suggested list price of $119.95. Owners of previous
versions of CygnusEd can upgrade to the new release for $30 plus $5 shipping
in the United States. If you reside outside the United States, please add $15
for shipping. To upgrade, send a check and your original disk to ASDG. If you
cannot locate your original disk, contact ASDG to make other arrangements.

To learn more about CygnusEd Professional Release 3.0 or any of ASDG's other
award winning products, contact Ms. Gina Cerniglia at ASDG Incorporated, 925
Stewart Street, Madison, WI 53713, call (608) 273-6585, or leave a message in
ASDG's *StarShip* Bulletin Board CATegory 27.


                          *StarShip* Amiga *Flash*
                              7th of 10 Stories

      HP ScanJet IIc Latest Color Scanner to Gain Direct ADPro Support
        The popular HP ScanJet IIc is the latest flatbed color scanner
        to gain direct support from within ASDG's award winning Art
        Department Professional and MorphPlus. The driver carries a
        suggested list price of $200 and requires a Commodore compatible
        SCSI controller with an external connection.
   / \                  Madison, WI -- May 28, 1993
  / - \
 / ___ \
(_/   \_)SDG Incorporated, the leading supplier of color imaging solutions
for the Commodore Amiga, has released a driver providing direct Art
Department Professional support from the Hewlett-Packard ScanJet IIc color

The ScanJet IIc is the first SCSI scanner to be supported by ASDG. Its user
interface operates identically to ASDG's top selling driver for the parallel
port based EPSON scanner family, and the GPIB and serial port based Sharp
scanner family.

As with other scanners which ASDG supports, two versions of the driver are

The first integrates the ScanJet IIc directly into ASDG's award winning Art
Department Professional. Asking ADPro to "load" from the scanner brings up
the driver's WYSIWYG graphical user interface which has been carefully
designed to make scanning for print and video applications easy.

For example, it allows the video user to specify a region to be scanned in
terms of pixels, while a print oriented user can specify a region based upon
physical area. The user interface also allows picture aspect to be locked
allowing a physical space on a page or specific screen size to be quickly and
easily matched.

When running on AGA equipped Amigas, such as the A4000/040 and A4000/030, all
previews are displayed in 256 shades of gray for near photo-realism.

Also provided is a stand-alone version of the driver which provides the same
user interface but scans directly to disk. This allows the maximum scanning
size to exceed available memory. Since this version of the driver is
stand-alone, Art Department Professional is not required to make use of this

The driver carries a suggested list price of $200 and requires a SCSI disk
controller (with an external connector) which is 100 percent compatible with
Commodore's SCSI Direct standard.

To learn more about any of ASDG's award winning color imaging products,
contact Ms. Gina Cerniglia at ASDG Incorporated, 925 Steqart Street, Madison
WI 53713, call (608) 273-6585, or leave a message in ASDG's *StarShip*
Bulletin Board CATegory 27.


                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                              8th of 10 Stories

             PEGGER, Automated JPEG Image Compression Software
    ___  ___ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   (_  )(  _)
    / /_/ /            Columbia, MO -- June 7, 1993
   / __  /
 _/ / / /
(___)(__)eifner Communications and Express-Way Software are announcing a new
software utility for the Amiga line of personal computers and Video Toaster
workstations. PEGGER is a fully integrated JPEG utility based on the
compression algorithm from the Joint Photographers Experts Group. PEGGER
allows programs that don't support JPEG images to work automatically with
them. Everything from 3D animation systems to graphic and multi-media
programs greatly benefit from the enormous savings in hard drive space
PEGGERS JPEG compression provides.

PEGGERs Snoop capability automates the JPEG processing for programs that
don't support JPEG, such as Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint AGA or the NewTek
Video Toaster, so they can load or save JPEG files. PEGGER runs seamlessly in
the background, compressing and decompressing files as needed. Your 100 MB 24
bit or HAM8 library can be compressed to under 10 MB and your applications
won't even know it. A 50 MB hard drive can now hold more than 1000 frames of
high resolution 24 bit files instead of just 60 or 70 frames.

PEGGER does it's job in just seconds, we have optimized the JPEG code for the
Amiga. The JPEG compress, decompress, and selection of files to process run
completely independent of each other. This allows both compression and
decompression of files at the same time, with the ability to adjust the
priority of each. A cue list of files awaiting processing is maintained so
that you can select additional files to process while PEGGER is busy in the
background processing your previous selections. In addition to selecting
individual files to process, entire directories of files can be set up to be
batch processed.

You can have PEGGER execute an ARexx script prior to and after JPEG
processing of a file. This allows the integration of PEGGER's powerful batch
processing capabilities with other applications which support ARexx. For
example, using an ARexx script to load a frame buffer and activate a single
frame recorder after JPEG decompression of an image.

The JPEG processing is performed on a small portion of the file at a time, so
PEGGER doesn't need megabytes of RAM to hold the entire image before
processing can begin. A 2000 by 3000 pixel 24 bit image takes almost 30 MB of
system RAM to JPEG compress or decompress with current Amiga programs. With
PEGGER, less than 1 MB of system RAM is needed.

Designed to run in the background, and when idle, uses few system resources.
Even if your computer were to crash while PEGGER was processing files, when
restarted, PEGGER will continue processing the files where it was


   ARexx support.
   Support for 24 bit IFF, DCTV, and HAM8 images.
   PEGGER can process images up to 32000 pixels wide using less than 4 MB
     of system RAM.
   AmigaDOS 2.0 & 3.0 compatible.
   Follows all AmigaDOS programming guidelines.
   Adjustable priority for JPEG compression and decompression.
   Pegger is designed to multi task in the background using minimal
     system resources so a 3D rendering or graphics program can also run at
     the same time.
   Snoop feature allows PEGGER to compress the output of your 3D rendering
     or graphics program into a JPEG file automatically.
   JPEG code has been optimized for speed.
   PEGGER can be used with the appropriate ARexx script to single frame
     record images directly from JPEGed sequential files.
   Library support for DSP technology when available.

PEGGER is a low cost alternative to a new expensive large capacity hard drive
for animation or color graphic workstations.

   Ship Date: Late July
   List Price: $95.00

To see a cool JPEG image, download *StarShip* Library File #19741 PEGGER.JPG,
a LightWave picture of the PEGGER logo.

For more information contact Heifner Communications, Inc., 4451 I-70 Drive
NW, Columbia, MO 65202 or call (800) 445-6164 (voice), (314) 445-0757 (fax).

Deluxe Paint IV AGA is a trademark of Electronic Arts Video Toaster is a
trademark of NewTek, Inc. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Business
Machines, Inc.


                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             9th of 10 Stories

         Chips Offer Smallest PCMCIA Form Factor, Phone Emulation
    ____ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / ___)              Fremont, CA -- June 8, 1993
  / /
 / (__
(_____)irrus Logic has introduced a chip set billed as offering both the
smallest PCMCIA form factor on the market and the first modem chip to combine
telephone emulation with data and fax.

The company's new CL-MD9624ECP integrates the PCMCIA Release 2.0 interface
and Card Information Structure (CIS) into a two-chip set, thereby eliminating
two additional chips included in competing chips, officials said in
announcing the product.

The new telephone emulation capability incorporated into the set is aimed at
providing similar functionality to that of a telephone answering machine.

Like its predecessor, the CL-MD9624EC2, the CL-MD9624ECP will be used for
credit card-sized PCMCIA cards that can be inserted into slots on the latest
generation of portable and desktop computers.

The CL-MD9624ECP provides the same 4:1 data compression and high-level error
correction as the CL-MD9624EC2, allowing data transmission at rates of up to
2400 bps (bits per second) and fax transmission at up to 9600 bps.

The chip set supports the CCITT V.22 bis and V.22 and Bell 212A and 103
standards for data, the CCITT V.29, V.27ter, and V.21ch2 standards for fax,
and the expanded AT ("Attention") command set for voice.

Compliance with Release 2.0 of the PCMCIA specification means that cards
using the chips will be able to "execute in place" (XIP), or execute directly
from memory, a feature that leaves computer RAM untouched.

Release 2.0 also calls for a hardware-independent application that manages
PCMCIA services, ensuring that systems software communicates with PCMCIA
sockets from all computer vendors in the same way.

CIS defines a software layer that sits on top of socket services, seeing to
it that the socket-services layer talks to all PCMCIA cards in the same

One of the chips in the two-chip set is a digital signal processor (DSP),
packaged in a 100-pin very thin quad flat pack (VQFP). The other is a
sigma-delta front end (SAFE), packaged in a 44-pin VQFP.

Samples of the new PCMCIA chip set will be available to OEMs this month. The
chips are priced at $40 per two-chip set when purchased in quantities of

                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             10th of 10 Stories

                   Atari Corp. Announces the Atari Jaguar
    _              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / \                  Sunnyvale, CA -- June 3, 1993
  / - \
 / ___ \
(_/   \_)tari Corp. (AMEX: ATC), the founder of the video game industry and
the creative force behind some of the world's best-known titles, has
announced the launch of a revolutionary new multi-media entertainment system,
the Atari Jaguar. The launch will be supported by aggressive advertising,
promotion and marketing efforts to be centered in the New York market in the
fall, with a national roll-out of the product within one year.

The Atari Jaguar, housed in a futuristic casing, is an interactive multi-
media system based on an Atari-designed proprietary 64-bit RISC processor.
The 64-bit system is four times the technology currently seen in the market
today. The Atari Jaguar features over 16 million colors in 24-bit true-color
graphics and produces shaded 3-D polygons to be manipulated in a "real" world
in real time. The Atari Jaguar also has real-time texture mapping and creates
spectacular video effects.

The sound system is based on Atari's proprietary, high-speed, Digital Signal
Processor dedicated to audio. The audio is 16-bit stereo CD quality and
processes simultaneous sources of audio data, allowing for very realistic
sounds, as well as human voices, which are essential for future multi-media

The Atari Jaguar is truly expandable and will include a 32-bit expansion port
which allows for future connection into cable and telephone networks, as well
as a digital signal processing port for modem use and connection to digital
audio peripherals such as DAT players.

The unit will also have a compact disc peripheral, which will be double-
speed and will play regular CD audio, CD + G (Karaoke) and Kodak's new Photo-

Currently, there are multiple software titles in development, which will be
available on MegaCart(TM). Atari, known for such groundbreaking 3-D titles as
"Battlezone 2000(R)" and "Tempest 2000(R)," will issue spectacular new
versions for the Atari Jaguar. New 3-D game titles will include
"Cybermorph(R)," "Alien vs. Predator(R)," "Jaguar Formula One Racing(TM)" and
many more. Atari will license third-party publishers to join the Jaguar

"The Atari Jaguar system will revolutionize the state of home entertainment
as we see it today," said Sam Tramiel, president of Atari. "The idea of a 64-
bit system is earth shattering and kids and adults will be amazed at both the
imagery and manipulative capabilities. And we are proud that our entry into
the multi-media entertainment category will be fully made in America."

The Atari Jaguar will retail for approximately $200 and will be available
nationwide next year. The Atari Jaguar packaged unit will include one
software experience and a Power Pad(R) Controller with a ten-key pad and
other special features.

Atari Corp. manufactures and markets personal computers and video games for
the home, office and educational marketplaces throughout the world. Atari
headquarters are located at 1196 Borregas Ave., Sunnyvale, CA  94089.

Other news, as reported on the *StarShip* Bulletin Board...

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Message 408       Tue Jun 08, 1993
JIM.MEYER [Jim]              at 15:36 EDT

With regard to the press release from Atari annnouncing the $200 64-bit
machine, I have been authorized to say the following:

 Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.....  ;-)

                          (Reprinted by permission)


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