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Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode List

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Season One Episode: Encounter at Farpoint Air date: 09/26/87 Star date: 1153.7 Enroute to Farpoint to survey a mysterious advanced starbase constructed by the primitive Bandi race, the Enterprise encounters Q, a powerful alien who accuses the crew of the past sins of the human race; and once at Farpoint, the crew discovers that the mysterious starbase is really the captured mate of a huge jellyfish-like space creature that can change its physical composition. Episode: The Naked Now Air date: 10/03/87 Star date: 1209.2 Investigating the deserted starship Tsiolkovsky, the Enterprise away team contracts a virus that, like a similar virus on the first Enterprise (see "The Naked Time"), removes the crew members' inhibitions and makes them unable to properly carry out their duties. Episode: Code of Honor Air date: 10/10/87 Star date: 1235.2 The Enterprise travels to the planet Ligon, the only source of a vaccine needed to fight a dreaded plaque; but the ruler of Ligon decides he wants Tasha as his "First One" in return. Episode: The Last Outpost Air date: 10/17/87 Star date: 1386.4 The Enterprise and a Ferengi cruiser are trapped in orbit around Delphi Ardu, and their crews are put to a test by a sentry of the Tkon Empire, which ruled the galaxy 600,000 years earlier. Episode: Where No One Has Gone Before Air date: 10/24/87 Star date: 1263.1 Kosinski, an arrogant Federation warp drive engineer, causes the Enterprise to travel at incredible warp speeds to the far reaches of the universe; but it is Kosinski's alien companion, known as the Traveler, who really has the knowledge needed to get them back home. Episode: Lonely Among Us Air date: 10/31/87 Star date: 1249.3 As the Enterprise passes through a mysterious cloud, an energy being is accidentally trapped aboard the Enterprise and enters the minds of several crew members, including Captain Picard, in an attempt to get back to its companions in the energy cloud. Episode: Justice Air date: 11/07/87 Star date: 1255.6 The Enterprise crew begin to beam down to what appears to be a perfect planet for shore leave, but find out, almost too late for Wesley Crusher, that the planet has strict laws of conduct and swift rules of justice for any law breakers. Episode: The Battle Air date: 11/14/87 Star date: 1723.9 The Ferengi give Picard and the Federation a peace offering in the form of Picard's first starship, the Stargazer; but this turns out to be a trojan horse intended to exact revenge from Picard for his destruction of a Ferengi ship at the "Battle of Maxia." Episode: Hide and Q Air date: 11/21/87 Star date: 1590.5 Q offers Commander Riker powers equal to his own if he will accompany Q back to his planet of origin as a specimen of the human race, which Q admits will someday become more powerful than his own race. Episode: Haven Air date: 11/28/87 Star date: 1294.5 While wedding preparations are made for the marriage of Troi to a young man with whom she has been bonded since youth, a ship carrying the last remaining survivors of a planet destroyed by bacteriological warfare arrives with a girl that Troi's fiancee has had recurring dreams about. Episode: The Big Goodbye Air date: 01/09/88 Star date: 1997.7 While Picard and Data are in the holodeck engaged in a 1940's detective drama, the Enterprise's computer experiences an electrical short that makes the holodeck drama a real experience, with the possibility of real death. Episode: Datalore Air date: 01/16/88 Star date: 1242.4 The Enterprise stops at the planet of Data's discovery and finds Lore, a duplicate android that turns out to be have been a first attempt that was made so human-like that it had a big ego and the desire for power. Episode: Angel One Air date: 01/23/88 Star date: 1636.9 While searching for survivors of the freighter S.S. Odin, Picard and Worf become ill, while Riker and an away team on the planet find that it is ruled by women who want to execute the male survivors of the Odin as revolutionaries. Episode: 11001001 Air date: 01/30/88 Star date: 1365.9 While the Enterprise is at Starbase 74 for computer repairs, Binars, a race of small aliens who can communicate directly with computers, steal the Enterprise in an attempt to provide assistance to their dying home planet. Episode: Too Short a Season Air date: 02/06/88 Star date: 1309.5 Federation Admiral Jameson is summoned to the planet Mordan IV, supposedly to help solve a hostage crisis; however, the real reason that the planet's leader summoned Jameson is to exact revenge for his instigation of a civil war on the planet 40 years before. Episode: When the Bough Breaks Air date: 02/13/88 Star date: 1509.1 The inhabitants of the planet Aldea kidnap the children aboard the Enterprise because they are themselves sterile and want children, but Dr. Crusher discovers that this had been caused by radiation from the planet's defensive shields. Episode: Home Soil Air date: 02/20/88 Star date: 1463.9 An Enterprise away team comes in contact with a strange microscopic lifeform when they investigate the death of a scientist on a planet being terraformed. Episode: Coming of Age Air date: 03/12/88 Star date: 1416.2 While Wesley takes his Starfleet Academy entrance exam, Admiral Quinn has Picard investigated for conspiracy against the Federation. Episode: Heart of Glory Air date: 03/19/88 Star date: 1503.7 Three renegade Klingons are found on a crippled cargo vessel in the Romulan Neutral Zone, and a Klingon cruiser arrives to take them back to the Klingon home planet. Episode: Arsenal of Freedom Air date: 04/09/88 Star date: 1798.2 On a dead planet where the USS Drake disappeared, the Enterprise encounters an intelligent weapon that learns and grows more powerful after each attack that it makes. Episode: Symbiosis Air date: 04/16/88 Star date: N/A The Enterprise encounters a freighter in distress, which turns out to be carrying a shipment of a narcotic drug to a planet whose entire population is addicted. Episode: Skin of Evil Air date: 04/23/88 Star date: 1601.3 An Enterprise shuttlecraft carrying Troi crashes on a planet after being attacked, and Tasha Yar is killed by an oil-based creature when she leads an away team to rescue Troi. Episode: We'll Always Have Paris Air date: 04/30/88 Star date: 1697.9 While investigating potentially disastrous time-warp experiments being performed on a remote planet, Picard finds that the experimenter's wife was his (Picard's) first love. Episode: Conspiracy Air date: 05/07/88 Star date: 1775.5 After Picard receives a secret message from another starship captain, the Enterprise travels to Earth to confront top Starfleet officials who have been taken over by parasitic beings planning to overthrow the Federation. Episode: The Neutral Zone Air date: 05/14/88 Star date: 1986.0 Enroute to a possible confrontation with the Romulans in the Neutral Zone, the Enterprise encounters a 20th Century Earth ship carrying three living passengers in cryogenic sleep.
Season Two Episode: The Child Air date: 11/19/88 Star date: 2073.1 An alien entity enters Troi's body and becomes a male baby, which is born and begins to grow at a fantastic rate. Episode: Where Silence Has Lease Air date: 11/26/88 Star date: 2193.6 An alien entity captures the Enterprise and begins a series of experiments to see how humans react to death. Episode: Elementary, Dear Data Air date: 12/03/88 Star date: 2286.3 In the guise of Sherlock Holmes, Data is faced with solving a holodeck mystery that could mean life or death for Dr. Pulaski. Episode: The Outrageous Okona Air date: 12/10/88 Star date: 2402.7 While Data tries to develop a sense of humor, the Enterprise encounters a renegade cargo ship captain who almost starts an interplanetary war. Episode: Loud as a Whisper Air date: 01/07/89 Star date: 2377.2 The Enterprise crew helps a universally renowned mediator overcome his hearing handicap while he is engaged in a mission to stop a planetary war. Episode: The Schizoid Man Air date: 01/21/89 Star date: 2437.5 A dying scientist implants his mind and personality into Data's android body, causing him to exhibit signs of split personality. Episode: Unnatural Selection Air date: 01/28/89 Star date: 2494.8 A disease carried by genetically created children stimulate the aging process in humans, killing the entire crew of a Federation cargo ship and infecting Dr. Pulaski. Episode: A Matter of Honor Air date: 02/04/89 Star date: 2506.5 While participating in an officer exchange program with a Klingon Bird of Prey, Riker finds himself accused of attempting to destroy the Klingon vessel and must act to stop a renewal of Federation/Klingon hostilities. Episode: The Measure of a Man Air date: 02/11/89 Star date: 2523.7 Captain Picard finds himself in court fighting to keep Starfleet from disassembling Data, with Riker forced to serve as prosecutor against Data. Episode: The Dauphin Air date: 02/18/89 Star date: 2568.8 Wesley falls in love with the young leader of a distant planet, but must tend to a broken heart when he finds out that she belongs to a non-humanoid race of shapeshifters. Episode: Contagion Air date: 03/18/89 Star date: 2609.1 The Enterprise computer is infected with a deadly virus that destroyed her sister ship, the USS Yamato, and is likely to also destroy the Enterprise and a Romulan Warbird in the Neutral Zone. Episode: The Royale Air date: 03/25/89 Star date: 2625.4 A novel belonging to a marooned 20th Century NASA astronaut was used by aliens as the basis for creating a hospitable place for the astronaut to live; but Riker, Worf, and Data become trapped in the Victorian hotel where the novel's story took place. Episode: Time Squared Air date: 04/01/89 Star date: 2679.2 Caught in a time vortex, a double of Captain Picard comes aboard the Enterprise, resulting in a time loop that will destroy the Enterprise if a way isn't found to break the cycle. Episode: The Icarus Factor Air date: 04/22/89 Star date: 2686.4 While preparing to leave the Enterprise to take command of another starship, Riker is forced to confront his estranged father and reconcile himself with his true wishes to remain aboard the Enterprise. Episode: Pen Pals Air date: 04/29/89 Star date: 2695.3 While an Enterprise team led by Wesley attempts to discover the reasons for a planet's geological instability, Data almost breaks the Prime Directive by communicating with a lonely alien girl on the planet. Episode: Q Who Air date: 05/06/89 Star date: 2761.3 The entity Q kidnaps Captain Picard and then sends the Enterprise to an uncharted sector of the Galaxy inhabited by the Borg in an attempt to force the crew to admit that they need Q's help. Episode: Samaritan Snare Air date: 05/13/89 Star date: 2779.1 While Wesley accompanies Captain Picard to a starbase for heart surgery, from which he nearly dies, La Forge is kidnapped by a group of mentally underdeveloped aliens who see him as their ticket to high technology weapons. Episode: Up the Long Ladder Air date: 05/20/89 Star date: 2823.2 When they respond to a distress call from a distant Earth colony, the Enterprise crew finds a race of clones, who take cells from Riker and Dr. Pulaski in an attempt to prevent their race's decay. Episode: Manhunt Air date: 06/17/89 Star date: 2859.2 The Enterprise is transporting Lwaxana Troi and delegates from Antede 3 to a Federation conference, when Lwaxana makes moves on Picard and Riker and later discovers that the Antedians are really assassins intent on disrupting the conference. Episode: The Emissary Air date: 06/24/89 Star date: 2901.3 A Klingon/Human emissary sent to the Enterprise to intercept and subdue an old Klingon battlecruiser with a war-hungry crew in suspended animation turns out to be a former lover of Worf. Episode: Peak Performance Air date: 07/08/89 Star date: 2923.4 The Enterprise and a derelict Constellation- class ship commanded by Riker engage in war games, but a passing Ferengi ship enters the picture at an unexpected moment. Episode: Shades of Gray Air date: 07/15/89 Star date: 2976.1 Riker is poisoned by an unknown plant on a swampy planet, and only by stimulating painful events in his memory can Dr. Pulaski make his body fight the poison threatening his life.
Season Three Episode: Evolution Air date: 09/23/89 Star date: 3125.3 The Enterprise assists Dr. Paul Stubbs in a research experiment, but when Wesley accidentally releases microscopic nanites, the ship is plagued by serious computer malfunctions and possible disaster. Episode: The Ensigns of Command Air date: 09/30/89 Star date: 3152.4 Data is sent to Tau Cygna Five to evacuate the human settlers there before the Sheliak, the alien rulers of the area, come to destroy them. Episode: The Survivors Air date: 10/07/89 Star date: 3173.5 The Enterprise finds only two survivors of the 11,000 inhabitants of Delta Rana IV, an old man and his wife, both of whom refuse to leave the planet. Episode: Who Watchers the Watchers Air date: 10/14/89 Star date: 3205.6 Riker and Troi masquerade as Mintakans, proto-Vulcanoids, in an attempt to find a missing Federation anthropologist. Episode: The Bonding Air date: 10/21/89 Star date: 3198.7 An archeologist is killed on an away mission, leaving behind a young son, who a powerful alien force on the planet wants to keep and raise. Episode: Booby Trap Air date: 10/28/89 Star date: 3205.6 When the Enterprise become ensnared in a 1,000-year old booby trap, La Forge recreates Leah Brahms, one of the Enterprise's designers, in the holodeck to help him find a way out of the trap. Episode: The Enemy Air date: 11/04/89 Star date: 3349.2 Marooned on Galdorndan Core with a Romulan crash survivor, La Forge and the Romulan must learn to put their differences aside in order to survive. Episode: The Price Air date: 11/11/89 Star date: 3385.6 The Enterprise plays host to the negotiations for the rights to the Barzan Wormhole, a fantastic new transportation corridor; but a Ferengi Daemon has plans to sabotage the conference. Episode: The Vengeance Factor Air date: 11/18/89 Star date: 3421.9 The Enterprise attempts to assist in the cease-fire between the Acamarians and the Gatherers, who still harbor hatreds caused by a centuries-old blood feud. Episode: The Defector Air date: 12/30/89 Star date: 3462.5 The Enterprise plays host to a Romulan defector who insists that the Romulan Empire is preparing to wage a war to regain the Neutral Zone from the Federation. Episode: The Hunted Air date: 01/06/90 Star date: 3489.2 A genetically altered veteran of a planetary war, imprisoned by his government, escapes and brings his case to the Enterprise. Episode: The High Ground Air date: 01/27/90 Star date: 3510.7 On Rutia Four, Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by a group of terrorists waging a war for independence, and discovers that there is no "right" and "wrong" in the struggle. Episode: Deja Q Air date: 02/03/90 Star date: 3539.1 While the Enterprise is on a mission to rescue a planet from an incoming asteroid, Q returns, deprived of his powers and forced, by his own people, to live as a mortal. Episode: A Matter of Perspective Air date: 02/10/90 Star date: 3610.4 When the Tanuga Research Station mysteriously explodes, Riker is accused of its destruction, and the holodeck is used to recreate the events preceding the explosion from each witness's point of view. Episode: Yesterday's Enterprise Air date: 02/17/90 Star date: 3625.2 The previous Enterprise, NCC-1701C, emerges from a temporal rift and creates an alternate reality where the war-torn Federation is losing to the Klingons and Tasha Yar is still alive. Episode: The Offspring Air date: 03/10/90 Star date: 3657.0 Data creates an android child named Lal, whom he adopts as his own daughter; but Starfleet has its own designs on her for experimental purposes. Episode: Sins of the Father Air date: 03/17/90 Star date: 3685.2 Worf's long-lost brother joins him on a personal mission to the Klingon homeworld, where Worf must challenge a ruling that condemns his late father as a traitor to the Klingon race. Episode: Allegiance Air date: 03/24/90 Star date: 3714.1 Captain Picard is kidnapped by aliens who replace him with a duplicate, and while his comrades deal with their own feelings of loyalty toward their "captain," the real Picard and three fellow captives attempt to escape. Episode: Captain's Holiday Air date: 03/31/90 Star date: 3745.2 Picard's holiday on Risa is interrupted by an enigmatic young woman and a self-assured Ferengi, both of whom are looking for a legendary treasure that is actually a weapon from the 27th Century. Episode: Tin Man Air date: 04/21/90 Star date: 3779.3 The Enterprise escorts a Betazoid named Elbrun to meet Tin Man, a new life form in a remote system, on which the Romulans have their own designs. Episode: Hollow Pursuits Air date: 04/28/90 Star date: 3807.4 While the Enterprise is stricken with a strange chemical affliction, an introverted crew member becomes addicted to the holodeck and tries to escape the pressures of reality. Episode: The Most Toys Air date: 05/05/90 Star date: 3872.2 Data is kidnapped by a ruthless alien trader named Fajo and made his prize possession in a collection of stolen artifacts. Episode: Sarek Air date: 05/12/90 Star date: 3917.4 Sarek, the venerable Vulcan Ambassador, comes aboard the Enterprise for a meeting with the reclusive Legarans; but when an outbreak of sporadic violence is linked to Sarek, the truth about his health is revealed. Episode: Menage-a-Troi Air date: 05/26/90 Star date: 3930.7 While on shore leave on Betazed, Riker and Troi are kidnapped with Troi's mother by a Ferengi set on learning the truth about Betazoid telepathy. Episode: Transfigurations Air date: 06/02/90 Star date: 3957.2 The Enterprise aids the lone survivor of a ship crash, an amnesiac with remarkable recuperative powers and whose cell mutation has something to do with his flight from his home planet. Episode: The Best of Both Worlds Air date: 06/16/90 Star date: 3989.1 The Borg kidnap Captain Picard and turn him into Locutus, commander of the Borg attack on Earth.
Season Four Episode: The Best of Both Worlds Air date: 09/22/90 Star date: 4001.4 After its secret weapon is defeated, the Enterprise follows the Borg to Earth, where they first decimate half of Starfleet and then aim their sights on assimilating the human race. Episode: Family Air date: 09/29/90 Star date: 4012.3 While the Enterprise undergoes repairs following the Borg incident, Picard visits his home village in France, Worf's human adopted parents attempt to understand their son's frustrations, and Wesley receives a holomessage from his long dead father. Episode: Brothers Air date: 10/06/90 Star date: 4085.7 While the Enterprise is engaged in a vital medical mission, Data, under control of his presumed-dead creator, Dr. Soong, hijacks the ship and takes it to the planet where Dr. Soong is hiding out; and to both of their surprise, Lore also shows up. Episode: Suddenly Human Air date: 10/13/90 Star date: 4143.7 The Enterprise discovers a battered Talarian freighter with five boys, one of whom is lost human Jeremiah Rossa, who has been adopted and raised by the Talarian commander. Episode: Remember Me Air date: 10/20/90 Star date: 4161.2 When Wesley experiments with the Kosinski theorems, Dr. Crusher is catapulted into a shrinking alternate universe created from her thoughts, and only Wesley and the Traveler can save her. Episode: Legacy Air date: 10/27/90 Star date: 4215.2 The Enterprise travels to Turkana Four, birthplace of Tasha Yar, to rescue two marooned Federation officers, and finds a bitter power struggle, with Tasha's sister, Ishara, at the center. Episode: Reunion Air date: 11/03/90 Star date: 4246.3 Picard is chosen to fulfill the dying wish of the Klingon High Counsel -- to discover which of his two potential successors has been poisoning him; meanwhile K'Ehleyr brings her son to the Enterprise to meet his father, Worf. Episode: Future Imperfect Air date: 11/10/90 Star date: 4286.5 After Riker loses consciousness on a failed away team mission, he wakes up to discover he is on the Enterprise 16 years in the future and directly involved in negotiating a peace accord with the Romulans. Episode: Final Mission Air date: 11/17/90 Star date: 4307.3 Before going to the Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on a mission to Pentarus Five; but when their shuttlecraft crash lands on a desert planet, Wesley is suddenly responsible for saving the captain's life. Episode: The Loss Air date: 12/29/90 Star date: 4356.9 When the Enterprise is caught in the migration path of two-dimensional life forms, Troi mysteriously loses her Betazoid empathic powers. Episode: Data's Day Air date: 01/05/91 Star date: 4390.1 Data examines his inner self in the midst of a most uncommon day in the life of the Enterprise, as Chief O'Brien and Keiko Ishikawa prepare for their wedding and a Vulcan ambassador is taken to the edge of the Romulan Empire. Episode: The Wounded Air date: 01/26/91 Star date: 4429.6 Picard is given the difficult task of stopping Captain Maxwell and the USS Phoenix from completing his highly destructive personal crusade against the Cardassians, former enemies of the Federation. Episode: Devil's Due Air date: 02/02/91 Star date: 4474.5 The Enterprise comes to the aid of the Ventaxians, people who have bartered away their future to the devil, in the form of the woman Ardra, in return for 1,000 years of peace. Episode: Clues Air date: 02/09/91 Star date: 4502.7 While investigating a distant planet, the crew blacks out for 24 hours and, in an effort to investigate the reason, Picard discovers that Data may be lying to him. Episode: First Contact Air date: 02/16/91 Star date: N/A During a critical first contact mission, Riker is badly injured, leading Picard into a dangerous game of deceit to win Riker's freedom and bring an isolated planet into the Federation. Episode: Galaxy's Child Air date: 03/09/91 Star date: 4614.6 While the Enterprise assists in the birth of a new life form, La Forge comes face to face with the real Leah Brahms, a replica of whom he once created in the holodeck. Episode: Night Terrors Air date: 03/16/91 Star date: 4631.2 After discovering the USS Brittain adrift with all but one member of its crew dead, the Enterprise is stranded in a tear in space, and the crew begins to go mad because of dream deprivation. Episode: Identity Crisis Air date: 03/23/91 Star date: 4664.5 While the Enterprise is on course to a planet where La Forge and longtime friend Leitjen visited 5 years before, they begin to metamorph into invisible creatures. Episode: The Nth Degree Air date: 03/30/91 Star date: 4704.3 After being exposed to an alien probe, Barclay's intelligence is increased exponentially, and he takes over the Enterprise computer and sends the ship through a wormhole to another part of the Galaxy. Episode: Q-Pid Air date: 04/20/91 Star date: 4741.9 During an archeological conference on the Enterprise, Q shows up and transforms Picard into Robin Hood, Vash into Maid Marian, and the bridge crew into the Merry Men. Episode: The Drumhead Air date: 04/27/91 Star date: 4769.2 After a Klingon exchange officer is accused of treason, Federation legal expert Admiral Nora Satie comes to the Enterprise to investigate a possible conspiracy. Episode: Half a Life Air date: 05/04/91 Star date: 4805.2 Lwaxana Troi falls for a Kaelon scientist who is on board the Enterprise to aid his people in a research experiment, and whose society demands that, upon reaching his imminent 60th birthday, he commit ritual suicide. Episode: The Host Air date: 05/11/91 Star date: 4821.3 An alien ambassador, whom Dr. Crusher has fallen for, is suddenly revealed to be a symbiotic creature; and when the host dies, the only alternative is for the alien creature to be temporarily placed in Riker's body. Episode: The Mind's Eye Air date: 05/25/91 Star date: 4885.5 While enroute to Risa, La Forge is kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming a Romulan assassin in a plot to kill the Klingon governor of Krios and blame it on the Federation. Episode: In Theory Air date: 06/01/91 Star date: 4932.3 A young Enterprise engineer on the rebound from a failed relationship warms up to Data, leading the android on a voyage of self-discovery as he draws closer to her. Episode: Redemption (Part 1) Air date: 06/15/91 Star date: 4995.3 Picard journeys to the Klingon homeworld in his role as arbiter to Gowron's ascension to the throne, while Worf and his brother Kurn act to restore their father's name from charges of treason.
Season Five Episode: Redemption (Part 2) Air date: 09/21/91 Star date: 5020.4 A Klingon civil war between supporters of Gowron and the Duras family rages on, and Picard suspects that Romulans are supplying the forces loyal to Duras. Episode: Darmok Air date: 09/28/91 Star date: 5047.2 The captain of a Tomarian ship transports himself and Picard to a nearby planet, where they face a terrible beast together, thus forming a bond that may lead to future friendly contacts between the two races. Episode: Ensign Ro Air date: 10/05/91 Star date: 5076.3 Assigned to the Enterprise to help locate a Bajoran terrorist group accused of destroying the Federation colony on Solarian IV, the rebellious Ensign Ro Laren helps Picard discover that it is really the Cardassians who attacked Solarian IV. Episode: Silicon Avatar Air date: 10/12/91 Star date: 5122.3 After the crystalline entity attacks the colony on Molona IV, a Federation scientist, whose son was killed by a previous attack by the entity, comes aboard the Enterprise to investigate the entity. Episode: Disaster Air date: 10/19/91 Star date: 5208.2 The Enterprise strikes a quantuum filament, thus causing catastrophic damage to all ship's systems and wide-spread injuries among the crew. Episode: The Game Air date: 10/26/91 Star date: 5233.1 Riker brings aboard the Enterprise an electronic game that unknowingly causes the player to become addicted to the game and subject to mind control. Episode: Unification (Part 1) Air date: 11/02/91 Star date: 5245.8 Vulcan Ambassador Spock disappears on a secret mission to the Romulan homeworld, and Picard and Data go to Romulus to try to find him. Episode: Unification (Part 2) Air date: 11/09/91 Star date: 5245.9 Spock reveals to Picard and Data that he is on a personal mission to attempt the reunification of the Romulan and Vulcan races; but the Romulans, led by Tasha Yar's daughter Sela, have other plans for the Vulcans. Episode: A Matter of Time Air date: 11/16/91 Star date: 5349.1 A historian, claims to have travel in time from the 27th Century to do first-hand research on the Enterprise and its crew; but the time traveler's true intentions are not so honorable. Episode: New Ground Air date: 01/04/92 Star date: 5376.3 As the Enterprise participates in experiments to propel ships at warp speed by waves generated on a planet, Worf deals with taking on the role of being a father to Alexander. Episode: Hero Worship Air date: 01/25/92 Star date: 5397.3 A young boy, who blames himself for an accident that destroyed a starship, is brought aboard the Enterprise and begins to emulate the emotionless Data in order to repress his own troubled emotions. Episode: Violation Air date: 02/01/92 Star date: 5429.3 Troi, Riker, and Dr. Crusher experience strong, frightening memories, which cause them to collapse into comas; and it is later found that they were mentally raped by a telepathic guest on the Enterprise. Episode: The Masterpiece Society Air date: 02/08/92 Star date: 5470.1 A core fragment is on a collision course with a closed, genetically-engineered colony, and contacts between the Enterprise crew and the colonists result in changes to the colony's way of life. Episode: Conundrum Air date: 02/15/92 Star date: 5494.2 A beam from a mysterious ship scans the Enterprise, causing amnesia among the entire crew, and they are led to believe, by a spy aboard the ship, that they are at war with the Lisians. Episode: Power Play Air date: 02/22/92 Star date: 5571.2 After a shuttlecraft crashes on a primitive planet, the bodies of Troi, Data, and O'Brien are taken over by evil energy beings from a penal colony. Episode: Ethics Air date: 02/29/92 Star date: 5587.3 Worf's spine is broken in an accident, and his only options are life as a paraplegic, an unproven regenerative procedure, or ritual suicide. Episode: The Outcast Air date: 03/14/92 Star date: 5614.6 Riker falls for a member of a race of nonsexual aliens, whose members are ostracized and subjected to brainwashing if they exhibit any sexual tendencies. Episode: Cause and Effect Air date: 03/21/92 Star date: 5652.1 A starship from the 23rd Century emerges from a timewarp, causing the Enterprise and her crew to be caught in a continuous time loop that ends with the Enterprise's destruction. Episode: The First Duty Air date: 04/18/92 Star date: 5703.9 Picard and Dr. Crusher travel to Starfleet Academy, where Wesley has gotten involved in the coverup of a fatal accident caused by his group's desire to impress the student body with their piloting skills. Episode: Cost of Living Air date: 04/25/92 Star date: 5733.6 Lwaxana Troi is on board the Enterprise to get married in a traditional Betazoid ceremony, and seeks to take responsibility for caring for Worf's son, Alexander. Episode: The Perfect Mate Air date: 05/02/92 Star date: 5761.3 Kamala, a beautiful, genetically-engineered woman, is being taken by the Enterprise to a planet where she is to be married, but Kamala's beauty overwhelms the male members of the crew. Episode: Imaginary Friend Air date: 05/09/92 Star date: 5852.1 A little girl named Clara, whose Starfleet father is a workaholic, seeks the comfort of an imaginary friend, who turns out to be a real, invisible alien. Episode: I, Borg Air date: 05/16/92 Star date: 5854.2 The Enterprise finds a crashed Borg surveillance craft with one survivor; and while La Forge tries to help him rediscover his humanity, Picard and Guinan must confront their own feelings about the Borg. Episode: The Next Phase Air date: 05/23/92 Star date: 5984.3 La Forge and Ensign Ro are turned invisible by a transporter accident related to a Romulan experiment to develop a new cloaking device. Episode: The Inner Light Air date: 05/30/92 Star date: 5944.1 Picard is knocked out by an alien probe and lives, in his mind, an alternate life on a distant planet threatened by extinction. Episode: Time's Arrow (Part 1) Air date: 06/06/92 Star date: 5959.1 After finding what appears to be a 500-year old head of an android like Data, Picard and company time travel to 19th Century San Francisco to investigate.
Season Six Episode: Time's Arrow (Part 2) Air date: 09/19/92 Star date: 6001.3 Stranded in the 19th Century, Picard and company try to find Data, who stumbled onto an alien plot to drain the life force from humans in order to keep themselves alive. Episode: Realm of Fear Air date: 09/26/92 Star date: 6041.1 Barclay's fear of the transporter becomes more terrifying when he encounters a strange alien while transporting back to the Enterprise from a marooned ship. Episode: Man of the People Air date: 10/03/92 Star date: 6071.6 An alien ambassador participating in peace negotiations projects his negative emotions to Troi in order to achieve a positive state of mind for his negotiating role. Episode: Relics Air date: 10/10/92 Star date: 6095.0 Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, from the original starship Enterprise, is rescued from a transporter loop on a crashed freighter and helps the Enterprise escape from a nearby Dyson Sphere. Episode: Schisms Air date: 10/17/92 Star date: 6154.2 When one of La Forge's experiments goes awry, the crew of the Enterprise is subjected to an alien presence that causes crew members to suffer mysterious emotional ailments and disappear from the ship. Episode: True Q Air date: 10/24/92 Star date: 6129.3 A young woman being transported by the Enterprise to Starfleet Academy begins to display unusual psychokinetic abilities, raising the curiosity of Q, who reveals that her parents were members of the Q Continuum. Episode: Rascals Air date: 10/31/92 Star date: N/A Picard, Guinan, Ro, and Keiko O'Brien encounter a mysterious energy field while aboard a shuttlecraft, and when they beam back to the Enterprise from the disintegrating shuttlecraft, they arrive in the bodies of children. Episode: A Fistful of Datas Air date: 11/07/92 Star date: 6271.5 Worf and Troi accompany Alexander in a wild west holodeck adventure, but a power surge causes all of the holodeck "bad guys" to become replicas of Data. Episode: The Quality of Life Air date: 11/14/92 Star date: 6307.2 Data finds new friends -- mining robots developed by an engineer on Tayra -- which Data believes have achieved sentient life. Episode: Chain of Command Air date: 12/12/92 Star date: 6357.4 Captain Picard, Worf, and Dr. Crusher are sent on a dangerous secret mission to stop a Cardassian plot to unleash biological weapons on the Federation. Episode: Chain of Command Air date: 12/19/92 Star date: 6357.5 While Riker contends with the strict Captain Jellico, who has replaced Picard on the Enterprise, Picard, Worf and Dr. Crusher discover that the supposed Cardassian plot is really a trap to capture Picard, who they subject to brutal torture. Episode: Ship in a Bottle Air date: 01/23/93 Star date: 6424.1 While running a diagnostic check on the holodeck, Barclay accidentally calls up the image of Sherlock Holmes's archrival, Moriarity, who has long been abandoned in the holodeck memory and now proceeds to walk right out of the holodeck. Episode: Aquiel Air date: 01/30/93 Star date: 6461.3 While the Enterprise is investigating the disappearance of a crew member of a Federation relay station, La Forge encounters a beautiful young lieutenant named Aquiel and a deadly creature posing as her pet dog. Episode: Face of the Enemy Air date: 02/06/93 Star date: 6519.1 Deanna Troi finds herself an unwilling spy aboard a Romulan Warbird on a mission to deliver a defecting member of the Romulan Senate to the Enterprise. Episode: Tapestry Air date: 02/13/93 Star date: N/A Captain Picard dies from a power surge that stops his mechanical heart, and Q gives him the opportunity to relive and change key events in his life that resulted in him having the mechanical heart. Episode: Birthright (Part 1) Air date: 02/20/93 Star date: 6578.4 Worf sets off to search for his "presumed-dead" father on a Romulan prison planet, while Data explores unexplained mental visions of Dr. Soong. Episode: Birthright (Part 2) Air date: 02/27/93 Star date: 6659.2 Worf's search for his father leads him to a colony where the Klingon survivors of the Kithomer massacre are living in peace with their Romulan overseers. Episode: Starship Mine Air date: 03/27/93 Star date: 6682.4 While the Enterprise is at a repair station completely unmanned, terrorists sneak aboard to steal trilithium from the ship's engine cores to use in making a bomb, and Picard is the only one who can stop them. Episode: Lessons Air date: 04/03/93 Star date: 6693.1 Captain Picard is torn between his love for a new member of the Enterprise crew and his duty to assign her to a potentially fatal mission. Episode: The Chase Air date: 04/24/93 Star date: 6731.5 Picard and the Enterprise race the Cardassians, Romulans, and Klingons to uncover the secret of a 4 billion year old genetic puzzle discovered by Picard's mentor, Professor Galen. Episode: Frame of Mind Air date: 05/01/93 Star date: 6778.1 While participating in a play about an insane man, Riker suddenly finds himself in the Telonius Institute for the Mentally Ill. Episode: Suspicions Air date: 05/08/93 Star date: 6830.1 Dr. Crusher faces courtmartial when she encourages a Ferengi scientist's experiments in a new type of shield technology and the Ferengi is later found dead. Episode: Rightful Heir Air date: 05/15/93 Star date: 6852.2 Worf discovers that Kahless the Unforgettable is still alive, and Worf must help him regain his place on the throne of the Klingon Empire, even at Gowron's expense. Episode: Second Chances Air date: 05/22/93 Star date: 6900.0 An away team discovers a second William Riker on a distant planet, and Commander Riker of the Enterprise and Lt. Riker of the Potemkin must contend with the fact that the duplicate was created by a transporter accident 8 years earlier. Episode: Timescape Air date: 06/12/93 Star date: 6944.2 Returning from a conference in a runabout, Picard, Data, Troi, and La Forge find the Enterprise frozen in time in the midst of a battle with a Romulan Warbird. Episode: Descent (Part 1) Air date: 06/19/93 Star date: 6982.1 The Borg are back, but with the human emotion of hatred; and, with Lore as their leader, they enlist Data in their plan to destroy the Federation.
Season Seven Episode: Descent (Part 2) Air date: 09/18/93 Star date: 7025.4 As Dr. Crusher, in temporary command of the Enterprise, tries to escape from the Borg vessel, Hugh, the Borg who was rescued by the Enterprise a year earlier, comes to the rescue of Data and the other Enterprise officers. Episode: Liaison Air date: 09/25/93 Star date: N/A Three representatives of a recently encountered race come aboard the Enterprise on a diplomatic exchange mission; but while travelling to their homeworld, Picard's shuttlecraft crashes on a deserted planet where he finds a mysterious young woman. Episode: Interface Air date: 10/02/93 Star date: 7215.5 While using an experimental neural interface probe to recover the bodies of the crew of a research ship trapped in the lower atmosphere of a giant gas planet, La Forge sees the image of his mother, whose starship has been reported missing in action. Episode: Gambit (Part 1) Air date: 10/09/93 Star date: 7135.2 While searching for the missing Captain Picard, Riker is captured by a band of mercenaries and finds that Picard is now a member of the mercenary group. Episode: Gambit (Part 2) Air date: 10/16/93 Star date: 7160.1 Picard and Riker team up to outsmart the mercenaries and keep an ancient Vulcan mind weapon from falling into the hands of a band of Vulcan isolationists. Episode: Phantasm Air date: 10/23/93 Star date: 7225.7 Data's strange dreams are the key to discovering and eradicating parasitic creatures that are threatening to kill the crew and destroy the Enterprise. Episode: Dark Page Air date: 10/30/93 Star date: 7254.1 Contact with a newly encountered telepathic race triggers in Lwaxana Troi memories of a tragedy that she has kept hidden from Deanna for over 30 years. Episode: Attached Air date: 11/06/93 Star date: 7304.2 Beaming down to a planet seeking Federation membership, Picard and Dr. Crusher are captured by an opposition group and mentally linked to each other by brain implants. Episode: Force of Nature Air date: 11/13/93 Star date: 7310.2 While the Enterprise is searching for a missing medical transport ship in an unstable corridor in space, scientists from a nearby planet reveal that warp drives are destroying the fabric of the space-time continuum. Episode: Inheritance Air date: 11/20/93 Star date: 7410.2 Data faces a tough decision when he discovers that his "mother," Dr. Soong's wife, is really an android that Soong built after his real wife was killed by the crystalline entity. Episode: Parallels Air date: 11/27/93 Star date: 7391.2 A rift in the space-time continuum causes Worf to shift between many alternate universes, and he must engage the help of an alternate Enterprise crew to return to his own universe. Episode: The Pegasus Air date: 01/09/94 Star date: 7457.1 Commander Riker's first commanding officer, now an admiral, comes aboard the Enterprise to find and salvage a secret experimental device that had caused the destruction of his ship, the Pegasus, 12 years earlier. Episode: Homeward Air date: 01/16/94 Star date: 7423.9 Worf's foster brother, Nikolai, violates the Prime Directive by beaming the survivors of a dying planet into a holodeck simulation of their planet, in a plan to transport them to a new planet. Episode: Sub Rosa Air date: 01/30/94 Star date: N/A A mysterious man begins to haunt Dr. Crusher after her grandmother's death, convincing her to resign her commission in Starfleet and join him on the terraformed planet where her grandmother lived. Episode: Lower Decks Air date: 02/06/94 Star date: 7566.7 Four junior officers who are up for promotion vie for their superiors' attention, and one of the officer, a young Bajoran woman who was involved 2 years earlier in the coverup of a training accident at Starfleet Academy that also involved Welsey Crusher, risks her life by volunteering for a dangerous mission to return a Cardassian operative to Cardassian space. Episode: Thine Own Self Air date: 02/13/94 Star date: 7611.2 Sent to a primitive planet to recover a radioactive probe that crashed there, Data suffers amnesia and is accused by the planet's inhabitants of infecting them with a plague when they begin to suffer from radiation sickness. Episode: Masks Air date: 02/20/94 Star date: 7618.4 The Enterprise discovers an abandoned vessel, from an 87 million year old civilization, that begins to place multiple personalities from the civilization's mythology into Data's mind and transform the ship into a recreations of the civilization's mythological temple. Episode: Eye of the Beholder Air date: 02/27/94 Star date: 7622.1 Investigating the suicide of a crew member, Worf and Troi discover a growing passion for each other and evidence that a murder took place on the Enterprise while she was being constructed. Episode: Genesis Air date: 03/20/94 Star date: 7653.2 While Picard and Data are away from the Enterprise tracking down an errant photon torpedo, a mutant virus aboard the Enterprise transforms the crew into a variety of primitive lifeforms from their respective planets of origin. Episode: Journey's End Air date: 03/27/94 Star date: 7751.2 The Enterprise is ordered to relocate a colony of American Indians from a planet in a newly created Federation-Cardassian demilitarized zone; and Wesley Crusher, who is on vacation from Starfleet Academy, is assisted by the Traveller in making a crucial decision about the future course of his life. Episode: First Born Air date: 04/24/94 Star date: 7779.4 Alexander travels from 40 years in the future to try to convince his younger self of the importance of becoming a warrior able to protect his family's honor and his father Worf's life. Episode: Bloodlines Air date: 05/01/94 Star date: 7829.1 The Ferengi Daemon Bok threatens to kill the 24-year old son Picard did not know he had in revenge for the death of Bok's son at the Battle of Maxia, when Picard destroyed an attacking Ferengi ship. Episode: Emergence Air date: 05/08/94 Star date: 7869.2 After weathering a magnascopic storm, the Enterprise's holodeck computer begins to develop artificial intelligence and takes over control of the ship, putting the entire crew's lives in jeopardy. Episode: Preemptive Strike Air date: 05/15/94 Star date: 7941.7 Lt. Ro Laren is sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Maquis, but finds that she must choose between her loyalties to Starfleet and Captain Picard and her sympathies for the Maquis. Episode: All Good Things (2-Hour Finale) Air date: 05/22/94 Star date: 7988.1 Captain Picard finds himself repeatedly transported between three time periods -- 7 years in the past, the present, and 25 years in the future -- and when Q appears and informs Picard that he will cause the total destruction of mankind, Picard uses his experiences in the three time periods to investigate and close an anti-time anomaly that appears to be related to his time shifts.