October 1992 MAGazine Volume 8 Number 10

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Introducing the Amiga 4000.

The most powerful multimedia computer ever built by Commodore.

Or anyone else.

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HiSoft's HighSpeed Pascal

by Steve Plegge

Ok, guys and gals, think back to the early days of the Amiga.

Think back to the first issue of AmigaWorld. Think back to page 25. With me now, "How Borland's Turbo Pascal Found a Partner that Matches its Amazing Speed."

That was the beginning of the infamous Turbo Pascal ad, which promised us TAP (Turbo Amiga Pascal) "In the first quarter, 1986." Well, as you probably know, it never happened. Worse than that, Borland has for years denied that they ever intended to produce and market TAP ("What AmigaWorld ad?"), to the great disappointment to all of us Pascal fans. Well, folks, it just don't matter. Not any more, that is. Why? Because now we've got HISoft's HighSpeed Pascal (hereafter "HSP") compiler. HSP is designed to be compatible with Turbo Pascal ("TP") version 5.0. This is two major releases of TP beyond what was available for the PC at the time the infamous ad was run (v3.x). Version 5.0 was the last TP release that did not support Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

HSP does, however, include TP's concept of "Units". These are quite handy and provide much the same functionality as C's #includes, but in a much better way. Units are separately-compiled procedures and functions arranged any way you want them. To access them, you simply include (excuse the expression!) them in your source program like so: "Uses Utilities;". After that, you can refer to them as you would any other built-in or user defined subprogram.

HSP provides the same units as the ones that come with TP, and they are all quite well documented in much the same style as the TP documentation. Note, however, that there are some errors in the documentation. For instance, I found that the GetTime procedure was documented as having arguments of type Word, when they're actually of type Integer. No big deal, though.

Compatibility with TP is high, with a few rather obvious exceptions. You can't expect to use 80x86 style registers, machine code, MS-DOS Interrupts, nor can you use the peek/poke-like MEM[] and MemW[] "arrays". Also on the "naughty" list are some of the compiler directives, several of which just don't make any sense in an Amiga environment.

HSP comes on three disks: Program Disk 1.3, Program Disk 2.0, and Units. Most folks will only use two of them <grin>. Installation is fairly easy, and well-documented, but some examples on setting up your configuration would be appreciated. Again, no big deal. A hard drive is recommended, but you can run from floppies if you're into pain. Documentation consists of two nicely-printed spiral-bound manuals, "User Manual," and "Technical Reference." The User Manual contains Installation Information, a tutorial, and documentation on the editor, compiler, debugger, and other tools, as well as information on accessing Amiga-specific thingies. Also included here is an appendix on HSP vs TP, Atari, and ISO/ANS Pascal. The Technical Reference contains Pascal language documentation, function/procedure documentation for the standard units, AmigaDOS errors, HSP compile and run-time error messages, and a technical description of the internal workings of HSP.

The package includes what's come to be known as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) system in the PC world. What this means, more or less, is that you can compile &run from the supplied editor. If you get a compile run-time error, the editor's cursor returns to the spot of the error. While this isn't as crucial on the Amiga as on PCs, it is handy, and the editor is nicer than it needs to be. The WB 2 version takes advantage of the new functions available, and has the WB 2 "look & feel."

If IDE-style isn't to your taste, you can use a more traditional stand-alone command line compiler.

Also included are a debugger, demos (both "vanilla" TP-compatible and Amiga specific), a utility to add units to the standard library, and a utility to generate unit interfaces from FD files.

The "HighSpeed" in HSP is no lie. HISoft claims 20K lines per minute on a stock A-500, and I've got no reason to doubt them. The generated code is not bad, either. I translated "Ahl's Simple Benchmark" from BASIC to Pascal, with the following results on my A-2500/30:

Ahl's Simple Benchmark (AmigaBASIC) (HighSpeed Pascal)
3.720 Seconds 0.560 Seconds
Mathematical calculation accuracy:
0.000000000007958078641 5.45785638905727E-013
Random number generation accuracy:
9.288964748382568000000 5.58002780633979E+000

HISoft has recently announced version 1.10 if HSP. New features are automatic 68881/68882 FPU support, Workbench 2.0x units (ASL, Commodities, GadTools, AREXX), source level debugging, full source code to all Amiga units, and new editor features, all for a very nominal fee (I'm not getting into currency conversions!).

HighSpeed Pascal is now available from your local dealer.

Authorized Amiga Dealer

799 Highway 72 East
Collierville Tn 38017
901-853-4401 voice

Meaningless Ramblings...

From Your Editor

Well it seems to be that time of year, at least for me, where there are a thousand things going on at the same time. So my apologies if I have left anything out of this issue. I am not sure what is to be discussed at the meeting about the new machines, but if the info is redundent at least you have some notes. As for the new 600 I must say that Commodore has finally gotten something right. For the sceptics out their that think that it is a game machine, well spin again. If you consider a machine with a meg of chip, 40meg HD (600HD models) and 2.0, a game machine then so be it. But there are a lot of 500 owners out their, with the same basic setup, that accomplish quite a bit more then saving the planet, getting the girl or killing the big boss man. If you have any suggestions of material that you would like to see let me know. If you have an article, want to join the MAGazine staff or just don't agree with what is being printed, then by all means let me know. Until next month. Peace. ;-)

BLACK CRYPT! An adventure not for the weak of heart, but for the true Amiga adventurer! With over 20 interconnected dungeons, dangerously animated monsters and four character classes!

POPULOUS II: TRIALS OF THE OLYMPIAN GODS! Develop your own godlike powers to do battle against the legendary gods of ancient Greece! From a rain fire, to a bolt of lightning, you are a god!!.

POWERMONGER! Use your wit and cunning to lead your armies to victory! This award winning strategy game lets you and your armies invent, conquer, destroy and eat a lot of sheep!

A-TRAIN! Trains. Cities. Money. This new simulation game gives you the triple challenge of designing and running a profitable railroad, growing a city, and building a financial empire. Six scenarios will take all the organizational talent, planning skills, and fiscal genius you?ve got--Maybe more?

From the President's CLI

We have many things planned for this month. We are going to look closer at workbench 2.0 and have a look at AREXX. We will be looking for the next few months or until everyone is completly confused. We might have Final Copy II if I can upgrade before the meeting. We wil also have information on the Amiga 600 and Amiga 4000. We might have these machines next month for a real loook. For all those who couldn't find the meeting last month I have a good excuse. State Tech called on tursday before the meeting and told me that we had to move to Fulton auditorium. Then I that security could not be found so Donnie could not get the projection screen or the VCR. We will be in the Farris Auditorium this month and hopefully every month this year. I'll see ya at the meeting.

Amiga 600

The Amiga 600 is an advanced and powerful computer in a newly designed compact low-profile case. Incorporating the new features of the Amiga family of computers, the Amiga 600 offers a Motorola 68000 microprocessor along with sopisticated custom processors for advanced computing speed and versatility.

The Amiga multitasking operating system allows users to integrate text, graphics and sound and reaches new levels of affordable excellence in home and official multimedia computing.

And with the ability to connect to a variety of video display devices the Amiga 600 is a great choice for entry level system for home entertainment and educational uses.

Adding an internal hard drive and memory transform the Amiga 600 into a powerful, low-cost computer for courseware deliveryy, business presentations and point of information displays.

With sensational Amiga graphics and animation capabilities, video enthusiasts will find the Amiga 600 to be a capable and inexpensive production assistant.

The Amiga 600 is compatible with a range of standard peripheral devices such as printers, modems and disk drives. The newly added PCMCIA industry standard slot can provide additional storage on removable credit card size modules.

With an easy to use point and click interface and quick connection to a dispaly device even computer novices can be up and running with a minimum of effort.

The Amiga 600. Powerful computing capabilities at an affordable price.

Amiga 4000

The Amiga 4000 is the first meember of an all new generation of Amiga multimedia computers. With the introduction of the Advanced Graphics Architecture Chip Set the 4000 sets new and affordable benchmarks for exciting graphics, animation and video.

From its inception the 4000 was specially designed to meet the demanding graphic and video processing power required for multimedia computing.

High resolution graphics simultanneously displayed in up to 256,000 colors from a palette of over 16.8 million provide life-like images and add spectacular color to presentations and interacting applications.

The Amiga 4000 AGA chip set retains compatibility with the ECS chip set and Release 2 System Software. An ECS compatibility mode allows many existing self-booting programs to be run without modification.

Multiple ports and internal Amiga and PC slots allow you to expand the 4000 with a wide variety of peripherals. The custom CPU expansion slot gives you access to more advanced processors as they are introduced and can greatly extend the life of your system.

In addition, the 4000 makes it possible for you to work with documents and graphics from other systems. It comes standard with a built-in 3.5 inch high density drive and the CrossDOS utility which allows for easy transfer of files between Amiga and MS-DOS based machines.

With the blistering speed and power of the Motorola 68040 processor orchestrating the system, presentation and interactive training programs take on a new brilliance. Number crunching business applications are completed in less time.

The Amiga 4000 allows you to create exciting video effects and fast-paced animations in a fraction of time and cost of systems that must be pieced together from a confusing array of add-ons.

The Amiga 4000. Spectacular performance right out of the box!


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