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Saturday July 7, 1990 - 1:00 PM - The general meeting will be held in the Parrish Building, Room #3, which is east of Jennings Hall on the campus of State Technical Institute of Memphis. We will discuss topics of general interest to the group.

Drakkhen Walkthru

By Eric Penn

I recently downloaded this helpful (cheat) file from People Link and thought it might be of interest to game addicts who might be frustrated by Drakkhen. If you like the challenge of figuring out these games on you own, then read no further, this might spoil it for you. Charles Williams -- (6/29/90)

  1. EQUIP YOUR CHARACTER! You start the game with equipment, but none of it is readied.

  2. Enter the very fist castle you see. One of the red symbols will turn off the force fields. Touching the wrong one will cause monsters to appear. If you win the combat, leave the castle and save the game. You will be able to acquire experience this way. Explore the castle and you will find better armor and weapons.

  3. Up the stairs and to the left you will find the Prince's apartments. When you enter each room, be sure that you are not in "auto-attack" mode, or the Prince will walk all over you. The Prince will give you a message to take to his sister, and directions to the castle.

  4. Go to the Princess of Earth's castle, and then return to the Prince of Earth. He will give you (bad) directions to the next castle, the Prince of Water's.

  5. Use the "unlock" spell to hold the drawbridge open. Go thru the castle, and you will pick up some AWESOME armor and weapons. If you find that you cannot survive in here, you need to either TRAIN or VISIT THE WEAPONSMITH (see note below). If you are leaving thru the same door you came in by, you have not seen all the castle....

  6. From this point, I had no clue what to do, but stumbles across it anyway. From the Weapon-Smith's go north to the Prince of Air's castle. You should receive a ring that will lead you to the Princess of Air's castle (due west, in case you have trouble finding it).

  7. In the Princess of Air's castle go thru the first door to the right, and then continue along until you find the Princess of Earth. She will give you her gem, and tell you to go to the Princess of Water's castle (which until this point has been impossible to enter). From this point the gameflow was very easy to follow.

  8. Visit the Princess of Water, and she will tell you to go kill the Prince of Earth (he's a weenie. piece of cake, really), and give you a real nice weapon and some cool armor to help you.

  9. Kill the Prince of Earth and take his gem.

  10. Return to the Princess of Water. She will give you her gem, and direct you to the Princess of Fire's castle (again, you should not have been able to enter here yet... I was able to, I assume this is a bug).

  11. At the Princess of Fire's castle you will get yet another gem. And you will meet the Prince of Air, who will instruct you to kill his sister, the Princess of Air.

  12. Kill the Princess of Air and take her gem. (Another easy combat, compared with what is to follow...) On leaving the castle the Prince of Air will meet you and give you his gem. He will note that you do not have the Prince of Water's gem (real swift ain't he?), and tell you to go get him. Also he tells you that the armies of the conspiracy surround the Prince of Fire.

  13. Go to the Prince of Water's castle. You will find him there, even though he was not there the last time you entered. I killed him by doing the following: Before entering, have the mage prepare the Paralyze spell, and give all your best equipment to your best fighter-type. Have the mage enter the room alone, and not in combat mode. Quickly cast Paralyze on the Prince. Then have your best fighter-type enter. Move the fighter so that he is directly in FRONT of the Prince (position is very important!) and attack several times. Occasionally re-Paralyze the Prince (or heal your fighter) with the mage if necessary.

  14. Go to the "Inca-pyramid" castle in the desert. This is the humble abode of the Prince of Fire (and Death, if you believe what the game says. Nah....) Strangely enough he was easier to kill than the Prince of Water. Also, inside this castle you will find some blue Greaves +1 and Curiass +1. These seem to be the best armor in the game (so far) giving a fully dressed (shirt jacket, etc) unshielded person a protection value OVER 100!!!! Wow!

  15. You now need to read the four 'holy scriptures'. If you have already read some of them, you need not read them again. Once is enough.

    1. Prince of Earth castle - Take three members of your party into the room behind where the Prince was. Have the remaining character go past the 'temple', and walk over both pentagrams. You should see some text when you pass over each one. A handle on the shape of a dragon's head will appear on the altar. Turn it. Switch back to the first three members of the group. A secret door leading down will have appeared. Go through it. Have two of the three characters wait in the room with the coffin. The third character should continue down, past the pool of liquid (6x 8hp healing potions!), and stand on the "manhole cover". You should hear a 'click' and see some text. Switch back to the first two members. Another secret door will have opened, this time leading down and to the right. Through this door are two altars. Stand next to each one in turn and examine it. You will be told the first part of the scripture.

    2. Prince of Water castle - Past the 'water-monster' room, where the force field protects the armor, there are two altars. Examine them both and you will get the second part of the scripture.

    3. Princess of Air ice castle - Look for two miniature castle-like altars in one room. Look at them and they will reveal the third part of the scripture.

    4. Prince of Fire pyramid - Again, look for two altars in the same room. You will gain the fourth and final part of the scripture by looking at them both.

  16. Go to the firestone path in the center of the island. This is the double row of flickering arrows pointing north that lie between the Prince of Earth's and his sister's castles. Before walking onto the firestone path you must DROP ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT!! Simply un-equipping is not good enough! Throw everything away. Make sure that no lasting spells are still active (such as shield, anti-magic, etc.).

  17. Walk onto the path. If -four- dragons do not appear, you have not completed the quest. Congratulations! You've won. According to Data-East, Drakkhen II will be out this summer.


TRAINING - When you are low level, you can increase your experience by deliberately touching the wrong elemental symbol in the foyer of any castle with symbols, and then killing them. Over, and over, and over... Higher level characters kill these simple creature too easily to gain much experience. For them, the "water-monster room" in the Prince of Water's castle is an excellent training area. I put my party in there just before going to bed and saved the game when I got up for work the next morning with no character under 19th level. (Don't try this unless you have a protection of 60 or better. My lowest protection was 60, and that character was very near death after only 7 hours. 8-)

WEAPONSMITH - Following the road north from the Princess of Earth (or the Princess of Water), you will find the WeaponSmith's. This is a good place to visit if you find yourself getting killed a lot. He will sell you some improved armor and weapons over what you start with. If you play your cards right, you can get MUCH MUCH better equipment than the WeaponSmith has from various castles.

AUTO-ATTACK - Unless you are certain that you are in a hostile castle (like the Prince of Water's), it is a good idea NOT to have "auto-attack" on. When you meet a new creature, hit the greet button. If it responds with something like "You seem to be glorious warriors..." or "Hello.." or something that does not seem terribly unfriendly, leave them alone and they won't bother you! This is EXTREMELY important when dealing with the Dragon Princes!

Walkthru by Eric Penn on 09-Apr-90

BIX: penric

This and many other walkthrus, hints and tips are available on Game$IG BBS. Game$IG BBS is a Skyline BBS, and fully supports both ANSI and me SkyPix graphic protocol.

Map for Drakkhen Walkthru

The ellipses are the eight castles, which are specified according to the key.

The boxes are houses, tents, and igloos. Typically you will receive hints from the occupants of the same. They are also a good place for a low-level party to spend the mid-nights, when attacks from the constellations are most frequent.

The boxes with a cross inside represent the temples where healing is available. The temple in the desert is especially important. It is the "hermit of the sands", who dishes out clues in the form of riddles.

The little crosses are graveyards. Anyone who disturbs these deserves what he gets. (I learned after the first time).

The extremely small crosses at the north end of roadways are teleporters. They exist in matched pairs. The two in the dark gray areas will transfer between themselves, as do the two in the swamp area. The one teleporter in the ice plains will send you to the far south-east one in the desert, but either desert teleporter will send you to the ice plains. The two white lines that run north-south between the Prince and Princess of Earth's castles is a double row of north-pointing arrows, whose function I've not yet ascertained. The wise traveller does not cross this. (Same deal as graves. It only takes once.)

The numbers are:

  1. Prince of Earth (Hordthken) castle. You should go here first.
  2. Princess of Earth (Hordthka) castle.
  3. Prince of Water (Haaggkhen) castle.
  4. Prince of Air (Naakhtkhen) castle.
  5. Princess of Air (Naakhtka) castle.
  6. Princess of Water (Haaggkha) castle.
  7. Princess of Fire (Hazhulkha) castle.
  8. Prince of Fire (Hazhulkhen) castle.
  9. Weapon shop. You NEED to go here if you wanna live!
  10. Temple of Redemption.
  11. Tavern. Trade Jade for hints (only use I've found for it).

Note: The was written before completing that game. Some information may be incomplete or just plain wrong. There are little guys that you will meet at various places on the roads. Their locations are not indicated in any way. They will give you hints for free (if you can understand them, that is).

-- Eric Penn.

Fred Fish Disks 351-360

DISK 351

Publicly Distributable C (PDC) is a complete C compilation system including a compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, and numerous utilities, documentation files, libraries, and header files. PDC supports many ANSI features including all ANSI preprocessor directives, function prototyping, structure passing and assignment. In addition it supports Lattice C compatible libcall pragmas, precompiled header files, built in functions, and stack checking code. This is version 3.33 and includes full source. Author: Lionel Hummel, Paul Petersen, et al.

DISK 352

Beta version of mg3, including ARexx support. This is probably the most stable beta for the next year, as many new features are going in after this. Amiga only release. Sources compressed with lharc to fit on the disk. Update to mg2b on disk 147. Author: Mike Meyer, et al.
A custom PRT: driver which offers easy single sheet support as well as limited data spooling. Version 1.6, an almost entirely rewritten update to version 1.1 on disk 282. Includes source in 'C'. Author: Olaf Barthel.
File tree walking subroutine designed to be fast, robust, and not use a lot of any critical resource. Includes both a CLI interface to that routine the form of a find like utility that uses C expressions instead of Unix like flags, and a program to tell you if directory trees will fit on a given disk, or how many extra blocks you'll need if they won't. Includes source. Update to version on disk 289. Author: Mike Meyer.

DISK 353

An Arp package fixed to work with the 5.0 release of the Aztec 'C' compiler. The original Manx support files were incomplete, contained bugs preventing them from working properly and had the wrong linker format. Includes source. Author: Olaf Barthel.
A disk compression/disk compression package which was written to be fast and easy to use. Includes an Arp and an Intuition interface. Includes source in 'C'. Author: Olaf Barthel.
A complete freely redistributable C environment for the Amiga based on the Sozobon Ltd C compiler, Charlie Gibb's assembler, the Software Distillery's linker, and portions from other sources. Steve has pulled everything together and added some enhancements in the process. This is version 1.1, an update to version 1.0 on disk 340. Partial source only. Author: Steve Hawtin, et. al.

DISK 354

A small tool to speed up blitter operations by up to 60%. Version 1.0, binary only. Author: Ralf Thanner.
A keyboard macro program, configurable via a text file, that also supports hotkey program execution. You can map up to eight functions to each key, including keys such as cursor keys, the return key, etc. Version 1.4, an update to version 1.0 on disk 325, which fixes the bugs in version 1.0. Includes source in 'C'. Author: Olaf Barthel.
A program that renders three dimensional images of blowups of the Mandelbrot set. Includes several example images. This is version 2.0, an update to version 1.1 on disk 295. Shareware, binary only. Author: Mathias Ortmann.
MemGuard is a MemWatch like program which has been rewritten in assembly language for maximum speed and efficiency. Unlike MemWatch, MemGuard does not run as task in a dummy loop but rather as a low level interrupt routine which is capable of trapping memory trashing even before exec might know of it and even while task switching is forbidden. Version IIIa, an update to version III on disk 325, binary only. Author Ralf Thanner.
An example Amiga shared library compiled with Aztec 'C' 5.0. This library contains basic support functions employed by programs such as KeyMacro or PrintHandler. In short: mxm.library is the standard MXM system support library. Version 34.14, includes source. Author: Olaf Barthel.

DISK 355

A virus killer which checks for certain conditions indicating possible virus infection. Different from other programs of this kind, Berserker does not rely on checksums only, it will also check the possible virus behind the altered checksum. Therefore even new viruses with old infection methods can be traced and resident tools are not touched. Includes source in assembly language. Author: Ralf Thanner.
A simple to use graphics editor which allows you to draw and save images/sprites as assembler or C source code. Includes IFF support, undo, and an iconify function. Another feature is the small memory usage so you can use multitasking even on a 512K machine. Maximum picture size is 166*58 pixels. This is version 2.4 and includes source. Author: Robert Junghans.
An IFF ILBM reader that accepts overscanned pictures, allows you to scroll around in the bitmap if the picture is larger than the current display, works on both PAL and NTSC machines, supports color cycling using interrupt code, and supports printing of image portions. Version 1.11, update to version 1.9 on disk 281, includes source. Author: Olaf Barthel.
This is a shared library package to simplify the ARexx host creation/management procedure. Rexx message parsing is also included making it possible to control ARexx from programs such as AmigaBASIC (can you imagine AmigaBASIC controlling AmigaTeX?). This is version 34.12 which has been recompiled and made a lot shorter using Aztec 'C' 5.0, an update to version 1.6 on disk 325. Includes source. Author: Olaf Barthel.
An 8SVX stereo sound file editor written in assembly language for speed and minimum size. Version V.8, binary only. Author: Howard Dortch, Mike Coriell, Matt Gerald.
A Trackdisk patch which removes all known bugs, and one unknown so far,


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As some of you already know, I have left Software Etc. This was a difficult decision for me to make, as I enjoyed having the store and helping all of our customers. Since I have left there have been some customers wanting to know why. So I felt that customers and club members who have done so much to support our efforts in the store deserved an explanation. That will be the focus of my column this month.

This unfortunately became my problem. Last week our stores were visited by the Vice President of Sales for Software Etc. He came in during the time I was talking with one of our Video Producers, on the phone, helping him while he was trying to install a new program he purchased from us on his harddrive. This has been something I have done for all customers and didn't think anything about it.

I was genuinely shocked when the next day there was a big conference call all about this situation. It seems that he felt my store was much to focused on the Amiga. This was based on my phone conversation, the amount of Amiga products our store carried, the fact I had a modem on our Amiga, and the we gave public domain telecommunications programs away when someone purchased a modem for their Amiga.

After my Regional Manager finished with the conference call he explained what had happened and he was caught betwen a rock and a hard place. He did back me as much as possible but it came down to the fact that I could no longer offer the assistance, to our customers, that they had come to expect from me. The company's policy is to help with sales information but that is where it is to stop, and if I would follow this regulation everything would smooth out.

In business one of the first things your learn is the fact that everyday compromises must be made to succeed. But, this was one compromise I was unwilling to make. I could not tell someone who asked for my help that I was unable to provide it for them. I do not fault Software Etc. in that they are in business to make money and they felt my time could have been better spent on the sales floor instead of helping someone on the phone. So the only option for me was to leave the company and look for somewhere that shares my view in customer service.

I want everyone to know that I have not stopped assisting people when they need help. I will just be doing it from another location. I am still available to anyone who needs help at my home phone which is 458-8937. Feel free to call me at anytime, if I am not there leave a message on my answering machine. Once more, I do not hold any ill feelings towards Software Etc. this was a decision I made, one I could live with.

Until next month,



June 30, 1990
Johnny Come Lately

Hola, all you Amiga amigos! Senor Johnny C. is back to......hey! WAIT!! What are YOU doing her <urk!> <choke!> <ack!> BAM! ***Punch*** ###CLOBBER### (thud)

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. This here is the REAL-Johnny C. Lately! Last month this...interloper...tied me up and stuck me in a broom closet and passed off false information to all youse guys. Well, some of it was printed and I had been resuced my sidekick, Ramdisk, I saw that most of what this imposter (kicking the body on the floor) had said was already false!!

Well, this guy (whoever he is!) got one thing right, anyway. That's the point he made about how subject these release dates are to being changed! And that's exactly what happened since last month; lots of changes in dates. So without further ado, the one-and-only Johnny C. (accept no substitutes!) will fill you in on the new poop in the world of Amiga.

Several interesting things wandered in since I was tied up. Among them are Brain Blaster (2 arcade games, Xenon 2 and Bombuzal, from Spotlight/Cinemaware), Excellence 2.0, Hockey League Simulator (a league management disk for Wayne Gretzky Hockey), Math Blaster Plus, MLBPA 1989 Stats Disk (for Earl Weaver Baseball), Projectyle (from Elec. Arts - formerly known as Frantic), Spherical, Storm Across Europe, Tunnels of Armageddon, Vista (a fractal scenery generator that can take you anywhere; how does Mars sound to you?), Waterloo, and Wild Streets. Note: this sorry excuse for a rumor-monger on the floor here told you that Super Hang- On wasn't out. It's been out for a while now! Who did he think he was kidding?

Expected to be out by the time you read this are the following titles:

Codename: Iceman, Colonel's Bequest, Conquest of Camelot, Hoyle's Book of Games 2: Solitaire, Life & Death (finally!), Neuromancer (ditto!), LOOM (double-ditto!!), Halls of Montezuma, Imperium, Overrun, RED STORM RISING, FS's Scenery Disk #12, and Strike Aces.

Dungeon Master II: Chaos Strike Back is now delayed until the end of the summer (August/September)! Still delayed and out any time now is Bandit Kings of Ancient China, Chessmaster 2100, Icom's Compilation (which might be scrapped what with Mindscape's being bought recently), and Mean Streets.

What!! That?? When!?

Due out in July:

Gore and Killing Game Show (Psygnosis), A-10 Tank Killer, Check Mate (more chess by the makers of Battle Chess), Wings of Fury, Damocles, Double Dribble (a Nintendo translation), Flood (from the folk who brought us Populous), The Fool's Errand, Gengis Khan, M1 Tank Platoon, Night Hunter, Operation Combat, Pagestream 2.0, Puzznic, Super C (more Nintendo), Unreal, and Cinemaware's new easy-to-use flight simulator, Wings. The really good news is that July is the latest scheduled release date for Monopoly. Let's hope they come through this time!

Due out in August:

Pool Of Radiance AND Curse of the Azure Bonds (from SSI's AD&D-Forgotten Realms lineup), Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0, B.A.T., Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, CastleMaster, Day of the Pharoah, Kiwi Kraze, Nobunaga's Ambition, Operation Thunderbolt, Quasar, and maybe Strike Fleet.

Due in September/The Fall:

Cardinal of the Kremlin, Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, Wonderland, Dragon Wars, Faces ... Tris III (a new one in the Tetris series), and Supercollider (from the SimCity folks).

Due around October/November:

Castlevania (yet more Nintendo converts), F-19 Stealth Fighter, Flight of the Intruder (which should be hot after the movie release!), Metal Gear, Space Conquest, Spirit of Excalibur, Stock Market: The Game, and Hero's Quest II: Trial by Fire.

Due by December/Winter:

Harpoon (IF we're lucky, says the programmer!) and The Secret of Monkey Island (the latest Lucasfilm adventure).

On The Horizon - 1991?

Early next year you can expect to see the likes of Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (the 3rd flight/combat simulator from Lucasfilm), SimEarth (from - oh, YOU know!), Starfleet II: Krellan Commander, and Ultima VI: The False Prophet. Word is that Ultima VI could be out sooner but that Origin doesn't want to cut into the sales of Ultima V (they may have a point there, too!). Software titles that could reach market at any time from now to next year (since the producers haven't talked about dates for these yet) are the following: A.W.E.S.O.M.E. (the Psygnosis game with the meteors coming at you as shown in the preview of Blood Money), Bad Blood, Barbarian II, Chase H.Q., David Wolf - Secret Agent, Falcon Mission Disk #2, an upgrade to Falcon itself, King's Quest V, Knight Force, Ninja Warriors, Space Quest IV (formerly "The Coarsegold Encounter" but now getting a subtitle change), Spot (based on the 7-Up commercials' cartoon character in an Othello-like game), TV Sports Baseball (which is NOT coming out for the Amiga first this time!), TV Sports Boxing (Johnny thinks, anyway!), Where Time Stood Still, Worlds of Ultima VI: Savage Empire, and X-Men: Madness in Murderworld

Vaporware? A title that's been postponed indefinitely is the Amiga version of 'Vette. Seems that the programmer quit and that Spectrum Holobyte is off looking for a new one. No replacement yet at the time of this writing. There is no truth to the interesting rumor that the IBM version was ever based on Amiga code: 'Vette was programed on messy-dos and has yet to get very far along on ol' Ami'. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, as a result of Mindscape's aforementioned buyout, will not be made. Trekker Johnny hated that movie anyway as poorly done (by the by, just so you know how good Johnny C. REALLY is, there WILL be a Star Trek 6 movie under Gene Roddenberry's loving care. Starring the original cast. Both issues were in doubt for a while. Just thought you'd like to know!) It seems Broderbund might have given up plans to convert If It Moves, Shoot It!, which did poorly in other formats.

Other possible vaporware includes Flight Simulator III and Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate. SubLogic and Electronic Arts have no plans for these at any time in the future (not even on the back burner right now - sorry!). Even more distressing is the news from Mediagenic/Activision as stated on CompuServe that there are no Amiga (or any other) plans for Mech Warrior! Since the company feels as if they're in financial trouble, they feel they must cater to the MS-DOS world to survive. Johnny feels that if there's a demand for the product then they can best stay in business by filling that demand. So write in to 'em, Battletech fans, and let them know how you fell! Other "unknowns" right now include Flight Simulator: ATP, Ghouls and Ghosts, Strider, Silpheed, Skate or Die, StarFlight II, Star Trek TNG: Transinium Challenge, and Starglider II. That's the wrap-up, folks! Thanks for being patient with me.