MAG Disk (Jul 1994) : StuffToRead / CommodoreNews

Here's an exact transcription of the information on the AmigaWorld
Hotline from the past two reports there of the Commodore situation.

Direct from AmigaWorld to the *StarShip* on GEnie


Hi, it's Tuesday, June 28. This is Dan Sullivan, Editor in Chief of

This is an update of my last message of June 15th.

If you haven't called before, background information will follow the

We've learned that the deadline for all bids to purchase Commodore's
holdings must be received in writing and with cash deposits to guarantee
them by the trustees administering the Commodore liquidation by July 15th.

Again, we are legally prohibited from disclosing the identities any of the
groups who are bidding. 

However, at least one of the groups has already complied with the July 15th
deadline.  Others may or may not follow. This particular group, as well as
several other of the half dozen interested parties, has expressed their
intention of resuming production and distribution of current Amiga
systems, the A4000, the A1200 and CD32, and the development of new Amiga
technology in the future.

I will update this hotline number as soon as any announcement is made.
How long after the July 15th deadline such an announcement will be made is
not possible to predict at this time. All parties involved, however,
realize time is of the essence.

We hope to have word to you within a week to two weeks after that deadline.
You can call Amiga World on the toll free 800-441-4403 line and ask for
extension 365 or the Commodore Update. Or you can call directly to that
line at 603-924-0365.  Again, it will probably be a week or two after
July 15th before we have any word on the situation.

Now, if you haven't called before, let me briefly fill you in.

The Commodore liquidation proceedings have been taking place in the
Supreme Court of the Bahamas where Commodore International is incorporated.
Trustees appointed by that court have contacted parties interested in
purchasing the company, with proceeds going to pay off Commodore's

We have learned that approx six groups have expressed an interest.

We will continue to report on these proceedings on this hotline and 
in the magazine.  

Thank you for your interest and patience.

All the best.

Wednesday, June 15, this is Dan Sullivan, the Editor of AmigaWorld.

If you've called before, this is an update of previous messages
concerning the Commodore situation.

At the end of last week, hearings resumed in the liquidation proceedings
of Commodore. AmigaWorld sent one of its reporters to Nassau to
cover the hearings of the Bahamian Supreme Court.

While we were tracking previously, negotiations between Commodore and
Samsung,  the Korean electronics giant, about the acquisition of Commodore,
no deal was struck during last week's proceedings. Instead, AmigaWorld has
that learned bids for the acquisition of Commodore from at least six other
parties were tendered to the court appointed trustee in charge of the
Commodore liquidation.

Such interest in the Amiga manufacturer is definitely not a bad thing.

Absolute legal constraints of these proceedings prevent the disclosure of
the identities of any of the parties bidding for the purchase of Commodore.

However, from conversations with several of our sources, two things
seem clear; the evaluation of these bids AND the resolution of Commodore's
operations should take place within the next one to two weeks. AND that
decision should occur and be announced in the U.S., not in the Bahamas.

The information I am relaying here will be reported in the issue of
AmigaWorld that is just going to press now, Aug 94.  However, as soon as
further news is available, perhaps within one to two weeks of this message,
I will update our hotline immediately.

If you are calling back and are not using our 800 number, please do. It is
800-441-4403.  Ask for the Commodore Update, or extension 365.

The next issue of the magazine, Sept 94, will carry full details.  

Again, thank you for your interest and patience. All the best.

  Dan Sullivan, AmigaWorld Editor