March 1990 MAGazine Volume 6 Number 3

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Saturday March 10, 1990 - 1:00 PM - The General Meeting will be held in the Parrish Building, Room #7, which is east of Jennings Hall on the Campus of State Technical Institute of Memphis. We will discuss topics of general interest to the group. Also, Charles Williams will be doing a comparison demonstration of PageStream Vs. Professional Page.


by Todd Rooks

Welcome to those of you who are gazing upon these pages for the first time. I am proud that you have chosen (or soon will) to participate in our ever expanding hobby.

Your officers have been busy in various projects, the nature of which I shall now reveal (translation: Here's the scoop).

I have been investigating obtaining a tax exempt number from the IRS so that we will not find ourselves owing unpaid taxes down the road.

I found bad and good news. The bad news is that the Application for Recognition of Exemption has a fee of $150.00. The good news is that because we are an educational organization and our gross annual receipts never exceed $5000.00, we are automatically exempt [qv. IRS Publication 557, rev. Oct. 88, p.9] Our organization will, however, still apply for an EIN number, so that a bank account can be opened with the name 'Memphis Amiga Group'.

Also, as you can already tell, our newsletter has changed for the better. Our new Editor, David Bath (applause), has graciously agreed to use his desk jet printer in the production of the newsletter. The result is a crisper, more professional look. The deskjet is much better at graphics, too. Thanks again, David, for the new image.

M.A.G. Vice President Brian Akey has been formulating an idea to start an Amiga Graphics/Video group to be based at Memphis State University. He and I will be visiting M.S.U. next week to hammer out the details. If all goes well, we will have an alternate place to meet for special functions (e.g. Special Interest Group meetings, parties, public demonstrations, et. al). The main focus of this group, however, will be Graphics and Video. We might make this a non-computer-brand oriented group depending on the level of interest received.

By the way, Brian Akey is also the **OFFICIAL** new members officer. Note that this does not mean he is just a new officer over members. It means that if you are a new member with a question, Brian is your man. Call him for any special questions you might have (but please, only Amiga related questions!)

That is all I can fit in this month, but I will tell you the rest at the March meeting. See you there!


Memphis Amiga Group
Box 17426
Memphis, TN 38187

MAGazine is published monthly by the Memphis Amiga Group (MAG), a nonprofit organization offering assistance to fellow Amiga owners and those interested in the Amiga. Membership in the Memphis Amiga Group is available for an annual fee of $20 per family. Memphis Amiga Group officers for 1990 are:

Todd Rooks
(901) 373-0198

Brian Akey
(901) 458-3699

Keith Burns
(901) 756-8514

Bill Bowers
(901) 360-0003

David Bath
(901) 458-8937


Last month Commodore Business Machines announced they will be offering a trade-in deal for all Amiga 1000 owners wanting to upgrade to one of the Amiga 2000 series. The price schedules is as follows:

A1000 + $2,999 for an Amiga 2500/30
A1000 + $1,599 for an Amiga 2000HD
A1000 + $999 for an Amiga 2000

According to sources at Commodore, the reason for the offer is because the A1000 will not be able to utilize planned enhancements for the Amiga line of computers.

The first of these are of course the Enhanced Fatter Agnus, Paula and Denise chip set. Commodore also wants to abandon the 256k kickstart Roms in favor of 512k, which the A1000 cannot support. They hope to accomplish this with Workbench 1.5. Unfourtunately those of you who wish to take advantage of this offer will have to go elsewhere. Commodore has told that there are currently no dealers participating in this offer or the Educational Discount. So you will have to rely on mail order.

But for those of you who are diehard A1000 fans there seems to be a ray of hope on the horizon. There is already one third party board on the market called the Rejuvenator which allows you to use the Fatter Agnus Chip. In the April issue of Amiga Resource There is a blurb on a new board being developed in Australia by Phoenix. This will be a replacement motherboard for the Amiga 1000. It will support the entire new Enchanced Chip Set along with the following proposed features.

  1. An internal clock and calender.
  2. Up to two megabytes of switchable ram on the board.
  3. Provisions for up to three sets of switchable kickstart ROMS
  4. Internal drive connectors for up to four disk drives.
  5. A switch that allows booting from external drives.
  6. A video slot.
  7. And, an A2000 compatible slot.

This board is estimated, by Phoenix, to sell with one megabyte of memory for about $465.00. Hopefully this won't turn into one of the industries infamous vaporware items. I also hope this means there will be a video slot available soon! for the A500.

David Bath

Views from the Mag Editor

Editors Column

Here it is my first copy of the newsletter. For those of you who don't know me my name is David Bath and I have been elected your newsletter editor for 1990.

It takes a lot of planning and work to get the letter out every month, and I would like to thank John and Sean Kiss for the outstanding job they have done on the newsletter over the last year.

Over the next few months I hope to create a new look for the letter. Some of the changes I have planned are to add graphics, puzzles, anecdotes, and other items of interest to Amiga users. I also would like to add regular columns for new users, graphics, games, and hardware.

If anyone would like to write a regular monthly column or even an occasional please let me know. Also I would welcome any suggestions on comments on the new format or what you would like to see included in your newsletter.

I guess that's about all for this month, please feel free to call me with any problems or suggestions. You can reach me at home at 458-8937 or at the store at 373-9098.





Anthony Parker

James Pittman

Shelly Franklin

David Lambert


/* Store previous position */

short left[2] = {30,20},
     right[2] = {75,20};

void DrawEye(ex, ey, position)
short ex, ey, *position;
    long dx, dy, t, oldex, oldey;

    /* First figure out where we're supposed to be looking */
    oldex = ex;
    oldey = ey;
    dx = ex + OfsX;
    dy = ey + OfsY; 
    t = dx * dx + dy * dy;
    if (t > 25) {
        t = sqrt(t);
        dx = 5 * dx / t;
        dy = 5 * dy / t;
    ex -= dx * 2;
    ey -= dy;

    /* If we have a new position, redraw the eye */
    if (ex != position[0] || ey != position[1]) {
        /* Draw the background */
        InitArea(&AreaInfo, (short *)buffer, 15);
        SetAPen(window->RPort, 1);
        AreaEllipse(window->RPort, oldex, oldey, 21, 10);

        /* Draw the iris */
        InitArea(&AreaInfo, (short *)buffer, 15);
        SetAPen(window->RPort, EyeColor);
        AreaEllipse(window->RPort, ex, ey, 10, 5);

        /* Draw the pupil */
        InitArea(&AreaInfo, (short *)buffer, 15);
        SetAPen(window->Rport, 2);
        AreaEllipse(window->Rport, ex, ey, t/40, 4);

        position[0] = ex;
        position[1] = ey;
void DrawWatcher()
    SetDrMd(window->RPort, JAM1);
    window->RPort->AreaInfo = &AreaInfo;
    DrawEye(30, 20, left);
    DrawEye(75, 20, right);
void DrawClose(ex, ey)
short ex, ey;
    /* Draw the background */
    InitArea(&AreaInfo, (short *)buffer, 15);
    SetAPen(window->RPort, 1);
    AreaEllipse(window->RPort, ex, ey, 21, 10);

    /* Draw Eyelid closed */
    InitArea(&AreaInfo, (short *)buffer, 15);
    SetAPen(window->RPort, 2);
    AreaEllipse(window->RPort, ex, ey, 21, 0);
void DrawSleeper()
    SetDrMd(window->RPort, JAM1);
    window->RPort->AreaInfo = &AreaInfo;

    DrawClose(30, 20);
    DrawClose(75, 20);
void DoMessages0
    struct IntuiMessage *message;
    ULONG class; 
    SHORT mousex, mousey, time1;
    struct Screen *screen;

    screen = window->WScreen;
    mousex = 0;
    mousey = 0;
    time1 = 0;  /* set the sleep counters */
    for (;;) {  /* Excuse the polling, but...*/
        time1 = time1 + 1;
        /* check to see if needs sleep*/
        if (time1 == 1024) {

    if (mousex != screen->MouseX || mousey != screen->MouseY) {
        mousex = screen->MouseX;
        mousey = screen->MouseY;
        OfsX = window->LeftEdge - (mousex - PrefsX);
        OfsY = window->TopEdge - (mousey - PrefsY);
time1 = 0;
    while (message = (struct IntuiMessage *)GetMsg(window->UserPort)) {
        class = message->Class; 

        ReplyMsg((struct Message*)message);

        if (class == CLOSEWINDOW)