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The October General Meeting of the Memphis Amiga Group will be held Saturday, August 8, 1:00 pm until approximately 3:00 pm at Steve Echols home, 4374 Barrymore.

The newsletter is published monthly for distribution to the members of the Memphis Amiga Group. MAGazine contains meeting announcements, hardware and software reviews, video and book reviews, and other information of interest to Amiga and computer users in general. Contributions are welcome and may be submitted in hardcopy or via disk in ASCII format at any meeting or you can e-mail them to Paul Stokes,

From the President's CLI

by Scott Pitts

Well... I guess I should apologize. Don't have the slightest idea what happened last month. Forgot all about the newsletter and the meeting. Keith reminded me the following week. Seems he forgot also. I had major truck troubles and working longer hrs. has my sometimmers showing thru more. Finally got the truck fixed and traded it in disgust. Keith has also been running back and forth to Indiana for FedX and hasn't had many week ends here. Again SORRY!!! Paul


Well, if you didn't notice, we all missed the meeting last month. I had been out of town working on a project with FedEx, and I guess everyone was busy with summer activities, and no one remembered it was the Saturday for the MAG meeting until about 7:00 pm the evening of the meeting. Sorry we messed up, but I did not get any calls or emails, so I assume that everyone was busy. Since we did not meet last month, I don't have any major demo's planned as of yet. I thought we would take the time to catch up on the latest news/gosip about our favorite computer. I do have a few programs to demo, and I am sure that Paul does as well.

If there is anything that you want to see, please let us know. There are plenty of software that is uploaded monthly to Aminet to provide many meetings worth of demo's, but it is difficult finding something that the group will be interested in. Each of us has thing that we do with our Amiga's that may be different from everyone else, so what interests me, may be boring to you. Please let one of the officers know what you like seeing, and what you want to see more or less of for the upcomming demos.

If any of our member base wants to gain internet access, and needs the software, please inform one of the officers, and we can bring the necessary disks to the next meeting, and install the software for you. We will try to help, and answer any questions that you may have.

If any has any new software they would like to demo, or need assistance on, please bring it. We will try to assist with any problems, and everyone wants to check out the latest software. If anyone has any ideas about software that they would like to see demoed, please let one of the officers know. See you all at the next meeting.

Keth Burns

MAG Meetings

The Memphis Amiga Group (MAG) holds general meetings the second Saturday of each month. This monthe the meeting will be at Steve Echols house at 4374 Barrymore. (see map at left).

There will be no board of directors meeting at Gridley's BarBQ instead the Board meeting will be at Steve's at 1:00 P.M., Saturday, August 8,. For more information about the meeting call Scott Pitts at (901) 854-1987

Memphis Amiga Group Officers for 1995

Scott Pitts
(901) 854-1987

Vice President
Steve Echols
(901) 756-9261

Keith Burns
(901) 756-8514

John Brownlow
(901) 753-6448

Bill Bowers
(901) 360-0003

MAGazine Editor
Paul Stokes
(901) 867-8417

MAGazine Printing & Distribution
Terry A. Campbell
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For all this and more contact club librarian
Bill Bowers (901) 360-0003

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The Memphis Amiga Group (MAG) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is promoting and encourageing the use and understanding of the Commodore Amiga Computer. Memberships are open to all those who share a common interest in the Amiga computer and its many wonderful and unique features. Monthly meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome.

Annual membership dues for new members are $25.00 with an annual renewal rate of $20.00. Associate memberships are available for $15.00 per year, renewable at the same rate, to those who must travel more than 45 miles one way to attend the general meetings. All memberships are family memberships and dues are non-refundable.

Jeff Schindler Interviewed By Investor's Business Daily

Amiga Inc. Head Jeff Schindler Interviewed By Investor's Business Daily

July 16, 1998 - In a copyrighted interview which appeared in the June 30, 1998 edition of The Investor's Business Daily, Amiga Inc.'s General Manager Jeff Schindler gave his views on the future of the Amiga.

Mr. Schindler talked about the generation 4.0 developer platform and indicated that while the machine will be, "pretty much a PC," it will only be used to develop software for the generation 5.0 platform Amiga. According to Schindler, "The end products that users will see will not be a PC."

When asked about the links between parent company Gateway, Schindler confirmed that Gateway's original intention was to buy the Amiga patents solely on the basis of the value of the patents. "But we've found more opportunity here," Schindler said.

About compatibility with legacy Amiga software and hardware, Schindler mentioned something called the "Amiga Classic Card" which will include the original Amiga chipset that plugs into the new Amiga models. This hardware device will make the new generation Amigas backward compatible with older Amiga programs.

In terms of who will actually build the machines, Schindler told Investor's Business Daily that they have contacted several PC makers including current Amiga developers. Schindler confirmed that Amiga Inc. is in the software licensing business, not the computer making field. When asked if Gateway will make new generation Amigas, Schindler's response was, "I hope so."

Schindler was asked which kinds of users Amiga Inc. is targeting with the 5.0 Amiga. In what could be interpreted as a controversial statement (to the thousands of hard-core Amiga enthusiasts like those who read the Amiga Web Directory) Schindler said, "We're looking for the percentage of the market that says, 'I'm intimidated by computers and I don't want to spend that much.' These are people who say, 'I'm mainly using my PC in home for entertainment and for general tasks.' The new Amiga will offer Internet access for people who don't need a full computer and don't want to spend much."

When asked what about the high-end graphics-arts users who have made up the bulk of the Amiga's following Schindler indicated, "We'll always have the high end. The Amiga design is scalable. But this market is not the bulk of our target."

The 4.0 developers machine is slated to ship in November of 1998 and will have a target price of $1,200 according to the article.

Epic Marketing Announces Sequencer One Plus v1.5 29th May 1998

Epic Marketing has pleasure in announcing our commitment to creating great music on the Amiga by introducing you to some fantastic NEW software packages. We now have available the latest version of Sequencer One Plus ver.1.5. This great piece of software is an advanced music recording, editing and replay program, based on the best selling Sequncer One package. It has full midi support and four channel stereo output and many amazing features. We are also stocking The Hit Kit It can create professional sounding drum tracks, bass lines, arpeggio patterns, and even complete pieces of music. We are also stocking Software Technologys Sample Series, a collection of over 200 high quality, 8-BIT digital sound samples of real instruments, vocals, sound effects, and synthesized sounds, sorted into convenient categories. We also have a 3D sound box that really improves the sound quality from your Amiga. To get more information on all these products and see all our other new releases please visit our web site at

National Amiga Announces NIMIQ PCMCIA Ethernet Card

National Amiga Announces NIMIQ PCMCIA Ethernet Card FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 17th, 1998

NIMIQ: An Inuit word for any object or force that unites or binds them together.

The Amiga 600 and 1200 have a PCMCIA ethernet card slot on the side of it that has yet been exploited for use with a cheaper ethernet card, until now.

The NIMIQ card from National Amiga offers ethernet connectivity for the Amiga 600 and 1200 at a cheap price. The card has been fully tested to work with INet, Envoy and Miami, the most common networking packages available for the Amiga. It uses the standard cnet.device SANA2 device driver and later a specialized version will become available for registered users that will add more SANA2 functionality and speed. A complete installation manual is included that also covers basic networking to help answer many questions and get you up and running.


Price: $129 Canadian Dollars $89 US Dollars (approximate)

For more information on the NIMIQ PCMCIA Ethernet card, please contact us:

National Amiga
A Division of ARCHTECH Incorporated
111 Waterloo St.
#101 London, Ontario N6B2M4
Phone: 519-858-8760
Fax: 519-858-8762

Yamaha Maintains Lead Position in CD Rewritable Markets

Yamaha Maintains Lead Position in CD Rewritable Markets with First 4X/2X/16X CD-RW Drive SAN JOSE, Calif.--The new generation Yamaha CRW2216E with 2X write, 2X rewrite and 16X read speeds and the CRW4216S with 4X write, 2X rewrite, and 16X read will be shown at PC Expo in New York in the Yamaha Systems Technology Inc. Booth No. 4587.

The two new drives represent the fastest read speeds of any CD-RW drive on the market, and boast the same high reliability of the previous members of the award-winning Yamaha Multifunction CD-RW drives. Both are available for the retail and OEM markets. The CRW22I6E will be shown with an ATAPI (IDE) interface; the CRW4216S will be shown with a SCSI interface. (Both will be available later, with both interfaces.) All of the features of the earlier CD-RW drives from Yamaha are incorporated as well, in the same half-height, 5-1/4 inch space.

In a related announcement, Yamaha Japan has completed a higher capacity production line for the CD-RW products, to meet the ever-growing demands of the CD-RW drive marketplace. The new production line is up and running.

"These announcements reflect Yamaha's continuing response to the needs of the market," said Dean Quarnstrom, CDR Sales Manager for the Yamaha CD-RW product line. "The consumer looking for a lower priced CD-RW with 2X write speed will love the high quality and fast read speed of the CRW2216E. The high end market, which traditionally wants more speed in their write function, will choose the CRW4216S. This new product pair spans the spectrum of user needs, with many new enhancements."

The CRW4216S writing speed, using standard CD-R media is 4X normal speed. Using CD-RW media, rewriting speed is 2X. Both can be read at 16X. The CRW2216E writing speed is 2X normal speed with 2X rewrite and 16X read speeds. The new drives conform to standard Orange Book Part II and Part III.

The CDs produced by the CDR function of the drives can be read on ordinary CD-ROM drives, CDR drives and Multi-Read CD/DVD drives. Media produced by the CD-RW function of the two new drives can be read on Multi-Read CD/DVD drives.

CRW2216 and CRW4216 Features

The new CRW2216 and CRW4216 include all of the features of the previous CD-R and CD-RW drives, as well as the new, advanced 16X read speed. Some of these features include:

Price and Availability

Volume shipments of the Yamaha CRW2216E will begin in August 1998. Volume shipments of the Yamaha CRW4216S will begin in September 1998. Pricing has not been determined.

Yamaha CD-RW drives are available through distributors: Law Cypress Distributing Company, Optical Laser, Consan Storage Solutions, Advanced Optical Distribution, Applied Storage Products and Yamaha of Canada. A retail version, bundled with software is available through Yamaha Corp. of America, Consumer Products Division.

Yamaha Systems Technology Inc. was founded to manufacture and market integrated circuits, board level products and complete systems to OEMs and Distributors. The product line includes multimedia audio, graphics and communications products, as well as custom and semicustom ASICs, and CD Recorder products.

Cloanto Releases Personal Paint 6.4 as a Free Gift to the Amiga Community

Cloanto Releases Personal Paint 6.4 as a Free Gift to the Amiga Community, Announces Development of Version 8

In the evolution of Personal Paint, which has become the leading title for editing palette-based graphics, version 6.4 represents a milestone in new features, reliability, diffusion and new code written. In hindsight, it might have deserved a version number of "7"(just as the features introduced in the latest version might have justified an "8" release, instead of the more humble 7.1). The particular release of Personal Paint 6.4 now on Aminet (biz/cloan directory, PPaint64.lha archive, easy access from is little more than 18 months old, and includes support for anim-brushes and ARexx, which were not supported by the first 6.4 release (also bundled with some Amiga computers).

With few exceptions, such as the lack of full documentation and no support for file formats such as GIF (which is included only with the commercial package, under license of Unisys Corporation), this is the full retail version of Personal Paint 6.4, including 20 different user interface languages. Additional information on the distribution is contained in the archive, as is a special upgrade offer to the latest version 7.1. The version of Personal Paint 6.4 now released for free download is not a demonstration version, but is fully functional, and may be used without limitations for productive applications.

Personal Paint 7.1 remains the latest version, while we are working on version 8, which however is not expected to be ready at least until the second half of 1999. Personal Paint 8 requires a major re-write to support features such as true color, layers, and advanced animation functionality. At the same time, it is now very important that the new code be written in a portable style, because it is still unknown what the new Amiga OS will look like, other than it will not be the Amiga that we are used to. Suggestions regarding the features of Personal Paint 8 are very welcome, and can be addressed to (preferably containing "Personal Paint 8" in the message title).

For additional information, please refer to the Amiga section of the Cloanto web site at

Paxtron Corporation Announces Amiga Survival Kit

Paxtron Corporation Announces Amiga Survival Kit, First Aid For Your Amiga AMIGA SURVIVAL KIT (FIRST AID FOR YOUR AMIGA)


Protect your investment now with the AMIGA SURVIVAL KIT from Paxtron. Each kit for the C64, A500, A2000, A3000 and A4000 contains the popular easy to install replacement chips to allow your computer extended life for years and years. Each kit corrects 90% of all Amiga failures, which include up to 28 symptoms. Replacement chips are of the "plug-in" type (unless otherwise noted) and contain full instructions allowing any end user with a screwdriver to get their computer up and running in most cases.

Kit #1 - Amiga 500

Kit #2 - Amiga 2000

Kit #3 - Amiga 3000/3000T

Kit #4 - Commodore 64

Kit #5 - Amiga 4000

We're working on it.

Check out our web page "" for our prices.

Paxtron Corporation
Web Page:

Weird Science Announces Availability of Light ROM 6 and Rexecute

Weird Science Announces Availability of Light ROM 6 and Rexecute The all new Light Rom 6 is now in stock.

LIGHT ROM 6 is a 4 CD set and is the latest in the Light Rom series of Compact Discs for Lightwave users on the Amiga, PC and Mac. This series of CDs for Lightwave have been providing high quality scenes and objects for Lightwave users for many years. Each of the scenes and objects featured can be rendered directly from the compact disc as all of the textures and surfaces have been included. Light Rom 6 contains:

The 1st CD is an all new Lightwave collection of objects & scene files. The 2nd CD is Dean Scott's "ABomb-ROM", a Lightwave scene file of an atomic bomb exploding that uses over 550 megs of image maps. The 3rd CD is a collection of PuppetMaster Lightwave files, imagemaps, seemless textures & demos of PolyTrans, NuGraf & World Construction Set version 3. The 4th CD is "Desktop Video Collection" with over 550 Desktop Video Images. Light Rom 6 Four CD Set is £29.99.

We also have the other CDs in the Light Rom Series.
Light Rom 5 £29.99
Light Rom 4 £19.99
Light Rom Gold £14.99

Another New Release available now is Rexecute

REXECUTE is a fully featured Arexx compiler for the Amiga. Rexecute is provided on floppy disk and comes with a Hard Drive installer and full documentation on the disk. With little or no programming experience it possible to create executables from Arexx scripts and with the on-line help system Rexecute is a very easy program to use. Rexecute is £19.99 For more information or ordering please email

David J. Law
for and on behalf of Weird Science Ltd. email: