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                         DateLine:  August 27, 1993
           This 5-MINUTE Newscast presents the following stories:
  1. Commodore Announces (U.S.) Introduction of the Amiga CD32
  2. Amiga CD32 - The European Launch [From Amiga Mart magazine]
  3. Commodore Fiscal Year End Financial Report Missing
  4. Next Week's *StarShip* Hot Summer Nights Amiga Conferences
  5. Computer Virus Catalog Update July/August 1993
  6. Interactive MicroSystems' MediaPhile DeskTop Video System
  7. BriWall Mail Order House Closes
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             1st of 7 Stories
           Commodore Announces (U.S.) Introduction of the Amiga CD32
    ____   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / ___)          West Chester, PA -- August 13, 1993
  / /
 / (__
(_____)ommodore Business Machines today announced the introduction of the
Amiga CD32 to be held at the World of Commodore Amiga Show in Pasadena,
California, on September 10, 1993. The new Amiga CD32, a 32-bit game consol
with a double-speed CD-ROM drive, is based on the very successful Advanced
Graphics Architecture(TM) chip set. It can display and animate graphics in
256,000 colors to create realistic, three-dimensional graphics and animations
for games and video applications.
Similar in appearance to other types of game consoles, the Amiga CD32
includes a hand-held, 11-button game controller and connectors for standard
Amiga mouse, joystick and keyboard. The Amiga CD32 is easily connected to a
TV set, composite monitor or SVHS video monitor.
The Amiga CD32 provides users with access to many existig CDTV game and
reference titles. Psygnosis, Ocean, Acclaim, Virgin Games and other notable
game developers are introducing new games for the Amiga CD32. About 30 games
are expected to be available by October, 1993.
An optional MPEG module allows software developers to incorporate video,
movie segments and TV-like backgrounds into their applications. This
technology provides game enthusiasts with a new class of action-packed games
that include CD-quality sound. The Amiga CD32 plays VideoCD industry standard
full-motion music videos and movies as well as standard audio CDs and CD+G
Price for the Amiga CD32 will be competitive with the price of 16-bit sytems.
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             2nd of 7 Stories
                      Amiga CD32 - The European Launch
 ______               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(__  __)         by Derek Dela Fuente of Amiga Mart Magazine
  / /
 / /
(_/he new Commodore machine that everyone's been waiting for was recently
released in London's Science Museum. We [the British magazine Amiga Mart]
sent a team of journalists to cover the event.
What follows are a series of keynote addresses by the Commodore hierarchy.
Introduction by Commodore
by Medhi Ali - President of Commodore
We are very proud to be launching the Amiga CD32 player. We believe this
product demonstrates our technological superiority and our strong desire to
compete and excel. More importantly, we believe this product has great market
potential and will be a very significant factor in the turnaround of our
company. We are very proud of Commodore's long history of product innovation
- Commodore introduced the PET in 1976 which was the world's first
self-contained computer. That product's success was followed by the Commodore
64 which we are still selling today in Eastern Europe and 15 million units
have been sold to date. In 1987 Commodore introduced the Amiga 500 which was
proclaimed the most superior machine for three years running by European
journalists. We introduced a new generation of computers with the A1200 and
the A4000 for the professional market.
The Amiga today is the true state-of-the-art multi-media computer. We are
also proud of the fact that the installed base of the Amiga is 4.5 million
units. We are once again a pioneer with the introduction of this CD-ROM based
games machine. This machine truly provides the new benchmark in both
performance and affordability for home entertainment systems. It is vastly
superior on a price/performance basis to any competitive product on the
market today. It will maintain its competitive superiority against various
products reputed to be under development.
The market opportunity for this product is phenomenal. The home video market
worldwide is estimated to be over $10billion, more than twice the movie
theatre market. The home video market for arcade quality games is also
estimated to be several billions of dollars. We expect over 15 new software
titles to be available on the launch of this new machine. This is more titles
than currently available for a competitive platform introduced last year.
Recently, the personal computer industry has become exceedingly competitive
especially due to falling prices and margins. The recession in Europe has
also had a major adverse effect on Commodore since Europe accounts for nearly
90% of our total sales. Our financial results last year were very
disappointing but we are not waiting around for an upturn in the economic
cycle. Significant changes and restructuring of the company have been made
and although we have cut down on our staff levels we are still intent on
making enhancements to the Amiga's capabilities and future developments. We
are committed and well on our way to making faster and more significant
enhancements to the Amiga next year in order to maintain our leadership role
in multi-media. We believe with the launch of the Amiga CD32 we can regain a
prominent role in the computer industry in the 1990s.
Specs and Numbers
by Lew Eggebrecht - Commodore's Vice President of Engineering
About a year ago we were deeply involved in the development of the A4000 and
the A1200, our games system. We had come to the point where we had proven
that our 32-bit architectured chip set was fully operational, met our
performance goals and also met our cost targets. We then began to investigate
other opportunities that we could apply this technology to so we began to
extend its capabilities into new market areas. UK's strong Amiga game market
and multi-media penetration by the CDTV led us to the conclusion that we
needed a new product in this multi-media type area.
First the product had to be based on our 32-bit technology and it also had to
be cost competitive. We began with a plan, which was started in October of
last year, where we developed a detailed specification of the product. We
then set out a goal of developing this product in a time period of eight
months. The idea was to have it completed and ready for pilot production in
May - a goal we did achieve. We had the technology, we had the software,
development support, development materials, we had everything that was
necessary, we were capable of building upon our CDTV experience but there
were still a lot of questions that needed to be answered about the exact form
the product would take.
We went to the developers and asked them, basically, what would you do, what
type of machine would you build if you had 32-bit technology, 32-bit
processor and what would the characteristics of this machine be - would it be
CDTV compatible, A1200 compatible, should it be cartridge based, should it be
CD ROM based? There are many other marketing issues, price point, competitive
issues - we went to the developers and asked their input. What would this
dream machine be?
As a result we came to the conclusion that it had to be 32-bits, and price
competitive with 16-bit technology but we knew this would be a difficult
task, almost impossible, some said it couldn't be done and that it was far,
far distant in the future. The ultimate drawback would be the price!
From a demo of a Psygnosis game we are able to show the capabilities of the
machine which include: richness in colour - 256 colours out of 16 million
plus an extended mode with many more millions of variations. We had to
develop an enhanced version of Amiga Dos - this machine contains an entire
Amiga Dos operating system. It also had to have extensions to the operating
system to support two speeds on high density CD-ROM with outstanding
performance characteristics. It also had to be compatible with A1200 software
and CDTV software. We had to make all these changes to the operating system
and convert it to ROM. We had to design a new gate array which turned out to
be very complex and incorporated many of the chips that are normally in the
Amiga system. It contains 37,000 gates well over 100,000 transistors and we
got it right first time.
The Amiga CD32 is the world's first consumer 32-bit console. It uses the same
AGA graphics chip set as our A4000 work station. It has a Motorola 32-bit, 14
MHz 68EC020 processor, 2Mb 32-bit Chip RAM, two joystick ports/controller
ports, S-Video jack, composite video jack, RF output jack, stereo audio
jacks, keyboard connector/auxiliary connector, full expansion bus, headphone
jack, headphone volume control, external brick power supply, internal MPEG
FMV expansion capability, multiple session disc capability. It also has 1Mb
of ROM containing Amiga Dos and all of the extensions to graphic libraries
they support. With two-speed multi-session drop, it also has a bookmark and
non- volatile memory for storing high scores and uses 1000 bytes of flash
memory in the system. You can literally attach any type of video output
device. It also supports stereo line-out for attachment to stereo equipment,
it supports both the Amiga sound system and Amiga's CD sound capability, both
16-bit. It supports audio play and two game controller ports, which can be
expanded to eight controllers on each port and is also compatible with all
existing peripheral devices that attach to the control or auxiliary ports,
including mice and joysticks. We also have a special port on this system, a
very high performance serial port, that is compatible with the Amiga keyboard
port plus has an RS232 serial port built into it. The purpose of this port
was to allow extension of a number of additional devices on the system
including the performance necessary for virtual reality type peripherals. We
also have a full expansion port built into this system which makes available
the peripheral devices, the full processor bus, the full video and audio bus
with this system.
One example of a device that plugs into that is what we call a full-motion
video module. This will allow you to play 74 minutes of VHS quality video. We
have a graphical user interface that defines the user interface to both the
audio and video portions of the player. The set up is very similar to a VCR.
CD32: Future Games
These are some of the titles currently under development:
 Acclaim - Mortal Combat
 Bullfrog - Syndicate, Biosphere
 Flair - Oscar, Whale's Voyage, 1869
 Grandslam - Nick Faldo Golf
 Gremlin - Hero's Quest, Litil  Divil, Nigel Mansell, Premier
 Manager, Zool, Unnamed Space Sim, Zool 2, Utopia 2
 Krisalis - Sabre Team, Soccer Kid, Manchester United
 Microprose - Civilisation, Gunship 2000, B17, Legacy, Grand Prix
 Millennium - James Pond 2, Diggers, Daughters of Serpent
 Mindscape - Alfred Chicken, Chaos Engine, Liberation
 New Media - Guinness Book of Records 2
 Ocean - International Golf, Jurassic Park, Sleep Walker, TFX, Inferno
 Optonica - Insight Technology
 Plattsoft - Amiga CD Football
 Psygnosis - Microcosm, Lemmings
 Renegade - Sensible Soccer, Uridium 2, Chaos Engine
 Sachs Entertainment - Defender of the Crown 2
 21st Century - Pinball fantasy/Dreams
 Team 17 - Alien Breed 2, Body Blows, Project X, Superfrog
 Thalion - Lionheart
 Virgin - Dune CD Rom, Music Colour, North Polar Expedition
 Virtual Entertainment - Composer Quest
 Xiphias - Grolier Encyclopedia 2
 Titus - Battlestorm, Prehistoric
 Maxis - Sim City
 Discus - Cinderella, Mud Puddle, Long  Hard  Day at the Ranch,
 Tale of Peter Rabbit, Moving gives me a stomach ache, etc.
 Lascelles - Connoisseurs of Fine Art
 Centaur - Fantastic Voyage
 Tiger Media - Case of the Cautious Condor
 Hex - Global Chaos
 Troika - Heroic Age of Space Flight/NASA
 Seriat - Stamps of France and Morocco
 Ice - The Cure
By Christmas Commodore anticipate there will be 77 products on the market for
this platform. It is their intention to ship the product to the trade by the
first week of September. The product will cost 299.99.
[*StarShip News Note: The foregoing Special Report on the new Amiga CD32 is
Copyright (C) Amiga Mart 1993, published by their gracious permission.]
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             3rd of 7 Stories
             Commodore Fiscal Year End Financial Report Missing
    _        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / )           *StarShip* News Network -- August 27, 1993
  / /
 / (_
(____)ast year it was released by August 20th, the year before by August
14th. Here it is August 27th and where is Commodore's Financial Report for
the 4th Quarter of their fiscal year ending June 30th, 1993?
  Having scoured the usual      |                                  |
  financial report haunts, we   |    Commodore Business Machines   |
  don't believe it has yet      |          June 30, 1993           |
  been released.                |     Year End Financial Report    |
                                |                                  |
  But we'll keep watching, so   |                                  |
  YOU should stay tuned into    |                                  |
  the 5-MINUTE Weekend News!    |                            $     |
                                |               ____               |
                                |              / __ \              |
                                |             (_/  ) )             |
                                |                 / /              |
                                |                | |               |
                                |                |_|               |
                                |                 _                |
                                |                (_)               |
                                |                                  |
  We sure hope Commodore's      |    $                             |
  4th Quarter Report is         |                                  |
  better than the last one!     |           Where ARE you?         |
                                |                                  |
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             4th of 7 Stories
      _             Hot Summer Nights on the *StarShip*
     / \            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    / - \
   / ___ \
  (_/   \_)ll Conferences start at 10PM Eastern Time in the *StarShip*
  Real-Time Conference Rooms (Menu Option #2 on Page 555) unless otherwise
  noted!  Amiga programmers meet each Wednesday at 10PM EDT in the Pro/Am
  RoundTable Conference Rooms on Page 670.
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| August 1993             *StarShip* Hot Summer Games              Schedule |
|  Monday  | Tuesday  |Wednesday | Thursday |  Friday | Saturday |  Sunday  |
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|  Atkin   |He's "Mr. |   Amiga HelpDesks   |        All Four Days of       |
|          |EdPlayer" |                     |       Labor Day  Weekend      |
|          |for MODS  | 9 PM EDT & 9 PM PDT |    GEnie Holiday Mon Sep 6!   |
Friday, August 27
Come meet the people from Heifner Communications and Express-Way Software who
make PEGGER for Amiga and Video Toaster workstations. PEGGER is a fully
integrated JPEG utility based on the compression algorithm from the Joint
Photographers Experts Group. It allows programs which don't support JPEG
images to work automatically with them.
Saturday, August 28
                               Trivial Revenge!
                     Trivia Returns with Current Amiga Events
Play a rousing game of Trivia again in conference with the theme of Current
Amiga Events.  You thought that the FIRST Trivia was hard?  Wait until you
try this one!
No special software required, just come prepared to have fun and win GEnie
online time if you can score the highest!
Sunday, August 29
       The Blonde BombShell Challenges All Comers in Air Warrior!
Monday, August 30
                       Denny Atkin in Conference
With COMPUTE's announcement about the demise of its Amiga Resource, we
thought it might be a good time to talk to Denny, who has been our editor of
the Resource.
Denny's new book this year is chock full of Amiga hints and tips, and no
cocktail party small talk is complete without at least one or two quotes from
it.  And no new Amiga owner should be allowed to walk out the store without a
Bring your copy of Denny's book and hold it up to the monitor so he can give
you a virtual autograph.  He'll do it, too!  Great fun, that Denny.
Tuesday, August 31
                             Amiga Music Night
                       Meet Ed Mackey, "Mr. EdPlayer"
So now you've got all these great MODs you downloaded, and you keep hearing
that they're just terrific music, but you've never dealt with MODs before.
What is the best, easiest and most colorful way to listen to any MOD(or MED)
in your collection?
Ed Mackey's EdPlayer, Version 2.1. Download yours from the *StarShip* Library
in file# 17600. It was one of AmigaWorld's Top 10 Picks of freely
distributable files this year. Come and meet the Amigan who put it all
together so neatly!
                                        /                                \
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                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             5th of 7 Stories
                Computer Virus Catalog Update July/August 1993
 _        _     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
( \  /\  / )             Internet - August 20, 1993
 \ \/  \/ /                 by Klaus Brunnstein
  \      /
   \_/\_/ith it's July/August 1993 edition, Computer Virus Catalog describes
more forms of Malicious Code = MalCodes (including chain letters, time bombs,
trojan horses, viruses and worms) on multiple platforms (IBM and compatible
PCs, Macintosh, IBM-MVS/VM, UNIX, Amiga and Atari).
Presently, ***340 MalCodes*** have been classified active on 6 platforms:
          Amiga:       92 Viruses, 1 Trojan, 5 TimeBombs
          Atari:       20 Viruses
          Macintosh:   35 Viruses, 2 Trojans
          MSDOS:      172 Viruses, 6 Trojans, 3 Virus Generators
          MVS/VM:                  1 Chain Letter
          UNIX:         2 Viruses, 1 Worm
Entries for UNIX Internet Worm and IBM-VM CHRISTMA.EXEC are yet experimental
(in "old" CVC format 1.2). A generalized format (2.0) for the Computer
MalCode Catalog will be available, including descriptions of DEC-VMS worms
(Father Christmas, WANK and OILZ), with next edition (planned: December
New CVC entries are available in ASCII, and all entries are available either
via CVBASE.EXE (the electronic edition of CVC, for PCs) or as compressed
(PKZIPPED) files. See Virus Test Center's FTP site.
The July/August 1993 CVC edition describes the following MalCodes:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Macintosh: 3 new viruses:
                       INIT 17, INIT M = WDEF M,
                             MerryXmas Hypercard virus
IBM/compatible PCs: 26 new MalCodes:
       25 new viruses: (Goddam) Butterflies, Chinese_Fish=Fish Boot,
           Clone, Dec_Year=Last_Year(.604), Dudley, F-Word,
           Gnat (1.0), Horns, Invisible, Involuntary, Junior,
           Little Red, Loren, Mabuhay, Nguyen,
           No_Int=Stoned.No_Int.A (Stoned Strain), Peter, QRRY,
           Requires=Requires.981=Demise=Later, RMBD,
           Runtime=Runtime-err412, Su=Susan, Terminator II,
           Tonya, Warlock Virus.
       1 Virus Generator: PS-MPC G2 Virus Generator
       Update: Parity_Boot (A-C)=P-Check Virus (Parity_Boot Strain),
           14 Minimal viruses renamed Trivial viruses.
Amiga: 24 new MalCodes:
       19 viruses: AMIGA KNIGHT, CCCP,
           COMPUPHAGOZYTE 1 (CompuPhagozyte Strain), CRIME'92,
           SADDAM_BOOT, SCA.D&A_dropper=SCA Dos kill=D&A
           (SCA Virus Strain), TOMATES GENTECHNIC, TURK,
           and the following SADDAM Strain viruses:
           SADDAM (Hussein)=IRAK=DISK-Validator, SADDAM.ANIMAL,
           SADDAM.RISK, SADDAM.][ Virus
        1 Trojan dropper: TURK Color Dropper Trojan
        4 (Time) Bombs: EXCREMINATOR_1, STARLIGHT, TIMEBOMB_09,
           VIRUSTEST_BOMB_936 Bomb
UNIX: 1 new virus, 1 worm (experimental):
        1 virus: VMAGIC virus
        1 worm:  INTERNET worm
IBM-MVS/VM: 1 chain letter (experimental): CHRISTMA.EXEC (G1,G2)
The following files may be downloaded from our ftp site:
    INDEX.793          (36 kBytes): Overview of CVC entries
    AMIGAVIR.793       (92 kBytes): new Amiga viruses
    MACVIR.793         (18 kBytes): new Mac viruses
    MSDOSVIR.793       (84 kBytes): new MSDOS viruses (part 1)
    MSDOSVIR.893       (77 kBytes): new MSDOS viruses (part 2)
    MVSVIR.793          (8 kBytes): CHRISTMA.EXEC chain letter
    UNIXVIR.793        (11 kBytes): VMAGIC, INTERNET worm
The following files contain ALL entries published in the respective
domain (since July 1989) in compacted (PKZIPPED) form:
    AMIGAVIR.ZIP                    All Amiga viruses
    ATARIVIR.ZIP                    All Atari viruses
    MACVIR.ZIP                      All Mac viruses
    MSDOSVIR.ZIP                    All MSDOS viruses
    MVSVIR.ZIP                      (=MVSVIR.793 PKzipped)
    UNIXVIR.ZIP                     (=UNIXVIR.793 PKzipped)
Virus Test Center's FTP site:

          login anonymous;
          password: your-email-address;
          directory: pub/virus/texts/catalog
Any assistance and helpful critical remarks are appreciated.
Klaus Brunnstein, University of Hamburg, Faculty for Informatics Virus Test
Center, <>
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             6th of 7 Stories
         Interactive MicroSystems' MediaPhile DeskTop Video System
   ____  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  (_  _)              Salem, NH -- August 23,1993
   / /
 _/ /
(____)nteractive MicroSystems, Inc., is proud to announce their lastest
product for the Amiga computer: the MediaPhile Multimedia Controller.
The MediaPhile Multimedia Controller can be configures for video editing with
up to five player decks. Industrial, prosumer and consumer decks can be
controlled simultaneiosly for interformat editing.
Prosumer Edit Port Devices Supported
 A1                    Hi 8mm
 L1                    Hi 8mm
 TR81                  Hi 8mm
 CCD-V801              Hi 8mm
 CCD-V5000             Hi 8mm
 EVS 700-3000 series   Hi 8mm
 SLV-R5UC              SVHS
 SLV-757               VHS
 All LANCS/CRL-L Protocol
Industrial RS-422 & 232 Devices Supported
 BRS-605UB            SVHS
 BRS-622/822E/525     PAL
 RS-422               PAL
 AG-5700              SVHS
 AG-7750              SVHS
 CVD-1000             Hi 8mm
 EVO-9850             Hi 8mm
 All VISCA            Protocol

MediaPhile Port Decks Supported
MediaPhile Control Port installation instructions are included with the
universal contoller for the decks listed below. We will install a MediaPhile
control port in any consumer or prosumer video or audio tape deck for you,
even if it is not listed. Contact a customer service representative to have a
MediaPhile port installed in your deck.
EMERSON                  PIONEER
 VCR 755                  VE-070
HITACHI                  SEARS
 VT-2600A                 934
JVC                       XA-205
 HR-S4700                 XA-310
 HR-S5000U                VC-797U
 HR-S6700U               SONY
 HR-S6800U                EDV-9500
 HR-S8000U                EDV-7500
 HR-S10000U               SL-HF1000
 HR-9600                  L-HF900
 HR-970U                  SL-HFR30
MGA                       SLV-696HF
 HS-3381UR                SLV-353UC
MITSUBISHI                SLV-50
 U67                      SLV-70HF
 U70                      SLV-757
 U80                      SLV-R5UC
PANASONIC                TOSHIBA
 AG-1820                  DX-900
 AG-1830                  M-6007
 AG-1950                  M-7855
 AG-1960                  M-2330C
 PV-S4990                VECTOR
Interactive MicroSystems' MediaEditor program makes copying selected segments
from player video decks to a recorder easy. Video tapes are "logged" into the
edit decision list by pressing the Return key as the tape plays. Script
commands are selected to play back and record graphics and animation files,
as well as to control switchers ad genlockss for A/B-Rolls, special effects
and title overlays. Scenes and effects are previewed and recorded
automatically under computer control.
 * Insert & Assembly Editing             * Animation & Graphics Recording
 * 99 Page Edit Decision List            * "On-the-Fly" Tape Logging
 * Prosumer & Industrial Deck Control    * Time Code Tape Positioning
 * Genlock Control for Title Overlays    * Laser & Compact Disc Control
 * Toaster Control for Special Effects   * Audio Cassette & DAT Control
 * Switcher Control for A/B-Roll         * Time-of-Day & Continuous Playback
Use MediaController's screen icon and keyboard interface to perform routine
dvice control tasks. Send infrared and serial commands with a keystroke or
the click of a mouse. Run several MediaController programs at once to control
all of your media devices.
TCGen generates time code directly from the computer audio port. Additional
hardware is not required. Run TCGen to stripe your video and audio tapeas
with industry standard SMPTE or EBU time code. MediaEditor reads time code
during pre-roll to correct tape position to +/-1 frame.
Supported Devices
Audio Casette Decks          Monitors
Audio Mixers                 Digitizers
Compact Disc Players         Edit Controllers
DAT Decks                    Genlocks
Laser Disc Players           Video Decks
Special Effects Generators   X-10 Interfaces
Time Code Interfaces         User Customized Devices
Audio/Video Switchers        General Purpose Interfaces
Supported Controllers
VISCA        Nucleus
VBOX         Future Video
BCD          Video Director
RS-232       MediaPhile
NewTek Video Toaster
Panasonic WJMX Switchers
MediaPhile Product Guide Summary - August 1993
MediaPhile 3.0SP Multimedia Controller         $995
This versatile device controls up to six connsumer, prosumer, or industrial
video decks. Choose from protocols by simply plugging into the correct
connector. Four serial ports can be independently configured for RS-422/232
and LANCS devices. Two MediaPhile ports bring in tape position from modified
audio and video decks. Six time code inputs provide near frame-accurate
editing with prosumer decks, and industrial decks are controlld with perfect
frame-accuracy. With control capabilities for laser ad compact disc players,
MIDI and GPI devices as well as video decks, this unit is ideal for
interformat editing.
MediaPhile 2.0S Serial Edit Controller         $250
This unit provides tape position input from two camcorders or video decks
equipped with Sony "remote" edit control ports. Tape position data is brought
into the computer from Sony 5-pin CTL-L and 2.5mm LANCS ports. The unit has
three serial outputs for Sony S-port and JVC swap-port control, one GPI
remote switch output and two time code inputs. One 5-pin CTL-L and one 2.5mm
LANCS cable is included. May be used together with other MediaPhile
controllers. Plugs into the serial port of any Commodore-Amiga computer.
MediaPhile 2.0P Universal Tape Deck Controller  $200
This unit provides tape position input from two video or audio tape decks
equipped with MediaPhile remote edit control ports. Tape counter pulses are
brought into the computer from MediaPhile ports that you can install in over
45 popular prosumer and consumer decks yourself. The MP2.0P unit has three
serial outputs for Sony S-port and JVC swap-port control, one GPI remote
switch output, and two time code inputs. May be used together with other
MediaPhile controllers. Plugs into the parallel port of any Commodore-Amiga
MediaPhile 2.0A Infrared Controller             $200
This unit sends infrared and serial remote control commands from your
computer to video decks, camcorders, lasser and compact disk players and
other devices. Two independent serial outputs are provided for Sony S-port
and JVC swap-port control. The MP2.0A unit is designed for use with MP2.0P
and MP2.0S series controllers to provide fully multitasking device control,
and to learn infrared commands from remote controls. The MP2.0A unit plugs
into the audio port of any Commodore-Amiga computer.
MediaPhile Infrared Adapter Kit                 $25
This adapter provides an infrared output from MediaPhile edit controller from
accelerated computers. It plugs into the serial output jacks of MP2.0P,
MP2.0M and MP2.0S series Edit Controllers to convert the output to infrared
control. An infrared sender, 12 ft. extension cable and positioning clip are
MediaPhile Program Disks & Manuals              $450
This three disk set includes the MediaEditor edit decision list program, the
MediaController transport control program and TCGEN time code generator
program. MediaEditor performs automatic edits with most prosumer and
industrial decks. Features include an intuitive, graphical interface,
preview, insert and assembly edits, special effects icluding A-B roll
dissolves, wipes and title overlays, synchronized audio, and accurate time
code tape positioning.
MediaPhile Servers Program Disk & Manual        $450
This disk contains ARexx and custom module interfaces to popular Amiga
multimedia programs including Scala, CanDo, The Director, Showmaker,
AmigaVision and others.
MediaPhile System Overview Tape (VHS)           $25
This video tape gives an overview of the MediaPhile Desktop Video System. It
shows installation and use of the MediaPhile Utilities programs and
controllers. A MediaPhile catalog with more controllers and a "Crash Course
on Video Editing" is included with the package. Included with MediaPhile
Utilities Programs.
Interactive MicroSystems, Inc. has been providing audio-visual communications
products and services of the highest quality to its customers since 1986. Our
MediaPhile controllers and computer programs are being used in video post
production, training and presentation by corporate, educational and
government media experts, independent videographers, cable TV editors and
home video producers. The MediaPhile Desktop Video System provides a low
cost, highly productive means of editing video tape, overlaying titles and
graphics, creating special effects, and producing and recording animations.
For more information contact Interactive MicroSystems, Inc., 9 Red Roof Lane,
Salem, NH 03079, telephone 603/898-3545, fax 603/898-3606.
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                              7th of 7 Stories
                      BriWall Mail Order House Closes
 ______               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(__  __)        *StarShip* News Network -- August 23, 1993
  / /
 / /
(_/he *StarShip* News Network has learned that the popular mail order
company, BriWall, which advertises in AmigaWorld and other publications, is
apparently no longer in business.
Details are unknown but we caution you not to order anything from them
without confirmation that you will receive what you pay for.
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