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                           Iconian v1.98 beta

FIXED the palette window for Kickstart 3.1 users!  Have fun!

Still some people experiencing flakeyness with the Picasso board.  Some
users can't load icons, some can't display them, some can't save
them, and some can't do anything...  AIEEE.

Activated the brush double X/Y/Both menu options.

Added  the tooltype "CHUNKYMODE" and the CLI arg "CHUNKY" or "CM".  This
will  force  a  slow  pixel  based conversion of the onscreen image when
saving icons.  This may allow certain flakey display board emulations to
save correct icons.  (Picasso maybe?).  Let me know if setting this flag
has an effect or not, PLEASE!

                          Iconian v1.97d beta

I  hopefully  fixed  the  problems running under the Piccasso gfx board.
Thanks to those that helped.

I  also eliminated the Enforcer hits when selecting a font.  This should
also fix the occasional crashes when doing same.

Keyfile  handling  should  be a bit more stable.  Had reports of Iconian
looking  everywhere  from  SYS:   to corrupt volume names.  SnoopDOS now
shows Iconian looking in the correct places...

Only  2  catalogs that'll work under Iconian 1.97.  The German (Deutsch)
and  French  (Français).   The  other  two were never updated from 1.90.

                           Iconian v1.97 beta

First  off,  this  is  a  pretty  major  update  over  1.90.   So please
refamiliarize yourself with it...?

For  those  of  you  who  are returning, please note MANY bugs have been
cornered,  trapped,  and  squashed.   The  most major (in my mind) was a
memory corrupting one associated with filled circles.  (YEA!).

Unfortunatly, I really messed up the iconify options, trying to clean up
the  code.   I  could  revert  to the older one, which worked 50% of the
time, but I decided to just trash it for now.  This may be temporary, or
it  may be permanent.  This depends on my commitment to continue work on
this project in the future.

If  you  are  a  NEW  USER, please take a good look at my program.  I've
grown  real  proud of it lately.  I'm offering a very cheap registration
for anyone interested.  There are several ways of receiving a registered
version...  read the .guide to find out how.