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 ----------------------------  C O N T E N T S  --------------------------
  1. Multimedia Development Group Hosts Event with Film and TV Producer
     Celebrities to Discuss "Killer" Content
  2. CompuAdd Launches 11 Multimedia Models
  3. New Generation of Apple Products Makes Multimedia More Accessible and
     Affordable for Macintosh and PC Customers
  4. Sound Blaster 16 Value Edition to Ship Worldwide
  5. Training Program Lets Users Learn and Experience Multimedia
  6. Individual Software Inks OEM Deal with Aztech Systems
  7. Aldus Type Twister Adds New Twist to Old Applications
  8. Ulead Systems Releases ImagePals 2
  9. Canada's 1st Virtual Construction Company Sets Up Shop in Cyberspace
 10. Virtual Reality Conference Projects Future World Today
 11. Spring Internet World '94
 12. Explore New Worlds with "The Virtual Reality Construction Kit"
 13. CYBERSPACE Library Finds
Broadcast Multimedia
              Multimedia Development Group Hosts Event with Film
             & TV Producer Celebrities to Discuss "Killer" Content
  ___        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 / _ \
| | )_|              San Francisco, CA -- March 13, 1994
| |  _
| |_) |
 \___/onstruction of California's communications superhighway is well underway,

but will its traffic consist of Yugos or Ferraris? "Killer" Content is the
focus of the April 28 meeting of the San Francisco Multimedia Development Group

to be held from 6PM to 9PM at the San Francisco Mariott Hotel at 50 Fourth
Co-sponsored by The Multimedia Development Group (MDG) and Pacific Bell, 
"Killer" Content will bring together celebrities from the film, music, 
television, publishing, and advertising industries who will discuss what 
multimedia producers will need to know to create successful, compelling 
content. Participating in a panel discussion will be:
 * Edward Saxon, Academy Award-winning producer of "Silence of the Lambs"
   and "Philadelphia."
 * Steven Peterman, executive producer of Warner Television's Emmy Award-
   winning TV series, "Murphy Brown."
 * Scott Page, former saxophonist for Pink Floyd and co-founder and
   Executive Vice President of Interactive Media Development Company,
   7th Level Inc., Producer of "Tuneland."
 * Garry Hare, President the Griffin Fathom Company, a joint venture between
   Merv Griffin's The Griffin Group and Fathom Pictures. Gary developed
   Philip's Interactive Media and produced numerous sports specials for ABC.
 * Susan Margolis, New Media Liaison and President of Deep Content Solutions,
   writer and publishing expert.
 * Tom Lombardo, Executive Vice President of Whittle Communications,
   Medical Network which caters to several thousand doctor's offices across
   the United States.
"In these early days of interactive CD-ROMs it is quite easy to separate 
brilliant titles from the sea of mediocrity," said Roland Wolfram, Vice 
President for Interactive Services at Pacific Telesis Video Services. 
"Multimedia has, until recently, been catering to an audience of early 
adopters. Today we must plan for an entirely new audience that will have far 
greater expectations of the communications superhighway. The competition for 
acquiring positioning, and providing content will be fierce, and this meeting 
of the MDG will help prepare content providers for the challenges ahead." Mr. 
Wolfram will moderate the evening panel discussion.
The quality of content will noticeably affect not only entertainment channels 
but the advertising industry as well. "Consumers will be able to gather 
information faster, make comparisons and buying decisions more efficiently, and

even complete transactions without ever leaving their homes or offices," said
Hal Logan, General Manager of Pacific Telesis Electronic Publishing Services,
developer of RE:SOURCE Network Solutions, an interactive magazine and shopping
system for networking professionals. Mr. Logan will host the question and
answer position of the panel.
Note: Members of the media are invited to meet with the evening's panelists and

moderators in a press reception at the San Francisco Marriott from 5-6PM 
preceding the evening's session at the Mariott Grand Ballroom. Admission for 
MDG members is $15.00, non-members $40.00. EDITORS: Please call Pat Meier 
Associates P.R. at 415/957-5999 to be placed on the complimentary press list 
prior to the event.
The Multimedia Development Group (MDG), a not-for-profit trade association, was

founded in 1993 to serve as a catalyst for the evolving marketplace for 
interactive multimedia products and services. MDG represents an international 
constituency of more than 500 companies whose diversity of talent and purpose 
finds common purpose in the mission of the organization:
 * To link members together
 * To provide access to information, business and professional services,
   technology and tools
 * To represent the concerns of its members and the needs of the marketplace
   to the world at large
New IBM-Compatible Hardware:
                    CompuAdd Launches 11 Multimedia Models
 _____   Priced from $1,789 and Bundled with $1000 Worth of Software
|  _  |
| |_) |                 Austin, Texas -- April 4, 1994
|    _|
| |\ \
|_| \_)anging from a $1,789 entry-level unit to a high-powered Pentium model, 
CompuAdd Computer Corporation today announced 11 multimedia personal computers
designed to meet a wide range of price/performance requirements. At no extra
charge, CompuAdd is also bundling each new model with more than $1000 worth of
business, education, and entertainment software.
"These highly expandable multimedia systems span the spectrum of customer 
requirements and offer a good value at each price point," said Richard W. 
Krause, CompuAdd's chairman and chief executive officer.
The new line starts with five low-profile, VL-bus models:
                     Model           Processor      Price
                  CompuAdd C433S     i486SX-33     $1,789
                  CompuAdd C450D     i486DX2-50    $1,960
                  CompuAdd C466D     i486DX2-66    $2,519
                  CompuAdd C475D     IntelDX4-75   $2,781
                  CompuAdd C4100D    IntelDX4-100  $2,931
Three mid-range VL-bus models -- the CompuAdd C450D, CompuAdd C466D, and 
CompuAdd C4100D -- are configured in either a desktop or minitower chassis. 
They are priced at $2,171, $2,495, and $2,683 respectively.
At the high end, three PCI-based desktop and minitower models -- the CompuAdd 
C466Dp, CompuAdd C4100Dp, and CompuAdd P60p -- feature i486DX2-66, Intel 
DX4-100, and Pentium-60 processors. They are priced at $2,915, $3,353, and 
The systems are available immediately with the exception of the three 
IntelDX4-100-based models, which are scheduled for shipment in May.
Each new model is MPC2 compliant and includes a dual-speed CD-ROM, 16-bit sound

card, stereo speakers, and a microphone. In addition, customers receive at no
extra charge 10 software packages valued at $1000. The titles are:
  Key Fonts Pro                 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
  Key Clipmaster Pro            Timetable of History: Science & Innovation
  Key Home Designer             20th Century Video Almanac
  Key Accounting for Windows    Barron's College Guide
  American Heritage Dictionary
As with all CompuAdd systems, the price includes MS-DOS 6.2, Windows for 
Workgroups 3.11, Close-Up 4.0, AMIDiag Lite diagnostic software, CompuServe 
starter kit and a serial mouse.
The new systems are also backed by CompuAdd's Risk-Free Guarantee. This 
comprehensive set of programs includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, one-year
warranty, out-of-warranty repairs, Remote Rescue online support, lifetime phone

and BBS technical support, and 30-day price protection.
Founded 12 years ago in Austin, Texas, CompuAdd Computer Corporation designs, 
manufactures, markets and supports a wide range of personal computers and 
PC-based point-of-sale terminals. CompuAdd has earned a leadership position in
PC customer satisfaction and is widely recognized for its role in pioneering
the direct channel of PC distribution and after-sale support.
For more information, contact CompuAdd Computer Corporation, 12303 Technology 
Blvd., Austin, Texas 78727, telephone 800/627-1967 or 512/331-2762, fax 
                   Typical Multimedia System Configurations
Low Profile     RAM   Externl  Hard  SVGA       Expans Drive_Bays   Price
VL-Bus Models  Min/Max Cache   Disk .28NI Video Slots  3.5"  5.25"
CompuAdd C433S  4MB-   128K   212MB  14"   ATI/   5   1 Int  2 Ext  $1,789
486SX-33MHz     64MB                       1MB        1 Ext
CompuAdd C450D  4MB-   128K   212MB  14"   ATI/   5   1 Int  2 Ext  $1,960
486DX2-50MHz    64MB                       1MB        1 Ext
CompuAdd C466D  8MB-   128K   340MB  14"   ATI/   5   1 Int  2 Ext  $2,519
486DX2-66MHz    64MB                       1MB        1 Ext
CompuAdd C475D  8MB-   128K   420MB  15"   ATI/   5   1 Int  2 Ext  $2,781
IntelDX4-75MHz  64MB                       1MB        1 Ext
CompuAdd C4100D 8MB-   128K   420MB  15"   ATI/   5   1 Int  2 Ext  $2,931
IntelDX4-100MHz 64MB                       1MB        1 Ext
Desktop/                            Monitor
 Minitower      RAM   Externl  Hard  SVGA       Expans Drive_Bays   Price
VL-Bus Models  Min/Max Cache   Disk .28NI Video Slots  3.5"  5.25"
CompuAdd C450D  4MB-   128K   212MB  14" WD90C33/  7  1 Ext  3 Ext  $2,171
486DX2-50MHz    128MB                      1MB        3 Int
CompuAdd C466D  8MB-   128K   340MB  15" WD90C33/  7  1 Ext  3 Ext  $2,495
486DX2-66MHz    128MB                      1MB        3 Int
CompuAdd C4100D 8MB-   128K   420MB  15" WD90C33/  7  1 Ext  3 Ext  $2,683
IntelDX4-100MHz 128MB                      1MB        3 Int
Desktop/                            Monitor
 Minitower      RAM   Externl  Hard  SVGA       Expans Drive_Bays   Price
PCI-Bus Models Min/Max Cache   Disk .28NI Video Slots  3.5"  5.25"
CompuAdd C466Dp 8MB-   256K   340MB  15"  W32p/    7  1 Ext  3 Ext  $2,915
486DX2-66MHz   128MB                      2MB         3 Int
CompuAdd C4100D 8MB-   256K   420MB  17"  W32p/    7  1 Ext  3 Ext  $3,353
IntelDX4-100MHz 128MB                     2MB         3 Int
CompuAdd P60p   8MB-   256K   420MB  17"  W32p/    7  1 Ext  3 Ext  $3,609
Pentium-60MHz  128MB                      2MB         3 Int
All systems include dual-speed Cd-ROM, 16-bit sound cards, stereo speakers and
a microphone. Ten software programs, a value of more than $1000, are also 
bundled FREE. The titles are: Key Fonts Pro; Key Clipmaster Pro; Key Home 
Designer; Key Accounting for Windows; American Heritage Dictionary; Grolier 
Multimedia Encyclopedia; Timetable of History: Science and Innovation; 20th 
Century Video Almanac; Barron's College Guilde.
New Macintosh/PC Hardware:
               New Generation of Apple Products Makes Multimedia
           More Accessible, Affordable for Macintosh and PC Customers
 _    _    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| \  / |
|  \/  |       Los Angeles, CA -- April 12, 1994 (New Media Expo)
|      |
| |\/| |
|_|  |_|ultimedia will become even more accessible for Apple Macintosh(R) and 
Windows computer users thanks to new products unveiled today by Apple Computer,

Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL). The new products include: the Apple Multimedia Kit for
Macintosh, the Multimedia Kit for Windows, AppleDesign Powered Speakers II, and

the AppleCD 300e Plus external CD-ROM player. The new generation of products
make multimedia -- the ability to create, use and combine graphics, text,
music, video and images on a computer -- even easier for consumers.
"Beyond traditional computing evnironments, multimedia can impact not only the
way consumers work and learn, but also how they are entertained," commented
Satjiv Chahil, vice president of Apple's New Media group. "This announcement
reflects our continuing commitment to make Apple's multimedia technologies more

powerful and more affordable to the entire Macintosh and PC market."
AppleCD 300e Plus CD-ROM
The AppleCD 300e Plus external CD-ROM player combines the reliability of its 
award-winning predecessor with new features such as a motorized, caddyless tray

loader, and the ability to play 3" or 5" CD-ROM and audio CD discs. At 342 Kbps

streaming data transfer rate, it will be among the fastest double- speed
players on the market. A 256 Kb cache memory will allow it to burst transfer up

to 2.5 Mb per second, giving it nearly the performance of today's triple-speed
CD-ROM player offerings.
And, because it is compatible with multisession Kodak Photo CD discs, the 
AppleCD 300e Plus enables users to view photographs on the Macintosh and 
incorporate them into their documents. As always, customers can use audio CDs 
with the player. In the U.S., the AppleCD 300e Plus includes the customer's 
choice of up to three free CD-ROM titles from a list of more than 30 top seling

discs (see addendum). An internal version -- the AppleCD 300i Plus -- is also
available. Apple demonstrated its leadership in multimedia by selling more than

one million CD-ROM players in 1993 alone.
AppleDesign Powered Speakers II
The AppleDesign Powered Speakers II extend Apple's audio product offerings by 
providing audiophile-quality sound with an innovative industrial design. The 
speakers can enhance the user's multimedia experience on the computer, or add 
excellent stereo sound to the multitude of personal electronic products or 
televisions in today's home. Magnetic shielding prevents interference, so 
cusomers can use them near their monitor and peripheral devices. Sold 
separately in a slate color to match many personal stereo systems, the 
AppleDesign Powered Speakers II are also available in the Apple Multimedia Kits

in a platinum color to match Macintosh computers.
Apple Mutlimedia Kits for Macintosh and Windows
The new Apple Multimedia Kit for Macintosh is ideal for users who want to bring

a complete multimedia solution to their Macintosh. Along with Apple's new
external CD-ROM player and new AppleDesign Powered Speakers II, the kit 
includes Apple Headphones, Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia for Macintosh, 
all required cables, set-up software, and the customer's choice of up to three
free CD-ROM titles from a list of more than 30 top seling discs. The Apple
Multimedia Kit turns existing Macintosh computers -- including Performa and
Power Macintosh -- into complete multimedia systems.
PC owners can also benefit from Apple quality: The Multimedia Kit for Windows 
includes the AppleCD 300i Plus -- an internal version of the CD-ROM player, 
AppleDesign Powered Speakers II, Apple Headphones, Compton's Interactive 
Encyclopedia for Windows, a MediaVision 16-bit sound card, all required cables,

set-up software, and the consumer's choice of up to three free CD-ROM titles.
System Requirements
Apple Multimedia Kit for Macintosh
 * Any Apple Macintosh -- including Performa and Power Macintosh or
   Powerbook -- computer with a 68020, 68030, 68040 microprocessor
 * At least 4MB of RAM (5MB or more recommended with some CD-ROM titles)
 * A color display with a 640x480-pixel resolution or higher (note that
   some CD-ROM titles require 13-inch or larger displays)
 * Macintosh system software version 6.0.7 or later, or Macintosh Performa
   system software
Multimedia Kit for Windows
 * An IBM PC or PC-compatible with a 25 MHz 80386SX or better processor
 * At least 4MB of RAM (5MB or more recommended with some CD-ROM titles)
 * A VGA color display, a 5.25 inch half-height expansion bay
 * An ISA internal expansion slot
 * MS-DOS 5.0 and Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or later
AppleCD 300e Plus and AppleCD 300i Plus
 * A Macintosh SE computer or later model
 * System software version 6.0.7 or later
 * A separate SCSI system or peripheral cable (not included)
AppleDesign Powered Speakers II
 * Any Apple Macintosh -- including Performa, Power Macintosh, PowerBook,
   or Windows-based personal computer; CD or cassette player; or television
   that supports sound output
The Apple Multimedia Kit for Macintosh is expected to be available in May 1994,

and the Multimedia Kit for Windows is expected to be available in June 1994.
Each Multimedia Kit has an ApplePrice of $449.
The AppleCD 300e Plus is expected to be available in the United States this 
summer, and in Europe and the Pacific regions in May 1995. The ApplePrice is 
The AppleDesign Powered Speakers II are expected to be available in June for an

ApplePrice of $79.
Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple Computer, Inc. develops, 
manufacturers, and markets computer systems for use in business, education, the

home, science, engineering and government. A recognized pioneer and innovator
in the personal computer industry, Apple does business in more than 120
                      Addendum: CD-ROM Title Sections
 Business Backgrounds               (a) Title only available for
 Macromedia ClipMedia                   Apple Multimedia Kit for Macintosh
 A Zillion Sounds
                                    (b) Title only available for
Reference                               Apple Multimedia Kit for Windows
 Multimedia World Fact Book
 The Family Doctor
 National Parks of America
 Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook
 New Basics Electronic Cookbook(b)
 World View
 Tropical Rainforest
 Peter's Magic Adventure(a)
 Peter's Alphabet Adventure(a)
 Peter's Number Adventure(a)
 Shelley Duvall's It's a Bird's Life
 Great Literature
 Monarch Notes
 Electronic Library of Art - A Survey of Western Art
 Americans in Space
 The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Last Dinosaur Egg
 The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Vampire's Coffin
 The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde
 Dinosaur Safari
 The Journeyman Project(a) (Counts as two titles)
 Who Killed Sam Rupert?
 The Magic Death
 From Alice to Ocean(a)
 The Grand Canyon -- a Sierra Club Electronic Guide
 The Blue Whale -- a Sierra Club Electronic Guide
 The Pyramids
 The Great Wall of China
 Big Anthony's Mixed-Up Magic
New IBM-Compatible Hardware:
              Sound Blaster 16 Value Edition to Ship Worldwide
                     Creative Extends Value Edition Audio
  ___                Product Line for Broad Market Appeal
 / _ \
| | )_|                  Singapore -- April 4, 1994
| |  _
| |_) |
 \___/reative Technology, Ltd. (CREAf), the leading provider of multimedia 
hardware for the PC environment, will begin shipping Sound Blaster 16 Value 
Edition at a suggested retail price of $149.95 to its worldwide network of 
retailers and distributors in April. This CD-quality card replaces Sound 
Blaster 16 Basic as Creative's entry-level 16-bit offering.
"Providing value is a key component of Creative's strategy. By extending the 
Sound Blaster Value line to also include 16-bit technology, Creative has 
provided its customer base with a comprehensive selection of economical 
PC-based sound solutions," said Greg VandenDries, sales vice president for 
Creative Labs, Creative Technology's U.S. subsidiary. "Our low-cost 
manufacturing capabilities and our focus on entry-level features allow us to 
offer affordable, high-quality products in addition to more advanced, 
high-performance audio boards."
Sound Blaster 16 Value Edition features 8- and 16-bit CD-quality stereo 
sampling and playback up to 44.1 kHz, an enhanced 20-voice OPL-3 stereo FM 
synthesizer, Monologue for Windows(TM), and a variety of DOS and Windows 
utilities specifically designed for Creative's line of Sound Blaster audio 
boards. In addition, Sound Blaster 16 Value Edition is 100% compatible with all

software titles written for the Sound Blaster platform.
Creatve Technology Ltd. develops, manufacturers and markets a family of sound 
and video multimedia products for IBM-compatible PCs. The company's Sound 
Blaster sound platform enables IBM-compatible PCs to produce high-quality audio

for entertainment, educational, music and productivity PC-based applications.
Creative Technology Ltd. was incorported in 1983 and is based in Singapore. 
Creative Technology's U.S. subsidiaries include Creative Labs, Inc., E-mu 
Systems, Inc., and ShareVision Technology, Inc. Creative also has other 
subsidiaries in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and China. The 
company's stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol

Windows CD-ROM:
         Training Program Lets users Learn and Experience Multimedia
 _  Individual Software's Professor Multimedia Opens World of Multimedia
| |
| |                   Pleasanton, CA -- November 1993
| |
| |
|_|ndividual Software announced the first interactive multimedia learning 
program that enables users to learn about multimedia while experiencing it. A 
unique, comprehensive tutorial, Professor Multimedia, teaches the elements of 
multimedia, how it will effect our lives, and how to unleash the power of 
multimedia to improve communication.
"For multimedia to fulfill its potential, users need to experience it to 
understand its value and impact on our lives," said Diane Dietzler, vice 
president and general manager of Individual Software. "Professor Mutlimedia 
enables users to 'touch and feel' a multimedia program while learning what it 
encompasses, how it will change the way we communicate and are entertained, and

how to develop a customized multimedia presentation. By opening up the world of

multimedia and making it more understandable, through Professor Multimedia, we
are helping to promote this exciting computing technology."
Learning Multimedia
Professor Multimedia provides a thorough overview of the elements of multimedia

as well as the role it will play in our future computing and communication
efforts, all while enabling the user to experience multimedia as the PC is
transformed into an exciting, interactive arena of lights, sound, and action.
Through the new tutorial, users will:
 * Learn the difference between a WAVE and MIDI file, and how each
   incorporates the element of sound. See first-hand how frame and object
   animation produces different animated and moving effects. View how
   different resolutions affect the look of a presentation, and discover
   video capturing and how to incorporate "live-action" for a high-impact
   multimedia presentation.
 * Master the Multimedia PC (MPC) and the powerful tools and accessories
   available to develop personal sound, video, and photo libraries.
 * Experience the excitement of sound, video, animation, and graphics
   through more than 50 video and audio clips that include vignettes from
   leading multimedia programs such as Microsoft's Dinosaur's, Broderbund's
   Arthur's Teacher Trouble, and Interactive Ventures' Mayo Clinic -- The
   Total Heart, available in Professor Multimedia.
 * Obtain a clear understanding of the role of Photo CDs, Kiosks, CD-I and
   other future advancements designed for the information highway.
 * Create their own multimedia presentation. After learning presentation
   terminology, such as media links, slide transitions and playback, users
   will work with Asymetrix' Compel and Macromind's Action to create a
   customized multimedia presenation that includes sound, video, graphics,
   and animation.
Multimedia-Based Training
As a leader in computer-based training (CBT), Individual Softwre recognized 
that personal computer users were unclear about multimedia and applied its 
on-line training expertise to develop the first Multimedia-based Training (MBT)

"We understand what users need to learn personal compuer applications, and that

the most effective way to grasp a program or technology is to work with it
while being in a protected environment," said Dietzler. "This is especially
true of multimedia computing, when there are so many elements being used at
once. Once a user sits down at an MPC with Professor Multimedia and realizes
just how exciting and effective a multimedia presentation is, and how easy it
is to develop, they will begin to utilize the technologies."
As with all Individual training programs, Professor Multimedia is designed to 
allow users to work at their own pace. The user can follow the program, or 
randomly select the lessons, working on certain ones while bypassing others. 
Professor Multimedia automatically tracks the lessons the user has completed by

placing a checkmark next to that selection.
System Requirements and Pricing
Professor Multimedia requires an IBM or compatible MPC with a 25 MHz 80386 
processor or higher running Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, a hard drive and 
CD-ROM drive, 4 MB of RAM, a super VGA adapter card, a sound card, speakers or
headphones, and a Windows compatible mouse or other pointing device. Professor
Multimedia has a suggested retail price of $59.95.
Founded in 1981, Individual Software is the world's leading developer of 
technology-driven training (both MBT and CBT) and task-oriented productivity 
software products for use with IBM, IBM-compatible, and Macintosh computers. 
The company is located at 5879 Stoneridge Drive, #1, Pleasanton, CA 94588. 
Telephone: 800/822-3522.
CD-ROM Bundle:
            Individual Software Inks OEM Deal with Aztech Systems
                        Individual's Multimedia Primer
 _                to be Bundled with Aztech's Sound Cards
| |
| |                   Pleasanton, CA -- April 11, 1994
| |
| |
|_|ndividual Software Inc. and Aztech Systems Ltd. (SESDAQ: Aztech) today 
announced an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement in which Aztech 
will bundle Individual's CD-ROM title Professor Multimedia and computer-based 
training program Learn to Use Windows with all sound cards sold in Aztech's 
extensive Sound Galaxy product line. As part of the agreement, Aztech plans to
put their Audio Applications and Utilities on Professor Multimedia CD-ROM in
two new multimedia upgrade kits to be released by Aztech this month.
"We researched many partners for this bundle and felt that Individual's 
products offered the level of quality educational content that our customers 
who are new to multimedia and Windows will appreciate," said Michael Mun, 
president of Aztech Systems.
"Aztech is a leading provider of sound cards for the CD-ROM upgrade and 
Multimedia PC markets," said James Morgan, director of multimedia and OEM sales

at Individual. "I think Professor Multimedia will provide Multimedia PC upgrade

customers with an excellent introduction to multimedia by giving them a taste
of the business, educational and entertainment potential of multimedia."
Professor Multimedia is a "multimedia guide" that covers multimedia tools, 
technologies and many samples and runtime versions of popular multimedia 
titles. Individual is positioning Professor Multimedia as an ideal starter CD 
title for CD-ROM upgrade kit buyers -- key customers for Aztech's products as 
well. Aztech sound cards are found in CD-ROM upgrade kits and Multimedia PC 
computers sold by companies including Gateway, Packard Bell, and Reveal.
Aztech Systems Ltd. of Singaport is a $92 million manufacturer and supplier of
a full range of multimedia products for IBM compatible PCs. According to a 
February 1994 Dataquest survey, Aztech is the third largest supplier of sound 
boards worldwide, holding 17 percent of the market share. The company is 
dedicated to making multimedia more accessible to the masses by bringing 
competitive, high-quality sound solutions to the marketplace.
Individual Software is the world's leading developer of computer-based and 
multimedia-based training and personal productivity software products for IBM,
IBM-compatible, and Macintosh computers. For more information about Individual
Software and its products call 800/822-3522 or write to the company at 5870
Stoneridge Drive #1, Pleasanton, CA 94588.
New for Windows
Macintosh Release Coming:
             Aldus Type Twister Adds New Twist to Old Applications
  ___        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 / _ \
| |_| |                San Diego, CA -- April 4, 1994
|  _  |
| | | |
|_| |_|ldus Corporation's Consumer Division today announced Aldus(R) Type 
Twister (TM) 1.0 for Windows, a type-enhancement software application that lets

users create special text effects in printed and electronic documents quickly
and easily, with virtually no learning curve. Compatible with almost any
Windows word processing, graphics, page-layout or presentation application,
Type Twister works through the Clipboard or OLE, allowing users to customize
their documents with exciting, original type effects. The Macintosh version is
slated to ship this Spring.
"Type Twister is the first program to make creating dazzling type effects fun 
and effortless for any level of computer user," explained Mark Myers, product 
marketing manager for Type Twister. "It empowers the average computer user to 
become a type artist by providing a choice of 50 pre-set color designs, such as

panoramic curves and twisting spirals, and the ability to create and save up to

50 completely original and unique designs."
Turns Ordinary Documents into Visually Exciting Statements
Aldus Type Twister turns any user's words into vibrant and unique artwork, 
bringing a personal or company look to banners, flyers, letters, invitations, 
signs, presentations -- practicallly any document that needs to stand out.
Unlimited Type Effects Await the Novice or Professional User
Supporting a full suite of features, Type Twister is compatible with TrueType 
Fonts, Adove Type 1 Fonts, and PostScript, for the most effective type 
enhancement capabilities available in one package at any price. Key features 
 * A wide variety of effects, shapes, fonts, styles and colorsets give users
   the ability to create unlimited type effects, saving up to 50 of their
   favorites. The Custom Colors dialog box enables users to choose from 242
   custom colors that can be applied to their original designs.
 * A palette of 50 pre-created designs enables users to apply and edit type
   effects quickly and easily, at the click of a button. Built-in designs
   include the horse shoe, kinky ribbon, split-circle, teardrop, paisley,
   cinematic curve, roations, skews, scales, circles, arcs, and shadow
 * Interactive previews enable users to see and perfect designs before
   copying them to a document, making experimentation confortable and
   risk-free. Built-in design buttons graphically display effects that can
   be duplicated by the user with a simple click of the mouse.
 * Drag controls enable users to simply drag a handle to change the size,
   rotation or shear of a text object. Type Twister's fast and interruptible
   screen redraw responds to the user's command immediately, making the
   desired change.
 * Supports TrueType and Adobe Type 1 fonts and comes standard with 20
   additional fonts to expand the user's designs. This gives users the
   ability to augment their own fonts to expand the number of possible
System Requirements
The recommended system for Type Twister is an IBM PC or compatible 386 or 486 
computer running Windows version 3.1 or higher; 2MB of RAM and 2MB hard disk 
space; standard VGA or Super VGA monitor; and a mouse.
Pricing and Availability
Type Twister 1.0 for Windows is available now through Aldus resellers in the 
U.S. for the suggested retail price of $49.95 and an estimated street price of
$29.95. The Macintosh version is slated to ship this Spring.
Aldus Corporation (NASDAQ: ALDC) creates computer software solutions that help
people throughout the world effectively communicate information and ideas. The
company focuses on three lines of business: applications for the professional
publishing, prepress and video markets; applications for the consumer market;
and applications for the emerging interactive publishing market. Aldus has
subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim serving a worldwide network
of dealers and distributors.
                    Aldus Corporation Consumer Division
                       Type Twister 1.0 for Windows
                        Feature/Benefits Overview
    Feature                    Benefit               Creative Benefit
50 built-in designs     Just click a button to   Instantly create impactful
                        apply immediate results  text effects, customizing
                                                 document at the touch of
                                                 a button.
Variety of effects,     Unlimited array of text  Lets user design text to
shapes, fonts, styles,  effects at touch of a    suit the document. Provides
and colorsets           button                   limitless creative options
                                                 for even the novice user.
Interactive visual      See/experiment before    Lets user experiment with
previews                applying to a document   various type effects, from
                                                 the built-in designs to
                                                 customized looks BEFORE
                                                 applying to document.
Direct control          Change size, rotation,   Lets user make changes at a
                        shear of a text object   glance, tweaking an effect
                        by dragging a handle     to own personal desires.
                                                 Direct control empowers
                                                 user to create thousands
                                                 of unique looks with a
                                                 simple drag and click.
Save up to 50 custom    Re-use favorite designs  Provides easy access to
designs                                          favorite custom designs,
                                                 enabling users to design,
                                                 maintain specific looks
                                                 for various documents.
Clipboard copying and   Makes it effortless to   Applying the enhanced text
OLE support             install the type effect  is effortless through the
                        in the document          use of clipboard copying or
                                                 OLE, letting user customize
                                                 virtually any document.
Compatible with         Lets user manipulate     Even basic fax cover sheets
virtually any Windows   text in virtually any    can become works of art
word processing,        Windows application      with Type Twister. Since it
graphics, page layout,                           is compatible with almost
or presentation                                  any Windows application,
application                                      user can stylize all the
                                                 documents to create a
                                                 uniform, custom look.
Auto Scrolling          Just click the Auto      Provides hands-free viewing
                        Scroll button and pre-   of all custom designs, en-
                        view the type designs    abling user to see every-
                        automatically            thing available before
                                                 applying the effect.
Windows Product Upgrade:
                      Ulead Systems Releases ImagePals 2
                    The Indispensable Management Tool for
 _   _           Graphics, Publishing, and Multimedia Users
| | | |
| | | |                   Torrance, CA -- March 1994
| | | |
| |_| |
|_____|lead Systems will ship a new version of award-winning ImagePals(R) this
month. This ground-breaking new release further strengthens ImagePals' position

as the indispensable media management tool. ImagePals 2 features powerful
cataloging for all media types including video, animation and audio files,
expanded search capabilities with keywords, subjects and marks, extensive file
conversion for both raster and vector formats, additional special effect
filters, inter-document cloning, a global viewer, complete multimedia slide
show capabilities, and much more!
Conveniently arranged as a group of seamlessly integrated modules, ImagePals 2
offers powerful media cataloging and searching, seamless integration with your
applications, extensive file conversion, intuitive image editing, and versatile

screen capture tools. The program continues to provide a flexible and efficient

way for users to visually organize their files. ImagePals 2 can catalog image,
graphics, animation, sound, and video formats as well as files from any
registered Windows application. Source files can reside on the user's hard
disk, network, CD Photo CD, or other media. ImagePals 2 can also directly
import files from a variety of image input devices such as scanners, digital
cameras, video frame grabbers, and Photo CDs.
ImagePals 2's new cataloging and searching facilities include the ability to 
enter longer descriptions, enter information in a new subject field and assign
keywords to thumbnails. The convenient new search ribbon provides ease of use
with one-step search operations. Advanced search options offer the abilitty to
create complex queries and save them for later use. And for added convenience,
users can now mark their thumbnails while browsing and searching. Once a file
has been located, previewing it is easy. Simply double click on the thumbnail
and ImagePals 2's built-in Viewer module or Microsoft's Media Player loads the
file instantly. If the file is on a CD, ImagePals 2 will even prompt the user
with the name of the volume to insert.
Designed for users who work with a variety of graphics, publishing and 
presentation applications, ImagePals 2 provides extensive file conversion 
options for compatibility with these applications. Users can convert files 
individually or as a batch among over 40 file formats. ImagePals 2 also offers
image compression options such as JPEG, LZW and RLE; and supports image data
types from black and white to 24-bit true color.
ImagePals2 improves on its already advanced suite of image editing tools by 
adding new special effects filters and the ability to preview an effect before
applying it to the image. Plus, the new clone tool allows users to clone an
image or selection from within or between documents. ImagePals 2 now comes
equipped with a global viewer for easier viewing control and an object pool for

convenient storage of masks and images during an editing session. The program's

verstile screen capture tools include the ability to save and load capture
settings -- no need to continuously reset your options.
ImagePals 2 is a versatile, powerful tool for creating impressive publications,

powerful presentations, and sizzling multimedia productions. Now users can
capture, convert, edit and manage all their media. And completing a task is as
simple as dragging and dropping a thumbnail into your favorite publishing
(PageMaker, Word), presentation (PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics) and multimedia
(Compel, Asound) applications. ImagePals 2 continues to offer easy access to
Windows applications from its unique toolbox. Users can load their applications

icons onto the toolbar and launch them by just clicking on the icon. Files can
even be automatically loaded by simply dragging and dropping thumbnails onto an

To round out this powerful suite of features, ImagePals 2 offers a convenient 
multimedia slide show feature. Simply arrange image, graphic, animation, video,

and sound files to create a slide show presentation complete with transition
effects and soundtrack controls. Slide shows can even be saved as a file to be
displayed again and again. In addition, ImagePals 2's new CD Browser module
saves users time and disk space by creating instant thumbnails of the images on

their Photo CD. After locating the image(s) needed, users can select options to

view, catalog, and edit the file(s).
In summary, ImagePals 2 offers users a complete set of tools to capture, 
manage, edit, and convert media files for the purpose of producing more 
exciting documents, presentations, newsletters, and other communication tools.
"Our goal with ImagePals 2 is to continue to set standards for ease of use and
technical excellence so that our customers can be more creative and 
productive," states Daniel S. Elvester, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
ImagePals 2 is available through resellers and direct from Ulead Systems at an
introductory price of $129. Registered users of ImagePals 1.0 and 1.2 may 
upgrade to ImagePals 2 for just $49.
Ulead Systems was founded in 1989 to develop innovative imaging, graphics, and
multimedia applications that help users communicate their ideas effectively and

creatively to audiences around the world. The company's award-winning products
include PhotoStyler, ImagePals, iPhoto Plus, VideoStudio, and MediaStudio.
For more information, contact Ulead Systems, 970 West 190th Street, Suite 520,
Torrance, CA 90502, telephone 310/523-9393, fax 310/523-9399.
Developments in Cyberspace:
     Canada's 1st Virtual Construction Company Sets Up Shop in Cyberspace
 / _ \
| |_| |                Toronto, Canada -- March 29, 1994
|  _  |
| | | |
|_| |_|s more and more businesses sense the importance of the information 
superhighway few possess the resources and know-how to participate in this 
growing and dynamic phenomenon. Online Construction and Exploration promises to

assist companies in building online electronic business places.
We've all heard the hype about the information superhighway, but so far that's
all we've heard -- hype. Few people realize that the technology is here today
and that it can be applied to functional and profitable online services that
can be accessed by almost anyone with a computer. Online Construction and
Exploration has the expertise to make the technology available to companies who

wish to join the millions of people already participating in the online
"We believe we are the first company of this type. We are the architects of the

information age. Someone has to connect businesses to the Information 
Superhighway and we are those people," said co-founder Scott Fletcher.
"We understand the media and the whole concept of media convergence, not just 
the computer end of the equation. We're selling real estate in Cyberspace. 
Corporations need connectivity NOW, they can't wait five years for the cable 
industry to reinvent the wheel," said co-founder James MacFarlane.
The information technology industry now employs more Canadians than the 
automotive industry. It's important for IT companies to create an online 
presence for their organizations as an increasing amount of future business 
will be performed electronically.
Market facts:
 * The Internet, the global information grid, has over 15 million
   users world-wide and is growing at the rate of 10 to 15 per cent
   per month but few really understand how get the most out of it.
 * 25 per cent of all U.S. homes are equipped with a personal computer.
 * By the year 2001 over 500 million people will be connected online.
Company Profile
Online Construction & Exploration is the first online construction company in 
the world.
OCE helps businesses to access the 20 million people and 2 million 
organizations that are online. Instantly we transform regional or localized 
corporations into global players.
Online Construction & Exploration builds and designs telecomputing gateways 
into cyberspace. OCE also develops online real estate to create new 
neighbourhoods for commercial, residential, or industrial use.
OCE operates and conducts business worldwide. Staffed with experts in: 
telecommunications, business, economics, linguistics, data security, 
programming and media arts, OCE is the only company fully equipped to manage 
critical online construction projects.
OCE provides the following services:
 * Online construction project management.
Including: wide area networks (WANs), internet FTP servers, metro area networks

(MANs), bulletin board systems (BBSs), inter-office Email, wide area multimedia

broadcast facilities (WAMMs), fax-back and voice mail systems, satellite uplink

and downlink systems for data acquisition or broadcasting, and data warehouses
and distribution centres.
 * Physical hardware design and construction of online facilities.
Hardware and software procurement, installation and configuration. Human 
resource and speciality services procurement and deployment. Software 
integration and online migration.
 * Viability studies and business plans for online projects.
Market research and venture viability studies. Risk and income analysis. Global

and regional economic forecasting. Comprehensive business plans and proposals
for online construction or mergers and acquisitions.
 * GUI and CUI interface design and analysis.
Graphic design and system interface aesthetics, ergonomics and psychological 
modelling. Interface construction, strategic planning and implementation. 
Virtual reality playground and workspace construction.
 * Language construction analysis and translation.
English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch and Ukrainian.
 * Long range data acquisition and exploration.
World-wide online reconnaissance and data exploration. Data excavation and 
retrieval in hostile and foreign environments.
 * Computer crime investigation.
Industrial and corporate sabotage, espionage, data theft and extortion, 
prevention and investigation. Data recovery and damage assessments.
 * Data security methodology analysis and design.
Data loss vulnerability assessment and prevention. Mass data storage and 
archive management procedures. High security data disposal and destruction.
 * Computer programming and software development.
Application development in all programming languages for: UNIX, OS/2, DOS, 
Windows, Mac system 7.X, PowerPC and NeXTstep. Migration of existing office 
software tools and applications to online environments.
 For further information on OCE please contact: Scott Fletcher or James 
MacFarlane at Online Construction & Exploration, 36 Adelaide Street East, Unit
992, Toronto Canada, M5C 2K3. OCE International Sales Office, Voice Telephone:
416-504-0479, FAX Telephone: 416-504-1350, BBS Telephone: 416-504-2189 v.FC.
Internet Media & Agents:, Internet Sales & Contracts:
    (C) 1994 Online Construction & Exploration. Reprinted by permission.
Virtual Reality Conference
            Virtual Reality Conference Projects Future World Today
 ____       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
|  __|
| |_                      San Jose, CA -- March 21, 1994
|  _|
| |
|_|ly a hang glider without ever leaving the ground. Operate on a patient by 
creating an image that slices through the entire length of a cadaver, similar 
to that of a living patient. Try your luck playing goalie against the Toronto 
Maple Leafs. Travel through an office building or your home in a wheelchair to
test access and limitations. Challenge your ability to maneuver a tank as you
enter Close Combat Tactical Training.
Entertainment, training, computer-aided design, and education are just a few of

the ways Virtual Reality, the newest wave in high technology, will impact our
lives in the not-so-distant future. All will be featured at Virtual Reality
(UR) '94, the fifth annual conference that deals with this, as well as
artificial reality and cyberspace. Sponsored by Mecklermedia, publishers of the

monthly magazine Virtual Reality World, the largest VR conference and 
exhibition opens on May 11th at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Conference 
exhibitors will be showing the latest in high-tech gadgetry at the San Jose 
Civic Auditorium Complex (Exibits A & B) at the corner of Park and Market 
Virtual Reality (VR) refers to the variety of technologies that enable users to

participate directly in real-time, three-dimensional immersive and 
non-immersive environments generated by computers. VR systems enable users to 
become participants in abstract spaces where the physical machine and physical
viewer cannot be perceived. Participants generally perceive themselves to be
existing within, and interacting with, an artificial environment.
For those attenting a VR event for the first time, an Introductory/Tutorial day

has been scheduled for May 11th. General sessions and workshop will run on May
12th and 13th for others planning VR projects, or wanting to experience the
building of virtual worlds. VR '94 will also include a VR Video Festival on May

12th (7:00 - 9:00pm) and a Venture Capital Forum on May 13th (9:00am - 5:00pm).

The exhibition is open to the public and those interested in registration
information are asked to call 1-800-MECKLER.
                        Virtual Reality Expo '94
What:              North America's Largest Virtual Reality Conference,
                   Exhibition, Venture Capital Forum and Video Festival
                   devoted to the business of VR utilization in design,
                   entertainment, medicine, the military, networking,
                   training, and education.
When:  Wednesday,  Pre-Conference/Tutorial Workshops:
       May 11th    Fairmont Hotel, 9:00am - 5:00pm
                   Exhibit Hours:
                   San Jose Civic Auditorium Complex at the corner of
                   Park and Market, 4:30pm - 6:30pm
                   "Techie Night"
                   Fairmont Hotel, 7:00 - 9:00pm
       Thursday,   General Conference Sessions:
       May 12th    Fairmont Hotel, 9:00am - 5:00pm
                   Exhibit Hours:
                   San Jose Civic Auditorium Complex, 10:00am - 6:00pm
                   VR Video Festival:
                   Fairmont Hotel, 7:00pm - 9:30pm
       Friday,     General Conference & VR Venture Capital Forum
       May 13th    Fairmont Hotel, 9:00am - 5:00pm
                   Exhibit Hours:
                   San Jose Civic Auditorium Complex, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Where:             Conference & General Registration:
                   Fairmont Hotel, San Jose
                   Exhibition & Press Room:
                   San Jose Civic Auditorium Complex (Exhibits A & B)
                   at the corner of Park & Market
Internet Conference:
                         Spring Internet World '94
 ____                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
|  __|
| |_                   San Jose, CA -- March 21, 1994
|  _|
| |__
|____|xplore the growth of the global information environment and the future of

the Internet at Spring Internet World '94, sponsored by the Mecklermedia 
Spring Internet World '94 is the only conference program built around the 
concept of the delivery of information on the Internet. Over 100 speakers and 
major industry exhibitors will present ideas, applications and products 
enabling you to take full advantage of the global Internet.
Unique in its approach in terms of its coverage and emphasis, the conference 
and exhibition opens on Tuesday, May 31st, with pre-conference workshops at the

San Jose Convention Center. With over 7 pre-conference workshops, five seminar
tracks and a Venture Capital Forum, this program will give attendees the
opportunity to take full advantage of the global information infrastructure.
"Almost twenty million people now use the Internet, and that figure is growing
at a phenomenal rate of 10% each month," states Alan Meckler, President and CEO

of Mecklermedia and sponsor of Spring Internet World '94. "This conference is
dedicated to the use of the Internet and its possibilities for the future." As
publisher of Internet World magazine, Mecklermedia is a leading provider of
information on the Internet.
General conference sessions will be held on Wednesday, June 1st and Thursday, 
June 2nd. Sessions will include workshops on Executive Quickstart, Internet 
Utilization, Technical aspects of the Internet, The Internet Entrepreneur, and
Internet Publishing. A Venture Capital Forum will be held on Thursday, June
Spring Internet World '94 brings together some of the world's leading players 
in the field including Internet World magazine editor, Michal Neubarth; Bill 
Washburn of Commercial Internet Exchange; Mary Cronin of Boston College and 
author of Doing Business on the Internet; Michael Godwin of the Electronic 
Frontier Foundation; Brad Templeton from ClariNet; and Roger Devine, Voyager 
Expanded Books.
                         Spring Internet World '94
What:              Conference and Exhibit dealing with the commercial
                   and non-commercial utilization of services on the
                   global information superhighway and the impact they
                   have on information providers and users.
When:  Tuesday,    Pre-Conference/Tutorial Workshops:
       May 31st    9:00am - 5:00pm
       Wednesday,  Welcome & Awards Ceremony
       June 1st    9:00am - 9:15am
                   Keynote Speaker: Bill Washburn,
                   Commercial Internet Exchange
                   "The Internet At Work"
                   9:15am - 10:00am
                   General Conference Session:
                   10:30am - 4:15pm
                   Exhibit Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm
      Thursday,    General Conference Sessions & Venture Capital Forum
      June 2nd     9:00am - 5:00pm
Where:             San Jose Convention Center
                   General Registration: Call (800) MECKLER
                   Mecklermedia 1994: Calendar of Events
May 10-12         Internet World & Document Delivery World International
                  Novotel, London, England
May 11-13         Virtual Reality '94
                  Premiere worldwide VR event devoted to commercial
                  development of VR, Cyberspace and Artificial Reality.
                  San Jose, CA Civic Center
May 31 - June 3   Sprint Internet World '94
                  Conference and exhibition dealing with the commercial
                  and non-commercial utilization of these services and the
                  inpact they have on information providers and users.
                  San Jose Convention Center
Aug. 24-26        CD-ROM Home & Office World
                  The only expo that targets the fastest growing segment
                  of the CD-ROM market -- consumers and the home office.
                  New York Hilton & Towers
Sept. 26-28       Electronic Books '94
                  New York Hilton & Towers
Sept. 27-30       Internet Canada (formerly CIL Canada)
                  Sheraton Centre Toronto, Canada
Nov. 2-4          Paris Virtual Reality Expo
                  Palais Congress Centr, Paris, France
Nov. 29 - Dec. 2  New York Virtual Reality '94
                  The East Coast's largest VR conference & exhibition
                  devoted to Utilization in Entertainment, Design,
                  Medicine & Networking, including a Video Festival and
                  Venture Capital Forum.
Dec. 6-8          Internet World '94
                  Conference and exhibition dealing with the commercial
                  and non-commercial utilization of these services and
                  the impact they have on information providers and users.
                  Washington, DC Hilton Hotel
For information on how to register call (800) MECKLER or fax 800/858-3144.
New VR Book
IBM-compatible Disk:
                          Explore New Worlds with
                   "The Virtual Reality Construction Kit"
  ___              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 / _ \
| |_| |               New York, NY -- April 15, 1994
|  _  |
| | | |
|_| |_|lthough Max Headroom may have been ahead of his time, virtual reality 
has now come of age. Madison Avenue and Hollywood have showcased virtual 
reality technology in advertising campaigns for Pepsi, Jolly Rancher, and 
Honda, as well as in such movies as Tron, The Lawnmower Man, and Total Recall.
But, the general public has yet to trek to video games arcades to experience
virtual reality firsthand.
In The Virtual Reality Construction Kit by Joseph Gradecki, publisher of PCVR 
Magazine, computer enthusiasts and virtual reality technophiles can bring the 
technology into their homes. Gradecki provides a thorough and entertaining 
introduction to the field by having readers build virtual reality equipment 
that can be hooked up to their home computers. In 14 inexpensive projects, 
reders with no programming or electronics experience can build 3D goggles, 
motion trackers, and other gear. The gear or a mouse can be used with the 
included easy-to-install disk containing 6 virtual worlds so that readers can 
immerse themselves in such adventures as:
  * Playing racquetball in a virtual court
  * Waging war with a friend in a cyberspace combat simulation, which two
    computers can play via a modem or a cable hook-up
  * Solving the puzzle of constructing an ancient Greek temple in three
  * Battling a robot in a "duck and fire" game set among rocks
  * Touring a relaxing virtual park by hooking up an exercise bike or
    treadmill to the computer
  * Flying a jet over rocky terrain
                   The Virtual Reality Construction Kit
                            by Joseph Gradecki
                    Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
                         Release: April 15, 1994
               Book/Disk Set; Paperback; 368 pages; $27.95
                           ISBN: 0-471-00953-9
                        Disk: 3.5" PC compatible
Now YOU can contact author Joseph Gradecki, well-known virtual reality expert,
in Cyberspace/Multimedia RoundTable Bulletin Board Category 18. Talk directly
with Joe there and learn ALL about his fabulous NEW book and the programs and
adventures on the accompanying disk!
 _   _                    CYBERSPACE Library Finds
| | | |                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| |_| |               Cyberspace, Earth -- April 15, 1994
 \   /
  | |
  |_|our attention is called to four handy files in the CYBERSPACE/Multimedia 
Library this week:
 1. Macintosh utility that converts IBM AVI to Mac QuickTime files
 2. Upgrade to VIDVUE, the PC multimedia viewer/slideshow/image utility
 3. Menu-driven DOS utility for playing VOC, WAV, CMF & MID files either
    through the PC Speaker or Sound Blaster-compatible card
 4. A wonderful PC Speech Library that helps you add spoken words and sound
    effects to DOS programs or create slideshows with PC Speaker speech.
Below are the official descriptions of those files. Type CYBERSPACE and select
Menu Option 3 to enter the Library and download these great utilities.
Number: 989  Name: AVI->QUICKTIME
Address: RAVENTECH    Date: 940411
Approximate # of bytes: 27648
Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 4
This handy file converts AVI files to QuickTime. Doesn't have instructions, but

there's an Extension called AVI that should be placed in the System Folder, and

then the converter can be used to transform AVI files to Quick- Time files.
Reports are that this version doesn't translater all AVI files but the reason
is unknown. But if you need it, this is sure better than nothing. :)  Requires:


Number: 991  Name: VIDVUE23.ZIP
Address: L.GOZUM     Date: 940414
Approximate # of bytes: 317824
Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 3
VIDVUE 2.3 - Multimedia Viewer/Slideshow/Image Utility.  Full GIF 87a/89a! 
to use/view/play.  Dithers, converts format/colors/sizing.  AVI grabs. Scripted

multimedia presentations - all formats + many options per slide. Superior
printing.  Tune contrast/brightness, sharpen/soften ...  more! New! WMF
support; snappy GIF slideshows; MCI bulletproofing; user background; bugfixes,
enhanced setup, more!  ------100% Functional Shareware by Author.
Required: Windows 3.1 & VBRUN300.DLL.
Optional: VFW drivers for AVI playback; AAWIN drivers for FLI playback.
Optional: Sound card+drivers for WAV/MIDI playback.
NOTE: See File 992 VIDVUE23.TXT for a quick description of VIDVUE.
Number: 993  Name: PLAYIT.ZIP
Address: MULTIMEDIA   Date: 940415
Approximate # of bytes: 100608
Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 3
PLAYIT version 2.0 <ASP> Plays VOC, WAV, CMF & MID Files. PLAYIT will play VOC,

WAV, CMF & MID files thru your SOUND BOARD. If you do not have a sound board,
you can play VOC files thru your PC SPEAKER. This program will list of of the
sound files in a directory and you chose which one to play using keyboard arrow

keys or mouse to select songs. Utilities: Hardware/System, DareWare Inc.
Requires IBM-compatible.
Number: 994  Name: PC_TALK.ZIP
Address: MULTIMEDIA   Date: 940415
Approximate # of bytes: 140032
Number of Accesses: 2  Library: 3
PC-TALK is a SPEECH/SOUND Library for the PC SPEAKER. With this package you can

combine real spoken phrases with text and graphic screens. Use this program to
add speech to your menu program or to create a DOS multimedia presentation or
tutorial with REAL HUMAN SPEECH of excellent quality from the PC SPEAKER. No
sound card is needed! This is functional shareware from DareWare with LOTS of
examples! Registration gets you an enhanced speech library and three disks full

of speech, music, and sound effects. Requires IBM-compatible.
    _____________________________ ATTENTION ____________________________
   /                                                                    \
  |  As long as individual stories are kept intact and the following     |
  |  credit is included, permission is granted to reprint CYBERSPACE     |
  |  REPORT WEEKLY in ALL or PART on privately held electronic bulletin  |
  |  boards, user group newsletters, and even in magazines! Simply       |
  |  include the following credit line for partial reprints:             |
  |                                                                      |
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  |           RoundTable on GEnie.  Reprinted by permission.             |
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  |  Use the Special Offer Code (*) below to join, and GEnie will WAIVE  |
  |  your first monthly $8.95 subscription fee -- plus you'll get        |
  |  10 HOURS of Free Usage on TOP of that -- AND get online INSTANTLY!  |
  |                                                                      |
  |   1. Set your system to half duplex at 300/1200/2400 baud.           |
  |   2. Dial toll-free 1-800-638-8369 (in Canada dial 1-800-387-8330).  |
  |      Upon CONNECTion, enter HHH. Enter HHH each time you use GENie.  |
  |   3. At the U#= prompt type IAMCOOL and press RETURN.                |
  | * 4. At the Offer Code prompt enter this Special Code:  DTC524       |
  |   5. Have a major credit card account number ready. In the U.S.      |
  |      you may also use your checking account for a $2 monthly fee.    |
  |      In Canada, VISA and MasterCard only.                            |
  |                                                                      |
Accuracy of information supplied by manufacturers and distributors is their 
responsibility. All Trademarks are property of the respective companies.

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