November 1989 MAGazine Volume 5 Number 11

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Saturday, November 11, 1989 - 1:00 PM - the General Meeting will be held in a room to be selected prior to the meeting. The meeting room is in the Parrish Building on the campus of State Technical Institute of Memphis. We will discuss topics of general interest to the group, including a discussion of the upcoming election of officers.


(The prez is the Editors have to fill in.) This is the same sort of problem that Alexander Haig faced, you may remember.

Just how to deal with this problem is the question. Do we fill this space with bogus literary meanderings, or do we try to fill these columns with legitimate intellectual social intercourse?

It should be remembered that we are in the position of having to fill Broadus's drawe.., I mean shoes.

All kidding aside, the meetings have been filled with ample demonstrations even though Dr. Demo has moved to another section of the country.

We all hope that this enthusiasm continues through the millenniums.

Also, election time is drawing near, so it is important that we begin to consider who should fill the positions to be vacated by the out-going officers. I am not sure that any of them will be seeking re-election, although some of them may want to run for another office. Some of them may win re-election by default, if there are no other candidates seeking election.

We would like to encourage everyone to consider running for an office in the upcoming election. Remember, there can be no club if we do not have people willing to make some personal sacrifices for the overall good of the club. Thank you for your consideration of this most important matter.

If, you are interested in an office and would like more information about what's involved, please call the respective officer and they will be more than happy to encourage you to run for election. (Please don't fall for all of the "peaches and cream" that you hear flowing from their lips.)


Memphis Amiga Group
Box 17426
Memphix, TN 38187

MAGazine is published monthly by the Memphis Amiga Group (MAG), a nonprofit organization offering assistance to fellow Amiga owners and those interested in the Amiga Membership in the Memphis Amiga Group is available for an annual fee of $20 per family. Memphis Amiga Group officers for 1989 are:

Broadus Weatherall
(901) 767-9239

Todd Rooks
(901) 373-0198

Charles Williams
(501) 655-8777

Bill Bowers
(901) 360-0003

Sean & John Kiss
(901) 365-1244


by Stephen Harrison & Noel Magee
Submitted by: Charles Williams

This is the story of a different kind. No melting CPU's, no screaming disc drives, just the kind of psychological torture that scars a man for life.

I had a 9:00 meeting with my sales rep. I needed to buy an entire new series 70, the works. He said it'd take about an hour. Three hours later, we'd barely got the datacomm hardware down on paper, so he invited me downstairs for lunch.

This was my first experience in an HP cafeteria. Above the service counter was a menu which began..

MMU's (Main Menu Units)
0001A Burger.Includes sesame-seed bun.
00110A Must order condiments separately.
001 Deletes seeds.
002 Expands burger to two patties.
00020A Double cheeseburger, pre-configured. Includes cheese, bun and condiments.
001 Add-on bacon.
002 Delete second patty.
003 Replaces second patty with extra cheese.
00021A Burger Upgrade to Double Cheeseburger
001 From Single Burger.
002 From Double Burger.
003 Return credit for bun.
00220A Burger Bundle. Includes 10010A, 00210A and 00310A
001 Substitute root beer 00311A for cola 00310A.

My eyes glazed over. I asked for a burger and a root beer. The waitress looked at me like I was an alien.

"How would you like to order that, sir?"

"Quickly, if possible. Can't I just order a sandwich and a drink?"

"No sir. All our service is menu driven. Now, what would you like?"

I scanned the menu. "How big is the 00010 burger?"

"The patty is rated at eight bites."

"Well, how about the rest of it?"

"I don't have the specs on that, sir, but I think it's a bit more."

"Eight bites is too small. Give me the Double Burger Upgrade."

My sales rep interrupted. "No, you want the Single Burger option 002 'expands burger to two patties'. The double burger upgrade would give you two burgers.

"But you could get return credit on the extra bun," the waitress chimed in, trying to be helpful, "although it isn't documented."

I looked around to see if anybody was staring at me. There was a couple in line behind us. I recognized one of them, a guy who nearly mowed me down in the parking lot with his cherry-red '62 Vette. He was talking to some woman who was waving her arms around and looking very excited.

"What if... we marketed the bacon cheeseburger with the vegetable option and without the burger and cheese? It'd be a BLT!"

The woman charged off in the direction of the telephone, running steeplechases over tables and chairs. My waitress tried to get my attention again. "Have you decided, sir?"

"Yeah, give me the double burger excuse me, I mean the 00020A with the option 001. I want everything on it." She put me down for the Condiment Expansion Kit, which included mayonnaise, mustard and pickles with an option to substitute relish.

"Ketchup." I hated to ask. "I want ketchup on that, too."

"That's not a condiment, sir, it's a tomato product."

My sales rep butted in again. "That's not a supported configuration."

"What now?" I kept my voice steady.

"Too juicy. The bun can't handle it."

"Look. Forget the ketchup, just put some lettuce and tomatoes on it."

The waitress backed away from the counter. "I'm sorry, sir, but that's not supported either, the bun can take it but the burger won't fit in the box.

The sales rep defended himself. "Just not at first release." "It is being beta-tested, sir."

I checked the overhead screen. Fries, number 000210A, option 110. French followed by option 120, English. "What the hell are English Fries?" I turned to the sales rep.

"Chips they call them. We sell a lot of them."

I gave up. "OK, OK just give me a plain vanilla Burger Bundle."

This confused the waitress profoundly. "Sir, Vanilla as an option is configured only for series 00450 Milkshakes."

My sales rep chuckles. "No ma'am, he just wants a standard 00220A off the shelf."

I wondered how long it had been on the shelf. I didn't ask.

"Very good, sir." The waitress breathed a sigh of relief. "Your meal is now on order. Now how would you like it supported?"


She directed me to the green shaded area at the bottom of the menu, and I began a litany with my Sales Rep that I'll never forget.

"Implementation assistance?"

"You get a waiter."

"Implementation analysis?"

"You tell him how hungry you are and he tells you what to eat."

"Response Center Support?"

"He brings it to your table."

"Extended materials?"

"You get refills."

I stuffed some money at the waitress and told her to take it. She gave me my check on three sheets of green-bar paper. I studied it on my way to the table and decided it'd pass as an emergency napkin.

Table? My Sales Rep had been bright enough to order us a table. He hadn't been bright enough to check on a delivery date. The table waiter slouching in his corner surveyed the crowded room, looked at me and said, "Two weeks, but I can get you a stand alone chair by the window right away."

I handed him the tray. A woman rushed up to me with two small cups of chile and sauerkraut for the hot dog somebody else had ordered.

The room began to grow dim, my eyesight faded...

I woke up clutching the water-glass at my bedside table. It was five A.M., four hours till my meeting with HP. I had had a vision, I did what it told me to do. I dialed my office, and I called in sick.


Submitted by: Charles Williams

The results of the Second Annual Badge Killer Demo Contest are in! The judging was held on Friday, October 20, in conjunction with AmiExpo California. The results and winning entries were screened on Sunday, October 22 and the winners list was made available for people to take away.

(In order of First to Last Place)

  1. The Sentinel
    by Bradley Schenck
  2. The VAUX-Killer Demo
    by Roger Curren
  3. AmigaTrek
    by Bill Koester
  4. Klide
    by Jerry Kallaus
  5. Radar Station at Khern
    by Jim Robinson
  6. Spigot
    by Dr. Gandalf (aka Eric Fleischer)
    by Tom-Rokicki
  8. Point of View
    by Todd Gantzler
  9. Only Amiga
    by Rob Peck
  10. Too Much 3D
    by Jim Robinson
  11. Lost in Scape
    by Jim Robinson
  12. Fantastic Fractals
    by Kevin Clague
  13. Duds
    by Steve Pietrowicz

Funniest Demo was "The VAUX-Killer Demo" and Best Graphics was "The Sentinel."


The following equipment is available for sale from Business Equipment Center, 345-5650. Ask for Roger Pollack for additional information concerning, the following equipment:

1 each NEC Laser Jet Printer Model number 860+ w/2 sheet feeders. Prints 8 copies per minute. $1,500.00

2 each IBM PS/2 Model 60 computers, call for current pricing.


By Charles Williams

Balance from last report in October issue of MAGazine $887.24
New Memberships $ 40.00
Renewal Memberships 40.00
MAG lib. & FF disk sales 18.25
Blank Disk sales 75.00
Digi-View Rental 10.00
Interest on Savings Acct. 7.41
Misc. Income 1.60
Newsletter Expense $ 38.30
Misc. Postage 2.00
FINAL BALANCE => $1039.20


All of us from the MAG Club wish to welcome the following new members:

Brian Akey

Robert Lownes


By the Editors

There again was some confusion with the Membership Cards. Although it is not as severe, we do need your co-operation. Again, if you received a card that did not have your name on it, please bring it to the next meeting or mail it to the club's P.O. Box. Also, if you did not receive the proper card please let one of us know at the next meeting or through the mail. Additionally, please inform one of the officers if you plan to move so that we can update the Membership and mailing lists.


From the Editors

We wish to thank all of you who have submitted articles or other bits of information for the MAGazine during the past year.

Memphis Amiga Group Membership list as of October 29, 1989

***** Please pay dues by the SECOND SATURDAY of the month on your EXPIRE date *****

You may pay dues by mail by sending your $20 check made out to Memphis Amiga Group
to MAG dues, c/o Charles Williams, 13 Lake Drive, Wilson, AR 72395

Akey Brian L. Memphis TN 38111 OCT 90
Andrews Freddie L. Memphis TN 38128 MAY 90
Bath David T. Memphis TN 38112 FEB 90
Bilson Edward Memphis TN 38115 JAN 90
Bowers William Memphis TN 38119 MAY 90
Branan * Daisy Memphis TN 38111 NOV 89
Buford Matt Bartlett TN 38134 JUN 90
Burns Keith Cordova TN 38018 SEP 90
Campbell Terry A. Horn Lake MS 38637 AUG 90
Cervetti Michael Cordova TN 38018 AUG 90
Chapman Walter T. Drummonds TN 38023 JAN 90
Chiego John Memphis TN 38119 FEB 90
Clay Lonnie C. Memphis TN 38111 JAN 90
Coffman Shane Cordova TN 38018 MAR 90
Coleman Tom Oxford MS 38655 MAR 90
Davenport Marshall Memphis TN 38127 OCT 89
Davis Montie Memphis TN 38104 AUG 90
Davis Ray Memphis TN 38128 APR 90
Dodson Luciano Memphis TN 38115 APR 90
Doss Leonard & Mary Ann Memphis TN 38119 AUG 90
Echols Steve Memphis TN 38116 DEC 89
Garavelli Dr. John S. Memphis TN 38181 JUN 90
Ginn Raymond Memphis TN 38127 DEC 89
Goff Robert Memphis TN 38134 FEB 90
Gray Bobby,Vickie,Terri Brighton TN 38011 MAY 90
Grimes * Tim McLemoresville TN 38235 NOV 89
Harruff Richard Cordova TN 38018 AUG 90
Harvey Eugene Memphis TN 38126 JAN 90
Helm Robert Memphis TN 38107 JAN 90
Hooker * Bill Memphis TN 38134 NOV 89
Hudson Scott Memphis TN 38115 JUN 90
Jefferson * Tom Bartlett TN 38134 NOV 89
Jenkins Andy D. Bartlett TN 38134 DEC 89
Jennings Ron Carson CA 90746 MAY 90
Johnson Richard Havelock NC 28532 SEP 90
Jones Tom Memphis TN 38128 AUG 90
Kane Brian Memphis TN 38128 APR 90
Karpov * Victor Memphis TN 38115 OCT 89
King Guy O., Jr. Collierville TN 38017 DEC 89
Kiss John & Sean Memphis TN 38118 FEB 90
Lendennie Dianne Collierville TN 38017 DEC 89
Limer Walter E. Millington TN 38053 MAR 90
Lockard Don Alamo TN 38001 AUG 90
Lowder Mike Memphis TN 38118 JUN 90
Lownes Robert Bartlett TN 38133 OCT 90
Lyons Sammie P. Memphis TN 38119 SEP 90
Moore Calvin B. Memphis TN 38118 JUN 90
Morris Eugene West Memphis AR 72301 APR 90
Norman Joe R. Dyersburg TN 38024 JAN 90
Porter Sharon Memphis TN 38109 JAN 90
Robbins Dr. James Mobile AL 36695 JAN 90
Rooks Todd Memphis TN 38134 MAY 90
Russell Shane Memphis TN 38118 JUL 90
Sanders Joe Memphis TN 38134 DEC 89
Shiflett James T. Millington TN 38053 MAY 90
Smart Timothy G. Memphis TN 38111 JUN 90
Spain * David Bartlett TN 38135 NOV 89
Stevens Bill Memphis TN 38115 JUN 90
Thornton Earnest L. Memphis TN 38134 AUG 90
Vineyard Charles W. Memphis TN 38118 AUG 90
Wade Norman Memphis TN 38104 JAN 90
Wallace Michael S. Marion AR 72364 SEP 90
Walp Len Memphis TN 38128 DEC 89
Weatherall Broadus & JoAnne Memphis TN 38111 JAN 90
Williams Charles Wilson AR 72395 AUG 90
Willis Mark Barlett TN 38135 APR 90
Winfield Kenneth Memphis TN 38128 DEC 89

The DUCK Pond BBS - UP TO 2400 BPS - (24 hours)
Memphis, TN (901) 761-3729 "ask for Dewey"
Birmingham, AL (205) 822-0956 "ask for Howard"

For MAG Hardware Rental & MAG Software Orders
call Bill Bowers at (901) 756-8196

Special Interest Group Chairpersons

John & Sean Kiss Business & Sound
Brian Akey Graphics & Video
Keith Burns Hardware
Todd Rooks New Users


DISK 251

A symbolic debugger for the Amiga. Features include symbolic disassembly, simple expression parsing, multiple breakpoints, memory fill, memory dump, single step in trace mode, skip over subroutines, etc.
A disk recovery program for all Amiga file system devices that use either the Amiga Standard File System or the Amiga Fast File System. This is version 1.42.
A disk speed testing program specifically designed to give the most accurate results of the true disk performance of the disk under test. Automatically updates and maintains an ASCII database of disk results for tested disks.
Some miscellaneous small programs from the Linstrom family. Includes some basic games, some programs based on algorithms from the Computer Recreations column in Scientific American (demon, turmites, mountain), and a fish tank simulator.
A simulation of the Parker Brother's board game MONOPOLY.
A trip planner that takes a list of cities and a list of known routes between cities, and generates the distance and time required to reach your destination.

DISK 252

A "tryware" version of a mountable MS-DOS file system for the Amiga. This is a software product that allows you to read and write MS-DOS/PC-DOS and Atari ST formatted disks (Version 2.0 or higher) directly from AmigaDOS. This tryware version is a "read only" version, which does not allow any writes to the disk.
Very nice mouse-driven trivia type program for Star Trek fans. Contains 100 questions with additional trivia disks available from the author. This is version 2.0.
An Ultima clone that takes your character through a simple but deadly fantasy world.

DISK 253

A small utility that prints the hexdumps of 2 files, with all differences between these two files highlighted.
Very nice interactive display of the Periodic Table of Elements. Can display a large amount of pertinent data about a selected element along with a good deal of general and miscellaneous info. This is version 1.2a, an update to the version on disk 175. It loads faster, takes up less disk space, fixes a minor bug, and adds a couple of enhancements.
A keyboard macro processor that allows you to record keystrokes and then play them back.
A program that makes it possible to make your WorkBench screen as large as you like.
Another program like "more", "less", "pg", etc. This one uses its own screen to show the text using a slow scroll. Includes built-in help, commands to search for text, and commands to print the text. Works with PAL or NTSC, in normal or overscan modes. Supports 4 color text in bold, italic, underlined, or inverse fonts. Version 2.5.
A small program that makes it possible to select several icons on the workbench without having to press the Shift key.
A shareware command and data cruncher, with a full intuition user interface. Executable files which are crunched are automatically decrunched upon execution, thus saving precious disk space on systems without hard disks. Version 2.3b.
A small program that creates a shadow for everything that's displayed on your WorkBench (Windows, Icons, Gadgets, Menus, Texts, etc).
A CLI command that allows you to start any other CLI command several times and give it all the files that match a file pattern as an argument, one at a time.

DISK 254

Another "more" or "less" type file reader, which differs from the others in that it supports superscripts and subscripts at very low memory cost, and supports a complete Greek alphabet.
A "mouse accelerator" program that also includes hotkeys, the features of sun mouse, clicktofront, popcli, title bar clock with a bbs online charge accumulator, and more. This is version 2.6, an update to version 2.4c on disk 163.
A sharable library which implements AmigaDOS pattern matching, and a program that compiles "fd" files into library headers and interface stubs.
A fast action one or two player game of "dueling" slotcars. Shoot rockets at your opponent and avoid his.
Version 2.5b of this nice shareware editor. Has learn mode, a command language, menu customization, hyper text, and other user configurability and customizability features. Binary only, shareware, replaces version 2.4g on disk 189.

DISK 255

A Griffeathian cyclic space generator program. Implements a cellular automaton as described in the August 89 issue of Scientific American.
This program will make an icon (.info file) using image data from either another icon, or an IFF picture file. The image data is drawn on the screen so you can see exactly what your icon will look like. You can also go the other way, and make IFF files from icons, which can then be loaded into a standard IFF graphics editor.
A music editor much like SoundTracker. A song consists of up to 50 blocks of music, which can be played in any order. Editing features include cut/paste/copy tracks or blocks, changing the vibrato, tempo, crescendo, and note volume. Other features include switching of the low-pass-filter on or off on a per song basis, and a cute little animated pointer of a guy doing "jumping jacks" in time to the music!
A program to transfer sound samples between the Amiga and a Roland D-110.
A program to transfer sound samples between the Amiga and a Roland S-220.
The 3d maze demo from disk 171, now expanded with shadows in the corridors to give more sense of direction.

DISK 256

This program implements the Demons cellular automaton as described in the August, 1989, issue of Scientific American.
A game based on a popular type of word skill puzzle contest generally sponsored by newspapers.
A public domain clone of the UNIX 'vi' editor. Supports window-sizing, arrow keys, and the help key. This is version 3.7a, an update to version 3.6 on disk 217.

DISK 257

A color palette library callable from any program. Used to adjust the colors of any screen. Automatically adjusts to screen size, number of colors. Has many features including SPREAD, COPY, UNDO, RGB, HSV, as well as customizable gadgets.
An update to the file requester library that appeared on disk #203.
VLT is both a VT100 emulator and a Tektronix (4014 plus subset of 4105) emulator.

DISK 258

Backup and Restore allow you to backup any directory tree with optional compression, and later extract all or part of the tree. The protection, date, and file comment are saved with each file.
A versatile screen & mouse blanker, auto window activator, mouse accelerator, popcli, pop window to front, push window to back, etc. widget. Includes DLineArt, a screen blanker replacement program for use with DMouse. This is DMouse version 1.20, an update to the version on disk 238 (also called version 1.20).
A shared library which allows loading and playing of SoundTracker modules.
The support library needed to rebuild various programs of Matt's from the source, including Dme, DMouse, etc.

DISK 259

A fast action machine-code game (Escape From Jovi) featuring hi-res scrolling, large playfield, disk based high score list, stereo sound, multiple levels, a cheat mode, realistic inertia and gravitational effects, an animated sprite, and more.

DISK 260

Demo version of a solitaire type card game. The object of the game is to condense all the cards into one pile. The cards are dealt face up from left to right, one at a time. Piles are built by moving a card or pile from the left onto a card or pile to the right.
Demo version of a solitaire type card game. The object of the game is to stack the cards into four ordered stacks, one that counts by one, another that counts by two, another that counts by three and another that counts by four.
An implementation of the standard C library, that is done as an Amiga shared library, containing over 140 functions.
Demo version of a solitaire type card game. The object of the game is to separate the deck into its four suits, each in an ordered stack from ace to king.

Memphis Amiga Group Public Domain Disk Order Form


NAME: _____________________________________________________________
CITY: ______________________________ STATE: ________ ZIP: _________
PHONE: _____________________________ DATE: ________________________

                       D i s k s   O r d e r e d

MAG disk numbers __________________________________________________
FISH disk numbers _________________________________________________

Total number of disks ordered _________ times $2 each = $ _________

_________  I will pick up my disks at our next general meeting.
           (no shipping charge)
_________  Please ship disks to me at above address.
           (please include shipping)

Shipping - TOTAL # of disks ordered X $.50 each  = $ _________
           (maximum charge of $2.00 per order)
                          TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED  = $ _________

              Mail this form along with your check to:
                            MAG Library
                          c/o Bill Bowers
                        6923 Woodlake Drive
                         Memphis, TN  38119
                           (901) 756-8169

 Call bill Bowers to rent the FutureSound audio digitizer kit for
only $1 a day or the Digiview video digitizer kit for only $2 a day.
           Make checks payable to:  Memphis Amiga Group