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             d##       jN##    j##F     J##    _dN0"      "        d##
           .#]##      _P ##L  jN##F     ###   g#0"               .#]##
          dE_j##      #  0## jF ##F    j##F  j##'    ______     dE_j##
        .0"""N##     d"   ##L0  ##F    0##   0##     "9##F"   .0"""5##
      .dF'   ]##    jF    ##0   ##F    ##F   `##k     d##   .dF'   j##
    .g#_    _j##___g#__   ]N  _j##L_ _d##L_   `#Nh___g#N' .g#_    _j##__
   """""    """""""""""    "  """""" """"""      """"""" """""    """"""

           ######    ######   ######    ######    ######   ########  TM
          ##    ##  ##       ##    ##  ##    ##  ##    ##     ##
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          ##  ##    ##       ##        ##    ##  ##  ##       ##
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== May 2, 1995                    \\//                    Issue No. 3.09 ==

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=========================================================================== == The Amiga Report Staff == =========================================================================== Editor Table of Contents =========================================================================== == EDITOR == =========================================================================== Jason Compton ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Internet Address -------- ------- 1838 Chicago Ave. #419 Evanston, IL 60201-3806 USA Fax Phone --- ----- 708/491-4064 708/332-4599
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compt.sys.editor.desk Table of Contents =========================================================================== == compt.sys.editor.desk By: Jason Compton == =========================================================================== Well, ok, I guess I was a BIT rough on Escom. Since the Auction issue, Escom has dropped a few press releases on the world, stating their intent to keep making 1200/4000/600s and continue the development of the Amiga. We haven't seen anything concrete, but that's to be expected. As far as news goes: as of this writing, I cannot confirm that the Bahamas Supreme Court has acted on the Commodore deal. I spoke with someone who claims to have contacted Letitia Hansen (my lawyer contact) who informed him that the Supreme Court had indeed accepted the deal. IF that's the case, that means that all is left is for Escom to close the deal by paying in full, which they would have 20 working days from acceptance to do. In the meantime, the fallout from Alex Amor and David Pleasance/Colin Proudfoot can be read later in the magazine, along with the few releases we've been able to get from Escom. As far as contacting Escom goes: so far, there is no "official" place to contact Escom about Commodore. You can find some Escom numbers in the transcript of the post-auction conference, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to call them and show that we care, but it may not get you far. Reports indicate that there are some secretaries getting flustered with Amiga questions they can't answer... I'm trying to get a solid contact in the Escom organization. You'll know when I do, I'll have a lot more to say. :) Speaking of a lot to apologies to Cloanto, Thomas Dorn, and Todd Sprague, whose products (PPaint 6.1, XiPaint 3.1, and QuickText, respectively) should have been reviewed for this issue. But I have been EXTREMELY busy with post-auction business... At any rate, enjoy. See you in a couple of weeks... Jason P.S. Late-breaking news... #1. Conference with Chris Hames and Justin Deeley of Quasar Distribution (publisher of PC-Task 3 and DirWork 2) on IRC- Sunday, May 28, 1995 at 10:30 PM CET/4:30 PM Eastern US time (Monday, May 29, 1995 at 7:30 AM for those in the Melbourne area) #2. Walnut Creek ( no longer carries Aminet.
Commercial Products Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Commercial Products == =========================================================================== We want your used CD32! We will pay $180 plus $15 shipping & COD charges ($195 total U.S. funds) for working, NTSC (sorry no PAL) CD32 consoles. Please contact us for authorization and shipping instructions. Sound Concepts, Inc. / MagicBox (503) 752-5542. Offer limited. Call for details. --- --- --- --- --- Editor's Choice Jason's picks Commercial Online Services Sign-Up Information --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opinion News Articles Reviews Announce
Reader Mail Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Reader Mail == =========================================================================== From: (Eric Szulczewski) Subject: AR308 Response Letter - CLEARED FOR PUBLICATION Jason, I've only become a recent fan of your magazine, and I think that it's fantastic. As a person who had to operate a floor scrubber and buffer a number of times while in the military, keep up the harassment. Your review in AR308 of WB3.1 was fascinating. This 2000 owner went to 3.1 a few months ago, and I'll never go back. I've only experienced one problem with it: IPrefs doesn't want to seem to load my desired beep sound. However, ARQ not working with 3.1? Not on this end; it's worked perfectly for me. I'm sure that as a longtime Amiga owner, you're running RTPatch or StartRC or something similar to patch ReqTools to all requesters. That may be where the problem lies. Some people forget to lower the StartPri of ARQ to that of below the ReqTools patch. Since I can't live without a ReqTools patch, ARQ, and AssignX, I've got to remember to load them in the correct order in WBStartup. If other people are having those problems (and this applies to all versions of the OS), just edit the icon tooltypes to STARTPRI=0 for the ReqTools patch, STARTPRI=-1 for ARQ, and STARTPRI=-2 for AssignX. It should work now. And, BTW, I do miss NickPrefs as well for the animated icons. Wonder if Nicola is working on a 3.0+ version for ECS machines for that? With the demise of AmigaWorld, Amiga Report has become more and more important. Wishing everyone luck, and waiting for the 20th... Eric J. Szulczewski --- --- --- --- --- From: (John Leslie) Subject: AR Reader Mail: "UK Amiga magazines" I think the U.K. probably has more magazines published than any other country on the planet. Certainly whenever I'm abroad the choice always seems to be a tiny fraction of what's available here. While some are discussing the demise of various Amiga magazines around the world the U.K. market still looks pretty full. In fact, even a year after CI's little accident there seems to be more titles than ever. So as a small contribution to the AR cause here is my survey of U.K. Amiga magazines: Amiga Action, 13pa, 3.99 UKP Amiga CD Gamer, 9pa, 4.99 Amiga CD32, alternate months, 4.95 Amiga Computing, 13pa, 3.99 Amiga Format, monthly, 3.95 Amiga Format special, alternate months, 4.95 Amiga Power, monthly, 3.95 Amiga Pro, monthly, 2.95 Amiga Shopper, monthly, 2.50 Amiga User International, monthly, 3.75 Commodore Format, monthly, 2.95 CU Amiga, monthly, 3.95 The One Amiga, monthly, 3.95 Not a bad selection... ==== John Leslie, --- --- --- --- --- From: (John Leslie) Subject: AR Reader Mail: "Another 0.001c value" Since everyone seems to be having their 0.02c worth on the Amiga's future I though I'd have a go (okay, 0.1p over here). Hardware: there seems to be a lot of confusion here, but I think Dave Haynie's views looked the most believable, i.e. CI weren't ever doing a RISC Amiga but were looking to do a custom version of PA RISC for a new games machine. This would suggest a RISC Amiga is a seriously long way away, even if the new owners decide to stump up the not inconsiderable amount of loot required. Surely if AAA is close to done, and the spec. looks fine to me, that's got to be the way to go. Anyway a 68EC040 is a reasonably powerful CPU and at $60 a pop it'll keep most people happy. There's also the MCF5102, which runs at 16MHz, executes the whole EC040 instruction set and is only $20. (It has a multiplexed bus, rather than the standard one, but could make a nice CD32 follow on.) On the RISC front, like Tim Cameron I too use a HP 735-125 at work (er, I design computers for my sins), and I'll agree it is spectacularly fast, although whether HP would cut Amiga Inc (or whoever) the same deal for a full-blown computer must be open to question. PowerPC is okay as a CPU, but there seem to be a couple of problems: Apple and IBM. Do you make the computer CHIRP compatible, so it runs Apple's o/s and AIX and NT, but have to sell against them on price, or avoid compatibility and the chance to multi-boot NT/AIX/System 7/AmigaDOS? (Why are Apple/IBM a problem? Because IBM gets the chips at cost and if you look at the prices of the PowerPC chips and what Apple is selling its computers for it's obvious they cut themselves a very serious price deal for coming on-board.) There's always Alpha, very fast and the 21066A (233MHz) has the PCI interface, cache controller and DRAM controller built-in. They are all nice chips, but it will take so long to do and so much money it may not happen (firms will continue to employ accountants, despite all the evidence showing how harmful this is). Personally I'd prefer to shout for AAA (I'll buy one, 040 or 060, 100MIPS, 24bpp and 16bit sound will do me for now...) If you really want to do new hardware - how about a PCI bus (64-bit?) graphics and sound card? You could then use the hardware of your choice, which much lower initial investment, and make a few extra bob by writing drivers for other o/s and selling their users the card too (plus if you do a new o/s in C you could port it around all you like, endian-ness allowing). Software: I like AmigaDOS more than any other o/s, so sue me... of course I'd like it more if new versions were more sensibly priced and didn't break so many older programs, but that's news to nobody. I was interested to see the announcement of a clone AmigaDOS project - these are brave people as writing an operating system takes a lot of work and needs to be very solid to get much use. One possibility they might like to consider... Linux runs on cheap and powerful hardware with re-targetable everything (PCs) but suffers from the fact that although the o/s is on GNU the window manager is chargeable and not cheap. Perhaps an opportunity for someone to come up with a free window manager and widget set - there's a lot of potential customers out there, and there is already a very solid windowing system and set of development tools available. It also supports shared libraries. All it needs for perfection (-ish) is a nice intuition-like window manager and widget set, some handy shared libraries (XPR..., XPK..., etc) and REXX. Worth a thought? (Bearing in mind that most Amiga graphics cards use mid-range PC graphics chips on a slow-ish bus you might even get draggable screens with fast PC hardware, simply by doing blits. (The top-end PC chips on PCI are around 5-8x as fast as the chips used on Amiga boards (e.g. 64 and 128-bit VRAM accelerators vs the 32 and 64 bit DRAM chips.)) What do other people think? Personally Im crossing my fingers for AAA, ideally for my 1995 Christmas present from me... ==== John Leslie,
AmigaOS Project Information Table of Contents HOW TO OBTAIN INFORMATION ABOUT THE AMIGAOS REPLACEMENT PROJECT Through the World Wide Web: or send an empty e-mail to: upon which you will receive an information charter.
Dream State CD Table of Contents _DREAM STATE_, THE NEW CD FROM BJORN A. LYNNE (ALSO KNOWN AS DR.AWESOME/ CRUSADERS) IS OUT NOW. ################################## All music composed, arranged, ## performed by Bjorn A. Lynne. 1. All Life is One (1) 03:20 ## Recorded in DENS Design Studios 2. Time & Growth 08:24 ## Jan.-Oct. 1994. ADD recording. 3. Emptiness 05:24 ## Remixed Feb'95 in Townhouse 4. The Cycle 04:42 ## Studios, London, UK. 5. Mania 05:00 ## 6. Digital Phoenix 04:19 ## Equipment used: 7. Mesmerized 04:27 ## Amiga 1200 running Music-X. 8. Dark Star 04:43 ## AST 486DX PC running CakeWalk. 9. Sequences 03:02 ## Ensoniq SQ-R+ 10. Progress 05:25 ## Korg Wavestation 11. All Life is One (2) 05:10 ## Roland S550 ## Roland Juno-2 PLUS BONUS TRACK FOR MOD-LOVERS ## Kawai K1-rII ## Roland D50 12. Now What? Medley 14:09 ## Gravis Ultra Sound ## Art ProVerb 100 ################################## Boss BX-16 In UK, the album is available from your favourite record store *OR* from the address below, as described. This CD will NOT be available in any shops in any other countries than UK, and must be ordered from the address below. Price 160 NOK. The first 200 CDs ordered will be individually numbered 001-200 and signed with silver ink. Scandinavians: Just write or call and say that you want the CD. Do not send any money with your order. The CD will be sent as "pay-on- delivery" (postoppkrav/postfrskott/efterkrav). You pay for it when you pick it up at the post office. Outside Scandinavia: I can't send "pay-on-delivery" outside Scandinavia; so you have to send the money. Please send 40 DM, 15, or equivalent in useable currency (no coins please); OR send a EuroCheque for 176 NOK. These prices are *including* postage throughout Europe. Alternatively, you may also send an International Money Order (they have these at all post offices throughout the world) for 176 NOK, which will cover the CD and the postage. Please, no other cheques than *Euro*Cheques; and if you send EuroCheque, it must be made out in NOK (176), and payable to Bjorn A. Lynne. If you have any questions on how to order or anything else, I'd be glad to help you; give me a call. Address etc: BJORN LYNNE Phone (daytime): +47 67 594331 SCHLEPPEGRELLS GATE 10 Phone (evening/weekend): +47 22 352781 0556 OSLO Telefax: +47 67 595300 NORWAY PostGiro: 0824.0681472 Email: IMPORTANT INFO!! Last minute update: I have been given a job in Team17 Software, and I am moving to England on the 16th of April 1995. After this date, *you can still use the above address*, as all mail will be forwarded to me; BUT if you're in Scandinavia, it will probably be easier/quicker to send orders to my good friend Rune Schau, who will also arrange sale of this CD. His address is RUNE SCHAU / STALSBERGGT. 20 / 2010 STROMMEN / NORWAY; Phone (+47) 63 80 08 44. For questions etc.; I can also be reached at: Team17 Software / Longlands House / Wakefield Rd. / Ossett WF5 9JS / ENGLAND - and mark the envelope "Att: BJORN LYNNE" !! A Journey on the Inside Through the world of sound and music To the innermost depths of your soul and to the centre of the universe * S E E Y O U O N T H E O T H E R S I D E *
CEI Fax to Dealers Table of Contents Thu Apr 27 15:35 1995 - Creative Equipment Int. Dear CEI Dealer: We have been bombarded with numerous questions during the past few days. The following attempts to answer the majority of concerns which have been raised. What is Escom going to do? CEI is not in the position to speak for Escom, nor do we want to imply that we know what their intentions are. We can tell you Escom is a large German concern thay is very savy when it comes to business. With this said, it is a fact that there exists a demand for Amigas. Based on this, we would expect Escom to produce sufficent Amigas to meet market demands. As far as developing the technology forward, we don't have enough information to make a reasonable determination. In an interview Escom representatives stated "...they plan to develop Apple compatible machines utilizing the Commodore trademarks. They planned on building Amigas in China. and bringing back the Commodore 64...". When will machines be available again? If the purchaser had been moving forward with production plans, Amigas can be back in the market in 45-60 days. If they are just started to look into production it is going to take 3 to 5 months. What is CEI's role? CEI is interested in licensing the Amiga technology to develop new more powerful Amigas. CEI will be aggressively marketing, supporting, and distributing the Amiga and Amiga products. What if Escom does not manufacture Amiga and is not willing to license the technology? CEI has been working on contingency plans. If these plans are put into effect, our dealer base will be immediatly notified. Our expectations are that Escom will bring back the Amiga. Are you goingto abandon the Amiga because you lost? NO, we are obvoisly very disappointed. We got closer than we imagined. We beleive in the Amiga, the technology, the dealers and the market. We are extremely happy that this long episode is over. We made a commitment to support whomever won the technology. Now the real work must start. Will CEI be moving to other platforms? NO, we have made a long term commitment to the Amiga business. In the past we have carried products that are multiplatform based (Fargo,DPS,Prime Image, etc). We will continue with this stratagy. What can you tell us about the DELL/CEI connection? At this time, not much. CEI and DELL found a lot of common ground to work together. Even though we were not successful with the acquisition of Commodore a lot of joint interest areas are being exploded. As things materialize we will keep you up to date. When are we going to receive terms? As we mentioned, there are going to be a large number of announcements within the next few weeks (we even have a few suprises up our sleeves). All CEI dealers will be receiving new dealer contracts, credit applications, and P.O.S. materials shortly. To participate it is important for all dealers to complete the paperwork and submit it to us. Does Escom own Commodore? Technically speaking no. It is going to take a couple of days to transfer the assets and sign all the paperwork but in actuality it is a done deal. Even though there remains a lot of questions to be answered, we are happy that this epsidode (Yes Martha, it really does say EPSIDODE!) in the long ordeal is over. The stage is now set to begin moving forward again. We are excited with the possibilities and look towards expanding our relationship with you.
CrossDOS Version 6 Professional Table of Contents CONSULTRON For Immediate Release 8959 Ridge Rd February 23, 1995 Plymouth, MI 48170 (313) 459-7271 Voice/FAX Product Upgrade We've Improved Upon the Best ... CrossDOS (TM) Version 6 Professional Plymouth, MI, USA -- CONSULTRON has announced that it will be shipping CrossDOS (TM) Version 6 Professional on April 3, 1995. CrossDOS has been enhanced to better support MS-DOS formatted floppies and hard disks. Here's a quick list of our ``New and Improved'' features: Faster Floppy Access We've completely rewrote the floppy device driver (mfm.device) to speed up reads and writes approximately two times. Faster Hard Disk Writes We've optimized CrossDOS disk caching and disk access routines to speed up writes to MS-DOS hard disks approximately ten times. Partition MS-DOS Hard Drives Using our QuickPrep utility, you can create a `true' MS-DOS hard disk partition entirely on your Amiga. You are no longer required to preformat the disk on an MS-DOS computer first. Read and Write MS-DOS Disk Images in Files CrossDOS now supports Bridgeboard MakeAB and JLink files, PC-Task hardfiles and AtOnce/GoldenGate diskfiles. Network Compatible We've improved CrossDOS to be compatible with most Amiga networks. Improved Hard Disk Configuration and Diagnostic Utilities We've made substantial enhancements to many CrossDOS utilities including the hard disk configuration and diagnostic programs. Full-time Technical Support We still provide full-time technical support for our products. Tech support is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM EST. Runs on any Amiga CrossDOS will run on any Amiga with 512K or more of RAM using AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher. Availability and Pricing CrossDOS are scheduled to be available April 3, 1995. The suggested list price is: $60.00 CrossDOS Version 6 Professional should be available from most Amiga software retailers or directly from CONSULTRON (include $5.00 S&H for USA and Canada or $10.00 S&H elsewhere). (We now support Visa and MasterCard.) ``Same-day'' Delivery Service For qualified credit card customers, we can provide ``same-day'' delivery on our software products. Call for details. CrossDOS Upgrade Policy CrossDOS owner upgrades from previous versions are available from CONSULTRON only. To qualify, you must be preregistered with us and your cost is $15.00 plus shipping and handling ($5.00 S&H for USA and Canada or $10.00 S&H elsewhere). High-density drives for sale: To further support our customers, we have purchased a supply of Amiga compatible high-density drives in both the internal and external models. This is the original Chinon drive designed for Commodore to support the 1.44M formatted MS-DOS disks. Call for pricing. (While supplies last). Please Note: CrossPC is no longer bundled with CrossDOS and has been discontinued. CrossDOS is a trademark of CONSULTRON.
Commodore UK Situation Table of Contents [This is an article typed from Computer Retail News (UK) Dated Monday 24th April 1995. - Jason] Commodore End In Sight Commodore UK's directors have warned they willput the company into liquidation at the end of May unless a buyer is found for subsidiary's stricken parent. Davd Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot warn in accounts filed at Companies House that the business can only survive until the end of May. The accounts, for the year ending 30 June 1993, were filed last month. Independent retailers were hoping last week for a Commodore UK victory in the New York bancruptcy court's auction of the remaining Commodore group assets. John Arundell, group marketing controller of Commodore UK distributer SDL, said: "We'd like David Pleasance to get it - we beleive he's committed to the product."
Escom Press Release Table of Contents [The following is Escom's German press release as translated by Johannes Nymburg - Jason] short translation of press release escom heppenheim: sentences in brackets are personal addons of me (jonny)! escom ag got all rights of commodore group transaction includes all rights of technology, trademarks and patents of commodore and amiga escom wants to continue the sucsessful productlines of commodore and amiga under the same trademarks. commodore-pc will be traded over distributors and warehouses worldwide. the legendary c64 will be reinwoked for the markets of eastern europe (means china i think) production of amiga 4000, 1200 and 600 will be restartet immediatly in parallel escom works on the integration of amiga and the classic pc-technology. for endusers escom plans to release pc-slot cards, wich will make the multimedial functions of amiga, graphics and sound, available on normal pc. (on 1989 there was a german firm, which realized this project. they got the custom chips of an a500 and soldered them on an pc-slot card, which then was an `amiga card` like the `pc card` for amiga. this project was forbidden of commodore) with special `amiga-tv-settop-boxes` escom wants to set a milestone of the future of interactive television. a license for production and trading of amiga based computers was given to `tianjin family-used multimedia co. ltd.` in china. tianjin is one of the biggest producers of 16-bit game mashines with 1million selled units in 1994. the market space of `tianjin family-used multimedia co. ltd.` in china is 80%! license offers to leading distributors in fareast and usa are set, to open the commodore/amiga technology for the wold-market. (that`s the translation of the most significant items of the german press release. questions and remarks to
Escom Press Release Table of Contents 2/4/1 DIALOG(R)File 611:Reuters (c) 1995 Reuters Information Services. All rts. reserv. BONN, April 24 (Reuter) - Escom AG, Europe's biggest wholesale computer distributor, paid $10 million for the rights to Commodore and Amiga personal computer technology and patents, industry sources told Reuters. Escom declined to comment on the price it paid for the package at an auction in New York. Commodore and Amiga were sold off in liquidation procedures. Earlier Escom said the acquisition included all of the rights to Commodore and Amiga technology, intellectual property, brand names and patents. It said that it would continue to market some of the most popular Commodore and Amiga products and hoped to target markets in Eastern Europe and Asia. Escom is also developing a circuit board that would make it possible to use Amiga multimedia technology in an IBM-compatible personal computer. -- William Boston, Bonn Newsroom, 49 228 2609750 Copyright (c) Reuters America Inc. SPECIAL FEATURE: Finance 2/4/2 DIALOG(R)File 611:Reuters (c) 1995 Reuters Information Services. All rts. reserv. 2160183 Escom <ECOGa.F> buys Commodore, Amiga rights PRIORITY: bulletin Equities News DATE: April 24, 1995 08:13 E.T. WORD COUNT: 00201 BONN, April 24 (Reuter) - Escom AG, Europe's biggest wholesale computer distributor, said it has acquired the rights to Commodore and Amiga computer patents in an auction in New York. Escom said in a statement that the acquisition included all of the rights to Commodore and Amiga technology, intellectual property, brand names and patents. The company said it hopes to become a leading vendor for multimedia technology for private consumers. Escom plans to resume production of the Commodore C54 model, targeting eastern Europe, as well as production and distribution of Amiga 4000, 1200 and 600. The company is also working on a platform that would make it possible to integrate Amiga multimedia functions with IBM-compatible personal computers. It plans to develop Amiga set-top boxes for use in interactive television. Escom said it also closed a licensing agreement with < Tianjin > Family-Used Multimedia Co Ltd of China to market and produce Amiga -based computers. It also said it was in talks with leading distributors in the United States and Asia about further licensing agreements for Commodore and Amiga products. -- William Boston, Bonn newsroom, 49-228-2609731 Copyright (c) Reuters America Inc. SPECIAL FEATURE: Finance 2/4/3 DIALOG(R)File 611:Reuters (c) 1995 Reuters Information Services. All rts. reserv. 2160086 ESCOM <ECOG.F> BUYS ALL PATENT RIGHTS OF COMMODORE AND AMIGA PRIORITY: flash Equities News DATE: April 24, 1995 07:36 E.T. WORD COUNT: 00010 Copyright (c) Reuters America Inc.
fMSX Amiga 0.4 Now Available Table of Contents NOW AVAILABLE: fMSX Amiga 0.4! fMSX Amiga 0.4 (or simply 'fMSX') is an emulator for MSX computers. The current version runs on any machine with the following requirements: CPU: 68020+ (As far as I am concerned there will never be a version for normal 68000) OS: v39+ (If enough people are interested I will lower this to v36) fMSX 0.4 is not capable of using MSX disks, I hope to add this as soon as possible (version 0.5 or 0.6). This means that loading and saving is currently rather limited: only cartridge images can be loaded, and nothing can be saved. As a consequence, the emulation is only good for playing games at this time. Games can be obtained from: under MSX/fMSX/ROMs. There is also an archive if MegaROMs here, but these cannot be used with fMSX Amiga. Also available from this site: versions of fMSX for UNIX, PowerMac, and PC. The UNIX version is the original, and has the most features. The other versions are all conversions of the UNIX version. Compiling the UNIX version on Amiga results in a program that is four times slower than the current version. fMSX UNIX is developed by Marat Fayzullin ( Games in the ROM package include classics like Loderunner, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Zaxxon, Bosconian, Falcon, Eggerland Mystery, Grog's revenge, Guardic, Knightlore, Knightmare, Oil's Well, Payload, QBert, Tank Battalion, Thexder, Twinbee, and Zanac (hands up anybody who knows more than half of these!) PERFORMANCE: On my 68030 (25Mhz) it is just a bit slower than a real MSX. It is quite a bit slower than AmiMSX, but the emulation is a lot better (it does full emulation of all flags, for instance), a lot more stable (it almost never crashes, although there is a known problem with sound at this time), and best of all: it's free! Oh, and before I forget: multitasking is enabled, and it is completely OS-friendly, *and* it uses a font-sensitive interface, so people who get their kicks from this kind of thing can get it without troubling their conscience... ;-) Finally, if you have some fastram it helps a lot, and I accidentally left a MEMF_CHIP in v0.4 that slows things down quite a bit, for which I apologize deeply. For those who have seen v0.3: with that MEMF_CHIP taken out it is just as fast as v0.3! BUGS: This is version v0.4. Once it is finished I'll give it a number like v1.0, until then you can expect "omissions" and other un-features. Right now there is only one fatal bug (that I know off): if the soundchannels of the Amiga are allocated when the emulation is started it hangs. Expect this to be gone in v0.5, until then you'll have to be careful. Like Sierra used to say in the good old days: "Save early, save often", and it still applies today. FUTURE: Things that will be added include support for reading/writing MSX disks (that's easy, MSX uses the same format as PC!), more speed, and of course MSX2. The current version can already run MSX2 BASIC (albeit very slowly), although only one MSX2 screenmode has been implemented. ***** VERY IMPORTANT ***** I have a new e-mail address! If you want to contact me, write to My old address is no longer be valid! ***** ALRIGHT, ONLY IF YOU WANTED TO MAIL ME ***** AVAILABILITY: fMSX is available on aminet, in "misc/emu". Everything you need is in the archive (no f****ng around with downloading ROMs), but it helps a lot if you have some cartridge images. I don't supply these; but as stated there are several available through www. Hans Guijt, author
Imagemaster R/t 1.60 Table of Contents Black Belt Systems is pleased to announce Imagemaster R/t 1.60 for the Amiga computer. IM R/t 1.60 expands the software's already impressive array of special effects to include enormously powerful powerful plasma tools, other operational enhancements, expanded interface controls and additional documentation. Black Belt Systems continues to enhance our Imagemaster R/t product, still the most powerful image manipulation system available for the Amiga, as well as offer full time technical support to our customers. More important reasons why Imagemaster R/t is the right choice for your Amiga image manipulation software! We also want you to know that should you be considering adding Windows- or Windows NT-based computers to your working environment, you should also be aware that we offer very powerful special effect, image manipulation, morphing and warping software at incredibly low prices for these platforms as well as for the Amiga. We even have versions for RISC machines such as the Alpha, MIPs and even the PowerPC, all of which are shipping right now! Currently, the big news is in the Amiga arena - here are some specifics sure to grab your interest... The plasma suite can generate flame events in still frames or over time. A number of useful types of flames are available, including gas flames, candles, log and forest fires, and even the oil wick of a hurricane lamp. This is only the tip of the iceberg, however, as all flame parameters are settable by the user. For instance, independent control over the flame's base, middle, end and tip colors allow you to tailor the burn even to rare metals such as sodium or magnesium with no trouble. You have control over how much the flame distorts the background behind it, turbulence within the flame and much, much more. Also in the plasma suite is an extensive electrical generator which excels at lightning and other electrical effects. Preset or "canned" effects include Summer Storm, Windstorm, Fibrous and Gamma Bursts. As with the flame capability, these are only a hint of the range of effects available. You have direct control over color, glow, zagging, saturation, taper, width and more. As with the flame tools all controls may be animated over time using ARexx, resulting in travelling bolts and strikes with an astounding level of realism. IM R/t 1.60 contains many other changes and improvements, including the ability to force all screens to 4-bit, 8-bit, or AGA, something that should help the performance of many of the weaker AGA emulations for the various graphics boards available for the Amiga. For more information or to place an order, call us toll-free right away at (800) 852-6442 from anywhere within the USA or Canada. Outside these areas, dial (406) 367-5513. You can also FAX us at (406) 367-2329. Black Belt Systems' business hours are from 9am to 5pm MST (MST is 2 hours later than US east coast).
IPISA '95 Call for Papers Table of Contents IPISA '95 Incontro dei Programmatori Italiani per lo Sviluppo Amiga Fifth Edition Call for Papers November 1995 - Milano, Italy IPISA is an annual meeting autonomously organized by a group of people interested in computer science, programming and applications of the Amiga line of computers. The meeting is dedicated to the presentation and diffusion of projects, experiences and commercial products which have been developed using Amigas. As in the previous events, it will be possible to discuss research programs or job contacts with people otherwise difficult to reach. The meeting is laid out as a series of short, twenty minute, and long, forty-five minute, talks. During these talks the Italian or English language must be used to communicate. The proceedings consists of paper documentation and software on magnetic support. The organizers invite authors to submit proposals in the form a short and detailed abstract, which must be received by June 1, 1995. The submission of papers to be published in the proceedings independently of their public exposition is encouraged (if necessary, the space presumably occupied on the magnetic support has to be specified). The papers can be submitted in English or Italian. In case the author desires to personally exhibit his or her work, it is necessary to specify the estimated duration of the talk. The authors will receive confirmation of their participation by July 1, 1995, and will have to send the complete papers and related software for proceedings inclusion by October 1, 1995. Exact day, place (in Milan, Italy) and subscription directions for the Conference will be disclosed in future press releases. Subscription costs are aimed to cover all, and only, expenses, and will be, all being well, less or equal to 50,000 italian lire (40 DM, 30 US$). A detailed press release about the last edition (IPISA'94) can be found in Amiga Report 2.30 (October 23, 1994), and a review of the conference (by Wouter van Oortmerssen) in Amiga Report 2.34 (December 18, 1994). Surface Mail (preferred for papers submission) IPISA '95 c/o Sergio Ruocco via Di Vittorio 4 I-20019 Settimo Milanese MI Internet: (Sergio Ruocco) (Sebastiano Vigna) (Roberto Attias) FIDO: 2:331/301.8 (Roberto Attias)
LIGHT-ROM 2 Now Shipping Table of Contents LIGHT-ROM 2 IS NOW SHIPPING!!!! LIGHT-ROM 2 is now shipping! All contributor copies have now been sent. Everyone in the U.S. should receive their copies by no later than April 25th. Canadian & Overseas contributors should have their copies around 2 weeks later. If you are an overseas contributor & you do not have your copy by the end of May, PLEASE contact me. WHAT IS NEW WITH LIGHT-ROM 2? LIGHT-ROM 2 has around 350 megs of new data. It is 100% Lightwave and Toaster material. There are around 3,700 Lightwave objects. There is a new collection of Textures, Images and Animation Maps. As usual, everything has a thumbnail rendering. The thumbnail renderings are much easier to access thanks to user suggestions! The Thumbnails are now in their own directories & are much easier to access. The Showcase directory was a very pleasant surprise this time with all the new contributions from all over the world. Thanks to everyone who has made LIGHT-ROM a success. The feedback I have received has been extremely gratifying for me. I always believed that there was a need for LIGHT-ROM. LIGHT-ROM lists for $39.95 and is already available from Amiga Library Services and your usual mail order & dealer outlets. LIGHT-ROM is a multiplatform CD ROM and can be used on all versions of Lightwave. I have not had the opportunity to try it on any of the other flavors of Lightwave, but everything is cross platform compatible. Contrary to the May VTU review of the first LIGHT-ROM's textures by R. Shamms Mortier, I am the author of LIGHT-ROM. A correction and an apology will be printed in a future issue. LIGHT-ROM is a registered trademark of my company, Graphic Detail. Thanks again for your support! Michael Meshew Graphic Detail 4556 South Third Street Louisville, Ky. 40214 USA (502)363-2986 michael
Pirated ROM Chips II To continue to story about Total Computer Supplies and WTS Electronics (re: the pirated ROM chip.) According to Amiga Computing Magazine, apparently they have both been raided at the start of March by Bedfordshire Fraud Squad in reference to their bad trading methods, the detective constable pretty much in charge of the operation suspects the two companies are somehow involved. I gather TCS are still traiding - it might be worth telling your UK readers about these companies, I gather some folk are still waiting for Xmas orders and are only now begining to enquire. On the phone, they obviously don't give out any clues to their current situation, and occasionally down-right lies. Just after the 1st of March, during a phone call, they informed me they had a problem with their documentation and couldn't trace orders because all their computer equipment holding the information had just been stollen - interesting way of describing "we've been raided by the police who currently have all our trading records." It might help readers who have placed orders and are still waiting for fulfillment to know the truth of the situation. Julie (
Q & A Table of Contents =========================================================================== Q & A : Your Questions, Your Answers =========================================================================== Please send answers to Amiga Report, c/o Jason . From: (Carl Butler) Subject: Amosaic April 14, 1995 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Dear Jason, This is a follow-up on my letter of April 4th. I have found and downloaded MUI23usr.lha (thank you for your directions to the correct directory). While cruising I found a file by Christopher Cobb called CobbWeb1.lha. It is an installer file for AmiTCP/Mosaic. The script is supposed to help you install AmiTCP and Mosaic. It requires the following archive files to be in the install- ation directory: PPP1_30.lha by Holger Kruse PPP1_30reg.lha by Holger Kruse AmiTCP-demo-40.lha by NDSi mui23usr.lha by Stephan Stuntz Mosaic1.2AmiTCP.lha by Fischer, Witbrock & Meyer Mosaic1.3betaAmiTCP.lha by Sischer, Witbrock & Meyer ZGIFDtype39.9.lha by Michael Zucchi ams.lha by David Junod edplay.lha by Ed The PP1 and Mosaic versions he doesn't say whether you need either or both of them. (I found both versions of each) I have also found AmiTCP-demo-40. Have not found ams.lha and edplay.lha. ZGIFDtypes was also elusive. I did find an older version in OS30/datatypes drawer. (V39.7) I found EdPlyr21.lha by Ed and I have a message in to Mr Cobb to see if what I have accumulated is ok. It seems like each version of "How To Get Up and Running With Mosaic" has its own crop of files needed. So far I have not been able to accumulate the needed files for: 1. Harv Laser's March 1995 AmigaWorld article.. 2. Tim Walsh's Prime Time PD - Amiga World April 1995 3. Christopher Cobb's CobbWeb1.lha Each article names different groups of files. Can anyone tell me (or we the ar readers) what direction to go? I assume some of the articles are dated so what is the most up to date way to go? Has anyone had any luck wit CobbWeb? Thanks, Carl Butler : internet address PS: Any word on the Commodore liquidation ?? [Read Amiga Report's Buyout Issue. :) - Jason] --- --- --- --- --- Does anyone know about connecting up new SCSI devices to the back of the SCSI connector on the back of GVP Impact Series II A500-HD+ hard-drives? My boyfriend has recently purchased a new NEC quad speed SCSI-2 drive (NEC 4xe) that he is using on his PC. It is an external unit and hence has its own power supply etc, easy to play with switches for termination, SCSI-1, SCSI-ID, etc. It comes with a cable that ends in a 25-way D male plug, that it indicates plugs into standard PC SCSI cards and Macs (although I guess its feasibly possible that different leads are shipped for units intended for PCs or Macs.) The lead can physically plug into the back of the GVP unit without problems - the GVP documentation indicates that the connector is Macintosh device compatable. Can I just plug the thing straight in, use the switch that "degrades" it to a SCSI-1 device, and go (I've already configured and installed relevant drivers and me and my boyfriend configured the CD-ROM to a SCSI-ID that we can both use.) Would this lead be the right lead? Thanks, Julie (
Original A1000 Spec Sheet Table of Contents =========================================================================== THE ORIGINAL A1000 SPEC SHEET Typed in by Douglas Spence =========================================================================== I was going through an old pile of papers and found the spec sheet I picked up before buying my original Amiga 1000. I thought some of you might be interested in this piece of nostalgia. Complete text follows: (Some errors theirs, some may be my own) AMIGA 1000 PERSONAL COMPUTER SYSTEM If you haven't found the right computer yet, then you've never met Amiga(TM). No other personal computer, even the ones that cost a lot more, can catch Amiga feature for feature. It's light years ahead of the rest and that keeps you ahead of the competition. There's never been a computer with this much power at this low price. Amiga's 256K RAM is just a start. Amiga allows you to expand up to 512K internally and 8 megabytes externally. The power goes deeper. In addition to the powerful microprocessor that's the heart of the Amiga, we've added three amazing custom chips that handle graphics, sound and routine operations. These custom chips free the central processor from normal "computer housekeeping" and allow direct memory access and multi-tasking. There's never been a computer with this kind of speed and agility. Amiga combines speed and power into a truly remarkable machine. Amiga is faster than Macintosh(R) and IBM(R) PC. And many times more productive, because it's multi-tasking. Amiga can print your cover memo, search your data base, make a bar graph, all while using a spreadsheet. And there's probably enough power left over to receive a phone message or stock quote over a modem at the same time. There's never been a computer with graphics like this. Amiga sees the world more like you do in over 4,000 colors. With dimension, animation and almost photographic realism. You can even take an image from a video camera or VCR, transfer it to Amiga and then add color, animation or special effects. There's never been a computer that sounds this good. Amiga comes with four channels of sound and a bass response and octave range that exceed many stereo speakers. And Amiga talks in a male or female voice with an unlimited vocabulary. There's never been a computer with this kind of versatility. Amiga can be expanded to run IBM PC software. You can add almost any printer, modem, or accessory you'd ever want. And there's room for the ones still being invented. Amiga's "open architecture" allows future expandability so it's the last computer you'll have to buy. There's never been a computer that's easier to use. Amiga lets you choose to use symbols instead of complicated commands or strange codes. Just point the Amiga "mouse" at pictures of what you want to do. Or use the keyboard. Of course, if you already speak the language, you can talk to Amiga in BASIC, PASCAL, LOGO, C, LISP and Assembler. Amiga is friendlier so it gives you more choices. There's never been a computer this useful. Amiga will be your number cruncher, filing system, audio-visual department, graphic designer, print shop and faithful workhorse. Amiga's business capabilities allow you to change a product's shape or color, alter its composition or improve its operation. While at the same time produce reports and charts for production costs, delivery dates and sales volume. You are about to enter a new world of speed and power, a dazzling universe of color and dimension that is unmatched by other personal computers at any price. Let alone the price of an Amiga. AMIGA SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS MEMORY o 256K Bytes RAM standard o User expandable to 512K Bytes RAM internally o Externally expandable to eight megabytes continuous RAM o 256K Bytes Writable Control Store MAIN PROCESSOR o MC68000 o 32 Bit internal bus o 16 Bit data bus o 7.16 MHz clock speed THREE CUSTOM VLSI CHIPS: CUSTOM GRAPHICS CHIP o Many different resolutions - 320x200 32 colors, 320x400 32 colors, 640x200 16 colors, 640x400 16 colors o Color palette of 4,096 colors o Eight, re-usable, 16-bit wide sprites o 60/80 column colored text o Programmable interobject priority and collision detection o Compatible with RGB analog monitors, NTSC composite monitors and home televisions CUSTOM ANIMATION CHIP o Utilized a Bit-Blitter for high speed movement of graphical data o Allows high speed animation o Frees the CPU for other concurrent tasks o Display synchronized coprocessor o Controls 26 DMA (direct memory access) channels CUSTOM SOUND/PERIPHERALS CHIP o Four voices of sound output as two channels o 9 octaves o Complex waveforms allow high quality speech and musical instrument synthesis o Uses both amplitude and frequency modulation o I/O controls for disk data and mouse/joystick controller ports o Allows the disk and sound to operate with minimal CPU intervention OPERATING SYSTEM o AmigaDOS o Multi-tasking o Hierarchical file system allows fast file access and hard disk compatibility USER INTERFACE o "Intuition" o Pull down menus o Mouse or keyboard controlled o Color o Up to 50 overlapping windows, each running simultaneously in real time o Features the "Workbench" iconic user interface o Also features a Command Line Interface (CLI) PREFERENCES o User selectable background and character colors, keystroke speed, mouse speed, mouse pointer editor and font size o Peripheral parameters for printers and modems KEYBOARD o Detachable, full-size typewriter style o 89 keys total o 13 key numeric keypad o 10 programmable function keys o 2 special function keys o 4 directional cursor keys o HELP key DISK DRIVE o 3.5" Micro floppy disk drive o Double sided double density o 880K Bytes formatted storage capacity o Maximum transfer rate of 250 kilo bits per second o DMA controlled read and write for fast disk access MOUSE o Two button optomechanical o Eliminates the need to learn commands o Works well on any surface AUDIO OUTPUT o Two RCA audio output jacks o Signal to noise ratio 70db o Distortion less than 1% o Frequency response 20-6,000Hz o Impedance 300 ohms INPUT/OUTPUT o Analog RGB video port o RF modulator video port for home television o NTSC composite video port o Two reconfigurable controller ports (supports mouse, joysticks, paddles, light pens and custom controllers) o External floppy disk port o RS232 serial port o Reconfigurable Centronics parallel port o Expansion port o RAM expansion port o Keyboard connector BUNDLED SOFTWARE o AmigaDOS o Amiga BASIC o Amiga Tutorial o Kaleidoscope o Voice Synthesis Library WEIGHT o Approximately 13 lbs. DIMENSIONS o 4.25" x 17.75" x 13" (H x W x D) POWER REQUIREMENTS o 120V, 90 Watts, 60Hz, 1A nominal RECOMMENDED PERIPHERALS o 1080 Amiga Monitor o 1010 External 3.5" Disk Drive o 1020 External 5.25" Disk Drive o 1050 Memory Expansion Cartridge o 1680 Modem 1200 RS* o 1025 Amiga Transformer* o 3406 RF Modulator o 1300 Genlock Interface* o 1100 AnswerMate* COLOR Standard Amiga Light Beige Specifications subject to change without notice. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp. Soon to be available
Commodore Auction Conference Table of Contents =========================================================================== COMMODORE AUCTION CONFERENCE Sponsored by Amiga Report and Amiga Link Magazines =========================================================================== <jcompton> Welcome to the First and (I hope) Last Commodore Auction Conference, sponsored by Amiga Report and Amiga Link Magazines-"It's news, and it's cheap. What more do you want?" <jcompton> The ground rules: <jcompton> We'll be explaining, in as much detail as is possible, what happened over the past two days of the Commodore auction proceedings. <jcompton> Then our esteemed op-panel of developers will be free to offer any questions or comments they see fit (careful, boys). <jcompton> After that, we'll go to the floor for questions. This is a very complicated affair...if you weren't aware Commodore was in liquidation, you'll probably not catch up tonight. <jcompton> The Auction issue of Amiga Report Magazine should be making its rounds now.../msg your neighbor for a DCC if you don't have it yet. (note-don't /msg me...) <jcompton> With that said...if there are no objections from the ops, I'll delve into a mini-summary of what's happened... <jcompton> No? Ok, here goes. <jcompton> The Short Version: Escom AG, the #2 German PC clone manufacturer, has successfully entered a bid for Commodore's assets, including (but certainly not limited to) the Amiga technology. <jcompton> The slightly more explained version: Yesterday (Thursday) was the auction for Commodore. What we had been lead to expect was a heated bidding battle between CEI's Alex Amor and C= UK's David Pleasance...after all, they'd been the most vocal in their <jcompton> pursuit for the Amiga. <jcompton> As it turns out, neither of them bid. Instead, the only three bids came from Escom, Dell (a large US PC clone maker) and a California dealer. <jcompton> The Dell and dealer bids were thrown out. Escom's $5 million contract, signed in March, was accepted by the liquidator. <jcompton> Almost immediately after the auction, the C= UK heads issued a press release withdrawing from the running. <jcompton> The next day (Friday), at the court hearing, the objections to the process were heard. <jcompton> From what I've gathered from the attendees (Josh Galun and Giorgio Gomelsky), the three pre-filed objections from C= US' creditors, IBM, and the C= Netherlands/Philippines/UK trustees were done with without a ton of effort. <jcompton> However, it seems that the C= Netherlands people were temporarily successful in removing the Philippines inventory of parts and Commodore UK from the buyout package. <jcompton> The other objection came from Dell, who, in conjunction with Alex Amor, entered a new $15 million bid. <jcompton> This did not please Escom. A recess was called. At the end of the recess, Escom had doubled their bid, that bid was accepted, and so ends the process. <jcompton> The Bahamas Supreme Court still has to approve the deal next week, but by their own agreement, it should be nothing more than a rubber-stamp process. <jcompton> In addition, Escom could always fail to close the deal, in which case the second-highest bidder, Dell, would be offered the package. Dell has asked for a 30 day "trial" period on the Amiga, which was part of the unacceptable (to the liquidators) condition <jcompton> of their bid. <jcompton> However, as of now, Escom is the heir to the Commodore suite. What they choose to do with this is at present unclear. <jcompton> They have promised everything from more Amigas to Commodore 64s for China and "Commodore" Macintosh clones. <jcompton> That about covers what I've got on my mind now. Josh? Anything to add? <Zool> Yes, I do Jason. Thanks a lot for a nice summary <Zool> OK. Just to expand on what Jason said about the bidding... <Zool> Yesterday, Dell/CEI entered a bid, however it was rejected in favor of Escom's bid. After this, Dell kept working with on their deal <Zool> Dell submitted the bid, which was higher, but also required a 30 day waiting period. Anyway, as you now know, Escom raised their bid by 6.5 million dollars, and that cleared up all the obhections <Zool> Anyway, I did an interview with the man who will be heading the Amiga devision at Escom, and this is what he had to say <Zool> (I can't remember his name) He said that Escom wants to improve on the Amiga technology. Tight now, they are interested in making a Power PC Amiga, although that is not a decision written in stone <Zool> He said that they have an agreement with a Chinese manufacturer, who will be shipping new Amigas in 2 months <Zool> They said that they also want to use the Amiga technology for other products, such as set top boxes for TV <Zool> When I asked them about liscencing Amiga clones, they said that anything was a possibility at this point, and that we may see Amiga clones <Zool> Escom sounded very open on their policy on the Amiga, as much of what I questioned them on was replied to with "yes, that may be possible. We'll look into it" <Zool> Later in the day I talked to Colin Proudfoot of C= UK. <Zool> Colin Proudfoot said that in Escom is meeting with C= UK in two weeks, and that Escom will most likely buy C= UK at that point. Colin said that Escom may have wanted the Amiga to use it to go into the US Computer market <Zool> He said that Escom doesn't want to start up an American operation with only PCs, since you can already get PCs very cheaply in the US. On the other hand, if they came into the computer market with new technoilogy, that would seperate them from the crowd <Zool> Escom, by the way, said that they would try to hire as many ex-C= techs as possible, and that they already have some on their staff. They did say, however, that some ex-C= techs already had new jobs that they were happy with <Zool> Anyway, in the end, my interview with Escom left me pretty satisfied with their plans. <Zool> Although I think that CEI/DELL would have been better for the Amiga, Escom could still be very good, especially with the business savvy and 2 billion dollars in sales they had last year <Zool> Alex Amor, when he lost the bid, sat stoically, and left soon after the announcement. He made no comment on what had happened <Zool> Jason, I give the floor back to you. <Devophile> Zool: I am sure I speak for everyone when I thank you for this information. <Zool> Devophile: it was my pleasure. <jcompton> For those of you who worry about transcripts, a raw version will be available soon after the conference. After that, if you want an edited version, wait for the appearance on Aminet or for AR 3.09 or Amiga Link #3. <Zool> I would also like to say that the text version of my interviews with Escom and C= UK should be on Aminet soon. <jcompton> I've had time to read over Josh and Giorgio's interview with Escom. Obviously, he was with the guy, so I'm one level removed. <jcompton> Still, I am not exactly convinced that Escom's interests lie with the Amiga. From a strictly financial point of view, Escom is poised to launch their PCs in the UK (now that they have obtained the Commodore name AND the large chain of Rumbelowes stores) <Zool> About the Phillipine plant, although Escom does not have it yet, apparently they should have it very soon. <jcompton> ...they have spoken of Mac clones, and of course C-64s in China. With markets like that, it seems that the Amiga could easily fall by the wayside...thinking that the Amiga is an inroad to the US is ludicrous-Escom hasn't checked the Amiga's public image in the US lately. <KermitW> I don't think that's the point. <Devophile> jcompton: The plans for the US market seem to be right on the nose, as far as the US is concerned. New technology can be welcomed or outcast, depending on how it is brought forward. <Zool> Escom believes that the Amiga can make money, which is why they're in this, and not because they have any fondness for the amiga. However, they will pour money into Amiga R&D, and they think that the Amiga can make money for them <Devophile> jcompton: Let us hope Escom knows what they are doing. <AK> Does Escom have the capital and willing to use it to launch a marketing plan in the US. <Zool> AK: they have the capital <Zool> AK: I believe that they will market it in the US, because according to C= UK, they want to make inroads into the US market <jcompton> So, of course, the logical course of action is to make sure they DON'T forget. They have repeatedly avoided contact with the Amiga community and lied to journalists. I'm not accusing them of doing it in this case, but my point is that there are no assurances. I currently have no contact information for Escom...Josh? <Fastlane> jcompton: what ever happened to the 'rumor' that Escom had a side-deal with CEI with regards to the technology and the trademarks? <jcompton> Fastlane: Considering that Escom told Alex that their relationship depended on his performance at the auction, and that he tossed in his hat with Dell...well, CEI isn't ruling anything out, but I'm not holding my breath. <Devophile> Fastlane: The smart thing for Escom to do would be a joint deal with CEI, as CEI knows the US market and has the distribution channels. Plus, a strong goal to get the Amiga back on top. <Zool> Fastlane: It is conceivable that Escom might liscence Amiga clones to CEI <Fastlane> Devophile: agreed. Escom only seems to want it all for the name anyway. <Zool> Fastlane: As I said, Escom seems excited about the Amiga. The man from Escom said "We wouldn't have spent all this time and 12 million dollars if we didn't want the Amiga" <jcompton> Kermit: You were going to say something? <KermitW> Only that the Amiga lends a uniqueness to a company looking to startup in the US market that they would lack with yet-another-pc-clone. It might not be the top of their market or even a large part of it, but it could be the thing that could keep them in the press and, face it, the Amiga's still pretty good at getting used in TV and film venues for publicity. CBM never truly made use of this, but a smart company could. <AK> When will Escom make a official press release? <Zool> AK: Probably tommorow, to AP <jcompton> AK: "When they're damn good and ready", I would expect. <Zool> And Escom wouldn't pour money into R&D for the Amiga if they didn't want to continute with the Amiga brand <jcompton> Zool: Until we see some serious commitment from Escom, and some serious former employees-not C= Germany exec and sales staff, Commodore engineering. <jcompton> Zool: Until then, there's no guarantee of anything. <Zool> KermitW: Escom has business smarts. <PillBottl> Zool: But they need engineering smarts too. <Devophile> All: Escom needs to face the reality that the Amiga is still a viable platform. And with proper R&D, marketting, and distribution - the Amiga can make Escom a lot of money. But they need to support the users, the developers, and listen to comments <Devophile> and suggestions. <Zool> jcompton: True, but Escom did sound excited about the Amiga. I genuinely think that Escom wants to market and sell Amigas. <fallous> Kevin, do you have a view from SoftLogik? <KermitW> Until I see otherwise, I would assume Escom is business smart. <Zool> PillBottl: that's why they are hiring ex-C= techs. <jcompton> Zool: Then why avoid contact with the Amiga market since August of 1994? <Beowulf_> I assume it's also not out of the question for Escom to license the Amiga technology to third parties... <AK> Will Escom pursue 3rd party support that has sence left the Amiga? <Zool> jcompton: I don't know. Perhaps because C= was a hideous company, and they didn't want to deal with them? Also, they said that they had sold Amigas at Escom stores before <KermitW> Remember that some of that third party support that left the Amiga, left because they WEREN'T successful on the Amiga, and many still weren't relatively successful after leaving anyway. <softlogik> Soft-Logik is comitted to the Amiga as long as long as the market can support them. No special info on Escom yet. <Zool> KermitW: Yes, but Escom is going to buy C= UK, and C= UK had GREAT developer relationship. They put on a World of Amiga show after C= died. <PillBottl> A big pat on the back to Softlogik and the other "important" developers who kept the faith! <bytey> The real question is will a real effort be made to get a new Amiga model out (new chipset) and that would require a _lot_ of work software wise. Do they have previous software staff ? (Chris Hames PC-Task/DirWork etc) <Devophile> A comment I just received was in regards to why developers are "tripping over each other to leave this platform", simply because C= did not support developers, nor users as well as should have, and have been basically gone for a year. :) <Zool> bytey: They did say that they had and were hiring ex-C= people. <Zool> bytey: Some C= techs don't want to come back, though. <KermitW> As a developer (of ImageFX) I can say that it wasn't like anyone is forcing developers to leave the Amiga. The market, your sales, are what push you into new platforms. A lot of companies who visibly and audibly left the Amiga to go to Macs, SGIs and PCs weren't run well or making the money they needed. In many cases it's because their Amiga products weren't "up to snuff" anymore. <Devophile> Softlogik: Thank you for not betraying us, we are all appreciative. <bytey> Zool: But ex CBM does not mean ex US software developers. The ones with the knowledge that would take months to learn. <Zool> SoftLogik: I'm with Devophile. Nice job, you guys! <Cappy> As the president of one of the most successful C= user groups in the country, I hope that a US branch gets implimented soon and get user groups involved as much as possible. <AK> Devophile: Be tray is alittle strong, they just have to think of the business aspect. <Devophile> Cappy: Yes. <softlogik> The boss thanks you. <Zool> bytey: Well, I assume the reason they are hiring ex-C= people is to get people with smarts on the Amiga OS. Also, many ex-C= people don't want to come back because they have already found nice jobs. <Devophile> AK: Yes. It was a poor choice of words. :) "abandon" would have been better. <fallous> Such as GVP <Zool> Cappy: Escom said that they would be starting a US operation pretty soon. I'll have the info on that within 2 weeks. <bytey> have they said anything about _real_ developer support ? <Light2> All: Bernard van Tienen ESCOM was vice-president of Commodore International. Does he have a track record we can follow? <Zool> bytey: Nothing other than: "Yes, we'll work with developers" <Zool> Light2: BTW, that was who I spoke with at Escom <jcompton> bytey: Again, there have been no solid commitments, just a lot of broad based indications of what CAN happen. <Fastlane> Zool: that has been said by many before... but did it ever REALLY eventuate? <Devophile> I just received an amusing comment.. "Did Sony buy Amiga or what?" <Cappy> Zool: Does Escom have an email address that they can be reached? I'd like to press the issue of the importance of user groups. <Zool> FastLane: Who has said that before? Other than C=? <Zool> Cappy: I don't believe so. <Zool> Devophile: :) <Fastlane> Zool: my point exactly. <Light2> Zool: Yes, I read the transcripts. I would really like to know what to expect. Previous track records in mind. <jcompton> Cappy: E-mail? Not to our knowledge. That would make too much sense. They're not even sure if they want to use the net to help promote their product. <KermitW> We're quite willing to give Escom the time they need to do this. It can't possibly happen overnight or even over just two months. Developer support, user group programs, new machines, all this will take time for anyone. <Idcmp> Many ex-C='s like Dave Haynie and Dale Larson have already said that they don't like the direction that Escom is planning for the Amiga and <Zool> Fastlane: Yes, that is a problem. But since we have no real choice in this, we have to jhope for the best. Idcmp> it would take more $$ rather than less or equal $$ to get them to go back to R&D rather than if CEI or alike had got it. <Zool> You know, if Amiga users had banded together, we could have had a legal right to send a representative to the court hearing to plead for who we wanted? <Zool> Idcmp: Yes, but Escom has a lot of money. <Cappy> jcompton or Zool: How about a snail mail address? <jcompton> Um, guys, I hate to interject, but we're losing the flow here... <Devophile> Another comment, Dell has a better "image" in the US than Escom. People might be more apt to but Amigas with the Dell name versus Amigas with the Escom name. <Beowulf_> jcompton: Is there a snail mail address? <Idcmp> Zool: And in that sense Escom is alot like Commodore. (was) <Zool> Devophile: I dobut that will make much a difference once Escom has an operation here. <jcompton> Beo: None that I have access to. Zool may have one, if not, I'll try to get it from Dan Stets. <jcompton> Everyone, please calm down. I'd like to actually let the general public be heard, so... <Mitchman> Did they mention any plans for a US-based R&D department? This is obviously needed if any of the old engineers is to return. <jcompton> Mitchman: No specific locales were given, although some engineers have indicated their willingness to relocate in the past (Chris Ludwig, for example.) <Harv> So what's up with Alex/CEI?...... <Harv> I can't believe he's just gonig to fade away..... <Harv> is an Escom/CEI deal possible? or even desireable? <Zool> Harv: He could possibly get a liscence to clone Amigas. <jcompton> Harv: Well, Giorgio told me Alex said "I'm going to grow flowers." I haven't talked to him today. He didn't give up over a year's time, so... <jcompton> Harv: At the same time, throwing in with Dell certainly didn't help him in Escom's eyes. On the other hand, money's still money. <Harv> he threw inwith Dell? yikes. didn't know that. <jcompton> Harv: Desirable, I can't see how it would hurt. Possible, we'll see. Pursuable? It depends on whether or not Amor's investment group (which has clearly shrunk by a lot since September) would go for that... <PieMan> Thankyou. Does escom have any plans to continue to manifacture amiga cd32 console type machines? <jcompton> Pieman: I haven't heard anything that specific discussed. I don't see why not, I know of at least two companies who would love new units for their own products... <Zool> Pieman: It makes sense. Escom wants to get Amiga tech in other things than the Amiga computers, so the CD32 would be step towards a set top box <jcompton> Pieman: But again, this is one of those things Escom needs to be made aware of. <Zool> Pieman: Also, if the Phillipine plant does have 130,000 akiko chips in stock, and they buy it, I'm sure Escom will want to make CD32s. <Zool> Pieman: there is still good profit to be had in CD32s and royalties off it. <Zool> Pieman: It fits with Escom's strategy. <Beowulf_> Mention was made of Escom producing the 64 for sale in some parts of the world. Do you know of any plans for 64's to be sold in the US (specifically the SX 64)? <jcompton> Beowulf: Again, that's gotta be up to them. The Chinese market seems to be where they want to put the 64-it's cheap to make and cheap to buy. There's always the CMD market in the US, but again, Escom may not be aware of that. <jcompton> Beowulf: I, personally, would be surprised. <jjohnson> If C= Uk is a subsidiary (sp?) of C= Intl who was just bought by Escom (and the Phillipines plant also), how can those two entities not be included with the deal? Thanks. <Zool> jjohnson: no, C= UK is not part of Escom, but Escom plans to buy it in 2 weeks time. <Zool> Escom also will probably buy the Phillipines plant. <jcompton> Good question. C= UK is DIRECTLY owned by Commodore BV, which is in liquidation. Its trustees objected to the sale of its assets through C= International (the Philippines assets and C= UK). <jcompton> C= BV SHOULD have to report to C= International, but because of Commodore's convoluted structure... <jcompton> Zool: The inventory, not the plant. They don't own the plant. <Zool> jcompton: It may be illegal to sell the plant to anyone other than Escom, because there may be Amiga tech still in there that Escom owns. That is what the court said. <oleg> stoopid question, is the court-approved contract available electronically? it is a public document, so it can be requested. has anyone done that? <jcompton> oleg: It's a very LONG public document. I, for one, don't want to type it in. I'll ask the lawyers on Monday, though. <Zool> jcompton: Ofcourse, there are such things as scanners... :) <jcompton> oleg: You might be able to get it sent to you from the office. <jcompton> Zool: Which any member of the audience can feel free to buy for me. <oleg> jcompton actually it *should* be available for the cost of copying/mailing from the bankruptcy court if it is not available from the attorneys <Zool> jcompton: :) <Zool> jcompton: Maybe a company that makes scanners will be good enough to take an ad out in AR, right? <jcompton> Zool: I can always hope. <HammerD> Any mention of C= Canada or other operating subsidaries? Was Douglas MacGregor there? (head of C= Canada) <jcompton> Ok, then, how about bytey? <bytey> What is Escom's reputation in Germany ? GA <jcompton> HD: Not clear. <AK> A Amiga Deal friend of mine has said that NewTek has officially stated that the future Amiga is of no concern of theirs. <Zool> Are there any Germans here who have dealt with Escom? If so, /msg Zool so that I can answer bytey <jcompton> bytey: Like any large company, Escom has its supporters and detractors. On .misc, there's a thread, one person lauds Escom for great potential, the other says their service sucks. <jcompton> bytey: But they've demonstrated tremendous growth lately, so they've got attention on them, and this can't hurt. So I guess the quick answer is: you'll know soon. <jcompton> Ok, Shadowhwk was lagged, let's try again... <Zool> bytey: Willow says that Escom is very big, but doesn't have good service. <Shadowhwk> Has any evidence as to whether or not ESCOM has talked to, met with or is planning to meet with NewTek? <Cryo> there's more to life than NewTek <jcompton> Shadow: Too specific. If they have, they haven't made it public. <jcompton> Everyone has to understand...Escom has been incredibly secretive over the past months. We found out more about their plans and thought processes today than we did since the rumors started spreading in September. <jcompton> So, any secret deals, meetings, or promises they may have made are still total unknowns. <Nyx> I'd like to mention along with Cryo that NewTek, while being a very "public" company in the eyes of the public, never sold enough Amigas to keep C= alive. Commodore survived on the low-end machines, and always did. <oleg> There is a thread on c.g.lightwave (initiated by lee stranahan an ex-NewTek employee) that NEwTek is in deep financial trouble... Thus they may at least be interested in selling Amiga Toasters for a while, if only to liquidate their inventory. <Nyx> The only reason C= had high-end machines at all was for a technology proving ground. <Zool> By the way, people, Willow has told me that service is on of Escom's selling points, but that in practice, like Radio Shack, it's not very good, because the people don't have the expertise. <CHamer> Thanks. Are there any 'surprise' legal actions on the part of the 'un-successful' bidders set to slow this down again? <Zool> CHamer: No, it seems as if all is smooth saling from here on in. <jcompton> CH: Good question. The only chance would be at the Bahamas court, but the court has all but signed in blood that they'll say what the US judge said, and he said "yes", so... <Frotz> Does anybody know how to contact Escom in ANY country, like with phone or fax or email? <jcompton> Frotz: I don't. One of my Dutch sysops has Escom's number, I'll try to get it in the next issue. Josh might have something... <Zool> Frotz: I have one number, but I'd rather not give it out, because it is not a general number that is given out. Sorry. However, when I talk to someone at Escom, I will try to get a phone number you can fax requests for the Amiga to. <jcompton> Hold on...number is coming... <Number1> Have any comments been made by either CEI (answered earlier) or Micro-PACE, my two main distributors as an Amiga dealer? If so, what? <Zool> jcompton: any day now... :) <jcompton> reti032-"what about jcompton future plans, i mean ar issues and possible conference qith escom boss ?" <jcompton> Answer: I don't see any big changes for AR. As for conference with Escom...that's up to them, but it won't be for lack of trying on my part. <Zool> +49 241 27734 is one of Escom's phone numbers. Thanks to ChrisDi for this. <Zool> OK, we have more phone #s. Fax: +31-2526-72216 <jcompton> Escom is also +31-2526-87971, +31-2526-72216 fax, but those are customer service. <Zool> Thanks Willow for that one. <Kthulu> Does this mean that the next Amiga will have plug in graphics and soundboards like the ibm? Also I would like to add that the Amiga Computer Users of RIT hope that ESCOM will be open to suggestions from those of us who use the computer. I beilieve that we need to stay on top of ESCOM so they know what we want and what can be done with the AMIGA <Zool> Kthulu: I suppose just call those numbers, at this point. <jcompton> Kthulu: Another question I'd love to answer, but Escom just hasn't given us specific enough information. <Zool> Kthulu: However, as I have said, when I talk to Escom again in 2 weeks, I will ask about where concerned Amiga users can call to voice suggestions. <Cyclone2> How much is Escom planning to put into Amiga R&D? This is a legitimate concern, since C= invested about $30 million a year in Amiga R&D, and it wasn't enough. <Zool> Cyclone2: It sounds like they are willing to spend a lot. They know that the Amiga need new technology upgrades, and that it will take a lot of work to incorporate the Power PC into the Amiga. <jcompton> "As much as they say they will." As of now, Escom is a >$1 billion company. Their clones require far less R+D than the Amiga would, and the 64 certainly won't be an engineering challenge. <Zool> jcompton: Yes, but if they believe that the Amiga can be a viable computer, they will spend on R&D. <jcompton> Zool: Of course. <Zool> jcompton: And Escom did say that they bought it to make Amigas, and that they wouldn't have put the time into it otherwise, nor the money. <Zool> Another Escom phone number, this one Germany: +49 6252 71313 Thank ChrisDi for that one! <jcompton> Zool: I think they could turn a handy profit without the Amiga. In fact, I'll submit that the Amiga is the riskiest part of a balanced diet of PC and Mac clones, the 64, and the Amiga. <Zool> jcompton: They could make a profit without the Amiga, but they could make a bigger profit WITh the Amiga. <Zool> jcompton: I believe that they want to revamp the Amiga. I could be very wrong, but that is what they conveued to me. And a revitalized Amiga sold in big computer chains could make money. <Nyx> Not unless you can attract big name software vendors as well. <Zool> Nyx: Those will come if Escom sells Amigas again, especially if they put them in all Escom stores and other big computer chains. <Nyx> Zool: Perhaps in Europe. <CHamer> When are we going to see some machines appear? <Zool> I think that Escom should sell cheap A1200s to China, because that would really boost the Amiga user market. <Zool> CHamer: In 2 months, according to Escom. <Zool> CHamer: They already had a deal set up with a Chinese firm to make Amigas in their plants. <CHamer> Is that real, or just 'smoke'? <mr_t> Have Escom talket with the AmigaOS replacement group? and what are their plans for distribution to others than their own stores? <jcompton> Zool: Um, your interview says 3 months. <Zool> Chamer: Well, the Chinese were at the hearing, so i assume so. <Zool> jcompton: [sigh] That must have been a typo... <mr_t> How are they going to promote the Amiga vs PC? <jcompton> mr_t: Another question locked in the brains of many German and Dutch execs. We just don't know yet. <Zool> mr_t: Willow informs me that Escom hasn't contacted the Amiga OS project. However, C= Uk did contact the Amiga OS project, and Escom will be buying C= UK, so they may contact them through C= UK. <Optic> Will American/Canadian stores be able to sell Amigas, or do Escom only sell their products through Escom retail outlets? <Zool> Optic: I assume that Escom will sell Amigas everywhere. It makes business sense to sell them in stores other than their own, because they can make more profit off the Amiga that way. <jcompton> Zool: That's a pretty simplified view. Pleasance sent the OS people a letter saying "Good work, carry on, we think it's neat", but there was no commitment made... <Zool> Optic: Ofcourse, that will be a measure of how much they want the Amiga to survive. If they don't allow other stores to have it, that's a bad sign. <Zool> jcompton: Actually, he said that they were interested in talking to them, and that was before they got the Amiga, and just that he acknowledges them is a good sign. <Pala> what did do the amiga director of escom when he was at C=, how good how bad ? <jcompton> Pala: Good question. I'd never heard of the guy. <Zool> jcompton: I though you knew everything about idolization of you is shattered... :) <jcompton> Zool: Sorry, CIL management wasn't one of my fortes. <jcompton> I'd just like to interject that I DO strongly feel that Escom's purchase of Commodore's assets seriously imperils the future of floor scrubber development. <mage> From which point would it be realistic to think Escom would continue R&D? Will they start over from scratch, or will they keep any of the "old stuff" ? <jcompton> (It's been asked that I point out that CIL had a good dozen or two vice presidents at any given time, so this one was probably nothing to worry about.) <Zool> I just want to say that although I agree that Escom could turn out to be VERY bad, they could also turn out to be VERY good for the Amiga. <jcompton> mage: Well, Amor toyed with the idea of scrapping AAA and 3DRISC, because the benefit-to-time ratio may not have added up. But it's going to be up to Escom's evaluation. <Zool> mage: I don't think we really know. They could go Power PC and ,make old software compatible, or they might feel that it is easier to start from scratch with the Power PC. <jcompton> mage: As it stands, AAA and 3DRISC (separately) are each a good 18+ months from saleable completion. <Nyx> Zool: 18+ months before you could have them in a sellable product. <droids> Does Escom have a floor scrubber, and do they know how to use it? <jcompton> droids: Probably, but unfortuately they haven't admitted it. <Zool> Also, I think that with Escom, we pretty much have an all or nothing venture. They either are going to kill the Amiga, or do great things with it and push it like crazy. <WilloW> Zool: That's correct. Is a totaly unknown thing. Maybe they are worse then C= or ten times better. <HiDog> Did Escom mention their intended market? High/low end, desktop/ console etc.? I still have a feeling they might just milk the Amiga technology as is and eventually kill it i.e. cheap settop box... <jcompton> Hidog: They mentioned all markets, like the good salesmen they had on hand. <Zool> HiDog: I believe that they want to do low end for new markets, like China, but on the other hand, I think they wanted to make Amiga business machines for the European market, which is very business oriented <Sudog> How long can we expect to wait (perhaps an estimate?) before we see some sort of action in North America? I'm looking for general ballpark, not exact figures. So far from what I've heard, it doesn't look good for us. Please, your impressions would be wlcm. <Sudog> I ask this for the users out ther who have broken Amigas! Like broken a4000s. <jcompton> sudog: Well, what Giorgio told me about their answer to the US distribution question was NOT encouraging. Their answer was "Well, we'll look for the best people", which means "We haven't thought about it." <Zool> Sudog: Escom said that they want to set up American offices soon, and Colin Proudfoot says that Escom wants to use this to get into the US market, so I think it looks pretty good. <Zool> jcompton: Hmmm...conflicting answers... <oggy> Escom are breaking into the UK PC market theyve bought up all the rumberlow(formaly owned by Thorn Emi) and are opening superstores on top of these in the UK, now theyve bought C= and say they plan to break into the US market as well, although they have.. <jcompton> Zool: Yes, and you were both talking to the same guy... <oggy> large captial, will it be enough or have they bitten off more than they can chew? <Zool> jcompton: perhaps I misunderstood his statement. However, he did say that they were going to be setting up some kind of US contact, somehow, and Colin Proudfoot did say that Escom wanted to get into the US market. <jcompton> oggy: Rhetorical question. :) <Zool> oggy: Escom definitely has the capital to the do whatever they want with teh Amiga... <jcompton> Zool: Because as salesmen, they would be committing suicide to rule anything out. That's their job. <JoeC> What was Microsoft's objection at the hearing, and who gets to pay that old cursor patent fee now from that other company? <jcompton> JoeC: Microsoft didn't object, they were at the auction as a creditor. <Zool> oggy: The computer market is growing in Europe, and they are positioned to make a nice sum off it. <jcompton> JoeC: And it will fall on Escom to re-license the CadTrack patent, and pay up all of the MANY MANY patents that are "not in good standing". <jcompton> For instance, the CrossDOS license is not in good standing, along with hundreds of others. <Corinna> Comment: We need to be positive about the future with Escom, being negative will not help anyone, us or them. This could be a whole new era for the Amiga. KEEP THE FAITH! :) <jcompton> Interestingly enough, not even Consultron knew it was not in good standing... <Corinna> Thanks to Zool and Jason and all other folks for the info! <Zool> Corinna: Thank you! I think that since we are stuck with Escom, we should hope for the best, and wait to see what happens. <Optic> jc: What about the Amiga speech synth? <jcompton> Optic: I didn't see it in there, I thought that was a dead issue. <jcompton> I'll agree...but this is also not the time to be complacent. We've been screwed around before, and this last year hasn't exactly been fun, so it's worth our while to make DAMN sure Escom knows what they have to do. <Piranha> Since IBM still has patents pending on some of the architecture on the Amiga platform, is it *secure* that Escom has the technology, or will they end up going to court again? This will put our Amiga's out of commission 'again'. Is this something we have to worry about? <jcompton> Piranha: Unfortunately, the result of IBM's claim was unclear. The main problem seems to be that they weren't LISTED as holders, making them wonder what the liquidator was trying to pull. <jcompton> Piranha: They held a license, not the patents themselves. <Zool> Piranha: It is secure. <Zool> Pirahna: IBM dropped their objection, as far as I understand. <Drizzit> Will Escom allow ship Amigas with better CPUs with stock machines (ie 25,33,&40MHz models) instead of just one (25MHz right now)? And will they move on to the PowerPC, the 060, or some other RISC based chip? <jcompton> Drizzit: We don't know the answer yet. <Zool> Drizzit: The have said that they like the Power PC chip, but that no decision has been made yet. <Lighty> The following question is for Zool to include in his next interview with Escom: <Lighty> I realize that the matter has probably not been discussed internally yet, but in a future version of the Amiga's OS, do they plan to include plan to include internet capabilities? <Zool> Lighty: OK, I'll ask them that when I next speak to them. Thanks for the suggestion. <TritN> I'm sure I speak on Behalf of many ppl within the large Amiga community of Montreal, Quebec. I Must ask, Is there any news about distribution in other countries like Canada? (Also please comment of fate of C= Canada) <jcompton> Tritn: C= Canada was a direct subsidiary of C= International, so will be part of Escom. <jcompton> Tritn: No news about Canada otherwise, though. <mr_t> Has Escom said anything about what direction the are planning on developing hardware and OS (besides setop and PPC)? <Fastlane> let me add also with Australia (C=Australia was never any good) <Zool> mr_t: No. <jcompton> mr_t: No, but I'm sure they haven't ruled anything out. <Draegon> What kind of support can we posibly expect for older amigas? <jcompton> Draegon: I'd say you should stop hot-swapping joysticks now, just in case. <CHamer> Thanks, Are there going to be assurance that while machine production ramps up, that parts will become available as well? <jcompton> CH: No, there's no assurance of that at all. This is another one of those things Escom won't think of unless they hear enough complaints and prodding. <oleg> zool, who exactly are you, and what relationship, if any do you have with ESCOM? <Zool> oleg: I am the Editor-in-Chief of Amiga Link Online Magazine. I have no relationship with Escom, except that I talked to them today at the hearing. <Spinner> Will the Chinese manufacturer mean cheaper (cost and/or quality), more expensive, or similar to current AMigas? <Spinner> Will we see an A4000 cost competitive to a 486 syustem? <jcompton> Spinner: I'm not sure what the relation of Chinese-to- Philippines labor costs are, but I'd imagine Chinese labor is a few degrees cheaper, at least. <Zool> Spinner: It will probably mean Slave labor, sadly. <oleg> zool so why aren't we getting at least some "I don't know answers from you"? you CANNOT conceivably have covered every question asked here in your talk with ESCOM, soo how much is speculation on your part, and how much is ESCOM answers? <Cryo> thank you all for attending.. we have some entertainment for you coming up <Cryo> We are going to tie jason down and let you all come with your cow prods and have at him <jcompton> Yeah, that about does it for the formal part, everyone. Thank you very much for coming, the official edited transcripts will be appearing in the online magazine of your choice... <Zool> oleg: I haven't said that because I don't answer what I can't answer. And yes, there is a matter of speculation inveolved, but it's the best that I can do with a 3 minute conversation. <jcompton> All I have left to say is that I'm not about to watch Escom screw this up, so I'd appreciate all the help I can get making sure they don't.
Potter on Piracy Table of Contents =========================================================================== POTTER ON PIRACY By Jonathan Potter =========================================================================== Jason, I just thought I'd write a quick letter to AReport to express my disappointment with the actions of some members of the Amiga community. As you may be aware, Directory Opus 5 has just been released. This is a significant upgrade; the program has been completely rewritten after more than 6 months of hard work. Less than a week after its release, pirate copies have already spread around the world. Software piracy is a problem as old as computers themselves, and of course we'd be naive not to expect it. But to have the program appear so quickly on pirate BBS' makes me wonder just exactly how tuned in to reality some people are. The position of the Amiga at the moment is exceptionally precarious, as I would have thought was obvious to anybody, and the only thing keeping it alive are the developers who still believe in the platform. Many times in the past six months I've had to ask myself why I was wasting my time programming for a nearly-dead computer. Obviously, I do it because I enjoy it, but the hard truth is that I have to justify it in dollar terms - philanthropy is all well and good, but if I don't make any money I don't eat. The Amiga market is already small enough without the added burden of rampant piracy to contend with. I guess all I'm trying to do is to appeal to people; if they really believe in the Amiga, and really want to see it continue, don't contribute to its downfall by ripping off the hard work of the very people who are keeping it alive. Regards, Jonathan Potter +------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Jonathan Potter +61-412-845-696 | +------------------------------------------------------------------+
Kingpin by Team17 Table of Contents =========================================================================== REVIEW: KINGPIN By: Jason Compton =========================================================================== The first nice thing you can say about Kingpin is "Thank God, a sport that ISN'T soccer on the Amiga!" We still may never see a decent baseball game on the Amiga, but the fate of bowling is sealed by this new budget offering from Team17. [Just so we're all in the same frame of reference, this is 10-pin bowling, not lawn bowling, which is so often referred to as bocce that I don't know what the problem is.] The history of computer bowling can prety much be expressed (for me) in three games: Atari 2600's Bowling, a fairly crude yet compelling bowling simulation, with a blocky ball that travelled across the screen at square dot pins-you had your choice of straight, curve, or "steering" control. With steering, all you had to do was wiggle the joystick upon contact and you were pretty much going to get a strike. Tenth Frame on the 64 was done by Access, the people who brought you Leader Board golf and the well-intentioned Echelon. Their big thing was "rotoscoped animation" which gave you a rather nice looking bowler and pin action, but the control system left something to be desired... Now, Kingpin brings rendered pins, ball weight selection, and a nice mix between arcade challenge and control ease. The action centers on lane 17 (cute), with male/female selectable bowlers, team play, and a PA announcer who comes up with something to say every now and then for atmosphere. You get team/league play, practice rounds, and "Arcade Spares Challenge" to test your skill. You'll want to know how to throw the ball, of course, once you pick your game. That control system I referred to is pretty straightforward. You pick your power level, position your bowler, and hit the button, at which point an arrow starts bouncing back and forth (more rapidly the harder you're throwing the ball) to select the direction you'll be throwing in. Hit the button again to stop the arrow at what you think is going to be the right place, watch the ball roll...then, as the ball gets close, your view will switch to a closeup. Around now, or perhaps before (it depends on lane conditions and how bad your throw was) you'll want to push the joystick to put curve on the ball. Then the contact, the pins fly, get picked up, the sweeper comes, etc. Did I say lane conditions? Yep. Each time you play, you get a different set of lane can play faster than usual, have a particular tendency to curve one way or another...much like real life. (You'll quickly discover which set of lane conditions fit your play style best, and probably keep quitting and restarting until you get it.) A rather nice feature is that you get a nice view of what pins are left and a little arrow indicating how you should hit it to get a spare (if applicable). If you get a spare, a strike, or pick up a difficult split, you get cheered by your fellow bowlers-a difficult split will even get you an instant replay. Sounds pretty good, all things considered, right? You're right. If you can get into the game, you'll be happy. But to get in, you must pass the most nefarious and evil of all copy protection schemes-the "type in a number" scheme. Actually, that's not too bad in itself, but Team17 has decided that the combination of black ink on black paper would be a necessary precaution for a $20 game. Black ink on black paper is quite easily the hardest thing to read in the world, and you'll want a bright light available. I also have a slight problem with the close up mode...the frame and the pins just don't look to be on the same angle and camera view, so it can be a bit disorienting if you look at it the wrong way. AGA support exists, although I was unsuccessful in running the program on a 4000/040. (It worked fine on the CD32/SX-1.) The only real improvement is in the title screen, though. Hard drive installation is supported, but you still need the original disk. The gameplay, though, is rock-solid and quite a bit of fun...and I know I'll never get scores like this in real life. So if you're tired of Sensible World Soccer Manager Manchester United Champions Manager of the World Cup, and have a few bucks to blow, and are an awful bowler in real life, grab Kingpin.
Review: Netrek for AmiTCP Table of Contents =========================================================================== REVIEW: NETREK By: Robert Niles . =========================================================================== RED ALERT, RED ALERT!! The klaxons sound off, you notice another Romulan approaching, just as you thought you were through. You're shields are at 38% and your damage already extensive. "Comms!!" "Yes Captain!" "Send out a distress call!" "Yes Captain." Your palms are sweating as you try to maneuver away from the approaching vessel. Suddenly the ship rocks, you're thrown to the side, a console to the rear explodes. "Fire phasers!!" Steady streams of light reach out toward the Romulan ship. To no avail. "Incoming torpedos!" "Evasive maneuvers!" The first misses, the second and third strike hard, threatening to tear apart every scrap of metal holding the ship together. "Sir, we've lost shields aft." "Sir, friendly vessel approaching." "Get us out of here. Head towards the Federation ship." Phasers streak across the ship, the explosion deafening ..blinding. Another hit and .... Well, maybe NETREK isn't as glamorous as this, but it does get the adrenaline rushing through your veins, and you palms sweat as you find out that you are going to have to buy a new mouse because you just pounded the left mouse button to death. What is Netrek? It's a game playable on the Internet, and it's available for the Amiga. You have four races at the start, The Federation, the Romulans, the Klingons and the Orions. When the game first starts, you can choose whomever you want to be, but then it gets narrowed down to two with at the most, eight people on each team. The goal is to take over the enemy planets while destroying the enemy, without getting destroyed yourself. You have a choice of the type of ship you use, everything from a battleship to the lowly scout. Each with it's pros and cons. Each ship has torpedos and phasers, and the ability to cloak. To get a more powerful weapon, you have to kill so many enemies. When you first start you maneuver around trying to either kill the opposing players or by bombing planets. Doing either of these is a must in order to get the ability to carry armies to place them on enemy planets...which is the only way to take one over. Hence you are forced to battle. The documentation for the AmiTCP (AS225) version is sparse. Alot of what I learned was by trial and error. One thing you need is a fast modem. At least a 14.4, but 28.8 is preferable and a TCP connection to the Internet. You have two maps. A "local" one, which shows the area in which you are in, and a Galaxy map, which gives you an overall view of where the planets and the other players are. I won't go into documenting the game, but here's a few things that newcomers should know. To play against other you have to connect to a server. At the end of the article I've named two servers. To connect you type: netrek -h <server address> When you enter, enter as 'guest'. When doing this you will get a chance to get a feel for the game, which can be difficult at first. Even a little fustrating when you are learning the keys and are getting used to manuvering and firing with the mouse. Be prepared, you will get killed alot until you get used to things, even picked on a bit, as the enemy needs kills to do other things, and you being a easy target, gives them a wonderful chance to excell. Later you can pick a nickname, and password. In doing so, stats are kept on that nick, kill ratios, ranking, etc. After you enter the game hit '+'. This brings up a window in which you have the chance to change the "transmission" of stats using either the TCP protocol or UPD. Change this to UPD, this make an unbelievable difference in getting smooth updates, which makes game play considerably better. The left mouse button fire photons in the direction of the pointer, the right will move your ship in the direction of the pointer. Selecting 1-9 changes the speed in which you are moving. One being the slowest, nine the fastest. Note: The faster you go, the longer it takes to make a turn. To orbit a planet (for repairs, fuel, or bombing) place your mouse on the planet and hit 'l' ...this will lock you onto the planet, and automatically set you in orbit. Hit 'h' for help. This brings up a window with a listing of all the commands and a brief description of each command. Which there are alot to keep track of. I hope this will bring you about to try Netrek, for it's a wonderful way to take your fustration out on others across the world ...and the Universe. See you in space :) Robert Niles Netrek nick: tsunami email: Netrek can be found on Aminet under game/role/Netrek-client.lha Author: Randall Jesup There is also a version for DNet. Netrek Information on the Web: Netrek sites in which you can use AmiTCP Netrek: (This is just a couple, there are many more in North America and Europe.)
The A2410 and A2410 EGS Table of Contents =========================================================================== REVIEW: THE A2410 (U. Lowell) TIGA GRAPHICS CARD AND A2410 EGS By: Jason Compton =========================================================================== The Amiga situation could be something of a biblical epic...we've escaped slavery in search of the promised land. Of course, now we have to be sure van Tienen and his Escom associates aren't just new pharoahs in disguise, but... Another way to put it is that we Amigans have become a bit of a scavenger race...scrounging for parts, software, and hardware wherever they become available. The A2410 card is a perfect example. Initially built by Commodore as a graphics board for its 3000UX machines, the card is based on a University of Lowell design for a TI-based graphics processor chip at 50mhz. It can operate from a 24-bit palette but only 256 on-screen colors, and is Zorro II. At the time of its release, its value was somewhere around $1000. Up until they ran out (just a week or so ago) Software Hut was selling them as Liquidation-Ware(tm) for a mere $140, and rumor has it they can be had for even less in Germany. The TIGA system was never very well developed for the Amiga (TIGA being, essentially, that which makes the card go)-the environment still has a message from a DevCon on it. Direct Workbench emulation for the card has been attempted, but nothing much has come of it. Instead, a stable (well, fairly stable) and usable (well, fairly usable) EGS environment has been created. The EGS environment allows the card to run EGS-direct applications as well as a not-bad Intution emulation on the 256-color environment of the card. It is certainly not perfect, especially on the Intuition side, but the EGS applications have stabilized considerably. The card offers resolutions up to 1024x1024 interlaced (there are only 5 available modes, and you must choose two in HARDWARE by having the proper oscillators installed. The shipped modes are 800x600NI and 1024x768NI), and EGS will support them all. I personally have only been able to test 600x800NI as it is all my monitor will support, and I haven't been able to locate the proper oscillator for 1024x768I. Of course, for the money you're paying, you don't get video passthrough, so either get a switchbox or deal with the wear and tear of ripping the cable back and forth. The EGS environment itself may seem a bit foreign at first to Amiga users-it is in effect a separate entity if you run EGS-direct applications, and you have to get used to the new display and rules. It's something that has to be experienced to be understood. However, you will only use it in conjunction with EGS-direct applications, and they are not in massive abundance (usually picture viewers, although ImageFX 1.5 had an EGS-direct version). I find it most useful for the viewers and ImageFX 2.0 rendering (you can only render out to the card.) For "normal" use, you can tell ScreenMode Prefs to use your A2410 mode for Workbench. This works fairly well, but you won't be stunned by the speed. I'd venture to say that a 4000/040 at 256 colors can give it a run for its money. Nevertheless, it is there, and it DOES work. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to display more than one Intuition screen on the card-meaning that you have to run everything on the Workbench if you want to use the card. This isn't TERRIBLE, but one of the nice things about the Amiga is screen any rate, software is not ENTIRELY stable here. Photogenics does not like the emulation, and, surprisingly enough, amigaguide.library/.datatype doesn't seem to, either. Mosaic also seems a bit less stable. However, it IS a 256 color Workbench, for better or worse. So, why pick up such a card? Well, CyberGraphics may be developed for it soon (by the same person who wrote A2410 EGS), which would seem to promise better WB compatibility. It also is an escape, albeit a minor one, for ECS users. (EGS has a nasty habit of dithering things when it shouldn't, so in some cases, pictures WILL look better on ECS, particularly if they are <256 colors.) Up until recently, when Software Hut ran out of its stock from the Commodore US auction, it and the Retina were the only two readily available video cards in North America. (The Picasso II is available infrequently, and now SoftWood has signed on to do distribution of the CyberVision here...) It does work with the Emplant, although only in 1024x768. It's also not a bad deal. Nope, it's not for everyone, and if you've got more money to blow, by all means do. But for an ECS user, considering that the card shouldn't run you more than $100 used, it may be a nice escape into high resolutions (you really can cram a lot onto an 800x600 Workbench) and true 256 color display. I'm also told that because the TI chip is a true graphics processor, software could, if it so chose, use it as a coprocessor...but I don't know of anything that does. Your choice. Me, I don't have too many regrets, other than finding out two weeks after getting it that Softwood would have the Cybervision... EGS and A2410 EGS are available on for FTP. EGS is a product of Viona Development. A2410 EGS is a product of Juergen Schober (
Emulation Rambler: PCT3 Table of Contents =========================================================================== EMULATION RAMBLER: PC-TASK 3.1 BENCHMARKS By: Jason Compton =========================================================================== Hello again, emulation fans. I think we've just about beat PC-Task 3.1 into the ground, but in case you needed them, yeah, here's a couple of benchmarks. PC-Task 3.1 ----------- YES. PC-Task 3.1 works pretty well, more or less. I've even been hammering around with an old version of Lotus 1-2-3 (2.x) and it's not too shabby...but I wouldn't want to have hundreds of random variables. The point is, PC-Task 3.1 is an actively supported product with consistent online support and responsive developers. So active and responsive that Quasar Distribution and Chris Hames will be holding an Amiga Report soon as we can get a date set. But, since everyone loves benchmarks, here you go... PC-Task 3.1 on a 3000/030 (25mhz): From PC Magazine benchmarks: vs. XT vs. AT (8mhz) vs. XT-Turbo vs. AT-Turbo 128k NOP 0.9 0.4 3.4 1.4 Do-nothing 1.8 0.7 1.6 0.6 Int. add 1.1 0.3 1.5 0.3 Int. mult. 2.1 0.3 2.3 0.3 String sort 1.1 0.3 1.2 0.3 Prime # sieve 1.2 0.3 1.2 0.3 8086/88 inst. set 1.4 0.4 1.4 0.4 [Turbo mode is the PC-Task 3 Turbo mode, which requires loads of memory but returns higher levels of performance] Memory accesses were 2.0 vs an AT in normal mode, slightly higher in Turbo. SI 4.5 results: 1.8 vs. XT 2.7 vs. XT-Turbo. A more thorough set of benchmarks on a 4000/040 will be done when PC-Task 3 takes on Emplant soon as we get Emplant PC. PC-Task 3.1 Quasar Distribution
Aminet Charts for 16-Apr-95 Table of Contents | The 10 most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 16-Apr-95 | Updated weekly. Most popular file on top. | |File Dir Size Age Description |----------------- --- ---- --- ----------- ar308.lha docs/mags 83K 0+Amiga Report 3.08, April 11, 1995 ShapeShift2_0.lha misc/emu 134K 0+Macintosh II emulator, V2.0 Scorch185.lha game/shoot 439K 0+Scorched Tanks V1.85 ZGifDT39.13.lha util/dtype 6K 0+The FASTEST gif.datatype there is. AmosaicFAQ.lha docs/misc 187K 0+AmigaGuide FAQ for all vers of AMosaic BattleDuel.lha game/2play 565K 0+The very best 'Artillery' game (ECS, AGA) AmigaElm-v6.lha comm/mail 356K 0+Mail-Reader (UUCP/Internet), v6 (6.24) FingerInfo10.lha comm/net 2K 43+Finger useful/interesting sites TCPHelp110.lha comm/tcp 131K 0+Button-based internet tools.
Aminet Charts for 23-Apr-95 Table of Contents | The 10 most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 23-Apr-95 | Updated weekly. Most popular file on top. | |File Dir Size Age Description |----------------- --- ---- --- ----------- arAUCTION.lha docs/mags 21K 0+Amiga Report Special Auction Issue buyout.txt docs/misc 4K 0+Complete story of the conclusion of the ANews16.lha docs/mags 120K 0+AmyNews #16; info on new Amiga products ShapeShift2_0.lha misc/emu 134K 1+Macintosh II emulator, V2.0 ar308.lha docs/mags 83K 1+Amiga Report 3.08, April 11, 1995 escomlogo.lha pix/illu 39K 0+The Escom Logo GetMail.lha comm/tcp 13K 1+AmiTCP POP Client for receiving E-Mail. ARTv1i1A.lha docs/mags 62K 1+ARTech Volume 1, Issue 1, AmigaGuide for AmiWin.lha pix/wb 60K 0+Grabs to show the Amiga's superior- ity Scorch185.lha game/shoot 439K 1+Scorched Tanks V1.85
Aminet Charts for 30-Apr-95 Table of Contents | The 10 most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 30-Apr-95 | Updated weekly. Most popular file on top. | |File Dir Size Age Description |----------------- --- ---- --- ----------- arAUCTION.lha docs/mags 21K 1+Amiga Report Special Auction Issue buyout.txt docs/misc 4K 1+Complete story of the conclusion of the FView141.lha gfx/show 35K 0+FastView V1.41 - VERY Fast IFF/GIF/ BMP/J AlienBreed3D.lha game/demo 443K 0+Alien Breed 3D Playable Preview ANews16.lha docs/mags 120K 1+AmyNews #16; info on new Amiga products escomlogo.lha pix/illu 39K 1+The Escom Logo VChck653.lha util/virus 121K 0+Version 6.53 of Virus_Checker. Amiga Virus zombies2.lha game/shoot 398K 0+Gory death kill Op. Wolf style game WPGdtype.lha util/dtype 15K 1+Datatype for wpg images, V 39.0 BattleDuel.lha game/2play 566K 0+The very best 'Artillery' game ECS, AGA V
RARS R2 (v.45) Table of Contents TITLE Robot Auto Racing Simulation (RARS) VERSION Amiga version Release 2, based on the RARS 0.45 sources. AUTHOR Amiga version by: Marcel Offermans e-mail : M.F.Offermans@WbMT.TUDelft.NL fidonet: 2:281/614.1 Original MS-DOS version by: Mitchell E. Timin e-mail : DESCRIPTION The Robot Auto Racing Simulation (RARS) is a simulation of auto racing in which the cars are driven by robots. Its purpose is two-fold: to serve as a vehicle for Artificial Intelligence development and as a recreational competition among software authors. The host software, including C++ source, is available at no charge. It currently runs under MSDOS and UNIX, including Linux, and on the Amiga. RARS consists of a simulation of the physics of cars racing on a track, with a simple bird's-eye view of the race. The unique feature is that each car is controlled by a separate and independent control program. Each car is "driven" by its own control program, which receives information from the simulation telling it about the car's local situation. The "driver" (control program) adjusts the steering and throttle, and then the physics simulation moves the car. This happens many times per second, of course. Every car has exactly the same physical characteristics, only the "drivers" are different. Hence, the result is a competition between the control programs. Furthermore, the competition is visible as an auto race, with acceleration, passing, cornering, braking, etc. It is intended that many users will write their own robot "drivers". More than a dozen similar, but not identical, examples are supplied. These are meant to serve as examples for programmers wishing to develop their own. The control programs may be written in other languages if they are linker-compatible on the the intended platform. To date the robot "driver" programs have used C++ or ANSI C. For genetic programming, the races will be between several programs selected from an evolving population of programs. The racing may take place continuously for long periods of time, with the graphic display disabled for faster execution. Of course losers will be eliminated and winners will breed. Genetic Algorithm proponents will probably design robot drivers with a vector of parameters to be determined by evolution. Neural nets are also candidate "drivers". It will be up to the experimenter to decide if human-designed robots are allowed to compete with the evolving population. The race tracks are defined by ASCII files. Many pre-defined tracks are supplied. The desired track is named on the command line. Users can create their own tracks using any text editor, although this is not a trivial process unless a CAD program is used to find the exact lengths, angles, and radii for the track segments. It is possible to do it by trial and error, however. NEW FEATURES This release is based on the latest RARS sources. Compared to the first release, the track and text drawing have been improved. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS AmigaOS Release 2.04 or better. An 68020 CPU or better. The SAS/C 6.55 compiler to recompile the sources. An FPU is highly recommended as it will speed up the simulation considerably. AVAILABILITY You can obtain RARS from the RARS anonymous ftp site, where you can also find other related files: Alternatively, you can obtain it from an Aminet site, for example: Archive size: 142266 bytes PRICE The software and the sources are available for free. DISTRIBUTABILITY Copyright (C) 1994, 1995 Marcel Offermans Mitchell E. Timin OTHER The reason that this release requires at least an 68020 is that I have discovered what turns out to be a bug in the SAS/C 6.55 compiler which can only be worked around if you compile for an 68020 and not use the optimizer.
ToolManager 2.1a Table of Contents TITLE ToolManager VERSION 2.1a AUTHOR Stefan Becker E-Mail: Address: Verkehrsstrasse 11 D-44809 Bochum GERMANY NOTE: My addresses have changed since the last release. Please DO NOT use the old addresses anymore! DESCRIPTION ToolManager is a full featured program for either Workbench or CLI tool management. Includes the ability to add menu items to the 2.x "Tools" menu, add Workbench icons or dock windows. The configuration is based on a object-oriented concept and handled by a preferences program. ToolManager supports ARexx, localization, networking and sound. This release is only a small upgrade, you'll still need the full ToolManager 2.1 release. NEW FEATURES Changes since version 2.1: - Support for ScreenNotify, docks now open/close automatically - Updated WBStart-Handler to V1.4, which fixes the path problem - Included the missing AutoDoc file - Included screennotify.library V1.0 SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS AmigaOS 2.04 (V37) or better ToolManager 2.1 release AVAILABILITY ToolManager 2.1a is available on Aminet, e.g. (25017) PRICE GiftWare. Recommended donation is US $10-$20 or 10-20DM. DISTRIBUTABILITY Freely distributable, (c) 1990-1995 Stefan Becker
BlitzBlank 2.50 Table of Contents TITLE BlitzBlank VERSION 2.50 AUTHOR Thomas Boerkel E-Mail: DESCRIPTION BlitzBlank is a modular screen blanker package with the following features: - stable - fast - low cpu-time usage by the blanker task - comfortable - highly configurable - many interesting, fancy, nice modules - compatible with most graphics cards - build-in mouseblanker - nice GUI - ARexx interface - joyport monitoring - AmigaGuide docs with context-sensitive help - Installer script for easy and automatic installing - flexible random option - no burn-in if the blanker halts (because another task needs the CPU) - no crash or hang, if a nasty program opens its window on the blanker screen - UnInstaller for riskless testing - 29 modules: AmigaSign, Butterfly, Clock, Crumble, Dissolve, Electric, Execute, Fade, Flash, Fountain, Guru, Life, Lines, Mandel, Melt, Mosaic, Noise, PatternCycling, Pyro, Radar, Slideshow, Snow, Splines, Spot, Text, Tiles, Tunnel, Worms, Worms2 NEW FEATURES This is an all-new version of BlitzBlank. It's in almost every aspect enhanced and better, than the 1993-version 1.01. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS - AmigaOS 2.0 or better - MUI 2.3 AVAILABILITY FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors (main archive, 490780 bytes) (update 1, 19346 bytes) (update 2, 16273 bytes) PRICE GIFT/CARD-ware (if the user WANTS to give something) DISTRIBUTABILITY Freely distributable. Copyright 1993-1995 by Thomas Boerkel. Copyright of some modules by their respective authors.
Conversion 0.9beta Table of Contents Conversion 0.9beta Conversion is a commodity that converts Metric units to English units or vice versa. Being a commodity, it is especially useful because you just pop it up when you need it and hide it when you are done. I thought up the idea because a lot of times I'm talking to other people in different parts of the world, and they will tell me something like "I'm 1.8 Meters tall", and I will tell them "I'm 6 feet tall", leaving us both slightly baffled, until we look it up in a book or something... You may find your own use for the program. If you do, and you have suggestions on how the program might better serve you, let me know. REQUIREMENTS * Any Amiga computer with KS2.04 or above. EXTRA FEATURES Conversion gives you the ability to cut the values you calculate into the clipboard. WHERE TO FIND Conversion can be found on any Aminet site (ie.. ie..: (or the Aminet site nearest you) IMPORTANT THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED AS-IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. IN NO EVENT WILL THE AUTHOR BE LIABLE FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR LOSS OF DATA RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE. THE RISK AS TO RESULTS AND PERFORMANCE OF THIS SOFTWARE IS ASSUMED ENTIRELY BY THE USER. Conversion is shareware so if you like it, I would ask that you register it by sending me $5 US or the equivalent in you own currency. If you register it you will get your very own registered copy of Conversion, along with some cool printed out documentation. Also you will receive any updates I might make. For $15 dollars I will make a customized program that does whatever you need it to do... ABOUT THE AUTHOR E-mail to: US Snail: Scott William Unger 5921 West Coldspring Road #5 Greenfield, WI 53220 USA DOCS If you are curious about Conversion, and would like to find out more about it without downloading it, I have the docs in html format on the web at: These docs were generated by Heddley v1.1 (C) by Edd Dumbill 1994
ADtoHT R2 Table of Contents TITLE ADtoHT, Release 2 VERSION 2.0 AUTHOR Christian Stieber ( ( DESCRIPTION This program is only useful for developers. If you don't write programs, there is no need for you to read on. This program converts autodocs and C header files to amigaguide, creating links. It is targeted at the system online docs; the include file parser is rather sketchy and will only handle a limited subset of ANSI/ISO C correctly. Compared to the Commodore utility AD2HT, ADtoHT has the following advantages (this list is not necessarily complete): - it converts both autodocs AND include files - it is smarter - the output looks better (IMHO) - I'm alive, Commodore is dead In addition to the converted files, a global table of contents and an AmigaGuide crossreference file can be created. NEW FEATURES This is a completely new program that contains no code from the 1.3 release. You should delete ADtoHT 1.3 since it has many disadvantages and even some serious bugs. Release 2 is much better and has no (known) bugs. It is probably slower than release 1.3, though. REQUIREMENTS AmigaOS 2.04 (V37) or later is of course required. AmigaOS 3.1 (V40) or later is strongly recommended, since it will speed up reading/writing considerably. You also need some autodocs and C header files -:) HOST NAME Any Aminet site, for example: (109947) PRICE free DISTRIBUTABILITY Freeware
IFR 1.1 and TermComp 1.3 Table of Contents TITLE IFR The Internet File Requester TermComp The Term Companion VERSION IFR v1.1 TermComp v1.3 Both never released before. AUTHOR Mario Cannistra' e-mail : Fidonet : 2:334/21.16 AmigaNet : 39:101/402.16 DESCRIPTION - Have you many files to donwload from different sites each time you login ? - Have you filled with post-it or other notes your monitor frame ? - Do you forget all those dotted network names ? - Do you use Term for interactive dial-out Internet connections ? - Are you bored to type long commands ? - Have you filled all the pfkeys definitions ? - Want to use ARCHIE and get with some clicks of your mouse that particular file ? Term + IFR + TermComp is the answer to your problems (I hope :-) ). IFR : this program allows you to enter a complete file spec (eg: host+path+filename) while you are reading a message in an offline reader or while reading the documentation of another program or an FTP link in an HTML document printed in a magazine. Simply run the program (from CLI !) with an optional public screen name: Default is Workbench screen. IFR operates as a stand alone utility but its output can be used from TermComp, my other utility that speeds up a little the download procedures giving you a special GUI superimposed to the Term one. This program drives Term using its ARexx msgport : if you use other communication software, please send in the Arexx documentation so that I can consider writing a version of TermComp for you program. (Term is the wonderful terminal emulation program by Olaf Olsen Bartel) SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS These programs use the gadtools.library for their gadgets and ARexx to control Term. They have been tested under OS 2.1 , 3.0 and 3.1 and should run without problems on ANY Amiga with those OS versions. IFR works as a stand alone program but its output can be fully used only by TermComp. TermComp works only with Term installed. AVAILABILITY Now on aminet ! The URLs are : (21695 bytes) (24999 bytes) PRICES Registration fees are : TermComp alone : $25 (Lit. 25.000) IFR alone : $25 (Lit. 25.000) Package with both programs : $40 (Lit. 40.000) Registered users will receive the update patches free of charge. The shareware fee includes the disk and mailing expenses. DISTRIBUTABILITY These programs are Copyrighted by Mario Cannistra`. All right reserved. These programs are SHAREWARE. The DEMO version can be included in Fred Fish collection and in any cd-rom collection. You are encouraged to spread the DEMO version. The registered version has a serial number assigned to its unique owner and cannot be distributed on any kind of support. WHAT I THINK ABOUT SHAREWARE I released one program (M2I) some time ago in the shareware concept and received $ 0.00 , Lire 0 , DM 0.00 and so on... This is my second trial.... probably the first program was not useful or user friendly (M2I was a quick and dirty solution to my need of obtaining Imagine object files about molecules). To encourage the shareware concept, these programs have been compiled without the important Save functions.
KingFisher 2.9 Table of Contents [Well, I'm mostly kidding. But it seems every issue I have to type in the new button for the new release...-Jason] NAME KingFisher VERSION 2.9 SYNOPSIS An update to the PREMIER "Fish Disk" & CD-ROM software catalog maintenance and search tool available to all Amigas with KS2.04 or later. See PURPOSE section below for more details. NEW FEATURES ----- KingFisher 2.9 ------------------------------------------ Display formatting - all promised features implemented! Display proportions - adjusts gadgets to screen resolution! Prettier logo - uses available display pens (KS 3.x) Gadget images - bad use of 4th (blue) color fixed ----- KFServer 2.9 -------------------------------------------- OnDisk index supported - Potentially big reduction of RAM use Minor fixes - VersionLinks & deleting; uptime ----- RexxFisher 2.9 ------------------------------------------ Display formatting - same fixes as with KingFisher 2.9 PURPOSE KingFisher is a tool specifically designed to maintain and search one or more databases for software. The program permits manual browsing, but offers a powerful expression parser through which you can explain to KingFisher exactly what you are looking for. The layout of database records for display is programmable, as is the format used for printing and that for writing records to a file. This permits complete customization, separately for each database. KingFisher uses a resizable GadTools window on the default public screen or on a custom screen, offers the choice of both smart and simple refresh windows, and supports proportional fonts (including scalable fonts) of nearly any size. KingFisher supports more than one database, and databases that are larger than a single disk volume, which are spread over any number of disks to be mounted on request. Using advanced Client-Server Technology, KingFisher supports multiple simultaneous users with a minimum of memory overhead (as little as 30K) for each user (an ARexx-based interface named RexxFisher provides a BBS with the means to serve many databases to many users!) KingFisher's multi-user support in NO WAY hinders its value in a single-user environment! KingFisher is localized. Catalogs are supplied for Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Nederlands, Suomi, and Svenska. More are expected as translators are found (hint, hint!) Fully integrated AmigaGuide help provides context sensitive assistance and information on menu items and gadgets under the mouse pointer. Hundreds of links cross-reference over 150K of documentation. KingFisher comes with a complete, read-to-use database of descriptions for Fred's "Fish Disks" 1-1000! The command "Install database..." helps adding existing databases from CD-ROM. REQUIREMENTS With Fish Disk Database (1.5MB), approximately 2.2MB of harddisk space is needed. The program requires about 300K of memory to run, depending on the size of the database index files and some other factors. Kickstart V37 (2.04) is required; V38 (2.1) is required for localization. COMPATIBILITY O/S: Minimum KS V37 (2.04); V38 recommended; V39/V40 best! CPU: 68000 through 68040. Untested on 68060. Display: Picasso II, EGS Spectrum, CyberGraphics. Enforcer and Mungwall used during testing. PRICE Shareware registration fee is $20(US) or DM30. A registration site in Germany is available for European users. --------------------------------------------------------------- NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW --------------------------------------------------------------- USERS GROUPS and their members are eligible for a 20% discount! You must provide name and mailing address for your users group to be eligible for the discount price: $16(US) or DM24. --------------------------------------------------------------- RESTRICTIONS The freely distributable, unregistered (EVALUATION) version is limited to a maximum of two simultaneous users. Register for the full version and show your support! AUTHOR & AUTHOR'S ADDRESS (inquiries, registration, technical support) Udo Schuermann 6000 42nd Avenue, Apt. 405 Hyattsville, MD 20781-1518 USA email: LOCATION A PATCH file for the REGISTERED version of KingFisher 2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8 (but not 2.2) is available on any Aminet site, for example: (659709) The EVALUATION version is also available on Aminet: (849373)
Rashumon 3.1 Table of Contents TITLE Rashumon - new student's version VERSION Release 3.1 (5 Jan 95) COMPANY HarmonySoft - Creative Software for Creative People Address: 69 Jabotinsky st. Givatayim 53319 ISRAEL Phone/Fax: +972 3 315 967. Email: Contact Michael Haephrati AUTHOR Michael Haephrati Email: DESCRIPTION Multi-lingual graphic word processor. Supports languages written from right to left as well as left to right. Can be used as a regular graphic word processor as well. Supports graphics import and export, importing files from Mac and PC as well as exporting. High quality printing. A table generator. *** Technical support using Internet *** NEW FEATURES * Keymaps can be edited externaly * Much faster! * New enhanced Print Requester. * Full Postscript level 2 support (including 1.6m color and gray scale support. * You can change selection's text size to any size without effecting the fonts it contains. * You can change selection's fonts to a certain font without effecting character's sizes. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Requires an Amiga with OS compatible with Workbench 2.04 and a harddisk. PRICE New price: $50. DISTRIBUTABILITY Copyright (C) 1991-1994 HarmonySoft, All Rights Reserved.
AXlife 1.2 Table of Contents TITLE AXlife VERSION 1.2 AUTHORS David Kinder Jon Bennett DESCRIPTION AXlife is a program to play the well known cellular automata, life. AXlife is based upon the definitive life program, Xlife, which runs on Unix X-Windows. Features: o Unlike other life programs, AXlife does not limit the size of the cellular automata to the size of the screen. AXlife keeps a record of all active cells, allowing a maximum life pattern of 2^32 by 2^32 (2^32 is about 4,300,000,000). o Due to the calculation method used, the speed at which AXlife runs depends on the number of active cells, not the area of the whole life grid. This makes AXlife *much* faster than other life programs, especially for large patterns. o AXlife comes with loads (>200) of pattern files, showing all the interesting patterns that have been discovered. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Requires AmigaOS 2.04 or greater, and at least one megabyte of contiguous free ram (i.e. as a single block of memory). AVAILABILITY AXlife is available on Aminet, e.g. (206981) PRICE Free DISTRIBUTABILITY AXlife copyright 1995 David Kinder. Xlife copyright 1989 Jon Bennett.
XpkDisk 37.8c Table of Contents TITLE XpkDisk VERSION 37.8c AUTHOR Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert <> DESCRIPTION `xpkdisk.device' is an exec-style device that looks like trackdisk.device and similar disks. The difference is that it compresses its data and stores it in multiple files in an existing filesystem. It uses the XPK (eXternal PacKer) standard to do the actual compression. This has many advantages. This aproach differs from compressing file systems: they compress on a per-file basis, and generally limit the maximum size of files that they can handle to the available memory. NEW FEATURES * Version 37.8 works around a horrible bug that is really caused by XPK when track files are not compressible. Look in the source file "devio.c" for details, near the symbol XPKBUG. * You can now change the XPKD: assign on the fly, if you're careful. * xdClear now works with the fake scsi.device, which does not seem to know about ETD_* commands. * Now keeps the old track file while writing a new one. The old track file is only deleted after successfully writing the new one. You have more control about what to do in such situations. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS AmigaDOS 2.04 or better is required for some features to work. Xpk version 2.5 or better (available from Aminet sites as well). A hard disk, a fast processor and lots of RAM are highly recommended but not strictly necessary. AVAILABILITY Aminet: util/pack/xpkDisk37_8c.lha, for instance PRICE Free. DISTRIBUTABILITY Copyright 1995 by Olaf Seibert. The GNU General Public License applies.
ProgArgs Library 1.2 Table of Contents TITLE ProgArgs Library - program argument parsing support VERSION 1.2 AUTHOR Dianne Hackborn E-mail: DESCRIPTION ProgArgs is a shared library which is intended to make the handling of CLI, Workbench and text file arguments simpler and more consistent. It basically provides a wrapper around the DOS ReadArgs() function and the Workbench argument functions, which unifies them into one standard interface. It also provides support for intelligently writing tool types back out to disk -- only modifying the relevant entries, creating comments for tool types which do not have a value, etc -- and provides for the reading and writing of text files which are formatted much like tool types. The library uses an argument definition format similar to the template style used by ReadArgs(), except it extends this to an array of structures, to include the additional information needed. For example, to process the arguments "FILES/A/M,ALL/S" with the defaults "#?" and "no", a program would look something like this: #define FILES_ARG (TAG_ARGENTRY+1) #define ALL_ARG (TAG_ARGENTRY+2) struct MultiArg DefFiles[] = { { "#?", NULL, NULL }, { NULL } }; struct ArgEntry myEntries[] = { { FILES_ARG, "FILES/A/M", "Files to process", AEFLAG_DEFAULT, &DefFiles[0], NULL }, { ALL_ARG, "ALL/S", "Recursively process files", AEFLAG_DEFAULT, FALSE, NULL }, { TAG_END } }; ... struct ProgArgs * myArgs; myArgs = AllocProgArgs(&myEntries[0], PA_WBStartup, _WBenchMsg, /* Hand in WB startup */ RPA_WBArguments, FILES_ARG, /* Parse WB startup */ PA_IgnoreError, TRUE, /* Don't fail on next err */ RPA_ProgIcon, !_WBenchMsg, /* If no WB startup, read */ /* directly from icon */ PA_IgnoreError, FALSE, /* Allow fail on next err */ RPA_CmdInput, TRUE, /* Parse command line */ TAG_END); if(!myArgs) exit(20); /* Retrieve program arguments */ struct MultiArg* files; ULONG all_flag; GetProgArgs(myArgs, FILES_ARG,&files, ALL_ARG,&all_flag, TAG_END); SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS OS 2.04 (V37) or greater; tested up to 3.1. No other software requirements. Only tested with SAS/C; no assembly language header files provided. AVAILABILITY Available from Aminet, eg: If you have WWW access, it can also be retrieved from my pages at PRICE Shareware. A fee of $5 is asked for programmers using the library who would like more support than the documentation provided with it or to include the library binary in their own distributions. There is no shareware fee for end-users. DISTRIBUTABILITY Copyright (C) 1995 by Dianne Hackborn. Freely distributable as long as the contents of the archive are kept intact.
Amiga Report Mailing List Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Amiga Report Mailing List == =========================================================================== If you have an internet mailing address, you can receive Amiga Report in UUENCODED form each week as soon as the issue is released. To be put on the list, send Email to and in the body of the message ask nicely to be added to the list. ie: Please add me to the mailing list for Amiga Report magazine. My addresss is <your net address>. Your account must be able to handle mail of any size to ensure an intact copy. For example, many systems have a 100K limit on incoming messages. ** IMPORTANT NOTICE: PLEASE be certain your host can accept mail over ** ** 100K! We have had a lot of bouncebacks recently from systems with a ** ** 100K size limit for incoming mail. If we get a bounceback with your ** ** address in it, it will be removed from the list. Thanks! ** *** The following is only for Australian readers! *** To circumvent the new pay-per-megabyte system for Australian Internet communication, Paul Reece has been kind enough to set up an AUSTRALIAN-ONLY mailing list, to save his fellow countrymen some money. You can join the list by sending mail to: with the single line (in body of message): subscribe ar Amiga Report will then be bounced to you.
Table of Contents =========================================================================== == UUDecoding Amiga Report == =========================================================================== If you receive Amiga Report from the direct mailing list, it will arrive in UUEncoded format. This format allows programs and archive files to be sent through mail by converting the binary into combinations of ASCII characters. In the message, it will basically look like a lot of trash surrounded by begin <filename> and end, followed by the size of the file. To UUDecode Amiga Report, you first need to get a UUDecoding program, such as UUxT by Asher Feldman. This program is available on Aminet in pub/aminet/arc/ Then you must download the message that it is contained in. Don't worry about message headers, the UUDecoding program will ignore them. There is a GUI interface for UUxT, which should be explained in the docs. However, the quickest method for UUDecoding the magazine is to type uuxt x ar.uu at the command prompt. You will then have to decompress the archive with lha, and you will then have Amiga Report in all of its AmigaGuide glory. If you have any questions, you can write to Jason Compton
Aminet Table of Contents Aminet ~~~~~~ To get Amiga Report from Aminet, simply FTP to any Aminet site, CD to docs/mags. All the back issues are located there as well. Sites:,,,
World Wide Web Table of Contents World Wide Web ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AR can also be read with Mosaic (in either AmigaGuide or html form). Reading AmigaReport with Mosaic removes the necessity to download it. It can also be read using programs found in UNIX sites such as LYNX. Simply tell Mosaic to open one of the following URLs: Amiga information can also be accessed at this URL: Mosaic for the Amiga can be found on Aminet in directory comm/net, or (using anonymous ftp) on Mosaic for X, Macintosh(tm) and Microsoft Windows(tm) can be found on
Copyright Information Table of Contents =========================================================================== == _ _ __ ___ _ == == /\\ |\\ /| || // \ /\\ == == / \\ | \\ /|| ||(< __ / \\ == == /--- \\| \/ || || \\_||/--- \\ == == /______________________________\\ == == / \\ == == Amiga Report International Online Magazine == == May 2, 1995 Issue No. 3.09 == == Copyright 1995 FS Publications == == All Rights Reserved == =========================================================================== Views, Opinions and Articles presented herein are not necessarily those of the editors and staff of Amiga Report International Online Magazine or of FS Publications. Permission to reprint articles is hereby granted, unless otherwise noted. Reprints must, _without exception_, include the name of the publication, date, issue number and the author's name. Amiga Report and/or portions therein may not be edited in any way without prior written permission. However, translation into a language other than English is acceptible, provided the editor is notified beforehand and the original meaning is not altered. Amiga Report may be distributed on privately owned not-for-profit bulletin board systems (fees to cover cost of operation are acceptable), and major online services such as (but not limited to) Delphi and Portal. Distribution on public domain disks is acceptable provided proceeds are only to cover the cost of the disk (e.g. no more than $5 US). Distribution on for-profit magazine cover disks requires written permission from the editor. Amiga Report is a not-for-profit publication. Amiga Report, at the time of publication, is believed reasonably accurate. Amiga Report, its staff and contributors are not and cannot be held responsible for the use or misuse of information contained herein or the results obtained there from. Amiga Report is not affiliated with Commodore-Amiga, Inc., Commodore Business Machines, Ltd., or any other Amiga publication in any way. All items quoted in whole or in part are done so under the Fair Use Provision of the Copyright Laws of the United States Penal Code. Any Electronic Mail sent to the editors may be reprinted, in whole or in part, without any previous permission of the author, unless said electronic mail is specifically requested not to be reprinted. ===========================================================================
Amiga Report Writing Guidelines Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Amiga Report Writing Guidelines == =========================================================================== The three most important requirements for submissions to Amiga Report are: 1. Please use English. 2. Please use paragraphs. It's hard on the eyes to have solid screens of text. If you don't know where to make a paragraph break, guess. 3. Please put a blank line in between paragraphs. It makes formatting the magazine much much easier. Note: If you want to check ahead of time to make sure we'll print your article, please write to the Editor.
Editor's Choice Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Editor's Choice == =========================================================================== These are selected products, reviewed by myself, that I've liked. All prices are in $US. Amiga OS 3.1, the official Village Tronic-published version: (Since these are the Expert Services-distributed versions, I'm afraid I can only sell them in North America) For the 500/2000: $105 For the 3000/4000: $120 (works with 1200, but no PCMCIA support) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | Issue | Approximate | Amiga Report | | Product | Reviewed | Retail Price | Reader Price | ---------------------------------|----------|--------------|--------------| | | | | | |Swifty 3-button mouse | 2.28 | $39.95 | $22.75 | | | | | | |GPFax Amiga Fax Software | 2.30 | $100.00 | $60.00 | | (Class 1 and 2) | | | | | | | | | |Micro R+D CD-ROM Volume 1 | 2.25 | $69.00 | $30.00 | | (Includes early Transition | | | | | graphics converter and loads| | | | | of artwork) | | | | | | | | | |Micro R+D CD-ROM Volume 2 | 2.26 | $99.95 | $46.75 | | (Includes entire Nature's | | | | | Backdrop series) | | | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Orders may be placed via check, money order, or postal cheque, made out to Micro R+D. Visa/Mastercard accepted via post or E-Mail. No CODs. Mail all orders to Jason Compton . Orders will be processed by Amiga Report and drop-shipped from Micro R+D. In the US, add $5/$10/$20 for UPS shipping, ground/blue/red label, respectively. Overseas: It is recommended that you consider $20 to be the minimum cost for shipping. If you plan to order more than one item, E-mail for shipping cost. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sidewinder's Future Shock II CD is now available through Amiga Report. Featuring 15 Amiga-generated tunes totalling 71 minutes, Eric Gieseke's work is captured on an Amiga-independent media. Available for US$12.00. Please add $5 for shipping. Make check or money order payable to Jason Compton . Orders will be drop-shipped from Sidewinder Productions. For overseas orders, please contact through E-Mail before ordering.
Delphi Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Delphi Internet Services -- Your Connection to the World! == =========================================================================== Amiga Report International Online Magazine and the Amiga Report Coverdisk are available in the Amiga SIG on DELPHI. Amiga Report readers are invited to join DELPHI and become a part of the friendly community of Amiga enthusiasts there. SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access DELPHI services via a local phone call JOIN -- DELPHI -------------- Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002 then... When connected, press RETURN once or twice and.. At Username: type JOINDELPHI and press RETURN, At Password: type AMIGAUSER and press RETURN. For more information, call DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-695-4005 SPECIAL FEATURES ---------------- * Complete Internet connection -- Telnet, FTP, IRC, Gopher, E-Mail and more! (Internet option is $3/month extra) * SIGs for all types of computers -- Amiga, IBM, Macintosh, Atari, etc. * An active Amiga SIG hosting conferances, Usenet, Latest wares, and FTP Gopher coming soon * Large file databases! * SIGs for hobbies, video games, graphics, and more! * Business and world news, stock reports, etc. * Grolier's Electronic Encyclopedia! DELPHI - It's getting better all the time!
Portal Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Portal: A Great Place For Amiga Users == =========================================================================== The Portal Information Network's Amiga Zone The AFFORDABLE alternative for online Amiga information ------------------------------------------------------- Portal is the home of acclaimed Amiga Zone, a full-service online SIG (Special Interest Group) for Amiga owners and users. We promise, and WE DELIVER ongoing & aggressive Amiga support! You can dial into Portal to access the Amiga Zone in many ways: direct dial to our San Jose, CA high-speed modems (you pay for the phone call if it's not local), or though any SprintNet or Compu$erve indial anywhere (with a small hourly fee) or via the World-wide Internet "telnet" program to (no hourly fee). Even Delphi and BIX users can Telnet into Portal for a flat $19.95 a month, with *unlimited* use. Portal is NOT just another shell service! Its Online system is fully menu-driven with on-screen commands and help, and you can easily customize it for your favorite terminal program and screen size. Some of Portal/Amiga Zone's amazing features include: * 2.5 GIGabytes of Amiga-specific file space - we have so much Amiga Stuff online, we've lost count! * The *entire* Fred Fish collection of freely distributable software, online. ALL 1000 disks! * Fast, Batch Zmodem file transfer protocol. Download up to 100 files at once, of any size, with one command. * Amiga vendor areas with participants like AmigaWorld, Elastic Reality (ASDG), Soft-Logik, Apex Publishing, and others. * 40 "regular" Amiga libraries with over 10,000 files. Hot new stuff arrives daily. * No upload/download "ratios" EVER. Download as much as you want, as often as you want, and never feel pressured doing it. * Live, interactive nightly chats with Amiga folks whose names you will recognize. Special conferences. Random chance prize contests. We have given away thousands of bucks worth of Amiga prizes - more than any other online service. * Message bases where you can ask questions about *anything* Amiga related and get quick replies from the experts. * Amiga Internet mailing lists for Imagine, AMosaic, LightWave, EGS, OpalVision & others feed right into the Zone message bases. Read months worth of postings. No need to clutter your mailbox with them. * FREE unlimited Internet Email with 5 meg of free storage. * A FREE UNIX Shell account with another 5 meg of free storage. You can run Amiga Mosaic through your shell and explore the vast World Wide Web! * Portal has the Usenet. Thousands of "newsgroups" in which you can read and post articles about virtually any subject you can possibly imagine. * Other Portal SIGs (Special Interest Groups) online for Mac, IBM, Sun, UNIX, Science Fiction, Disney, and dozens more. ALL Portal SIGs are accessible to ALL Portal customers with NO surcharges ever. You never worry "Ooops... Am I paying for this area?" again! * The entire UPI/Clarinet/Newsbytes news hierarchy ($4/month extra) An entire general interest newspaper and computer news magazine. * Portal was THE FIRST online service to offer a full package of Internet features: IRC, FTP, TELNET, MUDS, LIBS. And you get FREE unlimited usage of all of them. * Our exclusive PortalX by Steve Tibbett, the graphical "front end" for Portal which will let you automatically click'n'download your waiting email, messages, Usenet groups and binary files! Reply to mail and messages offline using your favorite editor and your replies are sent automatically the next time you log into Portal. (PortalX requires Workbench 2.04 or higher) * Portal does NOT stick it to high speed modem users. Whether you log in at 1200 or 2400 or 9600 or 14.4K you pay the same low price. To join Portal or for more information call: 1-800-433-6444 (voice) 9a.m.-5p.m. Mon-Fri, Pacific Time 1-408-973-9111 (voice) 9a.m.-5p.m. Mon-Fri, Pacific Time 1-408-725-0561 (modem 3/12/2400) 24 hours every day 1-408-725-0560 (modem 96/14400) 24 hours every day or enter "C PORTAL" from any Sprintnet dial-in, or "portal" at any CI$ network dialin, or telnet to "" from anywhere, and then enter "online" and then "info" Call and join today. Tell the friendly Portal Customer Service representative, "The Amiga Zone and Amiga Report sent me!" [Editor's Note: Be sure to tell them that you are an Amiga user, so they can notify the AmigaZone sysops to send their Welcome Letter and other information!] The Portal Information Network accepts MasterCard, Visa, or you can pre-pay any amount by personal check or money order. The Portal Online System is a trademark of The Portal Information Network. SLIP, UUCP and custom domain accounts are also available.
GEnie Table of Contents =========================================================================== == GEnie: Internet access, online games, more == =========================================================================== * What is GEnie? GEnie is a commercial on-line service that offers many services at a reasonable monthly rate. Some of the general services are: - Over 150,000 software files to download - Uploads to GEnie are free of any connect charges, so upload those Public Domain programs to add to the Starship Amiga Roundtable's vast selection of programs for free! - Real-time chat - Dozens of special-interest discussion areas - Challenging multi-player games with graphics (yes, there are Amiga front-ends) - Worldwide news, weather and sports - Electronic mail to and from the Internet - FTP Service which provides users with interactive access to any of the millions of files available for public access on the Internet - Usenet Newsgroups Service which allow users to participate in the global discussion areas collectively known as USENET - Outbound Telnet Service which enables users to connect to other host computers through the Internet - GEnie Mall with nearly 40 different vendors - Starship Amiga Roundtable which contains gigabytes of Amiga-only files - Commodore Roundtable for VIC-20, C-64, C-128 and other Commodore computers - Other Amiga software companies have their own Roundtables for customer support such as Soft-Logik where all the latest program patches and support files are available for their products - AmiAladdin Support Roundtable for getting the latest updates to the GEnie Aladdin software which is used to make maneuvering the GEnie menu system much easier and faster. This is a specific area for the Amiga version of this software which is free of charge - Hundreds of other areas and services available * How do I sigh up for GEnie? You may sign up for GEnie service by one of two methods: (1) Using your modem (8N1 half duplex 300/1200/2400 baud) dial 1-800-638-8369. Upon connection immediately enter HHH (Return), don't wait for any on-screen prompt. At the U#= prompt type SIGNUP (Return). You may use a major credit card account or your checking account (US only.) (2) Call GEnie client services via voice at 1-800-638-9636 or 1-301-251-6475 from outside the US and Canada.
Distribution BBSes - Australia Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Distribution BBSes - Australia == =========================================================================== -=NEW ZEALAND=- * BITSTREAM BBS * FidoNET 3:771/850.0 AmigaNET 41:644/850.0 +64-(0)3-548-5321, SupraFaxModem 28k8 VFast Class -=SYDNEY=- * CONTINENTAL DRIFT BBS * USENET, Internet E-mail, Fidonet, Aminet (+61) 2 949 4256
Distribution BBSes - Europe Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Distribution BBSes - Europe == =========================================================================== -=FINLAND=- * AMIGA-NIGHT-SYSTEM * InterNet: FidoNet: 2:220/550.0 +358-0-675840 V.32bis * LAHO BBS * +358-64-414 1516, V.32bis/HST +358-64-414 0400, V.32bis/HST +358-64-414 6800, V.32/HST +358-64-423 1300, V.32bis * MOONLIGHT SONATA DLG * Fidonet: 2:221/112.0 +358-18-161763 - ZyXEL V32b 19200 * KINDERGARTEN * Email: +358-0-881 32 36, v.34/HST -=FRANCE=- * DYNAMIX BBS * Email: + Minitel (vv23) to Modem (v32bis/Videotex) * RAMSES THE AMIGA FLYING * Internet: Fidonet: 2/320/104-105-106 +33-1-45845623 V.34 +33-1-53791200 V.32bis -=GERMANY=- * DOOM OF DARKNESS * Email: +49 (0)4223 8355 19200 V.42bis/Zyx AR-Infoservice, contact Kai Szymanski * IMAGINE BBS * Email: B+49-69-4304948 Yoriko 28.8ET V.Fast Class Login: GAST (Download from area "Amiga-Report") * LEGUANS BYTE CHANNEL * Usenet: 49-30-8110060 49-30-8122442 USR DS 16.8 Login as User: "amiga", Passwd: "report" * REDEYE BBS * Internet: +49-89-5460535 (V.32b, Zyxel EG + / USR V.34) * STINGRAY DATABASE * EMail: +49 208 496807 HST-Dual * VISION THING BBS * Infect East German HQ, Keks ASCII Design World HQ ++49(0)345 663914 19200 System Password: Amiga -=GREECE=- * ODYSSEY BBS * email: 2:410/128.17@fidonet +++ 301-412-3502 (ZyXEL 16.8K) after 23:00 local time -=IRELAND=- * CUGI BBS * Fidonet: 2:263/155 +353 1 837 0204 V32bis * HIGHWAY TO HELL BBS * Fidonet 2:263/154 Internet: Online from 22:00 - 08:00 GMT +353-1-847 5217 -=ITALY=- * AMIGA PROFESSIONAL BBS * Amy Professional Club, Italian Amos Club +(39)-49-604488 * SPEED OF LIFE * FidoNet 2:332/505 AmigaNet 39:102/501 ZyX 19.2k/V32/V32bis/V42bis +39-59-226454 -=NETHERLANDS=- * AMIGA ONLINE BS HEEMSTEDE * Fidonet: 2:280/464.0, 2:280/412.0 Internet: +31-23-282002 +31-23-470739 14400 Supra * THE HELL BBS * Fido-Net : 2:281/418.0 e-mail : +31-(0)70-3468783 (v32bis Supra) * TRACE BBS GRONINGEN * FidoNET 2:282/529.0 Internet +31-(0)-50-410143 (14k4 Buad (28k8 V.34 soon) * X-TREME BBS * Internet: +31-167064414 (24h) -=NORWAY=- * FALLING BBS * EMail: +47 69 256117 28.8k -=PORTUGAL=- * CIUA BBS * FidoNet 2:361/9 Internet: +351-34-382080/382081 (V32bis soon V34) -=SPAIN=- * GURU MEDITATION * Running Remote Access +34-1-383-1317 V.32bis * MAZAGON - BBS - SYSTEMS * E-mail: FTP: +34 59 536267 - Supra 28.8 Login: a-report -=SWEDEN=- * CICERON * E-mail: +46 612 22011 -=SWITZERLAND=- * LINKSYSTEM LINK-CH1 * contact: +41 61 3215643 V32bis/Zyx16800 +41 61 3832007 ISDN X75/V110 Local newsgroup -=UNITED KINGDOM=- * AMIGA JUNCTION 9 * Internet: FidoNet: 2:440/20 +44 (0)372 271000 14400 V.32bis/HST * CREATIONS BBS * E-Mail: 2:254/524@Fidonet 39:139/5@Amiganet +44-0181-665-9887 Hayes Optima 288 2400 - V.FC * METNET CCS * Email: FidoNet: 2:2502/129.0 2:2502/130.0 10 Lines: +44-1482-442251 14k4 +44-1482-444910 16k8
Distribution BBSes - North America Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Distribution BBSes - North America == =========================================================================== -=ARIZONA=- * MESSENGER OF THE GODS BBS * 602-326-1095 -=BRITISH COLUMBIA=- * COMM-LINK BBS * InterNet: Fido: 1:153/210.0 AmigaNet 40:800/9100.0 604-945-6192 USR DS 16.8 -=CALIFORNIA=- * MYSTIC CAVERNS * E-mail: WWW: (619)442-7030 14.4 (619)442-7060 28.8 * TIERRA-MIGA BBS * FidoNet: 1:202/638.0 AmigaNet: 40:406/3.0 Internet: 619.292.0754 V32.bis * VIRTUAL PALACE BBS * Sysop Email: 916-343-7420 * AMIGA AND IBM ONLY BBS * (619)428-4887 AmigaNET address: 40:406/7.0 -=FLORIDA=- * LAST! AMIGA BBS * (305) 456-0126 USR 21600 HST D/S -=ILLINOIS=- * EMERALD KEEP BBS * FidoNet: 1:2250/2 AmigaNet: 40:206/1 618-394-0065 USR 16.8k DS * PHANTOM'S LAIR * FidoNet: 1:115/469.0 Phantom Net Coordinator: 11:1115/0.0-11:1115/1.0 708-469-9510 708-469-9520 * STARSHIP CUCUG * Email: (217)356-8056 * THE STYGIAN ABYSS BBS * FIDONet-1:115/384.0 312-384-0616 USR Courier HST 312-384-6250 Supra V.32 bis (FREQ line) -=LOUISIANA=- * The Catacomb * E-mail: 504-882-6576 Supra v.fc 28.8k -=MAINE=- * THE KOBAYASHI ALTERNATIVE BBS * Usenet and FidoNet Echo Areas FidoNet: 1:326/404.0 (207)/784-2130 (207)/946-5665 -=MEXICO=- * AMIGA BBS * FidoNet 4:975/7 (5) 887-3080 9600 V32,MNP * AMIGA SERVER BBS * Now with 17 CDs available Number: 5158736 -=MISSISSIPPI=- * THE GATEWAY BBS * InterNet: FidoNet: 1:3604/60.0 601-374-2697 Hayes Optina 28.8 V.FC -=MICHIGAN=- * DC ProNet running Cnet Amiga 3.0+ * 616-373-0287 V.Everything chetw@dcpro.UUCP -=MONTREAL=- * GfxBase BBS* E-mail: Fidonet: 1:167/192 514-769-0565 14.4 -=NEW JERSEY=- * T.B.P. VIDEO SLATE * Full Skypix menus + normal and ansi menu sets. 201-586-3623 USR 14.4 HST * DLTACOM Amiga BBS * (201) 398-8559 Fidonet: 1:2606/216.0 Internet: (email only) -=NEW YORK=- * THE BELFRY(!) * 718.793.4796 718.793.4905 -=ONTARIO=- * COMMAND LINE BBS * Canada's Amiga Graphics & Animation Source 416-533-8321 V.32 * REALM OF TWILIGHT BBS * Usenet: FIDO: 1:221/302 Fish: 33:33/8 519-748-9365 (2400 baud) 519-748-9026 (v.32bis) -=TENNESSEE=- * AMIGA CENTRAL! * Internet mail: 615-383-9679 1200-14.4Kbps V.32bis * NOVA BBS * AmigaNet 40:210/10.0 40:210/1.0 40:210/0.0 FidoNet 1:362/508.0 615-472-9748 USR DS 16.8 -=WASHINGTON=- * FREELAND MAINFRAME * Internet - 206-438-1670 Supra 2400zi 206-456-6013 Supra v.32bis * PIONEERS BBS * FidoNet: 1:343/54.0 206-775-7983 Supra 14.4k v32.bis Login: Long Distance Password: longdistance
Distribution BBSes - South America Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Distribution BBSes - South America == =========================================================================== -=BRAZIL=- * AMIGA DO PC BBS * Fidonet: 4:801/44 Internet: Weekdays: 19-07 (-3 GMT) Weekends: 24 hours +55-192-33-2260
Dealers - Asia Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Dealers - Asia == =========================================================================== -=JAPAN=- Grey Matter Ltd. 1-22-3,Minami Magome HillTop House 2F suite 201 Ota-ku,Tokyo 143 Tel:+81 (0)3 5709-5549 Fax:+81 (0)3 5709-1907 BBS: +81 (0)3 5709-1907 Email:
Dealers - Europe Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Dealers - Europe == =========================================================================== -=BELGIUM=- CLICK! N.V. Boomsesteenweg 468 B-2610 Wilrijk - Antwerpen VOICE: +32 (0)3 828.18.15 FAX: +32 (0)3 828.67.36 INTERNET: FIDO: 2:292/603.9 -=FINLAND=- DataService Oy P.O. Box 50 Kuurinniityntie 30 02771 ESPOO Voice: +358 (9) 400 438 301 Fax: +358 (9) 0505 0037 -=GERMANY=- dcp, desing+commercial partner GmbH Alfredstr. 1 D-22087 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 40 251176 Fax: +49 40 2518567 EMail: WWW: Hartmann & Riedel GdbR Hertzstr. 33 76287 Rheinstetten Voice (answering machine) - 07242-2021 Fax - ask for the number Please call first before visiting us. Otherwise it is likely that you stand in front of a closed door. Hirsch & Wolf OHG Mittelstra_e 33 D-56564 Neuwied Voice: +49 (2631) 8399-0 Fax: +49 (2631) 8399-31 Pro Video Elektronik Roßmarkt 38 D-63739 Aschaffenburg Tel: (49) 6021 15713 Fax: (49) 6021 15713 -=SPAIN=- Amiga Center Argullós, 127 08016 Barcelona Tel: (93) 276 38 06 Fax: (93) 276 30 80 Amiga Center Alicante Segura, 27 03004 Alicante Tel: (96) 514 37 34 Centro Informático Boadilla Convento, 6 28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) Tel: (91) 632 27 65 Fax: (91) 632 10 99 Centro Mail Tel: (91) 380 28 92 C.R.E. San Francisco, 85 48003 Bilbao (Vizcaya) Tel: (94) 444 98 84 Fax: (94) 444 98 84 Donosti Frame Avda. de Madrid, 15 20011 San Sebastián (Guipuzcoa) Tel: (943) 42 07 45 Fax: (943) 42 45 88 GaliFrame Galerías Príncipe, 22 Vigo (Pontevedra) Tel: (986) 22 89 94 Fax: (986) 22 89 94 Invision San Isidro, 12-18 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) Tel: (91) 676 20 56/59 Fax: (91) 656 10 04 Invision Salamanca, 53 46005 Valencia Tel: (96) 395 02 43/44 Fax: (96) 395 02 44 Norsoft Bedoya, 4-6 32003 Orense Tel: (988) 24 90 46 Fax: (988) 23 42 07 PiXeLSOFT Felipe II, 3bis 34004 Palencia Tel: (979) 71 27 00 Fax: (979) 71 28 28 Tu Amiga Plaza Pedro IV, 3 08120 La LLagosta (Barcelona) Tel: (93) 560 76 12 Fax: (93) 560 76 12 vb soft Provenza, 436 08025 Barcelona Tel: (93) 456 15 45 Fax: (93) 456 15 45 -=NORWAY=- DataKompaniet ANS Pb 3187 Munkvoll N-7002 Trondheim VOICE/FAX: 72 555 149 Internet: AmiSys32 PB 540 4501 Mandal Voice/Fax: 38260015 BBS:Coming... -=UNITED KINGDOM=- Almathera Systems Ltd Southerton House / Boundary Business Court 92-94 Church Road Mitcham, Surrey / CR4 3TD VOICE: (UK) 081 687 0040 FAX: (UK) 081 687 0490 Sales: Tech: Brian Fowler Computers Ltd 11 North St / Exeter Devon / EX4 3QS Voice: (0392) 499 755 Fax: (0392) 423 480 Internet: CYNOSTIC Office O1, Little Heath Industrial Estate / Old Church Road Coventry / CV6 7NB Tel: +44 (0)203 681687 Fax: +44 (0)203 638508 David Cassidy email: VISAGE COMPUTERS 18 Station Road / Ilkeston Derbyshire / DE7 8TD Tel/Fax: +44 (0)602 444501 Internet:
Dealers - North America Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Dealers - North America == =========================================================================== -=CANADA=- Atlantis Kobetek Inc. 1496 Lower Water St. Halifax, NS / B3J 1R9 Phone: (902)-422-6556 Fax: (902)-423-9339 E-mail: Computerology Direct Powell River, BC V8A-4Z3 Call 24 hrs. orders/inquiries: 604/483-3679 Amiga users ask for HEAD SALES REP for quicker response! Comspec Communications Inc 74 Wingold Ave Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6B 1P5 Computer Centre: (416) 785-8348 Sales: (416) 785-3553 Fax: 416-785-3668 Internet:, GfxBase Electronique, Inc 1727 Shevchenko Montreal, Quebec Voice: 514-367-2575 Fax: 514-367-5265 BBS: 514-769-0565 National Amiga Oakville, Ontario Fax: 905-845-3295 EMail: World Wide Web: Oby's Amigo Computing Shop 765 Barrydowne Rd Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3A-3TG VOICE/FAX: (705)524-5826 All Amiga Computer Store Since 1990 Wonder Computers Inc. 1315 Richmond Rd. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2B 8J7 Voice: 613-596-2542 Fax: 613-596-9349 BBS: 613-829-0909 -=UNITED STATES=- A&D Computer 211 South St. Milford, NH 03055-3743 Voice/Fax: 603-672-4700 BBS: 603-673-2788 Internet: AmegaByte! 5001 Garrett Ave. Beltsville, MD 20705 VOICE: (800) 834-7153 VOICE: (301) 937-1640 FAX: (301) 937-1658 INTERNET: Amigability Computers P.O. Box 572 Plantsville, CT 06479 VOICE: 203-276-8175 Internet: Amiga-Crossing 176 Gray Road, Unit 5 Cumberland, ME 04021 VOICE: (800) 498-3959 (Maine only) VOICE: (207) 829-3959 FAX: (207) 829-3522 Internet: Amiga Video Solutions 1568 Randolph Avenue St. Paul, MN 55105 Voice: 612-698-1175 Fax: 612-224-3823 BBS: 612-698-1918 Net: Applied Multimedia Inc. 89 Northill St. Stamford, CT 06907 VOICE: (203) 348-0108 Apogee Technologies 1851 University Parkway Sarasota, FL 34243 VOICE: 813-355-6121 Portal: Apogee Internet: Armadillo Brothers 753 East 3300 South Salt Lake City, Utah VOICE: 801-484-2791 Internet: Computer Concepts 18001 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Suite "0" Bothell, WA 98012 VOICE: (206) 481-3666 Computer Link 6573 middlebelt Garden City MI 48135 Voice: 313-522-6005 Fax: 313-522-3119 Computers International, Inc. 5415 Hixson Pike Chattanooga, TN 37343 VOICE: 615-843-0630 DC Productions 218 Stockbridge Avenue Kalamazoo, MI 49001 (616)373-1985 (800)9DC-PROD Chet Wisniewski - Owner Digital Arts 122 West 6th Street Bloomington, IN 47404 VOICE: (812)330-0124 FAX: (812)330-0126 BIX: msears Finetastic Computers 721 Washington Street Norwood, MA 02062 VOICE: 617-762-4166 BBS: 617-769-3172 Fido: 1:101/322 Internet: HT Electronics 275 North Mathilda Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94086 VOICE: 408-737-0900 FAX: 408-245-3109 Portal: HT Electronics Internet: HT Industrial Video, Inc. 1601 North Ridge Rd. Lorain, OH 44055 VOICE: 800-362-6150, 216-233-4000 Contact: John Gray Internet: Kipp Visual Systems 360-C Christopher Ave. Gaithersburg Md, 20878 301-670-7906 Magic Page 3043 Luther Street Winston-Salem, NC 27127 Voice/Fax: 910-785-3695 E-mail: Contact: Patrick Smith MicroSearch 9000 US 59 South, Suite 330 Houston, Texas VOICE: 713-988-2818 FAX: 713-995-4994 Mr. Hardware Computers P.O. Box 148 / 59 Storey Ave. Central Islip, NY 11722 VOICE: 516-234-8110 FAX: 516-234-8110 A.M.U.G. BBS: 516-234-6046 OverByte Industries, Inc. 661 Blanding Blvd. Suite 391 Orange Park, FL 32073-5048 Voice: 904-858-3348 E-mail: URL: PSI Animations 17924 SW Pilkington Road Lake Oswego, OR 97035 VOICE: 503-624-8185 Internet: Raymond Commodore Amiga 898 Raymond Avenue St. Paul, MN 55114-1521 VOICE: 612.642.9890 FAX: 612.642.9891 Software Plus Chicago 2945 W Peterson Suite 209 Chicago, Illinois VOICE: 312-878-7800 Zipperware 76 South Main St. Seattle, WA 98104 VOICE: 206-223-1107 FAX: 206-223-9395 E-Mail:
Editorial and Opinion Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Editorial and Opinion == =========================================================================== compt.sys.editor.desk What's on my mind... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- News Articles Reviews Announce Adverts
News & Press Releases Table of Contents =========================================================================== == News & Press Releases == =========================================================================== AmigaOS Project Information How to get it Dream State CD Newly released CEI Fax to Dealers Back to distribution... CrossDOS Version 6 Upgrade New and improved features Commodore UK Situation Sell out or liquidate... Escom Press Release Translated from German Escom Press Release Reuters Info. Services Release fMSX Amiga 0.4 Available An MSX emulator for the Amiga Imagemaster R/t 1.60 New special effects IPISA '95 Call for Papers Submit papers now LIGHT-ROM 2 Now Shipping 350 megs of new data Pirated ROM Chips II Stay on guard --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opinion Articles Reviews Announce Adverts
Featured Articles Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Featured Articles == =========================================================================== Q & A You've got the questions... and answers... A1000 Spec Sheet A bit of nostalgia C= Auction Conf. Auction Conference on IRC Open Letter DirOpus5's author speaks on piracy --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opinion News Reviews Announce Adverts
Reviews Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Reviews == =========================================================================== Kingpin Bowling. Not soccer. Netrek Trekkin' with AmiTCP A2410 TIGA Board Graphics card and EGS environment Emulation Rambler PC-Task 3.1's in the ground... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opinion News Articles Announce Adverts
FTP and Product Announcements Table of Contents =========================================================================== == FTP and Product Announcements == =========================================================================== Aminet Charts Aminet Charts for April 16 Aminet Charts Aminet Charts for April 23 Aminet Charts Aminet Charts for April 30 RARS R2 (v.45) AI competition ToolManager 2.1a Add docks and menu items BlitzBlank 2.50 Modular screenblanking Conversion 0.9beta Metric<->English commodity ADtoHT R2 Convert autodocs/headers to .guide IFR 1.1 and TermComp 1.3 Keep your online sessions organized KingFisher 2.9 I am tired of new KingFisher versions. Rashumon 3.1 Multi-lingual word processing AXlife 1.2 More fascinating "life" simulation XpkDisk 37.8c Floppy compression with XPK. ProgArgs Lib 1.2 A wrapper around ReadArgs(). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opinion News Articles Reviews Adverts
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The Staff Table of Contents =========================================================================== == The Staff == =========================================================================== Editor: Jason Compton Senior Editor: Robert Niles Assistant Editor: Katherine Nelson Games Editor: Sean Caszatt
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Distribution Sites Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Where to find Amiga Report == =========================================================================== Arranged by Continent: Australia Europe North America South America Sysops: To have your name added, please send Email with the BBS name, its location (Country, province/state) your name, any internet/fidonet addresses, and the phone number of your BBS
Dealer Directory Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Dealer Directory == =========================================================================== Arranged by Continent: Asia Europe North America Dealers: To have your name added, please send Email with the name, address, phone, and net address (if available) of your establishment.
Commercial Online Services Table of Contents =========================================================================== == Commercial Online Services == =========================================================================== Delphi Getting better all the time. Portal A great place for Amiga users. GEnie Internet access, online games, more.