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              d#      ####b     g#00   `N##0"    _agN#0P0N#         d#
             d##       jN##    j##F     J##    _dN0"      "        d##
           .#]##      _P ##L  jN##F     ###   g#0"               .#]##
          dE_j##      #  0## jF ##F    j##F  j##'    ______     dE_j##
        .0"""N##     d"   ##L0  ##F    0##   0##     "9##F"   .0"""5##
      .dF'   ]##    jF    ##0   ##F    ##F   `##k     d##   .dF'   j##
    .g#_    _j##___g#__   ]N  _j##L_ _d##L_   `#Nh___g#N' .g#_    _j##__
   """""    """""""""""    "  """""" """"""      """"""" """""    """"""
           ######    ######   ######    ######    ######   ########  TM
          ##    ##  ##       ##    ##  ##    ##  ##    ##     ##
          ##    ##  ##       ##    ##  ##    ##  ##    ##     ##
          ## ####   ## ##    ## ####   ##    ##  ## ####      ##
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          ##   ###   ######  ##         ######   ##   ###     ##

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%% June 3, 1994                   \\//                   Issue No.  2.18 %%

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The Editor's Desk Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% The Editor's Desk by Robert Niles %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Another week with only rumors abound. Sorry, nothing concrete ...interesting stories, guesses, assumptions, etc. But I will stick with what I stated before ...I really don't wish to start rumor mongering so... On to something else. :) Quite a few of you out there have Internet connections ..or have the ability to send mail to someone on the Internet. So in the next issue I will give out addresses to Magazines in which you can write letters to the editor. The week after, I will compile a list of email addresses in which you can contact major developers of Amiga software and hardware. While these might not be very Amiga specific, it might show how "involved" you can get with magazines, developers, and the infamous via email. The interaction is quite interesting. Until then, we have some interesting articles from Mr. Compton, Mr. Tiberio, and others.... ...but before I go, I need to ask you a favour. Michael Witbrock, the owner of the Commodore Information Resource on the World Wide Web (WWW) is in need of a paint program that (preferably) works with the Picasso II board. He's been updating the Resource and a bit of it involves pictures (a site to see if you have the ability to use Mosaic on the WWW). I ask that if any of you individuals or companies wouldn't mind donating him a paint program, please get ahold of him at: I thank you all!! Enjoy!!!
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Amiga Report Mailing List Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Amiga Report Maillist List, the WWW, and Aminet %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% AR Mailing List ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No Official Amiga Report Distribution Site in your local calling area? Are you tired of waiting for your local BBS or online service to get Amiga Report each week? If so, have we got a deal for you! If you have an internet mailing address, you can receive Amiga Report in UUENCODED form each week as soon as the issue is released. To be put on the list, send Email to Your account must be able to handle mail of any size to ensure an intact copy. For example, many systems have a 100K limit on incoming messages. Many thanks to PORTAL Communications for setting this service up for us! P.S.: Please be sure to include your Email address in the text of your request message, it makes adding it to the list much easier. Thanks! ** IMPORTANT NOTICE: PLEASE be certain your host can accept mail over ** 100K! We have had a lot of bouncebacks recently from systems with a ** 100K size limit for incoming mail. If we get a bounceback with your ** address in it, it will be removed from the list. Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ World Wide Web ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AR can also be read with Mosaic (in either AmigaGuide or html form). Reading AmigaReport with Mosaic removes the necessity to download it. It can also be read using programs found in UNIX sites such as LYNX. Simply tell Mosaic to open the following URL: Mosaic for the Amiga can be found on Aminet in directory comm/net, or (using anonymous ftp) on Mosaic for X, Macintosh(tm) and Microsoft Windows(tm) can be found on ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aminet ~~~~~~ To get Amiga Report from Aminet, simply FTP to any Aminet site, CD to docs/mags. All the back issues are located there as well. ( or are two sites)
Amiga News Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Amiga News %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% MangaZone Announces GeNe and Maestro ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Amiga User, As you know we are a young and aggressive software house as well as a distributor for several products here in Italy. Even though the recent problems in Commodore, we still are fully dedicated to the Amiga line. We believe in the machine and we will be doing everything we can to keep it from falling down. In fact we are now announcing a new product! After the successful release of GeNe(TM), our stock management and invoicing program with features as an over 4 billion client database, product database, and many other exiting things, we have started working on a major product that will revolution the whole DTP world when it comes to music! MAESTRO!(TM) is a fully blown Music Processor with basic DTP for incorporating words into music. Here you will find fome of its major features: - Easy keyboard input as well as standard mouse input. - * .MID readout and layout with automatic percussion transposition and general midi istruments patterns. - Template support. - Infinite level (Memory controlled) undo. - Postscript support for smooth print out. - Postscript support is included at the engine level. The display is seen as a low resolution printer. - Lyrics. - Basic DTP with music and words for printing such products like musicals. - Top ranges for music istruments. - Automatic transposition for istrument with different keys. - Score optimization for deleting empty parts for printing a reduced Director's version. - Instrumentally reduced score for Director's version. - On screen "Score Collapsing" for better section linking. - Automatic time calculation based on all time and tempo changes. - Up to 256 Staffs can be addressed. - And many many more exiting things! The software will be distributed on CD-ROM, together with the Amiga and Windows version. The approssimative RRP should be around US$1000 for a one system licence. Multiple platform/site licence can be bough. Tentative release date will be on the first quarter 1995. A Junior version will be available as well as a special pricing to students and free first copy for any educational institute who makes a formal request (please enquire with us for details). User manual will be on-line as hypertext. Optional paper version will be delivered under request. Details are still not available on the manner this will be executed, but of course there will be also a funtion to print out the manual on a Postscript printer. All in all, you can see we are and want to remain fully dedicated to the Amiga market and we will continue to develop solutions for this computer for a long time. In fact by mid June we will be releasing a free update to GeNe. For further information you can call us, we'll be pleased to be of help. Ivan Pintori, Owner MangaZone Advanced Services Via Grandis 1 00185 Rome Italy Phone/FAX: ++39-6-7028966 e-mail: ============================= HEURIS Logic Continues Amiga Development and Support. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEURIS Logic, one of the premier MPEG encoding service providers in the U.S., will continue to provide MPEG encoding, support, and consulting for CD32 and Amiga developers. HEURIS intends to proceed with their own commercial Amiga development projects, including CD32 games, for the Amiga and Amiga CD32, as well as providing continued support and development of custom Amiga applications for special needs, such as interactive kiosk displays. HEURIS has been a registered Amiga and CD32 developer for some time, and wishes to assure their customers and friends that they will continue to receive the comprehensive project support and consulting to which they have become accustomed. Additionally, HEURIS welcomes inquiries from other developers regarding collaboration and cooperative support for this ideal interactive video platform. Thanks to all other businesses declaring their Amiga support, and especially to the Amiga engineers and systems programmers who have given us this sane, inexpensive multimedia environment. We join you all in the hope that this machine will continue to play an important role in the future of computing. Brian A. Roy Dir. Software Implementation Brian Quandt President Jeanette DePatie Dir. Sales & Marketing HEURIS Logic Incorporated 1758 Muegge St. Charles MO 63303 (314) 949-0415 ============================= SJAUG - South Jersey Amiga Users Group ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The SJAUG is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to the furthering of knowledge of the Amiga Computer. You are invited to come to our meetings. There are no dues or fees. Share your experiences, assist others and stay current with new developments concerning the computer industry and the Amiga. When: 1st Monday of the Month(unless it is a holiday in which case the 2nd Monday is the date). Where: Edgewood Junior High school, Winslow, New Jersey What: Members bring software to demonstate, PD disk collections are available, CD-ROMs from Fred Fish, Aminet. The meetings last from 7pm to 9pm. More information can be obtained from one of the following BBSes in the South Jersey Area: The Amiga Zone - (609) 953-8159 Eagle Bored - (609) 629-1076 Gateway - (609) 931-3014 Viva Amiga - (609) 227-8278 ============================= The Puzzle Factory Announces WinkBug ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Debugging Code was Never Easier" WinkBug(tm) consists of a small 2-line by 16-character LCD display that can help you to debug programs more rapidly and to be more productive. It comes installed in a 3-position parallel port switchbox for added convenience. All 25 positions are switched. As you may be aware, certain types of programs do not lend themselves very well to the use of a debugger. The program may be automatically loaded by the operating system, and not give you any way to "attach" the debugger. Even if this is not a concern, the debugging software itself may change the environment enough so that the program no longer behaves in quite the same way as when the debugger isn't present. WinkBug will solve these problems by virtue of being almost "invisible" to both the OS and the program being tested. Your program may write debugging messages to the WinkBug display by means of software contained in the wink.library. There is even a built-in beeper that responds to the ASCII BEL character. The display speed is fast enough for all but the most time critical code: 40us/char. The code in wink.library is very tight as well. WinkBug will be useful in debugging device drivers, libraries, handlers, interrupt service routines, and many more difficult pieces of code. Utilities are provided so that you may redirect Software Alerts to WinkBug or watch task-switching in real time (only 7% overhead). Enforcer support is also provided. Although there are debugging applications where a full ANSI terminal is indispensable, you will find that for many uses, WinkBug will function just as well, with the additional benefits of taking up almost no space and drawing a negligible 10mw of power. Even if a full ANSI terminal is available where you normally work, you will find WinkBug indispensable for debugging code in the field. It is even possible to build hooks for WinkBug display routines into your code, along with special access codes. You could then send the WinkBug hardware to a customer a continent away for remote debugging. Imagine the possibilities! WinkBug is plug compatible with all models of Amiga computers except the A1000. No external power needed. PRICE US$54 + shipping. Shipping is $5 in the U.S. and Canada. Others please call. The Puzzle Factory, Inc. P.O. Box 986 Veneta, OR 97487 (800) 828-9952 - Orders only (503) 935-3709 - Questions/support Internet: OTHER WinkBug and Wink Display are trademarks of The Puzzle Factory, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.
Reader Mail Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Reader Mail %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% From: Andre Lackmann <> To: AR <> Subject: SimCity 2000 Hi Robert! I was sick and tired of having no answers to the question: 'Will SimCity 2000 be released for the Amiga?' So I went and asked the publishers! Heres what they said: #: 80551 S8/Maxis 02-Jun-94 08:57:53 Sb: #80426-SimCity 2000 Amiga? Fm: Maxis 71333,1470 To: Andre Lackmann 76711,710 (X) Funny you should ask... my understanding is that one of our European affiliates is developing a version for Amiga, and there is a good possibility that we'll soon distribute it here in the States. I'll let all know once there has been a final decision. -Chris
compt.sys.amiga Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% compt.sys.amiga by Jason Compton %% %% More reflections. %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% You know, I AM still serious about that disk magazine thing. To date, though, I think I have three interested people on the list. If you want to sign up for the Coverdisk Mailing list, drop me a line. I'm sending out a mass mailing to our AR distributors tonight to see if they're interested in directly carrying the disk magazine as well. Remember, it's bound to be about a 650k mail file... Samsung...did they or didn't they? Usenet rumors say that C= distributors are being told it's a done deal, but nothing official yet. We'll watch and wait. Upcoming software reviews from me include MaxDOS, PhotoWorx, DirWork 2, and Video Creator for the CD32. Hardware reviews include the Vortex 486SLC2, the SX-1, and the Toccata 16, assuming I ever get it to output sound at all. 24-bit video boards? I'm still trying. GVP and Centaur finally are in the "No thanks, we're washing our hair and can't send you a board" column. Expert Services is supposedly getting one ready, DKB has me marked down for a Talon, NoahJi's has me marked down for a Retina ZIII, and Spectronics has me marked for a Merlin, assuming they get some more that work. (memory problems, the same think Expert Services told me has held up some Picasso IIs.) CD32 software? Well, British Magazine Distributors seems to be the source of choice for both of the US Amiga magazines, and I've sent them off an Amiga Report sampler disk in the hope that I can prove our worth to them. We'll see. Accelerator reviews? I've sent off a sampler to Micro R&D in the hopes of winning an Excalibur away for a month. MacroSystem Development is building Warp Engines with very long production times and small profits at the moment, so they told me to call back in a month or so. Oh, yeah, there IS a review of Lock 'n Load sitting somewhere in Robert Niles' mail. It's a trifle short, and I don't plan to end it with that, there's more to be said. Don't worry. [Ed: Ummm....I don't have it :) Will post it in AR219 ] So, here's to hoping I get something in motion. See you next week, and maybe someone will own the Amiga by then.
Floppy Disk Port Based Amiga Network Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Floppy Disk Port Based Amiga Network by Douglas J. Nakakihara %% %% %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% /******************************************************************** NOTICE: This is the originally submitted text for an article that appeared in the March 21, 1994 issue (#121) of MICROTIMES magazine. (There are some slight edited differences between the published version and this one.) This article is freely-distributable as long as it remains unchanged and this notice and the copyright remain included. This article may not be re-published in any magazine, newsletter, or similar media, including those electronically distributed, without obtaining prior approval from the author. This provision does *not* apply to USENET or BBSs. Specific permission has been granted to Amiga Report. Copyright(C)1994 Douglas J. Nakakihara. The author can be reached thru Internet at MICROTIMES is published by BAM Media, Inc. 3470 Buskirk Ave. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 (510)934-3700 MICROTIMES is available free at various distribution points (usually computer stores) throughout California. The Northern edition is over 300 pages, while the Southern edition is a little less than 200 pages. This is a multi-platform magazine, which includes Amiga coverage. About 200,000 copies are distributed each month. SUBSCRIPTIONS (13 issues): US: 3rd Class $32 (allow 3-4 weeks for delivery), 1st Class $60 (allow 1-2 weeks for delivery). MEXICO & CANADA: Surface Mail $50 (allow 4 weeks for delivery). Air Mail $70 (allow 1 week for delivery). OVERSEAS: Surface Mail $50 (Allow 6-10 weeks for delivery). Air Mail $165 (Allow 1 week for delivery). SAMPLE ISSUES: $4 ($6 for overseas) to cover postage. BACK ISSUES: $6. Although, efforts have been made to ensure the above information is correct, there is no guarantee and prices are subject to change without prior notice. /******************************************************************** Floppy Disk Port Based Amiga Network By Douglas J. Nakakihara Spectronics International U.S.A. is now shipping a terrific product called AmigaLink that allows Amigas to be networked using the floppy drive port! Now even slotless models like the A500, A1200, and CDTV can be part of a network. Although networking usually involves multiple users, single users can also benefit. Each step in the evolution of the Amiga has meant some incompatibility or another. As a result, many Amiga owners continue to hang on to them, even after purchasing a newer model. By networking them, peripherals can be shared, allowing maximum use of all hardware. ParNet Of course, many Amiga owners already rely on the freely- distributable ParNet software to network Amigas. Like ParNet, AmigaLink is also a so-called peer-to-peer network because all of the nodes (i.e., networked computers) are equals, and any one of them can access another's storage devices. A4000-Toaster owners will appreciate the fact that AmigaLink also doesn't use an expansion slot. However, as wonderful as ParNet is, it's just a toy compared to AmigaLink. A downside of using ParNet is that only two Amigas can be networked, AmigaLink can have up to 20. Furthermore, because ParNet monopolizes the parallel port, it can be a real pain using other peripherals that use this port, like a printer, scanner, or audio digitizer. ParNet also provides no access-security between nodes. Although, 20 is the recommended maximum number of nodes, that number can be exceeded, as can the recommended cable length limit of 330 feet. Apparently, the amount of interference at the network's location determines the actual maximums. But this can only be determined by trial and error. For example, using shorter cabling between nodes, may allow you to exceed 20 Amigas. Installation Although the manual provides adequate step-by-step instructions, they are spread over several chapters and the process takes longer than it should. Because installation is fairly involved, it would have been much better if the installation steps were consolidated and preceded by a brief overview of the procedures. In spite of this, I had two nodes up and running in about one-half hour. Hardware Hookup To install AmigaLink, you must first physically connect the computers. The petite AmigaLink adapter is basically a 23-pin connector with a BNC T-connector protruding from where a cable would normally exists. A removable terminating cap is attached to one end of the T- connector. AmigaLink will work with pass-through connectors and you can still have up to three floppy drives on each Amiga. Each Amiga must have its own adapter and 50-ohm RG-58 coaxial cabling is supplied to connect the them together. By removing the terminating cap, you can daisy-chain multiple computers together; however, there must be a terminating cap on the first and last nodes. The procedure is easy and you don't even have to open a computer case! The T-connector portion of the adapter is removable and you can disconnect or reconnect nodes without powering down. Connections will be re-established once nodes are reattached. However, you should never add or remove an AmigaLink adapter while the computer is running. Software Installation The software is installed in three steps. First you must install the device driver on each Amiga. This is accomplished by merely clicking an icon and following the instructions. The manual provides detailed instructions on what AmigaDOS commands must be available for the installation script to work properly (e.g., Run, NewCLI, Copy, etc.). If the software is being installed on a floppy disk, you must delete some files to make room for the AmigaLink software. A handy list of deletable files is provided for Workbench 1.3 and 3.0 disks. Between the two, you can come up with a list for a 2.x Workbench disk. Obviously, you should use a copy of your original Workbench disk. The second step is to install the file system software on each computer. Again, this is a click-and-go procedure. During this process you will be asked for a "host" name. Each node must have a unique name, like "Dougs4K", or "CDTV1." I'd recommend that you keep names as short as possible for reasons you'll see later on. (I was surprised to find that the AmigaLink device driver is SANA-II compatible (Standard Amiga Network Architecture). This means that ENVOY or other SANA-II compatible networking software can be used instead of the AmigaLink file system software.) Configuring Nodes Once the device driver and file system are installed on all Amigas, the third step is to run the configuration programs on each node. These programs do not have to be installed on each node and can be run from the AmigaLink floppy disk. However, I found it more convenient to copy them to my hard drives for possible future configuration changes. There are two configuration programs: Import and Export. Export Export allows you to identify which devices are available to other nodes. Remember, AmigaLink is a true multi-user network. As such, you can keep certain devices private and not allow remote access. This covers all storage devices including RAM: and removable media, like floppy drives (a disk must be present). The Export settings can be saved as a default or just used for the current session. The settings file is saved in the ENVARC: directory under Networks. (ENVARC: is a standardized storage area for configuration information.) You can also save multiple settings. Import Running the Import program brings up a list of the other nodes on the network, called "hosts." By selecting one of the hosts with the mouse, a list of all of its available (i.e., exported) devices appears. You can then select which devices should be mounted on this particular node. (Normally, the Export program should be run on all nodes before running the Import program.) To avoid name conflicts, Import automatically appends the name of the Host to the front of the device and volume names. (Remember, every Amiga storage device has both a device and volume name, which are usually different.) For example, the device and volume names "HD1" and "Work" on host "A3000" become "A3000-HD1" and "A3000-Work", respectively. So if a node already had a HD1 device called Work, a similarly named device on a remote node could be accessed without conflict. The default names can be changed, however. The Import settings are saved in a file in the WBStartup drawer. Although this is a logical location, booting up without all nodes active will yield a slew of annoying error requestors. You can drag the Import icon out of the WBStartup drawer, but you'll have to move it every time new settings are saved. I remedied this by adding some lines to my Startup-Sequence that checks for the Import files in the WBStartup drawer and then moves them to another drawer. This works because the Startup-Sequence is executed before WBStartup programs are run. I don't know why the Import settings aren't saved in the ENVARC: directory just like the Export settings. This would allow the Import startup icon to be placed anywhere. Utilities Diagnostic utility programs are also supplied. One is a self- testing program which identifies hardware problems. Two other programs test the receiving and sending abilities of computers on the network. The Statistics program monitors and displays network performance information. Network Printing AmigaLink comes with a utility program called Spooler, which allows multiple nodes to "print" to the same printer. Spooler is run on the node with the printer, referred to as a "print-server." The program monitors a user-specified directory for activity. When a file is completely "printed" to that directory, Spooler sends it to the printer port, usually PAR:, and then deletes the file. All other nodes must run the AmigaDOS CMD command, usually found in the Tools or Utilities drawer. Generally, CMD is used to redirect printer output to a file in RAM:. However, the output it intercepts can also be redirected over the network to the monitored Spooler directory. You should be able to set up multiple print-servers, each running its own Spooler. Nodes could then print to any of these servers by simply changing the CMD redirection. Do not run CMD on the print-server, however. Doing so will create an endless loop: CMD redirects data headed for the parallel port to the Spooler directory, Spooler then sends this back out to the parallel port--you get the idea. OS1.3 Although, AmigaLink was developed for OS2.0+ users, it functions fine using OS1.3 (reportedly even on an Amiga 1000). It's not as automated as under OS2.0+, so you'll have to use some CLI commands. However, you can modify your Startup-Sequence to automate the process. Remember to include the StartServer command, as the installation process does not do it for you. My Network My test network consisted of an Amiga 3000, 4000, and CDTV. The CDTV required using a pass-through external floppy drive. Since many external floppy drives, like the "official" black CDTV ones, do not have a pass-through connector, Spectronics will be releasing an inexpensive T-connector providing pass-through capabilities. An adapter for CD32 is supposedly in the works too. (Note: If you don't have a keyboard for your CDTV, there are a few public domain utility programs that emulate keyboard input using a mouse.) I was extremely impressed with the AmigaLink. The network is professional and well implemented. Remote devices function just like local ones and their icons appear right on the Workbench, including "left out" icons (OS2.0+)! The network is virtually invisible. Here is where my earlier suggestion for short Host names comes into play. Volume names that display wider than their icon, will make for a real ugly Workbench! This is not a functional problem, but could become aesthetically annoying. To network a CDTV, you'll need to have a non-booting CD inserted into the unit so it will boot off the floppy drive. I was happy to find that AmigaLink handled changing the CDs. Although the volume name didn't change, I could still access it. To get the name to change you must unmount and remount the device. When I rebooted a node, I found that on remote nodes, I had to unmount and then remount any devices imported from the rebooted node. This was so, even though the Import program indicated the devices were mounted. You can click the "mounted" button twice or do it from the CLI. When there are a lot of devices, a script file to unmount devices works great. I also found a conflict between by Goldengate 486 board and AmigaLink. However, as long as I didn't try to access a device on the Amiga with the GG486 while it was emulating, all was fine. Performance Since Amiga floppy drives are no speed-burners, I was very interested to see what kind of performance a floppy port network could achieve. The manual states that the data transfer rate is 450,000 bits- per-second, which translates to about 55 kilobytes-per-second (kbps). My best case was a disappointing 40kbps on my network, while ParNet achieved around 61kbps. However, this is only half of the story. During transfers, ParNet hogged CPU time, while AmigaLink barely required any. So although AmigaLink is slower than ParNet, it uses substantially less system resources, which could be a factor when multitasking. Still, AmigaLink is just fast enough not to cause an anxiety attack. VideoToaster Farm Spectronics is also considering releasing software to do simultaneous Lightwave rendering on multiple Amiga/Toaster systems. This is an excellent application for AmigaLink because a fast transfer rate is not a requirement. "Rendering farms"--just like the big boys (i.e., Amblin Imaging (seaQuest DSV) and Foundation Imaging (Babylon 5))--are now within the reach of smaller 3D studios. Worth The Price This is an extremely important product for the Amiga and one that I am very excited about. At $260 for a two-node network, AmigaLink may seem a little expensive, but a functionally equivalent Ethernet-based network would cost you many times that. AmigaLink performs like a full- fledged network--albeit a little slower--and is well worth its cost. AmigaLink, $259.95 for two computers $124.95 for each additional Spectronics International U.S.A., Inc. 34 East Main St. #3 Champaign, IL 61820 (217)352-0061
SatTrack v4.1 Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% SatTrack v4.1 by Randy Stackhouse %% %% %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% TITLE SatTrack VERSION Current Version is SatTrack 4.1. All new version are free to registered users. AUTHOR Randy Stackhouse, N4RTL EMAIL: R.STACKHOUSE@GENIE.GEIS.COM DESCRIPTION A satellite tracking program. Allows for selection of a database that can contain up to 1000 satellites. Tracks satellites on a graphics display of the world. All graphics are IFF compatible allowing for loading of display to standard painting program. SatTrack allows for input of satellite data using either standard data format or by simple user input. Satellite database files are included, also information for obtaining database updates from public domain and government locations. All operations use standard windows and menus. SatTrack has a simulation mode that allows for predictions in the future. Operates on Workbench 1.3, 2.X and 3.X. This is version 4.1. SatTrack is keyware, see the registration file for more information. SatTrack Demo is fully operational until the expiration time is reached. NEW FEATURES New for SatTrack 4.1 Addition of support for various sized screens. This allows for better support of PAL users and users with extended graphics cards. Also included is Sun tracking which allows for calculation of sun position. Sun position is required to allow SatTrack to calculate the times when a particular satellite, shuttle or MIR is "in the sun" and you are not. This determination allows the SatTrack user to predict when a space object is visible. Overhead view is a map of the sky from your location. It is representative of where the satellite will travel within your view. The display represents a circle. The center of the circle is "up". The outside circumference of the circle is your "horizon". Another circle 1/2 the size of the other circle with the same center is the 45degree azimuth from your location. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Hard drive is optional. Math Co-processor is supported but not required. HOST NAME Aminet at ( GENIE DIRECTORY Aminet: misc/sci GENIE: Amiga BBS/Roundtable keyword:SatTrack FILE NAMES SatTrack_v4_1.lha SatTrack_v4_1.readme (short description) PRICE Valid KEYS are $20 and will cause your copy of SatTrack to work forever. If the most recent version of SatTrack is desired, $30 will get you a distribution disk with your keys already installed. SatTrack is keyware. Keyware allows user evaluation of all features. Demo keyware expires on a certain date. After that date, Amiga system time may be moved back to allow for evaluation of the software, however execution of tracking for current time is not possible. ALL PURCHASED KEYS DO NOT EXPIRE AND WILL WORK WITH ALL FUTURE VERSIONS OF SATTRACK. FUTURE VERSION ARE FREE TO REGISTERED USERS. SEND A DISK TO: Randy Stackhouse 4 Sinclair Cir Indialantic Fla, 32903 USA Include proper postage. DISTRIBUTABILITY SatTrack is Copyrighted, 1993,1994. Copies of SatTrack and DEMO keys may be freely distributed. Registered keys contain Users' name, phone number and address. Public release of these keys is not allowed by registration agreement.
Message from Blazemonger! Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Message from BLAZEMONGER by Daniel Barrett %% %% %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED'S statement on CBM situation By now, we've all heard the sad news about Commodore. Since the announcement, we at BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED have been bombarded with calls, letters, e-mails, rotten tangerines, dismembered weasel carcasses, etc., all asking the big question: "What is going to happen next?" Well, here is some news to dispel all those nasty rumors and set your minds at ease. Unless you're one of the dweebs who threw the weasels. We've got a surprise in store for YOU. Heh heh. And now, as a public service, BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED proudly presents the TRUE ANSWERS to the most pressing questions that have been rattling around in our tiny little brains for the past few weeks. Q: Is Commodore dead? A: According to Ron Nibbly, head of our "Legal Department", Commodore has "filed for bankruptcy under Bahamian Law. This is a highly technical process which consists mainly of filing several hundred legal documents and then drinking oneself into a stupor on a sunny, tropical beach." (Hence the term, "voluntary liquidation.") So no, Commodore is not dead: it's blind, staggering drunk. Except for the Marketing Department, which amazingly is going to turn a profit this quarter. Q: Is somebody going to buy Commodore? A: Yes, absolutely. Q: I heard that Samsung is buying (or considering buying) Commodore. Is this true? A: No. This ridiculous story began on USENET because of a network glitch. A bunch of people in c.s.a.advocacy were talking about the Massachusetts-based Free Software Foundation, the makers of GNU software (gcc, emacs, etc.). Somebody's network node hiccupped, and the letters of "GNU MASS" got rearranged to spell "SAMSUNG". Yes, it's true. Amazing how rumors start, eh? Q: Oh yeah? Then who is going to buy CBM, Mr. Smarty Pants? A: We at BLAZEMONGER INC. have direct access to the most up-to-date, secret information about the impending purchase of Commodore. Ten or fifteen vendors are currently battling it out, and Commodore will apparently go to the winner. Nobody knows for sure which vendor will emerge victorious, but BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED is betting on "Bob's Bait 'n Tackle." This popular fishing supply store in Chickenmilk, Wisconsin, hopes to get the rights to the AAA chipset. According to the owner, Bob "Bob" Bob, "them there Super Duper Agnes chips done make a excellent bait fer catchin' all kinds 'o fish." If he wins the rights, Bob plans to license the technology to other vendors if they can successfully answer a 15-question quiz about mackerel. Anyone wanting more information can write to Bob at Q: Where is Irving Gould now? A: Having recovered from his beachside "liquidation", Irving has retired and moved to Skink City, Iowa, where he has opened up a PC clone dealership. Reports say he sold 8 computers this month and somehow managed to pull in a $1,400,000 salary. Q: And where is Medhi Ali? A: We're offering him a job as a punching bag for the "Customer Service" department. Q: And for THAT matter, where is Sue West, our favorite ex-CBMer whose bulletins used to grace the comp.sys.amiga.announce newsgroup? A: After her unfortunate dismissal from CBM during one of the last rounds of layoffs, Sue vanished from sight, but we managed to track her down. It turns out that as Sue was leaving CBM for the last time, she was mistaken for someone else, abducted, and committed to the West Chester Home For The Mentally Wacky. Fortunately, we at BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED were able to negotiate with the doctors there and get her out. Actually, we just sent a few helpful "Customer Service" folks to the Home carrying a big sign that said "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE." Q: Will BLAZEMONGER INCORPORATED continue to support the Amiga? A: Yes, definitely! We will continue bringing you the finest ViolentWare (TM) products on the planet... and then some! Next week, we'll be releasing BLAZE-MELTDOWN, a new "simulation" type game in the spirit of Sim City, Populous, etc., but not like those WIMPY TRASH PSEUDO-GAMES. In BLAZE-MELTDOWN, you get to simulate the operation of an actual nuclear reactor. The feeling of realism is intensified by forcing your computer monitor to emit FIVE THOUSAND TIMES its normal amount of RADIATION. We are sure that you will have an exciting reaction to this explosive new product. Well, I hope this article clears up some of the LIES and MISINFORMATION floating around the Net. More should become clear as the weeks go on. And if not, we'll be happy to "clarify" some more. :-) Dan ps: Thanks to Dense from IRC for preening my pet basilisk, "Boinky". --- Copyright 1994 by Daniel J. Barrett. All rights reserved. This article may be freely distributed as long as it is distributed in its entirety. It may not be included in any publication without the written permission of the author. So nyaaah.
Files on your harddrive Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Files on your HardDrive by David Tiberio %% %% %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Ever wonder what all those files are on your hard drive? A lot of them don't really do anything but sit there and stare back at you. In fact, that is what most of them do... and in some cases when you need to use a file, it will be there for you. But keep in mind that for years, Amiga users have been using Workbench disks with virtually no files on them other than the LoadWB command, since most of the important stuff is located on the Kickstart ROM. Here are some files on most Workbench disks, with a quick explanation of what they are there for: .backdrop On Workbench 2.0 or greater machines, this tells the Workbench which icons have been dragged out of a drawer and onto the Workbench. .info Contains some information about the current directory. <file>.config Not set by the Workbench, but used by some third party programs that you may have bought or downloaded, and will contain information that you or the program set to use as a configuration or preference. In other words, it contains custom information that the program will use to set itself on your system. <file>.datatype This is a type of display driver that works with the Workbench Multiview utility on Workbench 2.1 or greater. Each datatype will support an image format, an audio format, text format, or other multimedia format. This replaces programs such as More, AmigaGuide, WDisplay, etc. <file>.device This is a special type of library that is used by programs. This might explain how to produce speech, how to access the serial port, or how to use other types of hardware. <file>.font Here we find information about fonts, such as the name of the font and what sizes are available. <file>.guide These are hypertext documents that are included with Workbench 2.1 or greater. You can download AmigaGuide from a BBS if you have another Workbench, at least version 1.3. These are often used as help files or online magazines. :) <file>-handler This is a type of library that explains how to use things such as the mouse and keyboard, as far as receiving input. It is often used to pass information around the system. <file>.info This is the image used for the icon of a file, along with other information such as the stack size and parameters to pass to the file, which can be changed from the Workbench. <file>.library This is the collection of commands that allow programs to run. These are some of the most frequently used commands. Instead of a program containing its own commands, it can share libraries with other programs. These commands might include math operations like sine and cosine, or openning windows and drawing lines. This contains the icon for the current partition, floppy disk, or hard drive. kickstart This files is located on many Amiga 3000 computers. It contains the Kickstart ROM on disk. Many Amiga 3000 computers do not have the ROMs on chips, and load them off the hard drive. Without this file, you computer may not boot. Some machines have this file and a ROM chip because Commodore put the ROM chips in without removing it from the hard drives. This was not a bad decision, but however it does use 1/2 megabyte of disk space. If you know you have the ROM chips on your motherboard, you can delete this file. If your computer no longer boots, you will have to reinstall the Kickstart from the SuperKickstart install disk. Better left alone! loadwb This small command loads the Workbench, which is stored in the Kickstart ROM. The Loadwb command is stored often in the C directory. If you ever have a shell open but the Workbench is missing, try typing loadwb. mountlist This contains information on the hard drives and floppy drives attached to your system, such as the partition size. Newer versions of the Workbench and Kickstart do not require these files, but in many cases use them for RAD: devices and other similar devices. shell-startup This script is executed whenever you open a shell or CLI. You can change the prompt, or write messages to yourself :). Mine sets aliases to make it similar to cshell, which is used on UNIX machines. startup-sequence This is executed whenever you boot your computer. It loads all the files it thinks are necessary for you to be happy. user-startup Here is a type of startup-sequence that you are welcome to modify to suit your needs. The startup-sequence, in most cases, will execute it while booting. - AMINET REFERENCES - aguide34.lha text/hyper 268K AmigaGuide.library-system for OS < 3.0 AmigaFAQ-4856.lha text/hyper 44K+AmigaFAQ by David Tiberio amigaguide.lzh text/hyper 277K+amigaguide development kit v34.3 Hyper.lha text/hyper 53K*Leads you through AmigaGuide docs AmigaFAQ210394.lha docs/misc 249K+Frequently asked questions concerning the Amiga As Edward Cayce might say, that is all for the present...
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% European Outlook by Jesper Juul %% %% %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% AR Contest Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% AR Contest by David Tiberio %% %% Enter and Win! %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% - THE PRIZE FOR NEXT MONTH - The Amiga Report contest is still going on, and it is not too late to enter. This ongoing monthly contest allows Amiga Report readers a chance to win software by either solving a puzzle or by entering a random drawing. The prize this month is the Amiga/Toaster Reference Manual v2.221, from Area52. This is a 1,000 page help system for the Amiga and Video Toaster, covering the Workbench, AmigaDOS, Lightwave, and more ($34.95). The second prize choice is the FutureShock audio CDROM, which was produced using Amiga computers by SideWinder. There are some Sidewinder music modules on Aminet that you may want to look at for a sample of the audio CD ($12.95). Previously we have offered the ARexx Reference Disk by Merrill Callaway, which was awarded to a previous winner. Contact Whitestone for more information (505) 268-0678. All monthly contests end on the morning of the first of the following month. Any entries beyond this date will be entered into the next contest. - THE MONTHLY DRAWING - To enter the random drawing, select a number from 1 to 262,144 and send it to me at one of my addresses listed below, either by the postal service or email through the Internet. Also, you may enter by solving the following puzzle. The winner of this puzzle will be decided within the same time frame as the random prize, to allow the contest information to filter through the networks, and to allow your letters and postcards to come in. - THE PUZZLE - Since people complained that the first contest was too hard, and that the second was too easy, I made one that anyone can solve with a little thought. Once you get some of it decoded you will be able to solve it with ease ::heh heh::! Decrypt the following encoded message: 17851 47932 Each location in the code represents one character in the ASCII character set from A to Z. Also provide your method of obtaining the answer. - TO ENTER - To enter, simply let your fingers do the talking and write an email and send it to You MUST put the word CONTEST in the subject line of the email header! Otherwise you run the risk of having your email deleted (don't ask, it is a long story!) or send a post card or letter to: Amiga Report Contest c/o David Tiberio 6 Lodge Lane East Setauket, NY 11733 Is it possible to win via snail mail? You might think that your chances of winning are better by entering in email (much faster of course), but last month's winner send in a letter that arrived the day before his winning number was drawn! In your letter or email, please provide the following: Your full name and address. Please keep in mind that many of you may have addresses that I am not accustomed to, so please include your country or any other information that I would need in case you win. An email address should also be included, if possible. You must also include a brief one sentence overview of the editorial in this issue of AMiga Report. Just to make sure you are reading it. :) You must also include the issue number. For example, if you read this in AR213, then include that in your correspondance. Also, a prize winner will be determined by a random number generator. Choose a number from 1 to 262,144. The closest winner or winners to the randomly generated number will receive the prize in the mail. Anyone who does not provide a number will have one assigned to him randomly. All prizes will be mailed within one week after I get my hands on the published version of AmigaReport. I am doing this for a few reasons. First, every winner so far has given the correct puzzle solution before I have received the editon of AmigaReport that announced it. :) Second, I don't like to go to the post office every day if I can avoid it. Third, you never know when someone's power supply might blow up (right Mr. Editor?!). - RULES AND REGULATIONS - 1. In the evnt that the editor's power supply fries, the contest for that month will have its deadline postponed to a later date, to be announced. Any contest entries for the random drawing will be added to the next month's drawing, to be held once per month near the beginning of the month. 2. All prizes are donated. I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by a prize. For example, if you leave your prize on the stairs and your grandmother slips on it, I will not pay her medical bills. 3. We are not doing this for any profit, and cannot be held responsible if we go out of business or are otherwise financially unable to give you anything! We are actively looking for submissions from other software authors. 4. Good things come to those who read the rules and regulations! Here is a tip to help you win: every problem is a trick problem, or gives you clues that are not part of the problem itself. Read the whole entire contest entry looking for clues. And read my other articles for more clues. I give some very obvious clues :). 5. If for any circumstance you are awarded a prize but do not receive it, contact me at (516) 476-1615. I will promptly attend to any mistakes that have been made. 6. These rules are subject to change at any time without warning! - THE DISCLAIMER - DISCLAIMER: This contest is being provided as a service to the Amiga community and all persons involved in running this contest cannot be held liable for anything that costs you money or lifetime pain and anguish. Rules are subject to change. All entries must be received by whenever TBA. Any entries beyond this date will be entered into the next contest, if any. - THE CHANCE YOU WILL WIN - Odds of winning are approximately 1:50 for the random drawing and 1:15 for the correct answer to the puzzle, based upon current entries. SPECIAL THANKS to SideWinder for donating the Future Shock albums for inclusion in our contest, along with Merrill Callaway for his ARexx Reference Disk!
Emulation Editor Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Emulation Rambler by Jason Compton %% %% A bit of a slow week... %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% IMPORTANT! KEEP READING TO SEE A UNIQUE CHANCE TO HELP THE RAMBLER IN A WAY THAT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED! Well, let's just say I haven't DONE much, but it's not for lack of trying. My wonderful friend Katie Nelson just got her Vortex 486SLC2 emulator board. Unfortunately, we've had nearly zero success getting it up and running on her seems that just about every command we can give it crashes either just the emulation or the emulation AND the Amiga. This is not good. We'll work on it, though, and find out how good GMR's technical support REALLY is. :) The SX-1 made it out of alpha and beta boards are being built this week. I'm calling Thursday to confirm the status of mine. When I asked about the results of the alpha boards, I was told by Jerry at Paravision, "There's too many damn wires," and that they had a few problems getting around CD32 design flaws that apparently violate Commodore's own standards. I'll keep you posted. My MaxDOS package is shipping now. If I haven't mentioned it, or you haven't heard of it, it's basically a Macintosh file system for the Amiga, meaning you can access Mac disks and hard drives as AmigaDOS devices and files. Not a bad idea, is it? When I get it, I will of course give you a comprehensive review. My summation of the Emplant/A-Max review series has met with some criticism on c.s.a.emulators, particularly from those who feel that I was too easy on A-Max IV for supporting far less 24-bit video boards than the Emplant. To that, I say that I gave the evaluation that I felt was deserved. I will readily concede that I could have done a more thorough job if I had 24-bit boards at my disposal, but STILL, no company has been interested in providing one for review, or at the very least has actually come through with the goods. I do my best. Chris Hames has been talking about V3 of his PC-Task IBM software emulator. No release date has been set yet, but an important addition will be support for 286 code meaning <drum roll> you can run Windows 3.1 on it! <cymbal crash> Finally, V1.1 of Kevin Kralian's moderately controversial Apple 2000 emulator has been released. He still doesn't mention me in the doc file. :) Seriously, he claims to have sped up some routines a bit and has added support for two things: 1. Support for the "generic disk image" format, which is popular on Apple II FTP sites. 2. Support for the A1020 5.25 inch drive, included as a separate utility written by Ron Menelli, for transferring Apple II disks to a usableimage. Finally, I suppose you're interested in finding out what it was I was talking about above, in terms of helping me out. Well, I'm in the market for a new bridgeboard-preferably a Commodore 386sx, but that's negotiable. My net address should be listed around the magazine, but for repetition's sake, here's all of my important information- Jason Compton 1203 Alexander Ave. Streamwood, IL 60107-3003 Fax: (708) 741-0689. Thanks for your time. Keep the emulators warm, and sell me a bridgeboard.
Portal Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Portal: A Great Place For Amiga Users %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Portal Communications' Amiga Zone The AFFORDABLE alternative for online Amiga information ------------------------------------------------------- The Portal Online System is the home of acclaimed Amiga Zone, which was formerly on the People/Link System. Plink went out of business in May, 1991 and The Amiga Zone's staff moved to Portal the next day. The Zone has just celebrated its second anniversary on Portal. The Amiga press raves about The Amiga Zone, when compared to its competition. If you live in the San Jose, CA area, then you can dial Portal directly. If you live elsewhere, you can reach Portal through any SprintNet (formerly Telenet) indial anywhere in the USA. If you have an account on another Internet-connected system, you can connect to Portal using the UNIX Telnet programs, from anywhere in the industrialized world. Delphi and BIX users can now Telnet into Portal for a flat $19.95 a month, with *unlimited* use. Some of Portal/Amiga Zone's amazing features include: Over 1.5 GIGabytes of Amiga-specific files The *entire* Fred Fish collection of freely distributable software, online. Fast, Batch Zmodem file transfer protocol. Download up to 100 files at once, of any size, with one command. Twenty Amiga vendor areas with participants like AmigaWorld, ASDG, Soft-Logik, Black Belt, Apex Publishing, Stylus, Prolific, NES. 35 "regular" Amiga libraries with thousands of files. Hot new stuff arrives daily. No upload/download "ratios" EVER. Download as much as you want, as often as you want, and never feel pressued doing it. Live, interactive nightly chats with Amiga folks whose names you will recognize. Special conferences. Random chance prize contests. Famous Amiga folks aren't the exception on Portal, they're the norm. Vast Message bases where you can ask questions about *anything* Amiga related and get quick replies from the experts. Amiga Internet mailing lists for Imagine, DCTV, LightWave, HyperAmi, Director and Landscapes are fed right into the Zone message bases. Read months worth of postings. They don't scroll off, ever! No need to clutter your mailbox with them. FREE unlimited Internet Email. Your Portal account gets you a mailbox that's connected to the world. Send letters of any length to computer users in the entire industrialized world. No limits. No extra charges. No kidding! Portal has the Usenet. Thousands of "newsgroups" in which you can read and post articles about virtually any subject you can possibly imagine. Other Portal SIGs (Special Interest Groups) online for Mac, IBM, Sun, NeXT, UNIX, Science Fiction, Writers, amateur radio, and a graphics SIG with thousands of GIF files to name just a few. ALL Portal SIGs are accessible to ALL Portal customers with NO surcharges ever. The entire UPI/Clarinet/Newsbytes news hierarchy ($4/month extra) An entire general interest newspaper and computer news magazine. Portal featues an exciting package of Internet features: IRC, FTP, TELNET, MUDS, LIBS. Free to all Portal customers with your account. Internet Services is a menu driven version of the same kinds of utilities you can also use from your Portal UNIX shell account. All the files you can FTP. All the chatting you can stand on the IRC. And on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) you can talk live, in real time with Amiga users in the U.K., Europe, Australia, the Far East, 24 hours a day. Our exclusive PortalX by Steve Tibbett, the graphical "front end" for Portal which will let you automatically click'n'download your waiting email, messages, Usenet groups and binary files! Reply to mail and messages offline using your favorite editor and your replies are sent automatically the next time you log into Portal. (PortalX requires Workbench 2.04 or higher) And Portal does NOT stick it to high speed modem users. Whether you log in at 1200 or 2400 or 9600 or 14.4K you pay the same low price. How does all that sound? Probably too good to be true. Well, it IS true. Portal Signup or for more information: 408-973-9111 (voice) 9a.m.-5p.m. Mon-Fri, Pacific Time 408-725-0561 (modem 3/12/2400) 24 hours every day 408-973-8091 (modem 9600/14400) 24 hours every day or enter "C PORTAL" from any Sprintnet dial-in in the USA, or telnet to "" from anywhere. PORTAL'S CURRENT RATES: All prices shown are in U.S. Dollars Total Total Total Total Cost Cost Cost Cost Fee 1 hr. 5 hrs. 10 hrs.30 hrs. Startup Monthly Per Per per per per Fee Fee Hour month month month month $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Portal 19.95 19.95 2400/9600/14.4Kbps, *direct 24 hrs 0.00 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 2400/9600bps nonprime Sprint 2.50 22.95 32.45 44.95 94.95 2400/9600bps prime Sprint +% 5.50-10 29.95 69.95 119.95 varies 2400/9600bps non prime # PCPursuit 1.00 20.95 24.95 29.95 49.95 * plus cost of phone call if out of Portal's local dialing area Direct rates also apply to connections made to Portal using the UNIX "telnet" program from an account you may already have on an Internet-connected system. % 9600 bps Sprintnet in over 300 cities areas + $10 rate prevails at smaller US Cities # PCPursuit is a service of US Sprint. Portal is a PCPursuit "Direct Access Facility" thus connection to Portal with a PCP account is simply a matter of entering C PORTAL,PCP-ID,PCP-PASSWORD at the SprintNet login prompt instead of C PORTAL. Note: Portal Direct 9600/14400 bps service is availble for both USR HST modems, and any V32/V32.bis modems. There are dozens of direct-dial high speed lines into Portal. No busy signals! SprintNet 9600bps service is V.32 modem protocol only. Again, Portal does NOT surcharge high speed modem users! Portal subscribers who already have an account on an Internet-capable system elsewhere, can use that system's "telnet" program to connect to Portal for $0.00 an hour. That's right ZERO. From anywhere in the world. If you're in this category, be sure to ask the Portal reps, when you signup, how to login to Portal from your existing Internet account. Call and join today. Tell the friendly Portal Customer Service representative, "The Amiga Zone and Amiga Report sent me!" [Editor's Note: Be sure to tell them that you are an Amiga user, so they can notify the AmigaZone sysops to send their Welcome Letter and other information!] That number again: 408-973-9111. Portal Communications accepts MasterCard, Visa, or you can pre-pay any amount by personal check or money order. The Portal Online System is a trademark of Portal Communications.
Dealer Directory Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Dealer Directory %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Almathera Systems Ltd Southerton House Boundary Business Court 92-94 Church Road Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3TD England VOICE: (UK) 081 687 0040 FAX: (UK) 081 687 0490 Internet: (Sales) (Technical) Amigability Computers P.O. Box 572 Plantsville, CT 06479 VOICE: 203-276-8175 Internet: amiga@phantm.UUCP BIX: jbasile (Send E-mail to subscribe to our mailing list) Apogee Technologies 1851 University Parkway Sarasota, FL 34243 VOICE: 813-355-6121 Portal: Apogee Internet: Armadillo Brothers 753 East 3300 South Salt Lake City, Utah VOICE: 801-484-2791 Internet: Atlantis Kobetek Inc. 1496 Lower Water St. Halifax, NS, Canada, B3J 1R9 Phone: (902)-422-6556 Fax: (902)-423-9339 BBS: (902)-492-1544 Internet: Brian Fowler Computers Ltd 11 North St Exeter Devon EX4 3QS United Kingdom Voice: (0392) 499 755 Fax: (0392) 423 480 Internet: CLICK! Amiga Specialists N.V. Boomsesteenweg 468 B-2610 Wilrijk - Antwerpen Belgium - Europe VOICE: 03 / 828.18.15 FAX: 03 / 828.67.36 USENET: FIDO: 2:292/603.9 AmigaNet: 39:120/102.9 Comspec Communications Inc Serving your computing needs since 1976 74 Wingold Ave Toronto, Ontario Canada M6B 1P5 Computer Centre: (416) 785-8348 Service, Corporate & Educational Sales: (416) 785-3553 Fax: 416-785-3668 Internet: Computers International, Inc. 5415 Hixson Pike Chattanooga, TN 37343 VOICE: 615-843-0630 DataKompaniet ANS Pb 3187 Munkvoll N-7002 Trondheim Norway - Europe VOICE/FAX: 72 555 149 Internet: Digital Arts 122 West 6th Street Bloomington, IN 47404 VOICE: (812)330-0124 FAX: (812)330-0126 BIX: msears Finetastic Computers 721 Washington Street Norwood, MA 02062 VOICE: 617-762-4166 BBS: 617-769-3172 Fido: 1:101/322 Portal: FinetasticComputers Internet: HT Electronics 275 North Mathilda Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94086 VOICE: 408-737-0900 FAX: 408-245-3109 Portal: HT Electronics Internet: HT Industrial Video, Inc. 1601 North Ridge Rd. Lorain, OH 44055 VOICE: 800-362-6150 216-233-4000 Internet: Contact: John Gray MicroSearch 9000 US 59 South, Suite 330 Houston, Texas VOICE: 713-988-2818 FAX: 713-995-4994 Mr. Hardware Computers P.O. Box 148 59 Storey Ave. Central Islip, NY 11722 VOICE: 516-234-8110 FAX: 516-234-8110 A.M.U.G. BBS: 516-234-6046 MusicMart: Media Sound & Vision 71 Wellington Road London, Ontario, Canada VOICE: 519-434-4162 FAX: 519-663-8074 BBS: 519-457-2986 FIDO: 1:221/125 AmigaNet: 40:550/1 MaxNet: 90:204/1 iNET: PSI Animations 17924 SW Pilkington Road Lake Oswego, OR 97035 VOICE: 503-624-8185 Internet: Software Plus Chicago 3100 W Peterson Avenue Chicago, Illinois VOICE: 312-338-6100 Wonder Computers Inc. 1315 Richmond Rd. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2B 8J7 Voice: 613-596-2542 Fax: 613-596-9349 BBS: 613-829-0909 CYNOSTIC Office O1, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry. CV6 7NB UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 (0)203 681687 Fax: +44 (0)203 638508 David Cassidy email: DataService Oy P.O. Box 50 Kuurinniityntie 30 02771 ESPOO Findland, Europe Voice: +358 (9) 400 438 301 Fax: +358 (9) 0505 0037 PROTONIC INC. Amiga RuleZ! 4-3-11 Shinbashi Yanagi Bldg 4F Minato-ku,Tokyo 105 Japan Tel:+81 (0)3 5402-7425 Fax:+81 (0)3 5402-7427 and of course the BEST Amiga BBS in Japan BBS:Grey Matter BBS +81 (0)3 5709-1907 (8N1 V32bis 24H ) Email: Amiga Video Solutions 1568 Randolph Avenue St. Paul, MN 55105 Voice: 612-698-1175 BBS: 612-698-1918 Fax: 612-224-3823 Net: Magic Page 3043 Luther Street Winston-Salem, NC 27127 910-785-3695 voice/fax Keizer Tech 3881 River Rd N Keizer, OR 97303 USA Voice: 393-5472 (Dealers: To have your name added, please send Email!)
BIX Table of Contents /// BIX - Byte Information Exchange Lots of information! ------------------------------- BIX is the premier online service for computing professionals and enthusiasts. While other online services cater to computer novices, BIX is the place for knowledgeable people to go for answers to tough questions. You're likely to find many others in similar situations who can offer advice, give technical assistance, or point you in the right direction. *** FULL INTERNET ACCESS! *** BIX features access to the Internet - you can use FTP to transfer files from sites all over the world, telnet to log on to other online services, schools, and research sites, and send Internet mail to millions of people at services like DELPHI, CompuServe, America Online, MCI Mail, and other sites and services. Services like "WHOIS" and "Finger" are also available, with more features on the way (like USENET newsgroups; our newsreader is currently being tested and should be available very soon!) There are no usage fees or special charges for Internet access - it's all part of your BIX subscription. ============================== Rates and Connect Information: ============================== BIX membership costs $13 per month, plus connect time. There are several different ways to connect: SprintNet* $3/hour evenings/weekends $9/hour weekdays Tymnet:** $3/hour evenings/weekends $9/hour weekdays (SprintNet and Tyment rates shown are for 48 contiguous US states only.) Tymnet Canada: $4/hr eves/wkends $9/hour weekdays Tymnet Hawaii: $10/hr eves/wkends $20/hour weekdays Telnet(via Internet): $1/hour, round the clock Direct dial (Boston): $2/hour, round the clock (up to 9600 bps) * SprintNet daytime hours are from 6am to 7pm, M-F, ET. ** Tymnet daytime hours are from 7am to 6pm, M-F, ET. 20/20 PLAN OPTION (for USA-48 users only): Volume users can choose the 20/20 Advantage Plan, which is $20 per month and includes the first 20 hours of access by any combination of methods from the contiguous United States. Additional use is $1.80 per hour (additional use for telnet access is $1 an hour). The 20/20 Plan's cost is in addition to the $13 monthly fee. INTERNATIONAL USERS: If you wish to connect internationally through Tymnet or SprintNet, please contact your local PTT. BIX accepts prepaid international calls, direct dial, or telnet connections. In order to make a "collect" (not prepaid) call to BIX, your account must be verified before the charges are accepted. When you complete the registration, we'll mail you a BIX Membership Agreement by regular US Mail. Whe you receive it, sign it and return it to us by mail. When we receive it here, we'll authorize your account to make reverse charged calls. If you want to access BIX right away, contact your local PTT to set up a prepaid account. You'll pay your local carrier for your calls to BIX in advance, so there's no waiting period or verfication needed. Or, connect at BIX via telnet to SprintNet international calls from most locations are $24 an hour. Tymnet international charges vary, but are generally between $20-$30 an hour. ==================== Billing Information: ==================== You can charge your monthly BIX membership fees to your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card. You may have your company invoiced for one or more BIX memberships with a BIX Corporate Account. =================== To Sign Up For BIX: =================== Dial by modem 1-800-695-4882 or 617-491-5410 * (use 8 data bits, no parity, full duplex) Press a few carriage returns until you see the Login:(enter "bix") prompt, then type bix At the Name? prompt, type bix.amrpt * Users already on the internet can telnet to instead. At the USERNAME: prompt enter bix, then at the Name? prompt. Once your account is registered, you can connect the same way, except at the Name? prompt you'll enter your BIXname and then your password. Using the above procedure will allow users in the 48 contiguous United States to take advantage of our special "5 for $5" offer. This offer lets you use up to 5 hours of evening/weekend time on BIX during the current calender month (whatever month you sign up in), for $5. Additional time is $1.80 per hour ($1 per hour for telnet). At the end of the calender month, you will be placed into our standard rate plan, at $13 monthly plus connect charges. You may also join the 20/20 Plan at this time. If you have other questions, please contact BIX Member Services at (800) 695-4775; send a fax to BIX at (617) 491-6642; or send Internet mail to BIX Member Services hours are 12pm - 11pm, Monday through Friday, ET.
YAK v1.58 Table of Contents TITLE Yak -- multi-purpose commodity VERSION 1.58 AUTHORS Gael Marziou and Philippe Bastiani. E-mail address: DESCRIPTION Yak stands for "Yet Another Kommodity" (never was any good at spelling), and is a mouse/window manipulation program along the same lines as DMouse, KCommodity and lets you activating screens and windows, inserting localized date. It offers more than the AutoPoint Commodore standard commodity and it's only 30 Kb long! FEATURES A lot! Among them : AutoActivation of windows, extensible hotkey system (like FKey's) with a lot of different actions NEW FEATURES This is an update to Yak 1.57, it fixes 5 bugs and introduce some new features : * Now when alt key is pressed, Yak doesn't blank the mouse so that accessing menus via keyboard is easier. * Now compilable with both SAS C 6.51 and with DICE ! * Black border for screens (available only in 3.0+). * New layout of the GUI. * Palette title localized. * Screen patterns now use screens default titles instead of current screen title. It makes easier writing patterns for screens such as workbench or BrowserII ones. * New hotkey to set default public screen. * New way to automatically define a hotkey by hitting it. * Now Yak can open only one palette per screen. * Added danish catalog, installation script and doc. * Added a toggle to blank mouse or not on key pressed. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS OS release 2.04 or newer is required; Yak has been tested with OS releases through 3.0. Distribution is archived with lha so program to un-archive them is needed. Amigaguide or Multiview is required to read documentation. HOST NAME Software has been uploaded to the Aminet Site: pub/aminet/ and will be readily available on other Aminet sites. DIRECTORY /pub/aminet/util/cdity FILE NAME yak158.lha : main archive. yak158src.lha : source archive only interesting for programmers. PRICE There is no charge for use of this software. DISTRIBUTABILITY Freely distributable as long as the contents of the archive are kept intact. OTHER E-mail address for bug reports and fixes: Gael
FGP2 v2.02 Table of Contents TITLE FGP2 VERSION 2.02 AUTHOR Simon Austin ( DESCRIPTION At the start of this Formula One season Autosport magazine started running a Fantasy Grand Prix competition. FGP2 is a program which allows you to avoid working out how many places your driver gained on his grid position and shows how many points Rubens Barrichello scored by coming in third. FGP2 has a simple command line interface and takes most of its input in the form of human-readable ascii files which can be created on any text editor. FGP2 comes complete with enough data files to get you up to date (currently the Monaco Grand Prix), full instructions and rules. As of this release FGP2 2.02 can cope with up to 50 fantasy teams and contains details for all the drivers who have driven in this season. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS None. HOST NAME Any aminet site e.g. ( DIRECTORY /pub/aminet/game/misc FILE NAMES fgp202.lha 18511 bytes fgp202.readme 1919 bytes PRICE free, gratis, nada, nuthin', nowt. DISTRIBUTABILITY Freely distributable. Program Copyright 1994 Simon Austin. Results Format Copyright 1994 John Simpson.
DeepSpace v1.2 Table of Contents TITLE DeepSpace VERSION V1.2 AUTHOR Todd & Darrell Neumiller (Darrell Neumiller - DESCRIPTION DeepSpace is a Shell/CLI multi-player, multi-node BBS, space roll playing game. Real time fighting, chat and etc. You can have up to 20 players playing the game at the same time. Only 10 players are allowed to play a game in the unregisted version, and up to 100 users after DeepSpace has been registered. If your BBS can't run a Shell/CLI door, we have a Paragon door version too. You can also play DeepSpace locally from a SHELL while other players are playing the game at the same time. FEATURES - Documentation is in Amigaguide format. - Easy to use installation program. - On-line Editor for players, aliens and planets. - Up to 50 definable names for Alien races can be used in a game. FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS We haven't finished everything we originally set out to accomplish with DeepSpace. Here is a few of our version 2 enhancement ideas. - If you go through the BlackHole when it's un-stable (and make it through) you will see the planet 'Praxis'. The players will be able beam to/from the planet. Hostile Mutants, Aliens and on-line players could be on the planet. Different objects could be obtained there, Weapons, Crystals, and Better Scanners? ect.. An example that's being considered: A weapon that can be left at the DeepSpace port, which could be programmed, via DNA scan, to detonate when a certain Explorer arrives at the port. - Gambling at the DeepSpace port. Possibly against other on-line players as well. - The Shap Shifter could be anywhere! Could be selling illegal items from planet Praxis? Could end up in jail with no way out, or will there be a way out? DISTRIBUTION DeepSpace is shareware. It is freely distributable, as long as you distribute all files. Feel free to include it in any public domain collections (i.e. fish disks). REQUIREMENTS Workbench 2.0 or higher. You install DeepSpace with its own installation program. RELEASE DATE May 10, 1994. HOST NAME Any Aminet server... i.e. ( DIRECTORY comm/bbs FILE NAME DeepSpaceV1_2.lha (SHELL/CLI Version) DeepSpacePV1_2.lha (PARAGON Version) PRICE Shareware fee of $20 US.
SpiroDraw v.04 Table of Contents TITLE SpiroDraw04 - Spirograph(tm?) simulator of the spiral-drawing toy. Simple, fun and addictive! VERSION This is version 04. Fixes an ugly GADGET message bug and a couple obscure bugs. Also improved usability of Random and Previous data functions in the program. COMPANY No company, just an AMINET upload by "yours truly". AUTHOR SpiroDraw04 was written by me, Chuck Kenney. My particulars (address, etc.) are included in the user document in the archive. DESCRIPTION SpiroDraw04 simulates the Wheels-and-Rings-and-Pens spirograph drawing toy. Allows the user to specify different parameters for the "Drawing Wheels, Drawing Rings", etc. The use of a computer to generate the SpiroDraw designs actually enhances some of the capabilities! SpiroDraw04 is mouse-driven (MENUs, GADGETs, etc.) and provides an easy way to create one's own 'eye-candy'. It is fun _and_ addictive! SpiroDraw04.lha also contains a very nice freely distributable "screen-to-IFF" saver utility written by Preben Nielsen (thanks, Preben) so that SpiroDraw designs can be imported into "paint" programs. SpiroDraw04 is shareware but does not nag the user in any way and all features are fully functional. NEW FEATURES The user now has the ability in SpiroDraw04 to interrupt a SpiroDraw design-in-progress with a Left Mouse Button click. Moved the "Random" and "Last" (previous) data functions from MENUs to the "Set Data..." user-input window so the user could get immediate viual feedback on the "new" parameters that are set by these two functions. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS There are no special requirements that I know of. SpiroDraw03 has been tested on an A2000HD (OS 2.1) and an A1000 (OS 1.3). HOST NAME SpiroDraw04.lha has just been uploaded to the AMINET site, ( and should soon be available on all AMINET mirrors. DIRECTORY aminet/gfx/misc/SpiroDraw04.lha FILE NAMES SpiroDraw04.lha is 57,195 bytes long. PRICE The asking shareware price is the amount sent to me by my first sharware contributor (Thanks go to Bill from Glendale, AZ!). This requested shareware fee is $5.00 (US). DISTRIBUTABILITY This program is freely distributable but is a copyrighted (1994) shareware program by me, Chuck Kenney. OTHER SpiroDraw04, and other programs in progress are coming out of my basement as a result of the availability of a truly wonderful "BASIC-but-much-more!" compiler, "ACE" by David Benn. I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Benn for renewing my enthusiasm in programming and for making it possible for me to make my programs available to more than just my friends and immediately family!
EAGUI.library v2.2 Table of Contents TITLE EAGUI.library VERSION 2.2 AUTHOR Marcel Offermans 2:281/614.1@fidonet Frank Groen < hasn't got access to e-mail at the moment > DESCRIPTION The Environment Adaptive Graphic User Interface (EAGUI) is a system which allows you to build interfaces that, as the name suggests, adapt to the environment they're run in. It uses normal GadTools and BOOPSI gadgets, and does not modify them in any way. This allows programmers to implement EAGUI in existing applications easily. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS EAGUI needs at least Release 2 of the AmigaOS, and is Release 3 aware. HOST NAME Available on AmiNet ( DIRECTORY /pub/aminet/dev/gui FILE NAMES EAGUI22.lha (42121 bytes) DISTRIBUTABILITY Copyright (C) 1993, 1994 Marcel Offermans and Frank Groen. You may distribute this package for free only if you don't make any money out of it yourself. If you do, or use it in a ShareWare or Commercial program, you must contact us first for a license. OTHER The archive can also be freq'ed from The Amiga Developers Domain (TADD) at (2:281/614@fidonet). Using the magic filename EAGUI always gets you the latest available version. You can reach TADD at +31-15-157954 or alternatively +31-15-144825.
Part and Particle Demo v1.0 Table of Contents TITLE: Part And Particle VERSION: 1.0 COMPANY: Strawberry Graphix 4820 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #5 San Diego, CA. 92117 (619) 573-0285 AUTHOR: Carmen Rizzolo DESCRIPTION: Part And Particle is a 2D Particle system for OpalPaint v2.3 or higher. A Particle system is a "system" or program for controlling goups of many objects (Sparks, rain, etc.). Part And Particle is an arexx script that controlls OpalPaint. It features: * Easy to use interface * Particles as series of brushes. Brushes can be animated to act like "anim brushes" * Lens-Flare * Particle motion can be influenced by: Gravity, Wind/Whirlwind, Aimless wandering, Wiggle, Screen Borders, Motion of particle source. * Particles can eminate from a movable coordinate in your animation, or any side of the screen. * Particles can chase a movable coordinate in your animation. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Part And Particle requires: * The OpalVision main board * OpalPaint v2.3 or higher [Available on OpalBBS (310)787-4541 or Aminet] * At LEASE 5 megs of RAM * Arexx * Hard Drive HOST NAME: Aminet ( DIRECTORY: pub/aminet/gfx/boards FILE NAMES: There are two demo files for Part And Particle. PAP-DEMO.LHA is a 32 colour animation. PAP-PIC.LHA is a 24-bit IFF still from the animation. PRICE: $99.00 DISTRIBUTABILITY: Part And Particle is copyright 1994 Carmen Rizzolo. Part And Particle is commercial and may not be distributed freely. The demo files, however, are free to distribute. Carmen Rizzolo - Crazed Artist
In Closing Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% _ _ __ ___ _ %% %% /\\ |\\ /| || // \ /\\ %% %% / \\ | \\ /|| ||(< __ / \\ %% %% /--- \\| \/ || || \\_||/--- \\ %% %% /______________________________\\ %% %% / \\ %% %% Amiga Report International Online Magazine %% %% June 3, 1994 ~ Issue No. 2.18 %% %% Copyright 1994 SkyNet Publications %% %% All Rights Reserved %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Views, Opinions and Articles presented herein are not necessarily those of the editors and staff of Amiga Report International Online Magazine or of STR Publications. Permission to reprint articles is hereby granted, unless otherwise noted. Reprints must, without exception, include the name of the publication, date, issue number and the author's name. Amiga Report and/or portions therein may not be edited in any way without prior written per- mission. However, translation into a language other than English is accept- ble, provided the original meaning is not altered. Amiga Report may be dis- tributed on privately owned not-for-profit bulletin board systems (fees to cover cost of operation are acceptable), and major online services such as (but not limited to) Delphi and Portal. Distribution on public domain disks is acceptable provided proceeds are only to cover the cost of the disk (e.g. no more than $5 US). Distribution on for-profit magazine cover disks requires written permission from the editor or publisher. Amiga Report is a not-for-profit publication. Amiga Report, at the time of pub- ication, is believed reasonably accurate. Amiga Report, its staff and con- ributors are not and cannot be held responsible for the use or misuse of information contained herein or the results obtained there from. Amiga Report is not affiliated with Commodore-Amiga, Inc., Commodore Business Machines, Ltd., or any other Amiga publication in any way. All items quoted in whole or in part are done so under the Fair Use Provision of the Copy- right Laws of the United States Penal Code. Any Electronic Mail sent to the editors may be reprinted, in whole or in part, without any previous permission of the author, unless said electronic mail specifically requests not to be reprinted. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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Files Available for FTP Table of Contents YAK v1.58 Multi-purpose commodity FGP2 v2.02 Fantasy Grand Prix DeepSpace v1.2 Multi-player/bbs Space RPG SpiroDraw v.04 Spiral-draw toy emulator EAGUI.library v2.2 Enviroment Adaptive GUI Part & Particle Demo v1.0 2D particle system for OpalPaint ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The most downloaded files from during the week until 30-May-94 Most popular file on top. File Dir Size Description ------------------- --- ---- ----------- ar216.lha docs/mags 59K+Amiga Report 2.16, 20-May-94 ar217.lha docs/mags 128K+Amiga Report 2.17, 27-May-94 orkattack.lha game/misc 305K+Drop rocks on heads. Brilliant!! Pearl.Doomed.lha demo/euro 348K+New PEARL demo,full scr. wolf on A500! sbz.lha game/misc 339K+Super Battle Zone - 3D game written in Amo FMath403.lha util/libs 18K+Speed improvement for math libraries FORSAL.jpg pix/misc 50K+Picture of the for-sale sign in from of C= tbc22.lha util/wb 34K+Stylish WB2.0/3.0(AGA) Digital Clock AmiCDROM-1.11.lha disk/cdrom 186K+CDROM disk filesystem (ISO-9660+RR+HFS) adt.c misc/unix 75K+Aminet frontend, V1.9 for beta testers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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------------------------------------------ Ramses Amiga Flying Table of Contents * RAMSES THE AMIGA FLYING * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site -- France * Running DLG Professional * Eric Delord, Sysop Philippe Brand, Co-Sysop Stephane Legrand, Co-Sysop Internet: Fidonet: 2:320/104 +33-1-60037015 USR DS 16.8 +33-1-60037713 V.32bis +33-1-60037716 1200-2400 Ramses The Amiga Flying BBS is an Amiga-dedicated BBS running DLG-Pro on a Amiga 3000, 16MB RAM, 2GB Disk space, 3 lines. We keep a dayly Aminet site mirroring, NetBSD-Amiga complete mirror site from (main site), Amiga Report, GNU Amiga, Ramses is the SAN/ADS/Amiganet French coordinator.
------------------------------------------ Gateway BBS Table of Contents * THE GATEWAY BBS * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site * Running Excelsior! BBS * Stace Cunningham, Sysop Dan Butler, CoSysop 24 hrs - 7 days InterNet: FidoNet: 1:3604/60.0 601-374-2697 Hayes Optina 28.8 V.FC Biloxi, Mississippi
------------------------------------------ Amiga BBS Table of Contents * Amiga BBS * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site * Running Excelsior! BBS * Alejandro Kurczyn, Sysop FidoNet 4:975/7 First Amiga BBS in Mexico (5) 887-3080 9600 V32,MNP Estado de Mexico, Mexico
------------------------------------------ The Stygian Abyss Table of Contents * THE STYGIAN ABYSS BBS * 312-384-0616 14.4 USR Courier HST 312-384-6250 14.4 Supra V.32 bis (FREQ line) 312-384-0716 2400 USR Courier FIDONet-1:115/384.0 CLink-911:6200/2.0 NWNet-206:310/0.0--206:310/1.0 PhantomNet Central States Cooridinator-11:2115/0.0--11:2115/1.0 FaithNet Central States Cooridinator-700:6000/0.0--700:6000/1.0 AMINet Chicagoland HUB-559:2/5.0 Chicago, Illinois Over 4 GIGS of files I Over 3700 MODS I Over 120 On-Line Games Tons of digitized sounds I Over 15,000 GIFS Supporting: Amiga I IBM I Macintosh I C=64/128 SIR SAMMY-SysOp Enter.......If you dare!!
------------------------------------------ Amiga Do PC BBS Table of Contents * AMIGA DO PC BBS * Official Amiga Report Distribuition Site - Brazil * Running Excelsior! v 1.18 * +55-192-33-2260 Weekdays: 19-07 (-3 GMT) Weekends: 24 hours Fidonet: 4:801/44 RBT: 12:1212/1 Virinet: 70:101/17 Internet: Francisco Moraes, sysop Campinas, SP Freq AREPORT for the newest issue avaiable.
------------------------------------------ Comm-Link BBS Table of Contents * COMM-LINK BBS * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site * Running Excelsior Pro * 604-945-6192 USR DS 16.8 24 hrs - 7 days Fido: 1:153/210.0 AmigaNet 40:800/9100.0 InterSports: 102:540/305.0 PussNet: 169:1000/305.0 InterNet: Steve Hooper, Sysop Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada
------------------------------------------ Phantom's Lair Table of Contents * PHANTOM'S LAIR * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site * Running CNET 3.0 * FidoNet: 1:115/469.0 Phantom Net Cooridinator: 11:1115/0.0-11:1115/1.0 708-469-9510 708-469-9520 CD ROMS, Over 15511 Files Online @ 2586 meg Peter Gawron, Sysop Glendale Heights, Illinois
Tierra-Miga BBS Table of Contents Tierra-Miga BBS Software: CNet Gib Gilbertson 24 hours - 7 days FidoNet: 1:202/638.0 AmigaNet: 40:406/3.0 Internet: Line #1: 619.292.0754 V32.bis City: San Diego, CA.
------------------------------------------ Freeland Mainframe Table of Contents * FREELAND MAINFRAME * Offical Amiga Report Distribution Site * Running DLG Progessional * John Freeland, SysOp 206-438-1670 Supra 2400zi 206-438-2273 Telebit WorldBlazer(v.32bis) 206-456-6013 Supra v.32bis 24hrs - 7 days Internet - Olympia, Washington
------------------------------------------ LAHO Table of Contents * LAHO BBS * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site -- Finland * Running MBBS * Lenni Uitti, SysOp Juha Mäkinen, SysOp (Amiga-areas) Tero Manninen, SysOp (PC-areas) +358-64-414 1516, V.32bis/HST +358-64-414 0400, V.32bis/HST +358-64-414 6800, V.32/HST +358-64-423 1300, V.32bis Seinäjoki, Finland Our host machine is a 386/33 with 20MB of memory, 1GB harddisk and a CD-ROM drive running in a Novell network. The BBS software is a Norwegian origin MBBS running in a DesqView windows. We have now (26th March 1994) over 10000 files online (mostly for the Commodore Amiga line of the personal computers.) Every user has an access to download filelist (LAHOFIL.ZIP), list of the Finnish 24-hour BBS's (BBSLIST.ZIP or BBSLIST.LHA) and every issue of the Amiga Report Magazine (AR101.LHA-AR???.LHA) even on their first call. The system has been running since 1989 and is sponsored by the local telephone company, Vaasan Läänin Puhelin Oy. BTW, LAHO stands for "LAtomeren Höyrylaiva Oy" = "Barnsea Steamship Co." Welcome on board!
------------------------------------------ Falling BBS Table of Contents * FALLING BBS * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site -- Norway * Running ABBS * Christopher Naas, Sysop +47 69 256117 V.32bis 24hrs - 7 days EMail:
------------------------------------------ Command Line BBS Table of Contents * COMMAND LINE BBS * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site -- Canada Canada's Amiga Graphics & Animation Source * Running AmiExpress BBS * Nick Poliwko, Sysop 416-533-8321 V.32 24hrs - 7 days Toronto, Canada
------------------------------------------- Leguans Byte Channel Table of Contents * LEGUANS BYTE CHANNEL * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site -- Germany * Running EazyBBS V2.11 * Andreas Geist, Sysop Usenet: 24 hrs - 7 days Line 1: 49-30-8110060 USR DS 16.8 Line 2: 49-30-8122442 USR DS 16.8 Login as User: "amiga", Passwd: "report"
------------------------------------------- Stingray Database BBS Table of Contents * STINGRAY DATABASE * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site -- Germany * Running FastCall * Bernd Mienert, Sysop EMail: +49 208 496807 HST-Dual 24hrs - 7 days Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany
-------------------------------------------- T.B.P. Video Slate Table of Contents * T.B.P. VIDEO SLATE * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site An Amiga dedicated BBS for All * Running Skyline 1.3.2 * Mark E Davidson, Sysop 24 hrs - 7 days 201-586-3623 USR 14.4 HST Rockaway, New Jersey Full Skypix menus + normal and ansi menu sets. Instant Access to all. Download on the first call. Hardware: Amiga 500 Tower custom at 14 MHz, 350 Meg maxtor, 125 Meg SCSI Maxtor, 125 Meg IDE Maxtor, Double Speed CD rom, 9 meg RAM
-------------------------------------------- Amiga Central Table of Contents * AMIGA CENTRAL! * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site CNet Amiga Support Site * Running CNet Amiga BBS * Carl Tashian, Sysop Internet mail: 615-383-9679 1200-14.4Kbps V.32bis 24 hours - 7 days Nashville, Tennessee Hardware: Amiga 3000 Tower 68030+882@25MHz, 105 meg Quantum, 225 meg Seagate, Zoom 14.4k modem
-------------------------------------------- Continental Drift Table of Contents +---------------------------------------------------------------+ /\ / \____ C O N T I N E N T A L D R I F T B B S / / \ ::/ / \:::: Official Amiga Report Distribution Site ::\ \ /\ \::: Running *DLG Pro* BB/OS Software :::\ \/ \ \:: Supporting the Amiga 100% Only! ::::\ / /:: \ / / Sysops: Murray Chaffer & Andre Lackmann \ /\ / FIDO: 3:714/911 PH: +612 949 4256 \/ \/ (Sydney, Aust.) +---------------------------------------------------------------+
Amiga Online Bs Heemstede Table of Contents Amiga Online Bs Heemstede * HeadQuarters of Online Products * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site -- The Netherlands * Running Xenolink 1.90 * Your SysOp is Michiel Willems 24 hours a day - 7 days a week Fidonet : 2:280/464.0 DAN Host HQ : 55:100/1.0 Amynet Host : 39:151/1.0 NLA : 14:102/203.0 BOSnet Hub : 99:999/2.0 e-mail SysOp : Line 1 +31-23-282002 14400 v32bis Supra Line 2 +31-23-470739 14400 v32bis Supra Heemstede, The Netherlands, Europe, The Earth Very nice menu's 660 Megs HD online - ALOT of software ALOT of messages - VERY fast BBS program Point support - Lot's of doors online Just freq AR of AR.LHA for the latest issue available The system is running on an Amiga 2000 with a HARMS-Prof-3000 030 turboboard at 29Mhz and a copro at 50Mhz, 7MB RAM, 660 Meg HD space and soon 1 Gigabyte HD space. Every issue from Amiga Report Magazine online as far as the first issue.
Guru Meditation Table of Contents * GURU MEDITATION * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site -- Spain * Running Remote Access * Javier Frias, SysOp +34-1-383-1317 V.32bis 24 hours - 7days Spain
Moonlight Sonata DLG Table of Contents M O O N L I G H T S O N A T A D L G * Amiga Report Official Distribution Site * * DAS ModPlayer Support * 2 Nodes *FREE PUBLIC* Amiga BBS MIDI-tunes, MIDI-utils, Modules, Amiga-files Messages, Door-games, MUD... Also patches for several synths! (About 100MB of ProTracker Modules!) Node #1 - +358-18-161763 - ZyXEL V32b 19200 Node #2 - +358-18-161862 - HST DS V32 14400 Fidonet: 2:221/112.0 Keyboards: Erno Tuomainen Amiga3000 25MHz - 1.3Gigs HD BBS Software: Dialog Pro BB/OS
LINKSystem LINK-CH1 Table of Contents LINKSystem LINK-CH1 Official Amiga Report Distribution Site - Switzerland in local newsgroup Mails and News from/to UseNet contact: +41 61 3215643 V32bis/Zyx16800 +41 61 3832007 ISDN X75/V110 +41 61 3832008 ISDN X75/V110
Doom of Darkness Table of Contents * Doom of Darkness * * Home of AmBoS * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site -- Germany Marc Doerre (Marc_Doerre), Sysop (BBS-Owner/AmBoS-Support) Bernd Petersen (TGM), Sysop (Amiga-Software-Support) Gerhard Luehning (Klaro), Co-Sysop (Aminet-Support) Kai Szymanski (Kai), Co-Sysop (AR-Support/AmBoS-Support) Usenet: Line 1 +49 (0)4223 8355 19200 V.42bis/Zyx Line 2 +49 (0)4223 3256 16800 V.42bis/Zyx Line 3 +49 (0)4223 3313 16800 V.42bis/Zyx Sysop Email:
RedEye BBS Table of Contents REDEYE BBS * Running EXCELSIOR/UUCP/AFAX * "Official Amiga Report Distribution Site Germany/Europe" Sysop: Thorsten Meyer Internet: Line 1: +49-89-5460535 (V.32b, Zyxel EG +) Line 2: +49-89-5460071 (USR Courier V32b terbo) 24hrs - 7 days Munich, Germany Areas for Amiga, PCs, Lotus Notes Group, Amiga Report, Game Byte, Graphic Stuff, 3D-Exchange, 3D-tools, 3D-objects, McAffee, GUS, PAS, DOOM, WINDOWS-NT, OS/2 Online CD, Online Games, USENET, INTERNET, FIDO ECHOS, Developer
Virtual Palace BBS Table of Contents * Virtual Palace BBS * * Official Amiga Report Distribution Site * 916-343-7420 300-14400 Baud V.42bis AmiExpress 2.40 700 Mbytes P.O. Box 5518 Chico, California 95927 Tibor G. Balogh (Tibor), Sysop Sysop Email: Leland Whitlock (Leland), Co-Sysop
Where to find Amiga Report Table of Contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Where to find Amiga Report %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Click on the button of the BBS nearest you for information on that system. FidoNet Systems --------------- FREQ the filename "AR.LHA" for the most current issue of Amiga Report! OMAHA AMIGANET ..................................Omaha, Nebraska NOVA .............................Cleveland, Tennessee PIONEER'S BBS ..............................Edmonds, Washington BIOSMATICA .........................................Portugal AMIGA JUNCTION 9 ...................................United Kingdom BITSTREAM BBS ..............................Nelson, New Zealand REALM OF TWILIGHT ..................................Ontario, Canada METNET TRIANGLE ......................Kingston Upon Hull, England AMIGA-NIGHT-SYSTEM ................................Helsinki, Finland RAMSES THE AMIGA FLYING ...........................................France GATEWAY BBS ..............................Biloxi, Mississippi AMIGA BBS .........................Estado de Mexico, Mexico THE STYGIAN ABYSS ................................Chicago, Illinois AMIGA DO PC BSS .................................Campinas, Brazil COMM-LINK BBS .......................Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada PHANTOM'S LAIR .......................Glendale Heights, Illinois Tierra-Miga BBS .....................................SanDeigo, Ca MOONLIGHT SONATA DLG ..........................................Finland CONTINENTAL DRIFT ................................Sydney, Australia Amiga Online Bs Heemstede ..................................The Netherlands Non-FidoNet Systems ------------------- IN THE MEANTIME ...............................Yakima, Washington FREELAND MAINFRAME ..............................Olympia, Washington LAHO ...............................Seinajoki, Finland FALLING ...........................................Norway COMMAND LINE ..................................Toronto, Canada LEGUANS BYTE CHANNEL ..........................................Germany STINGRAY DATABASE ...........................Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany T.B.P. VIDEO SLATE .............................Rockaway, New Jersey AMIGA CENTRAL .............................Nashville, Tennessee GURU MEDITATION ............................................Spain LINKSystem LINK-CH1 ...............................Basel, Switzerland DOOM OF DARKNESS ..................................Bremen, Germany REDEYE BBS ..................................Munich, Germany Virtual Palace BBS ........................................Chico, Ca