June 1989 MAGazine Volume 5 Number 6

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Saturday, June 10, 1989 - 1:00 PM - the General Meeting will be held in the Parrish Building, Room #7, which is east of Jenning's Hall on the campus of State Technical Institute. We will discuss topics of general interest to the group. Please look in this newsletter for a list of new Fred Fish Disks and a Public Domain Disk Order Form within this newsletter. Todd Rooks will continue his lessons about the CLI.


Memphis Amiga Group
Box 17426
Memphis, TN 38187

MAGazine is published monthly by the Memphis Amiga Group (MAG), a nonprofit organization offering assistance to fellow Amiga owners and those interested in the Amiga. Membership in the Memphis Amiga Group is available for an annual fee of $20 per family. Memphis Amiga Group officers for 1989 are:

Broadus Weatherall
(901) 767-9239

Todd Rooks
(901) 373-0198

Charles Williams
(501) 655-8777

Bill Bowers
(901) 756-8196

Sean & John Kiss
(901) 365-1244


By Broadus Weatherall

Hello, again, everyone out there! I hope everybody is looking forward to the summer, its acomin' whether you're ready or not. In fact it seems that summer is here, check the thermometer. Hopefully we can get the Fulton Auditorium for our meetings soon, I still haven't given up, but then I'm an optimist. If we get much bigger we may have to have our meetings in rotation, A-M one week, N-Z the next. Actually, I'm very pleased that the club is still showing signs of continued growth, I think we have about 65 members or so at last count, and I get a few calls every month from people who have just found out that we exist.. in fact I'm hoping that a couple will be able to make it to our next meeting. When folks call they generally have applications in mind that they would like to be able to do, but aren't sure how to go about it, or if its really possible. The most I have to do to sell them on the idea of MAG is to tell them "yes, we have two or three people that I can think of right off hand that have been doing that for some time now". Zip, bingo, here comes another prospective member. Its real easy for me to remember that people come to the group because of the other members who can help them, not because of any par- ticular thing that I do or say. So, I guess what I want to make clear to all is that IT IS THE GROUP AS A WHOLE THAT KEEPS THE GROUP GROWING AND MOVING. The elected officers are merely a small group that tries to keep things somewhat organ- ized, but we do need the help of the members to let us know what the main inter- ests of the group are.

At this almost halfway point in the year, I want to thank everyone for their help and support, and let's keep things moving in the same positive manner.

Important Announcements

Yes, Folks, the new name tags are coming (sounds like the first order of T- shirts don't it?

Really, I had some problems with the order at first - mea culpa - but have things squared away now. As of now, the new tags should be coming in a week or ten days - which may put delivery JUST AFTER the June 10 meeting - but they are on their way ----

(Why the big deal over getting name tags? Well, I have it on good authority that your club president is somewhat flabby in the head and doesn't learn everyone's name as quickly as he should, sometimes it takes him a while to realize that a particular- individual is not a new member, but has been in the group for a few months - so be kind - some- day your elevator may not make it to the top floor either.)

Along these same lines - WOULD THE INDIVIDUAL WHO SAID HE HAD A 520 ADAPTER FOR SALE FOR THE CLUB'S 500 PLEASE (PLEASE !!) BRING IT TO THE NEXT MEETING? The secretary said we do have some money - see financial report elsewhere in this issue - and we definitely do need it. If I could just remember WHO you are, I would call... but.......

Thanks go out to Dr. Demo (AKA Rick Johnson) for showing what's new on the gaming front, and to Joe Sanders, for showing how he's using his Amiga to do graphic titles and anima- tions on the front ends of his videos - by the way Joe, one of the calls I received this week concerned this very application, I may be sending you someone to help.

Come on the rest of you folks... bring in something to show, these meetings can be all business if you want, I guess - hah, that'll start a stampede to show SOMETHING!!

Well, that's all the foolishness I have for this month, stay tuned...


By Bill Bowers

I have Fred Fish Disks through number 210. Please use the enclosed Public Domain Disk Order Form to request any and/or all of the available disks.


By Bill Bowers

During the June MAG meeting, Bill Bowers plans to demon- strate AMAX, which is the new Macintosh Emulator for the Amiga.


There is an article in the March 1989 issue of Radio-Electronics "Computer Digest" which discusses the use of the Amiga 2000 for producing professional- looking home videos.


BY Tom Limoncelli

(Cont'd from last month)

* Now that their stock is doing so well, Computer Factory called THEM.

* "Music is going to be an important market" ... and they'll be taking the Mac head-on.

Question: Any possibility of an extended warranty or dealer-extended?

* No plans. They have examined it and should be doing a dealer-extended plan. They really want to get all their dealers up to par first.

Question: What about AT&T's new TARGA board for the Amiga?

* "You'll have to talk to AT&T" [ Is there such a thing? Was this guy talking about a rumor? I know someone is working on a TARGA board *something* but was it AT&T?]

Question: What do you do about pro-Mac salespeople that also carry the Amiga and push customers away from the Amiga?

* He had a good idea: He wants to make sure that every dealer has one super-Amiga-salesperson. The gist was that if one person can go home with a nice commission check every week then the other salespeople will want to do it too. He also wants to make sure the technical support of each site is really strong so that the salesperson can rely on them.

Question: What are you doing to encourage software support?

* There are three things you can do.

* 1--The most important thing that can be done is to sell one million Amigas. He implied that after this is reached (next Tuesday) we should expect some major announcements from some big places. [The last time anyone said that WordPerfect introduced WP!]

* 2--Make sure that the software support is there. He mentioned that a lot of people won't do development if there isn't anything like CATS.

* 3--Just ask them. Simple as that. Some companies just haven't heard of the Amiga and he said that sometimes you have to just get on a plane, go to them, and ask them.

* He told "The Perfect Story" [WordPerfect] about how some real Amiga-fan at WordPerfect did a prototype and management liked it and *then* decided to look into the Amiga! From the release of Amiga WordPerfect it only took SEVEN DAYS to break even!

* He also mentioned that they have re-started the developers meetings (DevCon).

Question: When I show someone my Amiga I often talk them into buying one. How could you encourage that?

* The Partner's Program was successful but next time they will implement it MUCH better.

Question: When will Commodore offer more serial and parallel ports?

* "That's a good idea [grin] [pause...] Next question?"

Question: What about "popular advertising"? (meaning natwork TV and national TV)

* No. Print has longer life, you can put more information in it, you can attack a specific market effectively. Things will be primarily print.

Question: What about CDI and DVI?

* 'Yes. Next question?'

Question: BridgeBoard is too expensive to expect a business to buy it just to justify the purchase of an Amiga. Any other plans?

* He said how he things that MS-DOS has to be a hardware solution. The Transformer isn't too great. (Though, they keep looking into other software solutions)

* Their research shows that MS-DOS use on Amigas is *incidental* use. But if they try to compete by offering MS-DOS in the Amiga, people ignore the Amiga. So... the solution is to have the Amiga do the same things with similar (equally good) software running under AmigaDOS.

Question: What to do about recognition? Nobody knows who CBM is.

* Agreed. He wants to influence the people that influence the industry..

* (Example) When he worked for Compaq, they made sure that when big companies like Ashton-Tate gave huge mega-presentations they did it on Compaq equipment. They also made sure that big accounting firms who were telling their clients "this is the software we require you to use" they were showing it on Compaqs.

* Now he wants to make sure the big leverage people use Amigas.

* Example: Pepsi previews all advertisements (video & print) on Amigas. A lot of people look at how Pepsi does things for solutions.

Question: Most of the effort is in the A2000! What about the A500?

* It was designed with cost in mind [And almost nothing else :) -Tom]

* It will be supported. [Software can't help but be compatible, eh? -Tom]

* The A590 (2meg ram and 20 meg HD) is shipping NOW.

Question: What about advertisements on radio?

* No. The Amiga is so visual words can't describe it. Their tests have not shown good results.

Question: What about High Definition TV (HDTV)?

* I like it... "maybe we'll even be part of it as a country!" :-) :-)

* We are "not actively involved in the standardization" but we are following it.

Question: Will Commodore try to compete with Sun?

* "I believe that Commodore has tremendous opportunity to be *the* low end workstation"

Question: Name the vertical markets that you plan to attack.

* No. We are hitting vertical *applications* and affect *many* markets.

* Concentration is on revenue-side solutions. In tough times companies spend on revenue generators so we want to supply revenue generating solutions.

* Women are a big potential market.

Question: Will Commodore make their own color printer?

* "That's a good idea."

* More likely, other companies have great printer technology and we want to make solutions that include their printers.

* (Small tangent about the current and near-future printer technology that he thinks should really make the US Treasury *very* worried)

Closing: He wants us all to know that dealer training has been improved and repair center training is improving. He wants us to keep up the good work. "You measure us not by what we *plan* to do, but by what we *have* done!" 'Watch us.'


by Charles Williams

Balance from last report in May issue of MAGazine $ 911.68
Memberships $ 100.00
MAG lib & FF disk sales 20.00
Blank disk sales 145.00
Disk of Month subscrp. 10.00
T-shirt/Jacket sales 39.00
Misc. income 23.50
1 meg A500 w/ext. drive $ 625.00
Newsletter & postage 79.21
Money orders 2.00
Fred Fish disks purchased 20.00
T-shirt/Jacket payment 208.06
P.O. Box rental 21.50
PC Fest fees 20.00


by Charles Williams

I was going through my software collection and found a few games that I don't play anymore, so I've decided to sell them. Grand Slam tennis and Arctic Fox are 1.1 versions and will only work on an Amiga A1000 with Kickstart 1.1 (which I've included), the rest work with 1.2 or 1.3. All are original disks with original documentation. If you're interested, see me (Charles Williams) at the June meeting.

Games Prices
Grand Slam tennis $ 8.00
Arctic Fox 9.00
Return To Atlantis 14.00
Deep Space 9.00
GoldRunner 10.00
Defender of the Crown 14.00


Help Is Here!

Earnheart Computer Repair now helping to serve the AMIGA community

Reasonable disk alignments

Can supply those hard to find chips

Also repairs (and sells) printers

5345 Flowering Peach (rear)
(901) 366-0303
Irregular Hours -
Call Ahead


All of us from the MAG Club wish to welcome the follow- ing new members:



We hope that you find your membership rewarding to you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them at the meeting. Broadus Weatherall, the Club's Pres- ident will ask for questions during the general meeting. Also, Todd Rooks conducts a class after the general meeting which has proven to offer helpful tips on using the Amiga.


Please let us know if you have not yet received a personalized MAG Membership Card as illustrated below:

Memphis Amiga Group Membership list as of May 14, 1989

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The Duck Pond BBS - UP TO 2400 BPS - (24 hours)
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For MAG Hardware Rental & MAG Software Orders
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Interest Group Chairpersons
John & Sean Kiss . . . . Sound
John & Sean Kiss . . . . Business
Keith Burns . . . . . . Hardware
Todd Rooks . . . . . . New Users


We recently received Fred Fish disks 201 through 210. If you are interested in copies of any of these disks, ca!! Bill Bowers at (901) 756-8196. If you want your order delivered at the upcoming general meeting, please give Bill sufficient time to make the copies. Call now and order early so you won't have to wait. The price is only $3 per disk and below is a listing of what's on FF #201-210.


Draco: Update to Chris Gray's Draco distribution for the Amiga. Enhancements include support for floating point, register variables, more optimization, improved call/return standard, etc. This is version 1.2, an update to the version on disk 76. Requires documentation from disk 77 to complete the distribution kit. Binary only. Author: Chris Gray.

DropCloth: DropCloth lets you place a pattern. a 2 bitplane IFF image or a combination of a pattern and image, into the WorkBench backdrop. This is version 2.4, an update to version 2.2 on disk 128. Shareware, binary only. Author: Eric Lavitsky.


SlavicFonts: A whole bunch of new fonts from Robin LaPasha. Version 1.0. Author: Robin LaPasha.

Vlt: VLT is both a VT100 emulator and a Tektronix (4014 plus subset of 4105) emulator, currently in use at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). Although the VT100 part was originally based on Dave Wecker et al.'s VT100, many enhancements were made. The program requires ARP, and it has an ARexx port. XMODEM 1 K/CRC and Kermit protocol support also included. Version 3.656, binary only. Author: Willy Langeveld.


Examples: Assembly and C code examples, including some old favorites (like speechtoy and yachtc3) downcoded to assembly language. Includes a replacemen for the official audio device, an example of creating a subtask. a rewrite in assembly of R. J. Mical's file requester, an example of installing a custom input handler ahead of intuition, and more. Author: Jim Fiore and Jeff Glatt.

GurusGuide: The source files for all examples published in the "Guru's Guide, Meditation #1: Interrupts" by Carl Sassenrath, the architect of the Amiga's low- level multitasking operating system and designer of Exec. Author: Carl Sassenrath.

Isam: A library of routines to access relational data base systems using the Index Sequential Access Method (!SAM). This is beta version 0.9, binary only. Author: Kai Oliver Ploog.


FileReq: A simple file requestor, written as an exercise by the author to see how easy it would be (it wasn't). Includes source. Author: Jonathan Potter.

GnuGrep: The grep program from the GNU project. Replaces grep, igrep, egrep, and bmgrep. Currently does not expand Amiga style wildcards, so if you wish to scan multiple files you will need to use it with a shell that does this for you. Version 1.3. includes source. Author: Mike Haertel, James Woods, Arthur Olson, Richard Stallman, Doug Gwyn, Scott Anderson. Henry Spencer.

HAMCu: Installs a custom copper list for the current active view (usually workbench) that contains all the colours from Ox000 to Oxfff. A neat effect and an easy way to show off the color capabilities of the Amiga. Includes source. Author: Jonathan Potter.

Image-Ed: A shareware icon editor submitted by the author for inclusion in the library. Suggested shareware donation of $20. Version 1.8, binary only. Author: Jonathan Potter.

JPClock: A short clock program that is just packed with features. Includes source. Author: Jonathan Potter.

MouseBounce: A short hack/game that makes your mouse pointer bounce around the screen. The object is to close the MouseBounce window and exit the game. Each time you click the mouse button, the pointer speeds up. Includes source. Author: Jonathan Potter.

PopDir: A small utility which "pops open" to help you look at the contents of a particular directory on demand. Version 1.4, includes source. Author: Jonathan Potter .

PopInfo: A small utility which "pops open" to give you information about the status of your devices and memory. Version 2.3, includes source. Author: Jonathan Potter.

Teacher: Teacher is a short, simple hack. I won't spoil the fun by telling you what it does. includes source. Author: Jonathan Potter.


Bally: Amiga port of the former arcade game named Click. This version now has sound effects. Version II, an update to the version released on disk 181. Binary only, shareware. Author: Oliver Wagner.

BattleForce: A nicely done shareware game, submitted by the author, that simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines. Binary only, version 3.01. Author: Ralph Reed.

Chess: A port of a chess game posted to Usenet. This is an update to the version first included on disk 96. It has been upgraded to use an Amiga Intuition interface. Version 2.0, binary only. Author: John Stanback; ported to Amiga by Bob Leivian. Version 2.0 upgrades by Alfred Kaufmann.


All of this material is from the 1988 Badge Killer Demo Contest.

Brownian: A demo based on both fractal theory and brownian motion. Includes source. Author: John M. Olsen.

Hawk: A stereo image of a hawk. Requires red/green stereo glasses to view. Author: Unknown (no documentation included).

MemFlick: Treats all the memory in your Amiga like it was part of a bitplane inside a graphics display. Provides sort of a graphical picture of your memory usage. Binary only. Author: Jim Webster.

PeX: A demo of the various graphics capabilities of the Amiga. Author: Unknown (no documentation included)

PictureGarden Another demo, apparently in compiled basic. Author: Unknown (no documentation included).

StereoDemo: A demo of stereoscopic graphics, written in assembly language. Requires red/green stereo glasses to view. Includes sources. Author: David M. McKinstry.

Triple: Three demos of some of the Amiga's graphics and sound capabilities. Binary only. Author: Tomas Rokicki.


Coyote: Gene's entry to the 1988 Badge Killer Demo contest. A very cute (and large) animation. Requires about 1900 blocks of disk space, so it is distributed in "arc format". Author: Gene Brawn.


AsteroidField: This is Michael's entry for the 1988 Badge Killer Demo Contest. It is a large animation of a spacecraft flying madly through an asteroid field (chased by unseen foes) that includes a couple of near misses. Author: Michael Powell.


Bowl: This is Vern's entry for the 1988 Badge Killer Demo Contest. It is a Sculpt-Animate animation that shows three colored balls flying in circles above a mirrored bowl. Rendering the animation took about 2 weeks. Distributed in zoo format because of its size (zoo program included for easy unpacking). Author: Vern Staats.

Dps: A program designed to work with the PrintScript program, a commercial PostScript interpreter for the Amiga, to provide a page previewer. This is version 1.1 and includes source. Author: Allen Norskog.


Calc: A very nicely done scientific/ programmer/plotter calculator. The scientific portion has most of the operations found on the more popular handhelds. The programmer portion has all the special hex/binary/decimal conversions as well as register operations like ASL, ROL, LSL, AND, OR, XOR, etc. The plotter portion will plot equations. Other features include 26 memories, full mouse or keyboard operation, pull-down menus, and iconization. Version 3.0, binary only. Author: Jimmy Yang.

LabelPrint: A program that allows you to easily print labels for your disks. Version 1.9, shareware, binary only (source available from author). Author: Andreas Krebs.

NuHand: An animation of a hand with fingernails scraping on a desktop, including sound effects. This is Bryan's entry for the 1988 Badge Killer Demo Contest. Binary only. Author: Bryan Carey Gallivan.